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Emotional Triggers For Men (5 Triggers To Look Out For)

Emotional triggers are the key to winning the hearts of men.

Yes, being physically attractive is important. But, if you can understand how to appeal to their emotions, you’ve done most of the hard work of attracting them.

Most guys will overlook certain physical imperfections if you make them feel good.

The part of the male brain most commonly associated with attraction to women is called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

When you know how to activate this part of a man’s brain, he can quickly become putty in your hands. Indeed, this part of the brain can release such powerful emotions that it can make him quickly feel helplessly in love.

If you would like to learn more about my experience mastering the activation of a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’, you should read my personal log here.

This skill has allowed me to attract some incredible men into my life, and you can learn how to do the same.

It’s a complicated psychological process, but it’s well worth taking the time to learn. My relationships with men have never been more passionate and devoted.

If you’re after some more basic steps to take to emotionally trigger a man, the guide below should help.

It features 5 simple actions you can take to trigger emotional attraction within him today.

5 Common Emotional Triggers Guys Have

1. Good sexual relationship

Good sexual relationship

There is no limit to what a good sexual affair with your significant other can produce. Sex is one of the known ways, and probably one of the most prolific ways couples in relationships can fall in love and bind. The kisses, the touches, sweet talks, caressing, and the entire sexual process only screams emotional connections all through the way. 

If you are looking for the easiest way to trigger your man’s emotions and feelings in a way that makes sense to him, you should consider dressing sexy, and asking him for sex. It works like magic. A good study has revealed that men are more open and ready for sexual activities, and would most likely answer in the affirmative if a woman offers them sex. 

2. Giving him undivided attention

There is no man that would not notice or develop a good feeling towards a beautiful, elegant woman that gives him undivided attention. This trait in behavior triggers a cord in the brain of a man, informing him that this woman actually loves and needs him. Men develop more feelings for those who seem loyal, caring, and willing to give it all to them. 

When on a date, one of the things men look out for when checking if a woman is interested in them or not is how much attention she gives to him. When she is busy checking and replying to her DMs at intervals rather than concentrating with the person in front of her, it is a sign that she is not interested in the person; or maybe, she just has a toxic trait. 

A man would easily be emotionally attached to the lady who is willing to give him undivided attention. 

3. Nagging personality and toxic attitude

If you’re a nag in your relationship, or you are putting up a toxic attitude towards your partner, then, you should rest assured that you will soon trigger an emotional reaction from him. That is if you haven’t done that yet. There are people who have had haunting childhood experiences from their parents who were either nags or abusive to each other while in the marriage. 

These men grow up to become adults with these types of experiences and as such, the last thing they need is a wife or a partner to replay their horrible experiences. It is recommended that a woman is cautious of how they push or trigger any emotional reaction in her partner, as some may turn out well, while others may become a nightmare. 

4. Cheating on him

Cheating on him

Cheating on your partner can trigger an unprecedented emotional reaction from them. Nobody likes to be cheated on. Worse of all, no man likes to be cheated on. Just as women, most men are very jealous, possessive, and emotionally attached. 

The moment they realize she is developing feelings for another guy or even engaging in any sexual activity with him, they can easily explode. Women ought to understand that cheating can result in bad behavior as well as an outburst of emotions and negative feelings, even they themselves can’t manage. 

It is, however, not a secret that men place a high value on a faithful woman in relationships. The human brain will instantly react with more love and desire towards a faithful and loyal woman. On the other hand, the emotional aftermath of cheating will always be negative, aggressive, and disastrous. 

5. The feeling of giving and being gifted

On the one hand, there is almost nobody who doesn’t love to be gifted, especially from someone they like. Most of us girls cherish and live for the day we come back from work, after a hectic day to behold loads of gifts and wrapped presents in the house from our partners. 

Being gifted, either knowingly or surprisingly, does have an effect on the brain. This triggers an emotional reaction of love and affection on the receiving. In that same spirit, the giver also develops a trait of love and attraction towards the person he is gifting. This goes to show that men would most likely develop an attraction to girls who shower them with gifts, as well as receive from them. 

Furthermore, it is proof that giving can increase emotional attraction towards the opposite sex, and can equally reduce it. 


How do you trigger emotional attraction to a man? 

Triggering an emotional attraction in men is not so difficult, as men are overly attracted to the obvious. One of the ways to trigger this includes giving him undivided attention, giving him good sex, gifting him occasionally, making meaningful eye contact with him, applying public display of affection, and being a source of inspiration to him. 

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What are examples of emotional triggers?   

Some of the most common emotional triggers include someone rejecting you, someone leaving you, someone cheating on you, being unavailable for you, lying to you, breaking your heart, blaming you, body shaming you, and backstabbing you. These are all examples of situations that cause emotional outbursts either negatively or positively. 

What triggers a man to commit? 

A man will always commit whenever he feels a deep connection with a woman that he, clearly, isn’t feeling with any other woman. When he finds a woman who accurately meets his criteria for committing. A man can choose to commit when he meets a woman who plays the all-important role of being a wife, mother, and best friend. 

What is a man’s secret obsession? 

A man’s secret obsession can be described as that thing he truly loves more than money which is often kept a secret. Some men can be secretly obsessed with sex, masturbating, smoking, or drinking. It is left for us to figure out what our men are truly and secretly obsessed with. 

How do you stay calm when triggered?

There are a good number of ways you can stay calm when triggered and they include being aware of what triggers you in the first place. Listen carefully and more before reacting, choose your response carefully, be careful not to hurt other people in the process, be open-minded, stick to the subject matter, try to understand other people's perspectives and feelings, etc.

Key Takeaways

This article has taken time to discuss five key actions that might invoke these reactions in men. It is, therefore, left for women to tread cautiously when dealing with their significant other so as not to recreate the wrong emotional outburst from them.

More so, it doesn’t always start and finish with the obvious provocation to react. There is also a place to control yourself when your emotions and feelings have been invoked. It encompasses being aware of what triggers you in the first place.

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