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Where Do Guys Like To Be Kissed? (15 Things You Should Know)

Perhaps you have recently met a guy, you get on really well and there is an exciting spark between you, you obviously want to make sure that things go well with him. Or maybe you are going on a first date with your long-time crush and you want to do everything you can to make him fall for you. 

This article will give you some kissing tips on where to kiss your guy.

It is always a good idea in relationships and even when dating to communicate with the person that you are with. This is the only way that you can really find out what this person likes and dislikes, and where he likes to be kissed. Despite that this conversation may be somewhat awkward at first, it is a great way to get to know each other and ensure both of your desires are met. 

Good communication is one of the most important things in every aspect of your relationship, talk to your man and ask him where he likes to be kissed. He will likely fall for you, even more, to know that you want to please him in exactly the ways that he loves. However, make sure not to overthink things either, just do what feels right. 

Keep reading for tips on where guys like to be kissed.

Where Do Guys Like To Be Kissed?

Whether you have just started dating someone or you are in a long-term relationship with a guy you have been with for years, there is no harm in learning some new tips on where to kiss him. If you are dating someone new, these things can help him fall for you and if you are with a long-term partner, they can spice things up between you.

One of the most important things to remember when kissing someone is to relax and avoid overthinking things. Try kissing your guy in areas of his body that you have never tried before and watch him shiver with excitement. Make sure to continue to relax and enjoy the moment even when you are trying something new with your guy. 

If you want to bring some excitement into your relationship whether it is with a new guy or your long-term partner, these tips can help you. There are likely some ways that your guy likes to be kissed that you don’t yet know about. So surprise him tonight with some exciting new kissing techniques and see how he reacts. 

1. Kiss his shoulders

kiss his shoulders

Kissing your partner lightly on the shoulders is affectionate and romantic, and will likely give him shivers of excitement. As you are kissing him, talk to him and ask what he likes. Communication is so important in every aspect of your relationship including the physical side of it. You cannot expect to be able to read his mind and always know exactly what he wants, so ask him and let him whether he likes it when you kiss him on the shoulders.

2. Kiss his stomach

If you want to give your man butterflies, try kissing him or running your tongue along his stomach. There is likely nothing that he will enjoy more. However, when you are kissing your man, pay attention to how he responds when you kiss him in different ways and in different parts of his body. This way you will know exactly what he likes and doesn’t this. 

3. Kiss his chest

If you want to show your guy how you feel for him, try kissing or lightly biting on his chest and he will likely feel shivers of excitement. 

4. Kiss his body

It can be easy to get used to a routine if you are in a long-term relationship. However, it is always a good idea to try new things to keep the excitement alive in your relationship with your partner. Try kissing him in parts of his body that you never have before and see how he responds. If he loves it, try to do it more and if he doesn’t, don’t worry about it. 

5. Kiss the back of his neck

Most guys like it when you kiss his neck. If you have never tried this before, kiss him normally and then work your way down his neck by kissing his ear. This is definitely something you should try if you never have before. See how your partner responds and if he reacts positively try to do it more often. This is a perfectly affectionate and intimate way to kiss your guy. 

6. Kiss his jaw

If you are looking for a new way to kiss your partner, start by kissing him along his jaw. This will likely give him the good type of shivers and he will likely fall for you even harder. This may be the type of kissing that he has always been waiting for you to do. See how he responds and try it again if he seems to love it. Always pay attention to his reactions when kissing. 

7. Kiss his back

kiss his back

When you are kissing him, try tickling him or tracing your hands along his back, then kiss his back too. This will likely give him shivers. If you want to add excitement to your normal kissing routine, try this move that most guys love. Just lightly run your fingers along his body to tease him, then kiss him in these areas and make him fall in love with you even more. 

8. Kiss his legs

Don’t kiss him in the same position every time, try kissing his inner thigh region, as this will give him shivers. Men like a change in routine every now and again and if you want to ensure that your guy never gets bored, so kiss him in a new place such as his thigh. Otherwise, you are likely both going to get tired if things always stay the same. So, don’t be afraid to change things up and try something new with him.

9. Use your tongue

Try tracing your tongue along your guy’s body if you want to add a bit more excitement into the bedroom. Most guys love this so start on his neck or his chest and see how he responds. However, don’t worry if it is not your guy’s thing, just try something different instead and don’t stress about it.

10. Kiss his lips

Kissing his lips is obviously a natural thing to do, but it is probably the thing that your guy loves the most. When you start to introduce new things into your routine, stop for a minute and ask your guy what he thinks. Just introduce things slowly rather than all at once. He may love how things are already between you and he may be worried that things will change too much. 

11. Kiss him slowly

Sometimes it is more fun to start really slowly. Take your time and kiss your man slowly and tease him. Most guys love this so try it with your man this evening and see how he reacts. Change things up by kissing at different speeds, try getting faster, and then slower again. Your man will love not knowing what comes next. 

12. Kiss his hair

Most guys love it when you mess and kiss his hair when you are with him. Try threading your hands through your man’s hair when you are kissing him there. Use your fingers to give him a little head message and show him how much you love and care for him. Take this time to really connect intimately

13. Kiss his ear

kiss his ear

Try kissing your guy on and around his ear, this will likely give him shivers and make him want you even more. Kissing his ear is a great method to tease him. Try kissing around his ear and then moving down his neck, to show your love and affection for him. No matter what new technique you try, guys like it when you relax and do what feels right. Pay attention to how he kisses you back and responds to what he appears to love. 

14. Kiss him affectionately on his forehead

Don’t forget to give your guy little kisses to start and throughout the day. These little acts of love and affection will mean the world to him. They will also remind him of what is to come later on. Don’t forget to let him know just how much he means to you. Show your affection for him when he walks past you at home or when you see him on the street. 

15. Kiss his hands

Kissing your partner’s hands is a truly intimate and affectionate act. Try this next time you are with your partner and see how he reacts. However, there is no point in trying things that do not feel right to you. Avoid worrying too much about trying too many new things, don’t get overwhelmed, rather just follow your own instincts and desires. 


Where do you kiss a guy to turn them on?

Where a guy likes to kiss will depend on each individual guy. It is important to communicate with your partner, don’t be embarrassed or feel awkward, and just ask him exactly what he likes. He will likely fall for you, even more, when he knows how much you want to please him and ensure his desires are met, so talk to him.

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How do you kiss a guy perfectly?

There is no perfect way to kiss a guy and it will depend on each individual and each situation. Try to pay attention to how your guy reacts when you kiss him in various places on his body. Pay attention to how he responds and tailor your kissing to this. Soon, you will find out exactly what your guy loves and you will experience the perfect kiss with him.

Why do guys touch your breast while kissing?

Guys will likely do this because they want to feel closer to you. He may be trying to judge how you will respond in order to see whether you want things to go further. However, if this is a new relationship, it is important to be aware of what you feel comfortable with. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that you don’t feel ready to do.

How does a guy feel after kissing a girl?

After kissing a girl, a guy will likely feel more connected to her. This is a great way to build up your bond and test whether you share a spark. Talk to your guy and ask him what he likes, and tell him what you like too, to ensure that you are both satisfied. Communication is as important as building up the physical side of your relationship.

How long should a first kiss last?

There is no set amount of time that a first kiss should last and it will depend on each individual situation. Don’t worry if your first kiss isn’t as amazing as you thought it might have been, as nerves usually come into play. Try to relax into it and avoid worrying about it. In every aspect of your relationship, avoid comparing things to other people’s relationships. 

To Sum Up… 

Try kissing your guy all over his body, in places that you have never done so before. Build the excitement in your relationship by trying new things together In this way, you will develop a deeper and more intimate bond. Communicate with him too and talk about both of your likes and dislikes, without feeling embarrassed. 

Let us know what you thought in the comments and don’t forget to share this article!

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