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29 Examples of Trust-Building Exercises for Couples

Most often, we believe that the key to healthy relationships is love. While love is needed, there are many other determining factors to a healthy relationship: mutual respect and the ability of partners involved to build or rebuild trust after it's been broken. 

Trust, mutual respect, and love, when used together, increase a couple's emotional connection, enabling them to achieve a healthy relationship. Sadly, few couples and individuals in relationships think about building trust and are overcome with fear. 

Trust for many is a huge obstacle course because when it's lacking, other issues come up, such as poor communication, lack of physical and emotional intimacy, and many more. 

If you have ever felt that you can't build trust in your relationship because your partner cheated or his body language has changed over time, fear not: you're not alone. One of the best ways to regain trust is to undertake trust-building exercises for couples. 

Trust-Building Exercises For Couples After Infidelity

There are many trust-building exercises for couples that you can implement. You often only hear of this as an option when you go for a marriage counseling session or relationship counseling. 

These exercises, some of which include honest communication, transparency, and other trust games for couples, ensure that your partner shares a part of them they usually don't, which in turn will take you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to be more vulnerable and honest when you talk.

1. Communicate

When we talk about communication, it needs to be healthy communication featuring deep conversations. These conversations, when held honestly, are the remedy to dealing with broken trust. When we communicate honestly as a trust exercise, we let our partner in on everything we think or feel. 

Talking, especially when rebuilding trust after infidelity, helps start a healing process within you. Sadly, couples take healthy communication for granted because they don't believe in the power of talking. If you're both equally invested in rebuilding trust, having an honest and meaningful conversation is a great way to start the healing journey. 

Experts advise that when talking, it is best to talk about any and everything; spend quality time talking about your fears, how your partner's cheating made you feel, how you think the relationship can be salvaged, and whether or not getting external help in the form of marriage counseling sessions will be of help. 

2. Forgive


Forgiveness is hard, I know, but thankfully, it doesn't happen overnight. Being a daily journey, it is best to mentally decide that you will forgive your partner for how they hurt and disrespected you. 

Forgiveness can only happen after you've had meaningful communication about the occurrence. If, as a betrayed partner, you're not ready to forgive your partner and yourself, rebuilding trust will be close to impossible. 

Forgiveness does more than make you feel better as a betrayed partner; it also enables your partner to build a new relationship with you, free from the burdens of their guilt. Forgiveness is one of the hardest trust exercises you can undertake, but when done is extremely helpful to your healing journey. 

3. Task each other

Another trust-building exercise is to give each other small, random tasks. This is a tiny but fun way to test how your trust levels are rising. After talking it out and deciding to forgive your partner, it's time to test whether or not they are worthy of your trust. 

Giving your partner a task to complete sends a message that you trust it will be done. This subtle message is pivotal in building trust because once they achieve your task, you'll willingly stay committed to building trust moving forward. 

4. Have fun

One of the best trust-building exercises we love to discuss is having fun with your partner. All relationship experts admit that we can do all the talking, but your speech does not amount to much without actions. As a couple, map out and organize a couple of fun activities that will enable you to relax and reconnect with one another on a deeper level. 

Having fun is undoubtedly one of the fun trust-building games for couples because it allows you to do things you might have halted due to broken trust. Some activities you can implement include going on walks together, pillow fights, a double date night, and bungee jumping, amongst others. 

5. Make a vision board together

When working on trust in a relationship, especially after infidelity, drawing up a vision board with your partner is one of the best activities you can undertake. 

If your partner has no plans, it can be hard to trust them. Also, suppose your partner doesn't have any goals concerning the relationship. In that case, it might be tough to share sectors or practice transparency with them regarding how you want your relationship to evolve. 

Mind you, however, that your vision board doesn't have to focus only on your relationship. It could contain anything from future venues for your date nights, places you intend to travel to, the kind of work you wish to do, and many more. 

6. Sexual intimacy

While love is great, physical intimacy is a must-have in every relationship. It is important to note that love and physical intimacy shouldn't be prioritized over all other things in a relationship. Otherwise, the connection becomes more superficial than anything. 

When you have a partner, and you realize that he's not consistently intimate with you physically, it might be because he is checking out or finding that connection outside the relationship. 

Being physically intimate in your relationships goes a long way to deepening your connection with your partner. While on its own, it cannot solve any issues of trust, but it does bring you closer and enables you to tell your partner indirectly that you love them, feel good with them, and are willing to be emotionally vulnerable with them. 

7. Write each other letters

My partner and I went through a rough patch in our relationship, and trust was affected. 

One of the trust-building exercises for couples after infidelity suggested that we write letters to each other. The letters, we were told, should be heartwarming and honest. There's no wrong way to write a letter to your partner; you just need to do it. 

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You can first write about things you're grateful to your partner for. Gratitude studies show it is a powerful tool that evokes emotions and enables healing. 

You can also write about the things that attract you to your partner. This part of your letter might be tough, especially when battling trust. The key is to dig deep, do some deep heartfelt research and convert any feelings into heartwarming letters. 

8. The phone test

Seeing this, you might feel your heart rate quicken and panic set in. Why do you need a phone test to restore trust? Is it really necessary? Why should I allow my betraying partner to have a look at my phone when he hurts me? 

While all these are valid partner questions, you also need to address something within you: the feeling of gestation at the thought of your partner looking through your phone. Is it because you don't want to share secrets or because looking at others mistakes you out of your comfort zone regarding vulnerability? 

When you allow your partner to go through your phone or go through each other's phones, it helps you overcome issues caused due to infidelity. When you look through and see nothing, it elevates the trust in your relationship and gives you the satisfaction of knowing that there's no one else. 

9. Check-in daily

check in daily

If you're wondering how to rebuild trust in your relationship, you can start by checking up on each other daily for some time. I know many of us cringe at the thought of constantly updating our partner on our whereabouts. Why would we recommend sharing your whereabouts with your partner for some time? Because it gives the feeling that you want them to trust you again. 

A cheating partner most likely lied about their whereabouts while they cheated, and the betrayed partner might have developed some doubts about honesty. 

These daily check-ins might seem mundane, but it is one of the most effective activities to rebuild trust in a relationship. You can also include pictures of the places you mention to remove any doubt, but this isn't compulsory. 

10. Go on trips together

Moving away from daily chains, we take a look at how to build back trust in a relationship through trips. Organizing something as simple as road trips is great when you're stuck wondering how to build trust in a relationship. The hook? Make it as spontaneous as possible to make it even more fun. 

Include snacks and lots of laughter to your trip and any other trust game for couples to be certain you're doing something right. Doing this seemingly simple activity allows you to spend quality time with your partner to ensure you're on the same page on all fronts. 

Trust-Building Exercises for Couples to Improve a Relationship

1. Let your partner plan your next date

Learn how to rebuild trust in a relationship with small but mighty activities. In giving your partner a chance to plan your next date, you're allowing them to take some form of control. 

If trust-related problems have prevented this for a while, this is a great way for both of you to learn about giving and receiving control and trust. Once you hand over the responsibility of planning the next date to your partner, please don't get involved in any way and see the ideas he comes up with. 

2. Talk to each other

Talking surpasses any other trust exercises you can try. Without communication, there's no way you can be able to build trust with your lover. When talking, the best tips include looking into each other's eyes while speaking and being as open as possible. 

Being vulnerable and open with one another enables you to discuss your fears about the relationship, including levels of commitment and trust. 

3. Be consistent 

Everything you decide to do, all the activities you begin to regain trust, make sure it is consistent, as that's the only way you can achieve your goals. 

To achieve consistency, always sit down with your partner to agree on the best ways forward on your healing journey. Agree to stick to everything discussed and put measures in place if someone goes contrary. 

4. Compromise

Compromise is vital. Thus, you should be willing to compromise with your spouse and be open to apologizing when you do something they find offensive or annoying. Whenever necessary, both parties must be ready to compromise and accept responsibility. 

5. Be vocal about your feelings

Never forget to tell your partner how much you love them, no matter how long you have been together. Be vocal about your feelings and how much your partner means to you. Though simple, this tip is a great one that can make a difference. 

6. Avoid hurtful or demeaning language

If you love someone, you won't intentionally go out to hurt them by a word or action. It doesn't matter how much struggle you're experiencing, it is always best not to use demeaning or hurtful words and language towards your partner. 

These words do the opposite of getting your point across; they create a gap between you and your partner, especially when your partner starts to feel belittled as a result of those words. 

7. Respond to his concerns

Yes, he might have been the one to cheat, but now he's admitted his mistakes and asked for forgiveness. 

To help and work on your trust, it is best to let him in through open and honest conversation and respond to any concern your partner might have, either because of your demeanor or choice of words. Only by responding can your partner feel that they can rely on you to make the relationship work again. 

8. Go on a holiday

go on a holiday

Sometimes, you don't need to sit down and rack your brain. Find out how to rebuild trust in a relationship another way. Sometimes, you need to get in a car with a few items and go on a holiday. 

Trips or holidays are amazing because they allow you to experience a new environment, which sets you in a better mood to reconnect with your partner. On this trip, you can try other trust games for couples, such as conversations, appreciation, and compromise. 

9. Be strict with lying

One of the things that cause distrust is lying in a relationship. To increase trust while pursuing another chance at love, both parties should promise never to lie to each other and work diligently to keep that promise. 

It doesn't matter what kind of lie it is; avoid all kinds. If you have told each other lies in the past, it might be best to mention these to ensure you are both starting with a clean slate. Trust that your love will grow so much from just this action. 

10. Use loving terms

It is always best to speak as lovingly as possible whenever you're addressing your partner, whether it is during normal conversation or a heated argument. 

To do this, you should remember how invested you are in the partnership and your goals as a couple. This will encourage you to talk to your partner in a manner you want to be spoken to, not vice versa. 

11. Connect

Wondering how to rebuild trust in a relationship? Connection is a great way to start. Working on your connection with each other is important, which is why you must go all out for it. 

If you need a couple of days off work to make this happen, try doing that. All you need is a quiet place where you can spend time alone and discuss each other and the partnership you share.

12. Create a relationship mood board

Sometimes, you have to work hard to fix what you have. It would be best if you saw your dreams for the relationship. This is why mood boards are vital. 

Draw up a mood board with your partner that describes how you envision your partnership working. Cut out any photos from magazines that catch your eye and align with your vision, and put them together as a team. 

13. Try new things

Relationships evolve because, naturally, people change. This means people might develop new preferences, drop old habits and learn new things that excite them. 

Our lack of acknowledgment of such change causes strife in some relationships. You might have to try new things to grow as a couple. It might be new things you've experienced individually or new things you'll want to become a couple’s staple. 

14. Be each other's support system

be each other's support system

You're all you've got romantically, so offering your partner support whenever they need it should be one of the things you strive to do. Supporting your partner or being his support system can look different for everyone, and it takes a while to perfect, so be patient but consistent. 

15. Eye contact and intimacy

Believe it or not, our final thoughts and last point have to do with intimacy that is not sexual

To strengthen the bond between you and your partner and develop intimacy, practicing eye contact is one of the best things you can try. It can be difficult, especially when trust has been broken, but it helps a lot when done consistently.


How do you fix trust issues in a relationship?

The best trust-building exercise you can undertake to ensure no one has secrets in the partnership is to employ open communication and display of feelings. Practice being vulnerable with yourself and your partner, avoid any hurtful language when communicating, and assume that your partner always has good intentions towards you.

The key to most of this is to decide that you will forgive your partner for what they did and how they hurt you. In doing so, you can rebuild your relationships with ease.

How do you get over trust issues?

Getting over trust-related problems can be tough, but there are some tips to make it work. After speaking about it, deciding to forgive, and doing new things with your partner, it is time to make your new trust levels get to work.

If you are used to it, avoid snooping or spying on your partner. Also, give yourself the grace to heal and recreate the lost trust. You can undertake certain activities, like planning dates, to bring back those emotions you once felt for your partner. If you don't know how to rebuild trust in a relationship, it might be better to go to therapy or counseling.

What causes a lack of trust in a relationship?

Sometimes, the lack of trust is not based on what our partner has done but rather on things we've been through that have shaped our mentality about relationships and love. It could be childhood trauma, where certain experiences distort our beliefs. It could also stem from abandonment issues, be it the lack of boundaries or the fear of abandonment.

Are trust issues a red flag?

It is a major red flag that can affect your relationship whenever you feel your partner is keeping secrets or is going places and lying about them or vice versa. This is because, as mentioned, trust is highly essential in building a relationship and is more important than love and sexual intimacy.


Trust is a major part of every relationship. It enables couples to build a strong foundation before the low moments when commitment might be tested. If you want to improve your relationship with your partner, trust is a key and an extremely powerful tool. 

We hope you enjoyed this article, and if you're going through a season of low trust in love, this helps. Be sure to share this article with friends, family, and social media platforms. Don't hold back with your comments; if you have any. We can't wait to hear from you. 

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