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Husband Wears Panties: What Does It Mean?

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Chances are that you came about this article because of you wanting to know the reasons why your husband wears panties. The thought of seeing him this way has always been ridiculously shameful to you and this has left a lot of worries in your mind with series of questions flowing into your mind asking whether he’s a bisexual or a gay. The truth is: you are not alone in this, some time ago, while randomly searching through the internet, I stumbled on a question of a woman on Health24 who is equally as worried as you, asking this same question why her husband wears panties. According to a sexology expert when a man exhibits this behavior he “is a cross-dresser (transvestite) with a cuckolding fantasy.”

Who are therefore the crossdressers (Transvestites)?  Simply put, cross-dressers have been said to be heterosexual men who like putting on women clothes.

According to the  School Of Life, crossdressers are often perceived to be  “deviant weirdo’s to stay away from, to be afraid of” or abnormal men, who have failed to embrace strength, instead has adopted weakness. But is it true it’s a sign of weakness on the part of such men in this situation? As we proceed we will soon get to find out the answer to this question.

Matti Silver asserts that crossdressers usually discover who they in their childhood. This happens precisely when they would sometimes put on clothes that belong to their mom and sisters. To her, the society would often take the crossdressers as:

  • ​A gay
  • ​Misogynist
  • ​They do it to satisfy their sexual urge
  • ​They put on women clothes all the time
  • ​They can be cured

Looking at the above perceptions of the society about the cross-dressers, Matti Silver has debunked all of them, starting from being haters of women. Ironically, most crossdressers have been said to be married, and this makes this a mere assumption that they are misogynists. And as to the crossdressers being into this way of life for sexual gratification, Matti said that it’s untrue that most crossdressers don’t get aroused from putting on panties or women clothing; that the crossdressers are merely exercising “exploration of feminine self-expression.”

When it comes to the assumption that they always put on women clothing, Matti opposes this. She said they don’t usually dress in full women garment; although, they may put on their underwear.

If crossdressers can be cured or not, to Matti, being a crossdresser is not like any sort of disease or any form of illness that requires a treatment. To her, cross-dressing is a “state of being.”

Is Crossdressing And Transgender Similar In Any Way?

​Transgenders according to ISNA means,” People who …who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they’ve been born into the “wrong body.” However, a cross-dresser only “heterosexual men who like to dress up in women's clothes.” Therefore, these are two different states of beings.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Crossdressers?

What Are The Benefits Of Being Crossdressers?

There are several advantages to having a cross-dresser as a husband:

  • ​A crossdresser integrates with his lifestyle two different best of gender personality, meaning he can effortlessly associate with any gender.
  • ​Women by nature are cautious of their look, and this is no exception to a crossdresser as well. The woman in him will make him want to always look good.
  • ​It has been said that a man being a crossdresser, he is most likely to value women than the regular man.
  • ​The fact is when we have two different worlds wrapped and framed into a whole, it gives provides wider chances of knowing better than when we have just one identity. For a crossdresser, they are embodiments of the two different genders and that makes them relate effortlessly with others, and in turn, they get to gather more experience about life.
  • ​Being a crossdresser, you tend to forcefully acknowledge the fact that what people cherish in another gender can equally be found in you, and vis-à-vis. What this infers is that it creates contentment in you, the crossdresser.
  • ​Your newfound love in the hetero-normative gender is most likely not strange to crossdresser’s parents. The love your parents will have for you will be much higher.
  • A crossdresser gets to have high-class ladies all around them- ladies he might not have access to if he were to dress in male clothes.
  • Crossdressing has been said to help in reducing the stress associated with being a man. Also, when a crossdresser understands that he wouldn’t become a woman no matter how much of a woman dress he puts on, he would begin to appreciate pains associated with being a woman along the line.
  • ​There is a true joy that flows in the mind after being dressed up like the real image of a person you feel you are as a crossdresser. Even if it’s just for a second, the happiness derived from the act might stay up in the mind for days.
  • ​You get relaxed within your mind when you follow what your heart demands. This is applicable to a crossdresser as well.
  • ​The process entails in changing into a female cloth serves as enjoyment to most crossdressers.
  • ​The understanding between a crossdresser and his wife increases the day the wife gets to accept him with his “state of being.” Imaging having a husband that knows virtually everything about women, particularly the ones which are mostly strange to regular men out there. You wouldn’t need to explain pretty much about everything going on- the menstrual pain, post-pregnancy challenges and several other advanced natures of women.
  • ​Wife of a crossdresser, just as the man must have learned lots about women folks, the wife too will have no option than to explore about men in this same manner.
  • ​Your crossdresser husband will understand the need for costly cosmetics, and he might even buy them for you at will.
  • ​You will never have to worry about your husband being off fashion. When your crossdresser husband buys you a gift, chances are, he would get you those gifts that will fit more into your needs, as he understands you better; he is more of a husband that’s always in your shoes.
  • ​When it comes to pleasuring you, don’t expect anything less of a crossdresser husband. he knows the right spots to touch to make you moan and reach orgasm as many times as possible.
  • ​With a crossdresser husband, you don’t have to worry about finding a readily available assistance with the care of your baby. As much as he’s a crossdresser, he loves everything about the role of a woman; therefore, he will be more as willing to see that he offers you handout every now and then with the kids.
  • ​A crossdresser husband will be willing to prove he can do better than you a regular woman; so, in his attempt to achieve this, he will be more than careful not to act in a way that your feelings will be hurt. So, you are getting an abuse-free relationship in that wise.
  • ​You are just going to have a restful mind at all times, unlike when you are married to a regular man, a crossdresser is almost not capable of double dating: We mean with other ladies, as he might have quite a few of them as friends, but he’s not going to fuck them anyway. He only enjoys their company.
  • ​How about the feeling of entitlement most regular men exhibit in marriage? Your crossdresser husband would have definitely understood any better than this ideology. He’s quite aware that you are as important as much as he is. You are going to get good treatment in terms of respects and great understanding.
  • ​Despite the fact that the society treats women with a lesser respect than men, a crossdresser husband will most of the time discountenance this, as his failure to do so will defeat his state of being. What will make other men to pull out of a relationship, he would not do that because he now has an immeasurable soft spot for you, not as an ordinary wife, but as a true friend and a companion.

​Various Disadvantages Of A Crossdresser

​Various Disadvantages Of A Crossdresser

​Crossdressers are special people; their state of being in itself doesn’t come with any danger. However, due to their characteristics which is a total mismatch to what the society recognizes to be normal, they are being stigmatized. Just like every other human being, crossdressers equally have some traits which appear as a challenge to their immediate family.

  • ​The wife of a crossdresser might not cut out for living with a husband with a cross-dressing lifestyle, not because she hates them, but because she just cannot force herself to like the idea. And when this is the situation, there is every probability that such a relationship ebbs down the point of crashing.
  • ​When you demand that a crossdresser should change to a non-crossdresser -being a regular man, it will be like when you are asking a lion to change her form to that of an elephant. This contributes more to the reason why a relationship easily gets dissolved if the wife can’t bear the feeling of keeping a crossdresser as a husband.
  • ​A crossdresser will most likely not be thoroughly accepted by friends; the reason is not for any other thing other than the fact that most of his friends would find it difficult to relate with him, as they will often feel they can’t fit into his lifestyle, and at the same time keeping him at arm’s length will appear to be hostile, which they would want to avoid by all means. So, they would rather prefer to keep pretending like they truly love him for who he is.
  • ​Having a crossdresser as a husband might put you out of some of the tricks you can use as a wife as opposed to when your husband is not a crossdresser. A woman gets to be clever in some areas, particularly when she needs some expensive designers; she cannot easily bamboozle her crossdresser of a husband as he’s more than likely know how everything works.
  • ​It might take some extra effort to get to explain to the children how their dad got to become a nightingale in the house when the children see that their friends’ dad are regular men who don’t exhibit strange crossdresser’s behavior like their dad.
  • ​The children might have distorted knowledge about the society and her view about gender.
  • ​A crossdresser husband might take things to a whole higher level by displaying extreme behaviors of a woman in public, which might lead to embarrassment not only to him but to his wife and children.
  • ​It might affect his job or business. If he’s working for a company that discriminates crossdressers, that might mean the end of his appointment the moment the company discovers his real identity.


A crossdresser is a man who likes being in women’s apparel. Their coming in terms with who they are could really be hard as the society has lots of misconception about them; however, with the very many things that have been said about them in this article, you should now know that your husband likes wearing panties mean he’s a crossdresser and being one affords you more benefits than what you stand to gain as opposed to what you benefit from a regular man.

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

70 comments on “Husband Wears Panties: What Does It Mean?”

    1. I live to wesr panties. Some are honest wife gave me, some ahe bought me. She buys me oanties once in a while, we ha e matching panties too! I am a karate instructor and ride a Harley. I am not feminine, I just have a panty fetish.

  1. I love wearing panties and bras. I have only fully crossdressed once. It wasn't really for me.
    I love the panties and bras because when I wear them It makes me feel like the way I look at my wife. I think she is the most sexy woman alive. so when I wear panties I feel sexy.
    My wife is resistant and doesn't like it. I used to wear them and try to surprise her. But she was never really happy with it.
    She did think I was gay. Which I'm not. Once she was convinced that I'm not gay and that I like wearing panties because it makes me feel like the way I look at her, she became a little more receptive.
    Now I only wear panties when she tells me to. And it turns me on more that she is telling me to wear them.
    I loved the article. And my wife totally sees the benefits of having a panty wearing husband as opposed to a non panty wearer. Her first husband was this macho type guy that abused her and beat her. Always took her for granted and never really cared for her.
    Now she has a loving caring panty wearing husband that treats her line a queen and puts her on a pedestal.

    1. Ask her to go to kohl's and shop with you or go online together and panty shop. See which ones she likes, maybe tey matching with hers and see if she is receptive to that. My wife buys me panties and then paddles me when she catches me wearing them. It's hot. I love it
      Try it!

  2. Ms. Schwartz - Adoration expressing the sentiments of compliments that flow in me because of your beautiful intuitive feminine mind!

    You are so beautiful to put this together your way!

    Appreciation inspires me feeling your emotional intelligence contained in this message.

    Beauty, Courage and Strength,


  3. I have been wearing women's clothing since I was a child. I feel better mentally when in a skirt and blouse. I wear panties every day and really only a couple of men's underwear. I do wear bra's too most days. I still love being with a woman and have zero desire to be transgender. I just love women's fashions. So Ladies you want a great man, find one that cross-dresses.

  4. My wife knew about my cross dressing since we first met. I was completely honest with her, telling her I wanted to take female hormones & try sex with men, she was o.k. with it at first but she has pulled away over the years. When I came home one night with my ears double pierced & my eyebrows waxed super thin with a high feminine arch in them, she had had it with me, she made me move into the spare bedroom & we now live as roommates rather then husband & wife. I now live 95% of my life as Joanne & have started dating men, I am working on living full time as Joanne. My wife just recently found out about me dating men when she came home early from work & caught me outside by my boyfriends car kissing him good by. She said she was not surprised, she always knew that I wanted to be a woman.

  5. Great article I wear panties pretty regularly they are good for body and mind I am also a machinist mechanic and biker I also wear thigh high and pantyhose my wife loves my appreciation and the wild sex it does not change me as a man but fullfills my femine side be doing this since I was 13

  6. I like women's clothing more then I do men's. When I was growing up I would have to wear my 3 older sisters hand-me-downs. I was the only boy at school that wore saddle shoes even though at some point they were considered unisex. In the winter my Mom had me wear what she called leotards under my pants for extra warmth. I believe these were actually wool tights by today's definition. I don't wear dresses or skirts just women's clothing that can pass as men's.

  7. I no longer wear panties, I am married. I wear underwear that are very close to panties.Amazon is loaded with pantylike underwear.It is how a fabric feels not about being a woman.Not my fault as a kid I was told to put panties on!!Men's underwear feels like burlap after having off/on panty fever.Smooth thin comfort should be for male genitals.Not long ago colored underwear for men was considered gay.Straight guys have tried someones panties on for decades.In your mind you thought those look comfortable.Yes, and you gave in.Vanity Fair knows that men buy their panties I have seen male reviews.Amazon reviews the guys say these(male underwear) feel like panties.The silky ones.So their are men who want that panty feel,but do not want to cross the line.There is a sexual element to it also.Men can become erect and very excited when having a try on session.So if you can not resist buy similar underwear or give in totally,but pay a heavy price for doing so.We are not freaks,many I guy may secretly want a panty drawer of his own.

  8. Wearing and wanting to wear panties is an addiction. I posted a few hours ago,because I have posted a bunch in the last few months.Never have I been able to talk to a person about loving panties.Even though you are not currently indulging it is always there in your mind and flesh a craving few understand.There is also an intense hatred for men's underwear.Rough and boring lots of heavy cotton.While panties are pretty thin,shiny,sexy,sensual you get the picture.Guys have stolen,bought borrowed panties for decades.Now you get them online,shipped in plain packaging.These companies know what is going on.So I am about to get dressed here in a minute.Black bikinis,panties? No, Avid Love low rise bikinis MEN's.Look like panties,yes.Feel like panties YES.Go to Amazon and see the comments on silky men's underwear.Secretly more guys want soft sensual underwear.One more thing if your panties ladies are missing,some male you know has been naughty.

  9. Well after thinking more on this topic a few more comments. Realize that if a boy/man tries panties on he may be hooked.He may hide this from everyone or share with his woman.Some say it is sick and disgusting,why does he want to wear those? Well why do women wear men's boxers to sleep?Very hard to describe the comfort and enjoyment that i used to get from having nylon panties on.Guys stop for awhile then go back to doing it.You are either wearing panties or thinking about wearing panties.OR find pantylike men's underwear.That is me.What is in the clothes hamper has to be acceptable to my wife.Some lingerie companies make men's stuff...borderline> panties for men. So if you discover a male who has a panty fetish do not be surprised.I am not feminine at all.They pantylike men's underwear is comfortable and looks good.So I can be comfortable without wearing a woman's garment.I can only comment on what I know.If you have a man with this addiction try to understand or break up,there are worse things,much worse.

  10. There are men who just like panties.Can not lump them in with another group!Panties are an article of clothing that has a unique attraction/pull on some men/boys.There is an excitement of getting and slipping on panties that would be hard to explain.It can be an addiction,fetish.What could start as a prank, a dare or forced to put on could turn into a lifelong thing.Vanity Fair knows that they are very popular with MEN.Enough for now.....

  11. Another thought on underwear in general is that it is a private choice.Maybe what someone wears underneath their pants is a statement or an act of rebellion.When I grew up all boys wore cheap tightie whiteys.I will spare you the details of my first encounters with panties around age 9 or 10.My thinking around puberty was those feel so good why can't I wear them? So I envied girls because of their pretty,sexy undies.I had girlfriends and did the things everyone else did.Beer ,pot,cigarettes etc...My hidden longing was my own panty collection.During my military days I had little privacy so I couldn't give in.After getting out I went nuts shopping and owned 115 pair.I was in shape and looked good in hipsters.I was unemployed for awhile and dating was sad.I went to lingerie departments when they were slow select 6 or 7 pair and leave quickly.Older ladies thought it was sweet while ringing me up.Did they know that the undies were for me?Skip ahead several years,while married I needed a part time job.A department store,not a great idea.I was put in home fashions right next to lingerie.Pure torture so I gave in hid my panties from my wife.Wore panties to work sold them because lingerie rarely had anyone working it.So you are a guy wearing panties selling panties to hot women wishing you could see them in them ...pretty messed up huh?At this time my wife was not taking care of me sexually so since I am not a cheater, I began to masturbate often.Another thing about panties is they constantly stimulate your genitals.Not trying to be gross but guys masturbate in and with them.Talking about this is not fun but an erection doesn't just go away on it's own.So in light of what I have shared you might now understand that panties are a highly sexual and enjoyed article of clothing for certain people.Enough for now.

  12. I have been shopping on Amazon.Well it appears that men are looking for men's underwear that feel like panties.Sounds like me,huh?I am going to try some more brands without spending too much.Comfort is so important.Some underwear is ridiculous , some is cheap looking.Just think that some guy you know might be in panties or wear them now and then,don't be shocked.

  13. Well I was bored so I decided to ask questions on Amazon.Underwear that is borderline panties or maybe not panties.Well seeing the responses it is pretty clear that guys want to wear them.Silk men's underwear and women's panties seem to be the same.Thongs and other types the guys say these feel like panties.Some guys are wearing both and don't mind sharing.I am not going to spend a fortune,but I have to admit I would love to try some of the stuff!!Can't wear pink LOL, my wife would not like that.sigh...

  14. Ladies if you think your guy may be into this i have a suggestion.Get him alone when he is relaxed either hand him some panties you bought for him or yours.Why? By doing this you will flush him out.He may refuse to do it.If he is excited or to happy to do it,well there you go.You could flat out ask,Have you every worn panties?Just a thought.

  15. I ordered some more really comfortable underwear from Amazon ,Gudan ,really wanted some more.Hey people winter is coming and I threw away my old worn out cotton long johns.I ordered some men's nylon footless long johns ( like pantyhose.)Guys wear pantyhose to keep warm.As i might like that, not today.So if a guy wears pantyhose for warmth.Is that the same as a panty fetish?Is this in a different category?Are some clothes truly unisex?I looked up this behavior and in Germany and Europe men are openly wearing hosiery. Hmmmn ?

  16. Probably my last post.When I get bored or can't sleep I read about other guys experiences with panties.Why? Well being a former wearer I often wonder about my struggle with it.Many comments are that they started young,grew up in an all girl home(just panties for everyone)And the biggest and most common thing is comfort.I can honestly say as far as comfort goes panties win by far.They have to fit,if they do you may be addicted.I am glad to have underwear that is similar.Sad to say that my longing for panties has never left me.I have seen so many comments from men that they threw out all or almost all their male stuff.Or post panties 24/7/365,Many a wife/girlfriend apparently accept,put up with or enjoy him in panties.Okay then I think that is enough.Women try to understand that a garment made for your sex feels beyond comfortable for certain guys.Not a problem free lifestyle, sigh...

  17. Another related topic,men in hosiery .Yes ,pantyhose for men ,or men in women's pantyhose.I did it years ago for warmth not for kinky desire.I have read stories of men in them to stay warm.Europe is accepting this trend.USA next? I bought some long johns,men's nylon footless.They feel so good.I may buy some men's hose, then again that may be pushing the envelope with the wife.So if hose for men hit the shelves here will you freak out?Nowadays the shelves are Amazon and other outlets.I save time and gas $ buying online and no person is judging me by what I am looking at.Straight to my porch,works for me.

  18. Please understand that men do desire comfort.Whether it is nylon,satin,silk or some blend.If you are feeling good with what you have on under your pants does it really matter?I sure would like to buy some silk men's bikinis but my wife would freak.Could you imagine an argument..They are NOT panties! Yes they are! No they are not.So I wear stuff similar to women's it is my business.I am a veteran I have done the following...karate,weightlifting gun sports,watch all major sports.Not feminine at all.The men in your life may have a secret longing to wear panties or pantylike underwear.Who knows how many a young boy slipped on his sisters panties,I know i did.

  19. Well my package from Amazon got here.White men's bikinis with lace...sure look like panties.I was so naughty. Winday. fit good ,wife may react bad, don't care.I am going to tell her the truth I wanted sexy ( and I guess girlie.)I refuse to be boring .

  20. So obviously I think about underwear too much .I have enough now for some time. I might order some men's tights/pantyhose for this winter, why not? Here is something that is troubling, Facebook and several of the sights I visit are littered with lingerie/panty ads, what the heck? Not the first time this has happened. With online ordering so easy the temptation could be to great for many a person.

  21. I know I have posted too much .This post is for those who would judge a guy for wearing panties. Sure at a glance it is wrong. So many things that are okay today WERE not okay decades ago. Things done in the bedroom that disgust me you may be doing. Somebody has a panty fetish, so what is it to you? Dare you to wear panties for a week...pantyhose .Nylon is a better material for underwear, women have had all the options men can only (almost only) get. Stretchy nylon underwear would be great today but it is only actually good if it is a panty. So I have man parts big deal .I miss my panties but I can not go back to them...sigh. Pantyhose under your pants for winter? Why not?

  22. I bought some pantyhose today. I could not stop thinking about doing so. them now it has been years. Drugstore 5$ crack a few jokes walk out .I came home showered and put them on. Before I invest in men's hose or tights I should remember if it is worth it? So far they feel nice.

  23. I meant to say IF I invest. These have a control top, a little tight hmmn? I will wear these again and see how many hours ...Friday it will be in the forties ,wear to work? Yes, I will make sure my shirt is tucked in! The men's footless tights/pantyhose better be at least this good! Europeans are wearing hose openly, me under my pants>

  24. These pantyhose seem to be massaging my legs, works for me. I was searching for men's knee highs the other day and was out of luck....half the population is male hosiery companies wake up!

  25. Ladies if your husband wears panties you may get him to stop, maybe. He will hide it from you like I did with my wife. You can accept it, help him deal with it . or divorce. Can a man wear pantyhose? For what reasons? I am going to do it for warmth under my pants. No panties underneath. Men's hose is more money and what I read women are not using them very much now. There is a push for men in hose in America. If my wife had said yes to panties when she caught me I would be a slave to her knowing and her letting me have them. It will not happen, but if she bought some for me and wanted me to try them on for her I would give in and be sunk. Panties can be very addictive.

  26. Unfortunately as I have found out panty wearing can cause guys to do other things/wear other things. Maybe silky nylon panties with a nightgown for bed time? Guys say what they do, bras even?! The more you try may open the door to kinky behavior.

  27. Some of you women are wondering about your guy now .Has he done this? Does he want to wear them? Would I like it? Is it disgusting? I have seen online many a panty wearing male's story. Young boy finds sister's panties....the rest is history. The panty wearing males justification may seem odd or make sense, but is undeniable that comfort and feel are the addiction. I do not wear them anymore but I do miss the overwhelming comfort and sensations. This may sounds nuts to you, but just walking in public in panties can give a guy such a rush, somewhat sexual pleasure. Years ago I was panty shopping and was wearing them at the same time. My testicles tingled the entire time. I did enjoy that I was breaking taboo. Some panties looked great on me , others stupid an silly. Face it a woman has internal genitals, men outer (flopping all over) genitals(so what does it really matter?) I still think if a wife bought and told her husband to put these panties on, many guys would jump at the opportunity .....Men's pantyhose, unisex, women's is actually practical. Another topic.

  28. No other posts but mine? I know things are going on, they are. These are stress filled days we are living in substance abuse financial problems. So a guy gives in to his old habits, maybe gets caught. Sometime in a boy's life he may have his first experience with panties. I doubt that it would be a one time thing sadly. When I was young I thought these are so comfortable why is it wrong? Another aspect of this guilt and right vs wrong.

  29. If a few large underwear companies made soft smooth men's underwear like PANTIES then maybe guys wouldn't sneak around in women's panties? Actually I think they KNOW guys are buying their stuff and own more panties then women do. Some guy posted on a panty confessional owning 3600 pair!! Nuts.. I could see 50 to 200 but 3600? Women may have 30 or 40 tops. I am glad to know I was not the only guy stuck with this. Being married no panty drawer for me. Hope I never give in again.

  30. Part of winter that is coming i hate. I want to wear a women's nightie. AM I ,heck no! I would like to feel a silky/santiny nighite past my knees,if I went that fair might as well have nylon briefs too.I sleep in my old worn out T shirts. My male pantylike undies. I m a mess.

  31. I wear my husband's underwear all the time. I am a woman of 3 kids. I like being the man of the house and am in reality. My husband is weak and cowardly.

  32. I have some nylon men's sock which are similar to knee high's but cost 12 $ for 2 while knee high's are cheap. They kept my calves warm during a cold 4 day span. Should I get knee highs and hide them from my wife ?? Or just show her and piss her off? Or just be cold? Not like I am wearing full blown pantyhose...I wish I would have worn panties in front to her years ago and been done with it. Who knows. Nylon a love hate relationship.

  33. I have recently visited some other sites. Guys have the same things going on. Women's panties are for women, yet men indulge. Sensual/sexual pleasure.It becomes an unhealthy obsession.I don't think that it is normal for me to want silk men's underwear that look and probably feel like panties. Or to look at panties on line or women in panties online.Do men's underwear stink? YES. so I have my pantylike underwear and resist panties very often. Snooth light underwear with no fly in nylon is what some of us want..oh wait that is.....panties.

  34. I have recently visited some other sites. Guys have the same things going on. Women's panties are for women, yet men indulge. Sensual/sexual pleasure.It becomes an unhealthy obsession.I don't think that it is normal for me to want silk men's underwear that look and probably feel like panties. Or to look at panties on line or women in panties online.Do men's underwear stink? YES. so I have my pantylike underwear and resist panties very often. Snooth light underwear with no fly in nylon is what some of us want..oh wait that is.....panties. If you catch a guy doing this try and understand. BUT he can't quit easily.

  35. So I was in a mood the other day, looked at men panties on Amazon. So suggestions for those panties/mens show up on my smart phone. Don't tell me they do not share info. Any underwear search normal or kinky should be private. Incognito my ass.

  36. I am not going to wear or buy panties. BUT since I was stupid and looked at lingerie I now get ads on computer and smart phone, both e mail accounts. Amazon even, the more girlie men's underwear keeps popping up. I like nylon underwear , but it sure has it's drawbacks. : - ( Oh and men's pantyhose... how stupid of me to consider.

  37. "​It has been said that a man being a crossdresser, he is most likely to value women than the regular man."

    That is the conclusion I have come to. I adore attractive, sexy women so much I am attempting to emulate them.

  38. Garbage article with outdated terms like transvestite and equating being gay with crossdressing. What are you like 100? Do better.

  39. Seriously, this is a garbage article. "Normal" men cross dress and wearing panties doesn't automatically make you a cross dresser. Being a cross dresser makes you a cross dresser you dense cabbage.

  40. I don't know in all my comments if I said stress triggers the desire for nylon, women's. Like many go to alcohol some guys go to a lingerie drawer. I do not wear panties. BUT that desire has never left. If my wife saw me in panties and said go ahead it is okay I would be hooked for life. IF YOU CATCH a man / boy in panties UNDERSTAND it may be a life long battle, yes addiction. Without being disgusting the feel everywhere below the belt line is beyond description. Hard to focus on your job when panties are giving your testicles a slow motion gentle massage for hours. Panties are sexual and can cause and be used for masturbation. Couldn't sleep last nite my wife snores sleeps in another bedroom. I had to come in two pair of panties.....

  41. Pretty outdated article but informative. I'm a panty wearing married man of twenty years. My wife is aware of my love for panties, specifically thongs. It is super sexual for me beyond the great feeling that a pair of smooth silky panties provide.

    I love the erotic excitement that they provide. It is impossible not to get horny with a pair of thongs rubbing my anus and cupping my rock hard penis and balls. Quiet maddening actually.

    My wife is aware of this and enjoys it as well. I have a thing for thigh highs as well but she draws the line there. I happily oblige this and refrain from wearing them. Denying that desire is more than worth it when I have a wife that is totally down otherwise. I'm a happy man.

    Just for the record, I am far from a feminine male. Six foot four inches, well north of 350 lbs, beard down past my nipples. Most folks won't even make eye contact. You never know who may be wearing a silky thong under thier suit or with thier boots.

    Ladies, let him have it. You won't regret it. He will spend all day horny and thinking about you. And hopefully all night thanking you in his own way. And maybe you guys can share panties too.

    P.S. Men absolutely love being told by thier female what panties to wear. Lay them out for him and make him tell you how they felt when he gets home. You can thank me later.

  42. Well I gave into temptation , a little. It used to be to see panties you had to go to a mall. Now I just look online....watched a woman modeling silk panties. Amazon , panty reviews...I guess I miss it.

  43. It is about the fabric, Nylon, it feels good. If no panties were made in nylon then guys wouldn't wear them. I have pantylike (similar to them) WHY? Because they are comfortable. Stress, makes you want to give in to any weakness you have. What is interesting to me is the underwear on Amazon that is labeled men's panties. Sometimes they use panties in a non American way of english? mistake on purpose? I bought, wore and pitched some borderline product last year.I have some that wifey didn't even comment about which I kept. Bottomline for me cotton is for t shirts, nylon is for underwear. Some look like panties and some ARE panties. No I am not feminine either. People claim to be open minded but really are not about this topic.I wish I never experienced a panty fetish..Heaven and Hell ant the same time.

  44. I am sad today. Why? I put and old pair of the wife's panties on. Jerked off in an old slip. Maybe I should not have spent 90 min. looking at panties and pantylike undies? I love nylon, but want underwear made for us that feels like theirs. Thousands of men are doing it, see the reviews on panties with male comments. You can look and buy online. Gone are the days of wanting to see panties with the watchful judging eyes on you. If underwear makers payed attention ( a few do ) they would make soft and strong smooth men's underwear. I guess some companies are like this...Let em by our panties!!!This is important to a few of you. Be honest pantylike or panties are better!!!

  45. Unfortunately for me I look at or shop online for underwear, or wish to buy list. I have noticed in the question and comment sections 3 groups of men. 1. (me) Wanting as close to the feel of women's underwear but not renamed underwear( no pouch )panties. 2.Those who flat out buy panties.3. Those who want an excuse or justification for panties or similar.If it looks like a pair of panties..it is. Silk ,satin nylon whatever it is made for us and the ladies. But don't deceive yourself. Panty addiction for some is as real and heartbreaking as any other addiction. I have done dumb things but being honest with myself is important. Do I feel like panties now and then? Sure , doing it again? NO, no ,no. The maddening thing is something that is so comfortable is wrong. So the copies, or underwear like panties sell.I know what I shouldn't do, do you?

  46. I am not , was not a transvestite. Crossdresser no. Panty lover yes. When I was young it was thrilling to be wearing panties under my pants in public. Part of it was to break the boredom of life. When you are older you really do not want to get caught. I will never do the panty thing again. Want to ? sure. Why? like many have said they are so very comfortable compared to rough cotton. Wear the right ones and you will enjoy. So my pantylike underwear will have to do. Some men own hundreds of panties...obsession. Boys already full of hormones relieve themselves in them/with them. Better to jerk off than to force someone, or have reckless sex. So once again if panties go missing it is a guy who did it.

  47. People who have never been married can't talk about marriage, people who never served in the military etc... So if a man who writes and thinks he knows about wearing women's undies and hasn't done it?? Get some that fit wear them everyday for a month than talk about it. Buy several kinds and look in a full length mirror. Shave , brush your teeth cross your legs like a girl in panties than talk about it. Walk in public with your equipment bouncing in silky, satiny delight. If you don't just shut up. I am speaking for those who do not want to be a woman. Those who do or did and quit. Panties are to be enjoyed or stayed away from completely. I wish i had never worn them at all, but my childhood was a bit messed up. You ladies who think panties aren't sexual/sensual are dense. Thousands of guys will wake up in a few hours and shower slip into panties and have coffee. Some are sissies and some are as tough as nails like me.

  48. Look, I know that i have commented too much okay. BUT, this subject is not something you can easily share with people. Those currently wearing panties, or who don't anymore, or may try/want to try must be careful. Wishing you could something made for the ladies does not go over big with most people.

  49. Hey, those who say just wear them, they are just underwear are wrong. Panties made for women are for women. I guess then if they make panties for guys (they do) then it's ok? I am actually glad I don't have a wife who was ok with it. Even worse bought and wanted me doing it everyday. I have comfortable panylike underwear from Amazon it's good not sensual I can't concentrate. There is silk and satin men's, but not now...sigh. Wearing nylon panties so many times ruined me.

  50. Well I am checking out the unisex underwear online now. 90 % panties, yes and the guys are buying certain types of WOMEN'S panties as unisex. You just want to wear panties! Uh huh. So you get the stigma and all the baggage of a panty wearer. You can't fool me because I have been there.

  51. There is a lot of stuff about panties and guys online A LOT....wow...guys want to wear them and be told it is okay. Ha ha

  52. I have come to the conclusion that there are no men's underwear that truly feel like panties. There are men's panties online ( I own none ) I also believe after spending time on Quora and other places people are deluded and dishonest on how many wear panties and how many women accept this behavior. Being married there will be no panties in my drawer. Would I try some of the silk, satin and stuff marketed as men's ( gray area) SURE!! but not now. I think many of these pantyboys want to justify what they are doing with stories that won't ring true to the majority of people. A nurse of 40 years said she never spotted a man in women's underwear ever. All the stories are similar...starts as a boy etc... Some as adults do it for comfort or sexual pleasure or both. I like the thin smooth feel. Well anyway if you are a guy and you own hundreds of pairs of panties good luck marrying a normal lady. Some companies and writers online steer men to certain types of panties and the companies now encourage sales to men. Women like my wife wear panties until they are rags. Men will spend plenty for there secret fetish. The men who work for Vanity Fair are probably wearing what they sell... 🙂 Remember this you accept or encourage a boy / man to wear them, then he may ( probably ) be hooked for life.

  53. I also remember that some want no seam in front or fly, why? it rubs against the penis. You can pull your underwear down to pee. Why is that this fabric is for girls and this is for boys when our genitals are external? It is no wonder to me that guys can be panty wearers for life. Or in my case wish I could. Or even wish I could have the stuff similar to those wonderful panties!

  54. The only reasons some men are not wearing the most comfortable underwear? 1. They are panties. 2. They have a wife. 3.Underwear companies ( most ) don't care what you buy. Or are clueless......Thin soft smooth sensual fabric is where it is at for many. It shouldn't matter what genitals you have. Nylon like Vanity Fair feel great, cotton for guys does not.

  55. There are underwear like panties online...even men's panties custom made with a pouch..so AM I crossdressing when these panties are made for me??? If my wife dies what will I buy online?? Satin,silk and nylon are what underwear should be. WHY can't underwear feel great and be fun to wear?

  56. You know they wouldn't make men's panties if there were not a market for them. An untold number of men or boys tried panties and got addicted to them. WHY? They are so so comfortable. Now they are making panties to take care of our anatomy. It may be nylon, silk or satin but the splendor of comfort may be too much for some to overcome, online shopping is the way to go. So if you find a panty stash, secret panty drawer do not be shocked. Some women put up with it ,even encourage it. If you slip your hand down the back of his pants you may find his secret. Nice ladies are making panties in fabrics male wearers want, if my wife dies I am stocking up. With the stress of covid can't we be comfortable??

  57. I have never had a psychology class in my life( 2 years of college ) It hit me yesterday when trying on some men's satin bikinis.. I had a rotten childhood and PANTIES made me feel special and good about myself! I did look good in them. My new shiny satin bikinis brought back memories. My wife just told me of heart symptoms ..I gonna' be alone? Tempted to collect panties again? No one has answered me on this> are men's panties even panties at all? If they say they are unisex or are obviously female then they are panties. Some companies and handmakers make what some of us want. I am not one who wants to be a sissy either. The lingerie companies are perfectly happy for guys to get their stuff. I like how certain underwear looks on me.

  58. Bought 8 new panties, Men's panties B2B / barbara lingerie. I wear men's panties now, have to sublimate my desire for real(ladies) panties. ha ha. I look good in these gold ones for sure ha ha, my average size penis fits nicely in my new shiny satin panties!! ha ha ha.

  59. I’m a married man. I was helping my wife organize the closet one day and comment on how it’s crazy how women’s underwear is so much softer than a man’s and that they looked so much more comfortable. She told me to try them on. I’ve worn nothing but panties for nearly 3 years now. I just get the regular Hanes panties as they are so soft and comfortable. It’s not the fact they are women’s panties, it’s simple about comfort for me.

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