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Ideal Partners For Highly Sensitive People (21 Different Examples)

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are usually classified as very emotional, dramatic, or even misunderstood. However, their personality type goes beyond feeling misunderstood or overthinking situations. 

They are also quite sensitive to a good number of things like loud noises, busy places, over-stimulated environments, sudden changes, confrontations, and the likes. Plus, many highly sensitive people are also quite intelligent. This is probably because of how much time they take to process every feeling, thought, conversation, or life decision. 

If you’re a highly sensitive person ready for a new relationship, or at least open to one, it’s important to consider a life partner that is more suitable for your personality type in the long run. 

While being in love is important, building a connection with certain people who will respect your needs as an HSP is paramount if the relationship is to work. 

Below are a few traits of suitable partners for highly sensitive people in relationships. 

21 Ideal Traits To Consider

1. An understanding partner

As a highly sensitive person, your thoughts and even the way you think can easily be misunderstood if you’re dating or married to an arrogant person. Such partners don't know how to handle tough situations because they simply can’t relate to your plight. 

Rather than trying to understand you, an arrogant man would be irritated every time you complain about something he sees as trivial. However, if you are in a relationship with a guy who understands you, or at least tries to, it’s easier to keep building a valid connection with such a man.

2. A compassionate partner

Relationships between two sensitive individuals may seem like the most valid solution in this case. However, it’s not written in stone, and such relationships may not work out in the long run. So the goal is to find a guy who is naturally compassionate, and sometimes puts his feelings aside to cater to yours. 

For anyone else, it may feel like torture managing a relationship with a highly sensitive person, not because they are bad people, they simply don’t have what it takes. 

The truth is, not everyone can handle a highly emotional or sensitive lady, it feels like too much work. So, if you find a guy who is compassionate enough to put your needs before his when required, don’t let that man go. 

3. An observant partner

For highly sensitive people, relationships don’t always come easy, that’s because while a bubbly, extroverted and fun-loving lady could snag a guy every week. Some guys run at the very first sign of a sensitive person. First of all, it’s important to accept that this is who you are while looking for creative ways to manage any emotional outbursts

Once you’ve done this, dating will become easier. However, make sure that when you’re building healthy relationships with the opposite sex, look out for guys that are observant. This could mean paying attention to important cues from the very first date. Does this guy notice things others don’t? 

Is it easy for him to identify when something is affecting you negatively? Is he swift to identify your needs while looking for helpful ways to meet them? Then that’s the kind of man you want to date. 

4. A strong-willed partner

Having a husband or boyfriend who is more assertive, confident, and strong-willed may seem counter-productive, but hear me out first. As a highly sensitive person, it’s easy to sink under pressure, let others have their way, or take too much time making crucial life decisions. 

An assertive and more strong-willed partner who is equally compassionate may help balance the scales. He’ll know how to take charge when you cannot, and you’ll love the way he knows how to manage tough situations when others may try to take advantage of you. 

A strong-willed man who loves you will be able to support you, and maybe his confident and strong personality may even rub off on you. 

5. An ambitious person

an ambitious person

Highly sensitive partners can be somewhat avoidant, which means they may let go of important opportunities because of emotional reasons. That’s why they need a partner who is a lot more ambitious. Watching the work ethic of an ambitious man is one thing, but that go-getter spirit may just inspire you to put more effort into that part of your life. 

From the way these kinds of men think, to how they carry themselves, and their inability to take no for an answer, such qualities may change your perspective, and help you find solace in the arms of a guy who knows what to do and how to act per time. 

6. An emotionally intelligent person

Relationships with two partners that are emotionally detached may not be as bad as a relationship where just one person taps into the wells of their emotions. Their love lives would easily be strained, and it would get harder to understand each other. That’s why sensitive people need partners who are equally emotionally intelligent. 

They know how to talk to you, the words to avoid, when to walk away and when to hold you tight. Such characters and prompting can’t be taught. There are just some guys who naturally know how to relate with highly sensitive people. 

7. A loving partner

They say that love conquers all, and in most cases, this is true. However, here’s the thing, not all relationships can merely survive on love, other factors come into play. But, when there is love, there’s the right foundation for other things to flourish. It’s only a man that truly loves you that would stay when the stakes are high.

So, when it comes down to it, every relationship needs love if it’s going to stand the test of time, especially relationships with highly sensitive people.

8. A sensitive person

Yes, a relationship with two sensitive people may actually work out if they put enough work into it. The advantage of relationships like this is that both partners already know how much it hurts to be misunderstood or overwhelmed, so they’d both try to limit such triggers. 

If one person feels too overwhelmed at a party, the other would quickly understand and agree to leave early. It would also be easy to understand when they have overstepped their boundaries and ask for forgiveness.

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9. A patient person

A relationship with a highly sensitive partner can be tasking, and it’s easy for the other party to lose his temper. However, a patient partner will know when to be silent and let you air your thoughts, and still waiting for you to shrink into your self-care hole when you need to. 

Patience is a virtue every partner should possess, but it’s even more essential when in a relationship with an HSP. 

10. A conscientious person

a conscientious person

Some people could do anything, and not feel the need to explain their actions, apologize, or own up to their shortcomings. These are the types of people highly sensitive people should avoid. There will be times when you need closure or an honest apology, and only a conscientious person would be able to give that. 

Such a partner wouldn’t just be looking out for himself. Every time he makes a mistake, says stinging things, or disregards your feelings, there’ll always be a heartfelt apology. Plus, his conscience won’t let him repeat any mistakes he knows will cost him the relationship. 

11. A non-confrontational partner

In more committed relationships like marriage, it’s even more important to get the right partner. That’s because of HSP’s hate confrontations. And since you’ll be living with this person, both of you would have to learn how to manage conflicts. If he always finds a way to pick up fights or express malicious behavior, things would be quite tough.

That man may love you very much, but his inability to let things go and look for alternative ways to solve conflict would be the end of the relationship. 

12. Someone who’s empathetic

An empathetic partner tries to put himself in the shoes of his significant other, he doesn’t jump to conclusions or try to take advantage of the situation. When he’s talking to you, he’ll take into consideration how you feel, and how hard it must be for you to process all those thoughts alone. 

If he doesn’t even try to understand how you feel, why you react the way you do, or why he can’t act a certain way around you, then things would become frustrating. 

You won’t understand why he can’t see things from your perspective, he won’t understand why you can’t just ‘toughen up’/‘suck it up’ without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. So, when you’re looking for a partner, watch how he treats others; his family, friends, strangers, kids, and especially you, so you’ll know if he’s an empathetic person or not. 

13. A loyal partner

Loyalty is so important in any productive or long-term relationship. A guy could love and cherish you, but the moment he finds a suitable reason to bail, he’ll happily do so. Not everyone can accept that highly sensitive people are naturally born with such traits, especially when they have opposite characteristics. 

They’ll want you to change overnight, or at least put more effort into overcoming the strong feelings that define you (which isn’t irrational). However, only a loyal person will stick around long enough to help you grow. And only a loyal partner will remain even when it seems there’s no progress.

14. A responsible person

A highly sensitive partner needs a guy who is not just loving and caring, but responsible as well. He has to prove that his emotions, finances, career, and other essentials are well-taken care of and stable to a point before dating an HSP. You don’t need a guy who’ll give you high blood pressure because of the type of business he runs or the risky life he leads. 

Those spontaneous actions or sudden consequences could quickly move your thought process into overdrive. Before you know it, you’ll slowly slide into depression. So while I’m not suggesting that you date a boring person, the guy must have a responsible character, and fewer tendencies to mess things up everywhere he goes. 

I’m all for giving people a chance, but you have to take your self-care seriously, and knowing the type of person that you are, it’s best to stick to safer relationships than risk everything with a wild card.

15. Someone who won’t take you for granted

someone who won't take you for granted

Some guys enjoy being in relationships with highly sensitive partners. They like the feeling of being worshipped, or being so important to another person. Such people have carefree attitudes, and they won’t think about how much their actions are hurting you because, at the end of the day, you’d just shout or cry right?

Plus, because you don’t like confrontations, they could easily take advantage of this fact and do certain things on purpose, knowing fully well that you’ll try to avoid conflict at all costs. These types of behaviors are very manipulative, so once you notice that a guy is acting too carefree or trickish, it’s time to back away and pitch your tent where you’re appreciated. 

16. A respectful partner

People with high sensitivity can be very intuitive, and most times, when they actually make swift decisions, they follow their gut. In any marriage or relationship as a whole, no one would want to bet their stakes on a gut feeling. Most husbands would want a logical explanation of why a decision is being made. 

If your man thinks that because you’re highly emotional, your ability to make concrete and logical decisions is flawed, you’ll always feel unworthy and worthless, and you don’t need that extra stress. 

So when you’re dating, look out for men who support your visions, who listen intently without criticizing or down-playing everything you have to say. A man that trusts your ability to think and make concrete decisions will respect you in every sense of the word.

17. Partners that will give you space

As a sensitive person, you’ll have those moments where you feel like sneaking away to rest or recharge. The truth is, it’s not all guys that will understand this, some of them will keep invading your space until you feel extremely stressed out and misunderstood

No matter how many times you tell them that you have to take time out for some self-care, they’ll think you’re avoiding them or being malicious. So, rather than settle with a man who disregards your boundaries, go for the guy who won’t mind giving you space to do you.

18. Partners you have a connection with

The connection you have with your partner will determine a lot; how close both of you will be and how easy it will be to forgive and understand each other. You could be at a public event, and just one look from you will let your partner know it’s time to leave. He’ll understand your cues of distress, and know when to back off a little when arguments are getting too heated. 

19. A high-spirited person

Okay, here’s the thing, HSP can be somewhat moody at times, and it gets even worse when your partner is moody as well. Because of how sympathetic and in tune sensitive individuals are, they can easily be pulled down in a negative environment.

Dating or getting married to a bubbly, high-spirited person may just balance out those moods, and make you happier and more appreciative than usual. 

20. A light-hearted person

a light hearted person

Light-hearted people rarely take offense, and when they do, you probably did something really extreme. However, a guy who is mostly happy, very forgiving, and doesn’t hold a grudge will be less likely to get angry every time your mood switches. That’s who it’s essential to look out for such qualities in the man you wish to date or marry. 

21. A committed person

HSP’s get overwhelmed and a little depressed over issues easily, and it would take a committed partner to overlook these ‘shortcomings’ and keep loving you regardless. They will also commit their time to help out with your needs while supporting you on the journey to self-awareness and improvement. 

It’s important to note that when you find a guy who is faithful, loving, and loyal, you have to put in the work to make things easy for him as well. If a guy starts thinking he’s the only one putting in all the work, the relationship would become more burdensome than enjoyable. 

So, as much as you’re looking out for a guy who wouldn’t leave you for the world, it’s important to take the necessary baby steps to overcome emotional outbursts that may potentially sabotage the relationship. 


Can a highly sensitive person really love someone?

Highly sensitive people can be the most loving, thoughtful, observant, and caring partners. Their love life may be flawed, but they can be the most committed and loving partners if you let them in. These people will certainly go out of their way to show you how much they care because of their expressive nature, as long as they feel a strong connection with you. 

How do you deal with a partner with HSP?

When you’re dating a highly sensitive person, it’s important to know how to approach them and deal with the issues that arise. It may be annoying to constantly deal with the misunderstanding, outbursts, and dramatic arguments, but if you have a true connection with this person, they are worth the trouble. 

First off, try not to pressure them into anything, partners with a high-sensitivity personality take extra time to make crucial life decisions, so respect their personal needs by giving them space and being patient. Also, try not to be too confrontational and avoid highly stimulating environments to reduce stress. 

How do you marry a highly sensitive person?

A highly sensitive person is a bit more challenging to understand and relate with, so there’s no promise that the relationship won’t have a lot of tense moments. That’s why it’s important to be understanding, supportive, empathetic, respective of their feelings and personality type, and don’t be condescending. 

Is sensitivity a sign of intelligence?

Highly sensitive people are not known to be emotionally intelligent, but with a higher IQ in general. The reason for this speculation stems from the fact that high sensitivity probably involves deeper thinking, which requires more general intelligence to actually pull off. The ability to think deeply and be more self-aware may be the reason a highly sensitive person would be more intelligent. 

What should you not say to a highly sensitive person?

There are certain statements that shouldn't be made when you’re dating a highly sensitive person. Statements like “ I knew you’d overreact,” “You need to calm down,” “You’re overthinking this,” “you’re always upset,” “You’re being unreasonable,” and any other variations of such statements. 

To Conclude

Finding the right man may seem tasking, but if you follow these examples of suitable partners, then it won’t be hard to find long-lasting love and understanding. Did you enjoy reading through this list? Kindly leave a comment below and share this article with others.

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