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What Does Sex Feel Like For Men? (7 Things That Run Through His Mind)

You may be wondering what sex really feels like for a man and what it would feel like if you were the man in the relationship for a day. You are not the only woman to ever think what it would be like and it is only natural, so don’t feel embarrassed about wanting to know. It is likely that your guy is thinking the same thing about how it makes you feel too. 

It may be something that you have spoken about with your female friends before and they likely have the same questions as you regarding what it feels like for guys. The time usually comes where enough is enough and you want to know what it feels like for him when you are in bed. Various studies have asked men what it is like so keep reading to find out. 

It can be hard to know exactly what he wants for you in bed when you have no idea what it feels like for him, so it can be useful to know what makes him feel good and what he doesn’t like so much. It may also be a thing that just makes you curious and you have always wondered about, but it is nothing to be embarrassed about if you are curious. 

What Does Sex Feel Like For Men?

It is likely that it varies a lot depending on each guy but you may have always been curious about how your man feels when you are with him in bed. He likely wonders about how it feels for you too. Keep reading to find out how it feels for him. 

1. It Varies Between Guys

Every guy is likely to explain how it feels to them differently and there is nothing to worry about if your guy’s explanation of being in bed with you is different from the explanations that other guys give, as every experience is different and there is nothing wrong with that, so don’t stress or get worked up about it. 

Your man is with you for a reason--because he loves you and he loves being with you. Don’t start comparing your relationship and your love-life to that of celebrities on television or to what your friends say about their partners. People often say that comparison is the thief of happiness and this is true in relationships too, so make sure to avoid it at all costs. 

Some women likely feel different from others and this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. If your man says that you feel different from his ex or past partners this does not mean that you have anything to worry about or you need to change something, it is normal for a guy to have a different experience with every girl that he is with. 

2. It Makes Him Feel Loved

it makes him feel loved

Many guys say that being in bed with their woman makes them feel loved and closer to them. The act of sex helps to develop your relationship and make both your physical and emotional bond stronger. It helps you get to know each other and your bodies and it creates a connection with them that you don’t share with any other person in your life. 

The connection and physical relationship that you share with your partner is different from every other relationship in your life and it is important to remember to put time into it, no matter how long you have been with each other. Paying attention to your partner’s physical needs will make him feel loved and cared for and will bring you closer together. 

The physical side of any relationship is as important as your emotional connection and it is important to always make time for each other in this way no matter how busy your lives may get. Set aside time to spend with each other and make your partner feel loved. Show him physically how much he really means to you. 

3. It Reminds Him That He Is Special

Spending time with his woman makes a man know how special to her. Make sure that you remind your partner how much he means to you and pleasure him by doing the things that he loves most. Talk to your partner and ask him what he likes and dislikes so that you don’t waste your time with things that he may not love. 

It is important in any relationship for you to share open and honest communication with your partner. If you are unable to talk to him about sex, then it may mean that you need to work on your ability to adequately communicate with each other. Healthy communication is the foundation and basis of any relationship and good sex life. 

Find out what sex feels like for your man and ask him what he likes a lot and what he may not enjoy. It is important that you are able to discuss these things together so that you are able to pleasure each other and keep your physical bond and connection strong, no matter how long you have been with each other. 

4. It Feels Like Nothing Else

it feels like nothing else

Your man may tell you that sex feels like nothing else when you ask him what it feels like for him, and this is a normal response for guys to have. While you may worry that this is some sort of cop-out because he doesn’t enjoy it with you, it is likely that this feeling of pleasure is like nothing else that he has ever felt and thus finds it difficult to describe it to you. 

There is nothing wrong with him being able to properly explain to you what it feels like for him, but if he is open to talking about it then it is a good sign that you have a healthy communicative bond with each other and probably a good sex life too. There is no need to know exactly what sex feels like for him to make him happy

If he finds it difficult to explain what it feels like or he cannot find anything to compare it to, try asking him instead what he likes, the things that you do that he loves, and the things that he’d rather you avoid. Like this, you can ensure that your partner receives the pleasure that you want to give him even if he can’t find the right words to explain it right now.

5. It Feels Like A Special Time 

For many men, sex feels like a special time that is reserved for just him and his partner. This may explain why he gets upset sometimes if you say that you are not in the mood. He may just miss spending this special quality time with you. Make sure to be honest with him and ask how he feels as this may be causing other issues in your relationship without you knowing

Women usually want to understand what sex feels like for men but it is also important to know what it means to them. While you may not always see it as the most important part of your relationship, for many guys it is one of the most important things in developing and maintaining your intimate connection and close relationship. 

Try to speak openly and honestly with your partner about what makes him happy and whether he feels like he is being neglected like this. It may be the case that he thinks that you don’t enjoy it anymore and thus he has begun to start feeling distant and disconnected from you. For men, sex is a hugely important part of any relationship. 

6. It Feels Like Love

it feels like love

Men often say that sex feels like the epitome of loving someone, it gives them the means to express how they think about their partner and how much having them in their life gives them pleasure. Don’t negate the importance of having sex with your partner and make sure that you always make time for each other even if you are busy. 

If you have been having relationship issues and you are going through a rough patch with your partner, it may be the case that you have lost your physical connection and other parts of your relationship are suffering as a result. Men see sex as very important in a relationship and it is important to maintain this physical connection even if you have been together for a long time. 

It is easy to lose the same love you once had for each other if you no longer have sex and you forget about how it feels to be close to your partner like you used to. Consider whether your relationship has changed since the beginning and focus on what you could do to return to the happy place that you once shared together, it may take time but it will be worth it. 

7. He Feels Like The Best Version Of Himself

Many guys say that when they are with the woman of their dreams, they can be the true version of themselves. If they find a woman that makes them confident in their own body and personality and have nothing to hide, they realize how great they are and their self-confidence and self-esteem grows. Sex also plays a great role in this. 

If a man is in bed with a woman and she makes him believe that he is great, he instantly feels better about himself and can show off the best version of himself for the rest of his life too. It is important in any relationship that you are comfortable enough with that person and you know you can be your true self around them without being judged. 

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If you have to be fake with your partner, it is likely that you are not with the right person. If you are with the right partner, sex feels effortless and your partner makes you know how great you are. Your confidence should grow when you are around this person and not the other means around. 


How do men feel after sex?

Men often say that sex feels like creating an intimate emotional and physical bond with that one person. It gives them pleasure in a way that nothing else can. The physical bond that you share with your partner is special because it is something that you have with only one person in your life and it is something to be treasured and appreciated. 

How often do men need sex?

There is no definitive rule as to how often men need sex. In any relationship, it is important that you share a lot of communication with your partner so that you know that you are both on the same page. If you don’t know whether he is getting enough pleasure and satisfaction in your relationship then talk to him about it honestly and openly. 

Do men get attached after sex?

Many men do get attached after sex but there is no way to know for sure that having sex with someone is going to make him become attached to you. If you want a guy to fall for you don’t have sex with him just in the hopes of this happening. Rather try and build your relationship emotionally first and see what happens from there. 

Can good sex make a man fall in love?

There is no way to force a guy to think a certain way about you or to make him fall in love with you. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable just because you want someone to like you a lot or to fall in love with you. Don’t have sex with anyone if you are not comfortable with them. 

What does sex mean to a man?

Sex is important in any relationship as it solidifies your bond and your connection. No matter how busy your life becomes it is important that you still make time for each other and make sure that both of your needs are met. Sex is very important in relationships to men and it means a lot to them. 

To Sum Up…

You may have always wondered what sex feels like for your man and it is a normal and common thing for women to worry about in relationships. This knowledge can also help to make sure that your man is happy in your relationship. But don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable and be sure to openly communicate with your partner too. 

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