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Virgo Men (7 Irresistible Characteristics)

May 30, 2024

Astrology can be a very powerful tool when trying to learn everything there is to know about a person. By knowing a person’s star sign, you can realize things about them that may have otherwise taken a long time to know. 

Here, in this article, we look at Virgo men and what their common characteristics are. We also investigate what they are attracted to as astrology can be a fantastic way to know every little thing that a Virgo will want in a partner

What Are The Characteristics Of Virgo Men?

Here we look at a number of a Virgo man’s characteristics - good and bad. In doing so, you can ascertain whether a Virgo man in your sights is suitable for you as a boyfriend or prospective partner. 

1. Reliable

One of the best characteristics of a Virgo man, whether you are in a relationship with him or simply a friend in his life, is the fact that he is a very reliable star sign. He will always be dependable to show up and do as is asked of him. He loves to support all the friends and family he has in any way he can as well as being a sign that is great to work with as he can always be relied on to get a job or task done. 


2. Kind

No description of a Virgo man would be complete without talking about how kind he can be to those around him. He is very considerate and will always look ahead for the needs of those around him. This can be a wonderful trait to have in a relationship or friendship, though it can also work against couples at times when mixed with some of a Virgo man’s more negative traits. However, if you do not take advantage of a Virgo’s kind nature, then he will never feel taken for granted.

3. Loyal

One of the reasons this sign is very well-liked by many is the fact that he is loyal - as well as kind. Loyalty is great to have in a person - particularly if you are in a partnership with them - as it means you can be confident in their feelings for you and the fact that they are highly unlikely to cheat on you. It makes falling in love with a Virgo man much easier, but also others who just want friendship will simply appreciate their friend’s unswerving loyalty to them. You can always be assured that a Virgo man will show up when he says he is going to - both physically and emotionally. 

4. Attentive

When a Virgo is in love or is with a very good friend, he will display one of his best personality traits - his attentiveness. He will always be aware of others’ needs and wants, so will respond to them almost immediately. This can be a fantastic characteristic to have in a relationship and can make any partnership work even in difficult situations. This is because a Virgo’s partner can take confidence in the fact that their Virgo boyfriend will always be them for them and attend to their needs. 

5. Anxious

Something to take care of when you are either friends with a Virgo man or his partner is the fact that they tend to be an anxiety-ridden sign of the zodiac. They worry about everything and anything. This can mean that they become anxious over how well they are doing in their work, whether they could have been more vivacious at a party or whether there was some way that they could improve as a boyfriend or husband. Bearing this in mind, if you are a friend of a Virgo or indeed in a partnership with him, remember to speak up each time they do something you think is great. It will only take a couple of seconds, but it may help your Virgo really have his mind put at ease. 

6. Critical

One thing that can be hard to love about a Virgo man is how he can get so critical of so many people, situations, and issues so quickly. It can be quite grating as it means he is likely to find fault where there is none a lot of the time which can turn him into a quite negative company. This can tire some people out, but if you are in love with your Virgo, a good way to get around this issue is simply to speak up when it gets too much for you. His kind and caring attitude may win through so that he snaps out of his criticizing ways to make you happy. 


7. Controlling

The judgemental ways of a Virgo man can be really hard to cope with at times. One of the reasons for that is that he can get very controlling at times. For those that are in a relationship with him, this can make things difficult as the partner may not always agree with every single thing he says all the time. If this is the case for you, remember to voice your own decisions as well as being clear about your opinions. If you are in love with a Virgo man, this is a side to him that you will have to get used to, but you can still make the relationship work and remain a happy one. 

8. Insecure

One of the most frustrating traits that Virgo males have is the fact that they are so insecure at times. It can be hard to handle whether you are a partner or just a friend of theirs. However, it is very much something that a Virgo man will be at various junctures of his life. Some will demonstrate their insecurities through starting arguments, others will overtly judge themselves or those around them. 

What Are Virgo Men Attracted To?

There are a number of things that a Virgo man is attracted to, but the main thing to remember if you are interested in a Virgo romantically is to make him feel appreciated. This is because, not only is he likely to be very insecure and anxious, he also doesn’t like to be taken for granted. As a kind and caring person, he simply doesn’t get why people are not the same way. 

Bearing this in mind, remember to be considerate of any quirks he has and have patience with his critical ways. Try to match his kindness with your own kindness every time he does something really nice for you. 

Other than that, he is attracted to others who like to have fun. His critical and insecure ways sometimes stop him from letting loose at times. He, therefore, likes to be with someone who finds fun things to do easily. He also likes to be with someone who is a bit more gregarious and outgoing than him - particularly when it comes to socializing. 


What is the personality of a Virgo male?

A Virgo man has many different facets to him. He has some great points like how kind and reliable he is, but he also has some bad points that take getting used to. He is easily anxious and can be very critical of himself and those around him in his life. 

How do you handle a Virgo man?

If you want to be with a Virgo man, a good way to handle him is to remember he is a very insecure and anxious being. Bearing that in mind, remember to always show him how appreciative you are of him and how much you love spending time with him too. 

What is a Virgo man most compatible with?

It is thought that a Taurus is a great match for a Virgo man in a relationship. Additionally, Capricorn and Cancer can also be a suitable partner who can make things work between them. Finally, Scorpio can be a good match thanks to both being big thinkers. 

What do Virgos find attractive?

A Virgo man finds a number of things attractive in a partner. Often, the things he finds attractive are traits that help placate his anxious and insecure ways or characteristics that mirror his good points. He, therefore, finds loyalty and kindness very attractive in any prospective partner. 

How do Virgo men act in love?

A Virgo man will be a very attentive boyfriend or husband when he is in love. He will do everything he can to support his partner and make sure that she or he is as happy as possible. He is, therefore, a very reliable lover who can be depended on to be there whenever is needed. 

What Are Virgo Men Really Like? The Bottom Line

As a Zodiac sign, Virgo men can be fantastic partners and friends. They are loyal, reliable, and kind, which means they will always put their cherished ones first every single time. It can mean falling in love with them very easily as they are so considerate much of the time. 

However, some may struggle with this sign’s more negative points. Whilst it is still very easy to love them, issues may abound in a relationship due to a Virgo guy’s insecure ways that can make him very anxious and critical. 

Communication is the key to getting through these issues. Be open and upfront about problems as and when they occur. It will ensure that issues between the two of you do not get any bigger than they need to be - whether you are just a friend, or in a serious partnership with him. 

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