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Signs a Casual Relationship is Getting Serious (17 Signs to Look Out For)

Are you casually dating, but you notice your relationship is getting serious? Finding out your dating partner is more interested in a serious relationship than a casual fling can feel awkward, especially if you're not on the same page.

Not all guys may be interested in keeping things casual; some might see a future with their dates or even have dreams of starting a family. Don't expect your date to start a conversation suddenly about wanting a more serious relationship. 

Fortunately, there are several signs you can watch out for to get a feel about where your partner's head is at. Here are signs a casual relationship is getting serious.

17 Signs A Casual Relationship Is Getting Serious

1. Your partner responds to your messages promptly

A guy won't waste time ghosting you when he's interested in getting serious. If you notice that your significant other never takes long to reply to your messages, that's a sign that your casual dating relationship is getting serious. 

Conversely, suppose it takes your partner days on end to get back to your messages, or you notice he's never interested in having a long conversation with you. In any case, chances are he might still want to keep things casual.

Of course, this doesn't mean you should always expect your date to return your calls or reply to your messages right away. Regardless, even when your partner doesn't call or text back immediately, he'll always get back to you as soon as he can. 

The bottom line is that someone who takes you seriously wouldn't want to keep you waiting; they'll always be excited to talk to you.

2. He takes notes of the minor details

There are trivial matters that most people won't care about. So, yes, your casual relationship is getting serious if he remembers the smallest details about you. You'd be surprised how someone who you think you're casually dating remembers everything about you, including those little details you mention in passing.

You see, the thing is, if he's giving you his undivided attention whenever you're talking to him, he'll always remember the trifle things that matter to you. 

Someone who's okay with keeping things casual won't even concern himself about these things. Moreover, a casual date wouldn't bother to remember your birthday if you're just a fling to him. Of course, you should know that not every guy has as good of a memory, so don't consider it a red flag if your partner doesn't remember every little thing you've talked about.

3. He'd always want to spend time with you

This is one of the many signs to note about someone who's in for the long term. Notice how your partner always likes spending time with you. He's always up for more conversation or anything that gives him more solo time with you during the day or at night. Nothing passes the time like deep conversations. 

Besides, the goal is to get to know you better and to see if you're also on the same page with them. Pay attention to how he asks about your family and future goals. If your casual dating lover mentions anything related to marriage or having kids, it could be a good sign that he wants to get serious with you.

A guy who doesn't see a future with you wouldn't bother spending time together. He'd rather look for more productive ways to spend his free time.

4. He's overly supportive

There's nothing wrong with a little word of encouragement or support from the guy you're casually dating. However, things could get more suspicious when the guy becomes overly supportive. A guy who wants to have a serious relationship with you would never be happy to see you stranded.

Listen for constant offers of support to help you achieve your dreams. Notice how your so-called casual partner cheers you on because he wants to see you happy and fulfilled. There's no gainsaying that someone who cares deeply about you would do whatever they can to help you succeed. 

5. He starts expressing physical intimacy

he starts expressing physical intimacy

If you're in a casual dating relationship, your significant other may not be keen on showing you physical intimacy. The same cannot be said for a guy that wants a serious relationship with you.

Keep in mind that physical intimacy strengthens the bond between partners. Whether it's a sexual relationship, a guy who sees you as a long-term partner would always want you to know how much he cares for you. The signs would be all around.

See, the guy wouldn't mind displaying any gesture that suggests a romantic relationship between you two in public. Notice when he hugs you, scoots closer to you, cuddles you, or holds hands with you in a public venue. Ideally, a guy wouldn't worry too much about public displays of affection or being touchy-feely when you're out and about if it's just convenience he wants. 

6. He says "we" more often than not

Any guy you're romantically involved with that uses the word "we" more than half the time wants something more than a casual relationship. During any formal conversation, keep an eye out for guys who use the word "I" instead of "we." These guys wouldn't be comfortable showing people that you're invested in the relationship.

Using terms like "we" or "us" is one of the signs that a guy feels anxious about taking things seriously. In contrast, if he refers to himself individually, it could mean that your partner is not ready for commitment. Try not to have so many expectations in a casual relationship if you don't want to get disappointed.

7. He gets fond of leaving his things at your place

One of the signs that a casual relationship is getting serious is that he starts leaving things at your place. Doing so gives your casual relationship partner leverage to keep visiting you at home. 

Be attentive to see if your significant other asks about leaving behind some of his things like a toothbrush, shower products, or clothes at your apartment. Since he's leaving some personal items at your place, expect to see your partner visit you more frequently.

8. He makes his plans to fit into your schedule

If a guy you're in a casual relationship with makes a habit of planning his activities around your schedule, it could be a good sign that things are getting serious. You'd never hear him pass up a chance to see you or cancel at the last minute. 

Instead, he'll ask to know your schedule for the next couple of weeks. A guy who knows your schedule day to day likely wants to start dating you officially. Pay attention to how your dinner dates or weekend plans fall within your free time. See, he doesn't want to give you a chance to turn down going out with him.

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9. He includes you in decision-making

Whether in your personal or professional life, making well-informed decisions plays a critical role in determining success and happiness. Decision-making can be overwhelming, especially when you have to take several things into consideration. 

A guy who always involves you when making decisions undoubtedly sees a future with you. He understands that his decisions today can become a big deal later. Additionally, he wants you to know that he trusts you and your judgment, even though, ultimately, the decision is yours. The key takeaway is how comfortable he is asking you for advice regarding a major decision he wants to make. 

10. He wants to introduce you to his friends and family

he wants to introduce you to his friends and family

Once a guy starts introducing you to the people closest to him, it means you've become an important part of his life. A guy who's no longer interested in keeping things casual would find subtle ways to take things to the next level. Meeting the people close to him says a lot about how much he regards you and the relationship.

See if he invites you for a family gathering or some get-togethers with friends. Sometimes, guys do so to get the opinions of their loved ones about the ladies they are dating. 

If your partner hasn't introduced you to anyone close to him, it's an indicator that he's having fun and okay with the way things are. Besides, why would he want to show you off to his friends and family if he still wants to keep things light between you two? 

11. He deletes his dating apps

Technology has significantly revolutionized the concept of dating. These days, people meet their partners on one of the many online dating platforms out there. There's a good chance you met your current partner on Zoosk, Tinder, or OkCupid. 

When a guy you met on a dating app disables his online dating profile after he starts going out with you, it could indicate that he's no longer searching. He's now envisaging a potential relationship with you. 

Deleting dating apps means something, especially if the relationship wasn't exclusive from the start. Besides, he has no reason to delete his dating profile on Tinder if you're just a casual date.

12. He shares secrets with you

Couples sharing secrets is healthy; it enhances the trust between them. However, most guys wouldn't be comfortable sharing their fears and secrets without someone they are casually dating. For one, they are not sure their secret is safe with their casual relationship partners.

When a guy shares secrets with you, he's likely considering a serious relationship. He's comfortable being vulnerable because he knows you won't judge him for them. When this happens, you should know things are getting serious.

13. He wants to meet your parents

Wanting to meet your parents usually stems from a desire to be included. Getting to meet the parents for the first time is never actually fun. It can be daunting and uncomfortable, to say the least. The desire to make a great first impression can make the experience nerve-wracking.

Notice how he asks to meet your parents. That's a subtle sign that things have gone beyond just casual dating. He may even ask you to fill him in on some details about your parents and contentious topics to steer clear of. Finding out these little details in advance can save him a lot of awkwardness. 

14. He wants to bring a pet home

Becoming a pet parent is a big responsibility. Like children, pets have various needs ranging from physical to emotional. They need to be properly cared for and given plenty of attention. Pet parenthood is a serious commitment that you shouldn't go into lightly. 

A guy deciding to get a pet and raise them with you might be indirectly telling you that he's ready to have kids with you. Whichever way you look at it, your significant other is already seeing a potential future with you. 

In the early days of your relationship, you might have envisioned a very different outcome. But, if your partner asks you to co-parent a pet, just know that things have taken a whole new dimension. 

15. He opens up about his past relationships

he opens up about his past relationships

The saying "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" largely holds true for relationships. In most cases, information about past entanglements should be kept personal. Moreover, not everybody likes to talk about their past. 

When a guy starts regularly talking about his past relationships, he could be playing at getting you to trust him. While he may not share all the details, you should consider it a sign that the relationship might be getting serious.

16. Your partner publicizes your relationship on social media

The internet provides a golden opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care. Suppose the guy you're casually dating decides to leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram to publicize your relationship. In that case, it's an indication that the relationship is getting serious. 

Pay attention to how your boo takes to social media to publicize all the fun activities you do together. In addition to posting plenty of pictures and videos, notice how he uses romantic captions for social media posts. A guy who's comfortable posting pictures of you and him on his social media pages is proud to be associated with you and wants people to know that you are together. 

17. He opens up to you directly

Guys that are unsure about how their partners feel about getting serious take the initiative to bring up the matter themselves. Of course, some guys might not be bold enough to talk to you about their feelings. 

For the most part, the conversation may likely get awkward, especially if he's not certain you'd be interested in starting a new relationship. However, if he's serious, he might want to talk about where the relationship is headed.

Try to listen to him and hear him out; it would help you get a better idea of what he wants from you. Say you agreed to an open relationship when you met; it's no big deal if he wants to keep it exclusive. 


How do you know if a casual relationship is serious?

For starters, you'd notice an increase in physical affection and intimacy. Notice how your partner enjoys spending his time with you. In addition, he's always happy to make his plans align with your schedule. Another way to know if a casual relationship is getting serious is that your partner would want you to meet their parents.

How long does a casual relationship usually last?

Casual dating usually lasts from a few weeks to a couple of months. Of course, there are rules guiding casual dating relationships. Most casual dates start on online dating apps and take a considerable amount of time before they get serious. Moreover, people casually date for the fun of it these days.

Can a casual relationship turn serious?

Yes, we've seen casual relationships turn serious a thousand and one times, especially when it is what both parties want. While both parties may not have envisaged it at the beginning stages, these things tend to happen with time. Try to watch out for the signs a casual relationship is getting serious. For one, he starts talking about family and kids.

How do you tell if he wants more than a casual relationship?

You'd know a guy wants more than a fling when he picks a lot of interest in things you do. He'd want to know everything about your life, including the minute details. Another cue to look out for is that he includes you in all decisions. That's a way to show that he wants you to become more than a casual partner or a fling.

How do you know if a guy is catching feelings for you?

You'd notice how often he tries to sneak a peek at you. Also, we've seen guys start talking about their partners with their loved ones before they started dating. You'd also know that he's catching feelings when he can't go a day without calling or texting you. It makes sense to let him know if the feeling is mutual. 

In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to read through this list. You've probably identified one sign that resonates with you. Did you enjoy the list? Let's know what you think in the comments. Feel free to share the article across your social networks.

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