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Does The Taurus Man Cheat? 3 Signs He May Be

Last updated on August 31, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you worried that your Taurus man is cheating on you?

Does the fear of his wandering eye leave you feeling hopelessly uncomfortable in your relationship?

Is this fear and paranoia already having an effect on how you treat each other? 

If so, you need to take action to find out what’s going on with him. 

A Taurus man is well-known for always wanting more. He’s a likely candidate for trying to upgrade the relationship he’s already in. 

Yet, the only way you’ll know for sure is by digging for evidence.

Thankfully, a powerful online tool exists that will help you do that (click here to check it out). 

With just a few of your partner’s personal details, this tool can run an extensive background check on him. Among other data, you’ll learn who he’s been regularly contacting, whether he’s downloaded any dating apps and if he’s communicating using a secret phone number. 

Any secret communications taking place with another woman will quickly become obvious. 

This tool can give you all the information you need to determine whether your partner is cheating.

It’s fast, it’s effective, and it’s discreet.

The guide below reveals the three tell-tale signs that your Taurus partner might be cheating on you.

Signs that a Taurus man is cheating on you

1. He isn't treating you especially like he used to

If a Taurus man doesn't feel special or feels neglected in some way - and if they feel they haven't been loved enough then they tend to check out and to them, cheating isn't a big deal if they have already checked out! That's the first word of warning.   We all know that a Taurus can be stubborn. So when their mind is made up about being done with your relationship or whatever it is that you have going on, there really won't be any changing it. That being said Taurus can also be a pretty slow sign, So it might take quite a while before they actually turn out to be the end of the relationship

As you will know this sign is a man who will pursue you, they will go out of their way to impress you or do sweet things for you, so as long as the Taurus likes or loves you, This will never stop, they will always do little things for you to show that they care, whether it's surprising you with flowers or giving you a cup of coffee in bed, sending you a text every morning, to let you know that you're on their mind.

If they used to do this, and you're noticing that there are not anymore and that he doesn't seem as interested in giving you attention or sweet gestures then this is a sign that he may have turned his attentions to someone else and is willing to pursue them. Watch out for signs that he is getting someone at work a coffee or fixing up plans for them, the things that he used to do. Because this is such a small change, it can be hard to spot, but keep your eyes peeled for this because it can mean that he is no longer impressing you, but instead, putting his energy somewhere else. Remember that for this man, giving and showing love with acts of service and gestures is a big thing for him, so if he has felt taken for granted and another woman is waxing lyrical about how great and fantastic he is, he might be tempted to cheat and to move on, if he feels that the relationship with you might not be salvaged or go back to how it was at the beginning.

As with any relationship with any star sign, at this point communication is absolutely key to understanding what the threat might be between you two, and if anything can be done to fix the situation...

2. He stops caring about how he looks

For some signs, how they look and appear especially to others is a big priority. For the bullish Taurus, this is something that they like to spend time on and they take some pride in being someone that looks good but for you. One way that they show love is by making an effort, not only in the gestures of taking you our and planning dates but in how they dress. If you like him to look a certain way but you notice he is either dressing in new clothes in a totally new style or he is slobbing out, the chances at e that he is seeing someone else and looking to impress them. If he is just letting go completely he may not be dating or cheating, but this is a sign that he is not feeling as passionate about you and he wants something to change in the relationship before he does meet someone else. This also applies to thing slike working out and he might e keen to amp up his training for no apparent reason. Look for signs that he used to do when you started dating appearing again – that bottle of scent, that special jacket.

3. He's a bit flaky around the future

A Taurus tends to be a very loving sign that wants someone to feel secure and conforming el so if you have noticed that he has started to back away when you are talking, emotionally, and is saying things that put space between you – such as he isn't ready for commitment, or mentioning vague plans for the immediate future, there is a chance that he isn't interested in talking about the future with you because he feels it is in jeopardy. He might have already seen someone and he is interested in what they have to offer him and e would be loathe to lead you further down a path than he has to whilst he decides if he will cheat or leave you. If you notice that he is squirming when it comes to these conversations this could be a sign that he is very uncomfortable talking about things with you and again, a sign that should be a warning flag to you.

For the Taurus, they want that affection and that love in their life but if they find that you aren't giving them what they need then they might have warned you. Look back and see if he has been nagging you to spend time with him, or if he has been unhappy that you haven't called him or been affectionate. Often we can take this sign for granted and when he realizes, he can get very cranky indeed and that when the trouble starts!

The good news is this is a man who can come round. Unlike some of the other signs who might make a decision to simply cheat on your for revenge (we are looking at you, Scorpio!) the Taurus is someone who would rather have things work out and just get back on track. If you think there is a way to mend and fix the relationship, there is a good chance that you can catch him before he finds someone else or cheats. One solace is that this is really more of a last resort for a Taurus and without the flirting tendencies of someone like a Libra, he is not going to putting himself out there all the time and attracting women all over the shop, especially when he already has a good relationship.

If you can give him the attention that he craves there is a good chance the relationship can be saved.

Is the Taurus man really cheating?

It can be hard to tell without asking so we always advise speaking to the man in your life and finding out if he is really into you or if someone else has caught his eye. After all, you need to be sure about the person that you are dedicating your time to and if he has decided not to commit – then you deserve better!

The Taurus I someone who is not likely to cheat but there is the chance that if he has soon someone that he associates as being someone able to give him more love, more affection and also more of an ego stroke then there is a chance that he could be tempted away. It is up to you to decide if you can trust him and if this is something that will continue to crop up in your relationship over the long term, as informatively not all star signs are compatible together and if his neediness is something that you don't have the time for it could be a sign that you are better suited with more compatible signs from the zodiac.

Please do leave a comment with your experience and also share this article across social media so we can help other women out who are looking out for those signs that their man is up to no good. Help a sister out!

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Thanks for reading the article and we wish you the very best of luck with your Taurus man and finding out the truth of the matter!

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

11 comments on “Does The Taurus Man Cheat? 3 Signs He May Be”

  1. Man this felt so accurate for me I have a Taurus man and I’m a Scorpio woman and I love my Taurus but it’s always that’s feeling in me that he’s always interested in others

    1. Same here! I broke up 6 months ago after 2 years of RS. Then he cameback pleasing me to comeback. We try one more time and nothing has changed. He was still wandering around not knowing what he wanted OR not strong enough to admit he didn't want me.

      If a man makes you feel like you're hard to love or asking to much (when you are just asking for basic needs) move on & focus on your self love <3

  2. Hi love.. I feel the exact way in the truth is... they are interested in others.

    My Venus is in the 8th House of Scorpio I love way too deep in my Mars is in Scorpio also.... don't ignore your Scorpio intuition. I'm on the cusp of Pisces an Aries my Mercury is in Pisces am I Mars in Scorpio I'm very very very psychic LOL.. I don't even listen to my own truths like I should.

    The Taurus man I'm seeing is stereotyped what I read he's very affectionate but he can't take his eyes off other women. He also goes online and tries to meet women I don't know how often but I've seen it so at the end of the day maybe they're all not cheaters..

  3. I'm John Skyface Nollywood Actor, i have never cheat in a relationship. My wife is also an ACTRESS, we both still Young and ambitious. i'm getting married to a Sagittarius. But why is my Girl always afraid and think i might cheat on her, when such intentions does not come to my brain. But i love everything about life. April 22nd Taurus Born. But am still too stubborn cos i don't even give a fvck

  4. I Have a Taurus Man in My Life We've Been In and Out Each Other's Lives for 13 Years. With All the Ups and Downs Too Many to Count Honestly. I Have NEVER LUHVD someone So Much. I Kno Lately We've Been Seeing Different People However Have Not Commited to a Relationship to Anyone. Also, im Living With His Family. I Dont Kno What to Do.

  5. I am a Leo woman and my Taurus man cheated on me many times to the point that he made someone pregnant while we are together.

    He expects me to accept him and he is feeling me also to find SOMEONE else as he will never treat me right.

    I am confused, I love him so much but I am becoming stupid understanding him. He will tell me good things then afterward bad things. Then will tell me to leave him but he will control my life.

    He is very deceiving and a very good liar.

    I am afraid I am loosing my mind. I love him so much but I am hurting so much as well. Please enlighten me. I never cheated on him. But he is like this.

    1. Omg girl I feel you! But you gotta go back to self love, yourself <3

      It was the same for me and when I finaly had the strenght to move on & focus on me, I found myself again.

      It's soooo destructive to be with someone that makes you feel less of who you are, non important & unseen... way more that choosing to be by yourself <3

      I suggest you to read & watch video on self abandonment.

  6. Taurus Men Suck, I've been married to one for over 20 years. He started with other women 2 weeks after we got married and at some point or another throughout our marriage, there is always another woman lingering around somewhere. They're attention seekers and will seek that attention from other women at all costs. So much so that he BLOCKED me from all his social media. I want a divorce, I just don't know how to tell him, Oh, and they're also a tad mentally unstable. Beware! #neverdatingataurusagain

  7. Well.... I'm married to a taurus and yes, he love to look at women. It use to bother me, but I just shake my head. Shake my head because I'm not going to wreck my brain with those thoughts. I have no tolerance for cheating. Hell, I look, I just don't touch. If he does touch there will be no argument, no talking about it and no staying. I'm done with no hesitation. I'm better than that and ladies you are too.

  8. I am married to a Taurus man who is 4 years younger than me. We have a child and its been 16 years being together before we got married. Just recently I saw a text message from him sending another woman just asking her how is she? Does this means that he is interested in this other women?

  9. I am currently in a “break” after I found out my Taurus guy is cheating on me. I have never felt so stupid because I believed he was(is) the one. Am not sure what to do...should I stay or leave? Will he cheat again if I forgive him? He promised me he won’t but I somehow feel he probably has feelings for the girl. P.S: we have been dating for 1year and 9 months

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