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My Boyfriend Is Embarrassed Of Me (9 Atrocious Signs)

It can be hard sometimes to find a good balance in a relationship where both people always have their emotional and physical needs met. Sometimes, the balance of a relationship can be so off that an individual in a couple is actually embarrassed or ashamed of their significant other. 

Here, we look at the 9 signs to be aware of that could indicate that your girlfriend or boyfriend is embarrassed of you. Once you’ve decided whether he or she is embarrassed to be with you or not, you can then decide the best foot forward for you both. 

Signs He's Embarrassed Of You

It can be tough to know or how to tell if a guy is embarrassed to be with you or not. However, there are some key signals to be aware of that indicate being ashamed of someone you love or are in a relationship with.

1. He Doesn’t Hold Your Hand

he doesn't hold your hand

This can be a key sign to keep an eye out for if you suspect that your partner is embarrassed to be with you. If he doesn’t hold your hand in public or in front of other people, it could just be that he doesn’t like public displays of affection but it could also be that he doesn’t like public displays of affection with you in particular. If you need some form of PDA to feel like you are in a serious and dedicated relationship, be sure to talk to your partner about your needs too.

2. He Doesn’t Introduce You To His Friends

Not being introduced to your other half’s friends is a tough pill to swallow. It can make you feel small and insignificant as well as in no way a part of your boyfriend's life. It can also be a sign that your boyfriend is embarrassed to be with you and doesn’t want people to know that he is serious about the two of you. This is hard as it can also make becoming a bigger part of his life more difficult as if you do not socialize with his mates, you will have a far smaller amount of time you can spend with him. 

3. His Family Knows Nothing About You

This can be hard to ascertain or not, particularly if you have never met them, but if you realize that his family either know nothing about you or they know very little about you, you can be confident in the fact that you have the right to ask if he is embarrassed to be with you or not. If you are important to your boyfriend, he will have spoken about you and what you do with your life in one way or another to his parents or to his siblings. If it becomes painfully obvious that he hasn’t done so, he may well just not be the divulging type or he may be embarrassed to be in a relationship with you. 

4. He Doesn’t Instigate Sex

he doesn't instigate sex

Do you feel like you are the only one instigating sex all the time? Does your boyfriend always need to be cajoled a little into kissing you or touching you? If that is the case, you may want to have a frank discussion with him about why this is and whether he is embarrassed to be with you. It can be tough on people who are together when it is just one person that is constantly initiating sex, but there can be practical reasons for it - like a lower libido for instance. However, one reason can be a shame, so do ask if you fear that is the case with you. 

5. You Only Hang Out At Your Homes

If your boyfriend never makes plans to see you outside of either your house or his, you may want to ask him if he is ashamed to be with you. If he doesn't want people or friends to see you out in public, something maybe a bit off between the two of you. People who are embarrassed to be with another person try to hide the relationship as much as possible, so only meeting up or hooking up behind closed doors is an easy way to keep your relationship under wraps and away from awkward questions that he may not want to answer. 

6. He Puts You Down

When a boyfriend or girlfriend is ashamed to be with their partner, they will often make snide comments or put you down a lot of the time. This is exceptionally draining and can put a big strain on the relationship. Don’t be afraid of pointing out to him how his words hurt you and your feelings. No one deserves to be spoken to in a way that upsets that and knocks their confidence. 

7. He Doesn’t Take Your Feelings Into Account

he doesn't take your feelings into account

One of the reasons that relationships occur where one party is ashamed of the other is because there is no balance between the people involved. The same person is always placating or trying to please the other, while that person is always taking the other for granted. This can be one of the ways embarrassment can manifest itself, so if you feel like your partner doesn’t take your feelings into account, ask yourself whether he has respect for you. If not, ask yourself whether it is good for you to be with him in the long term. 

8. He Doesn’t Make Eye Contact

Not making eye contact is a key signal of people who are embarrassed or ashamed of being with the person they are in a relationship with. It comes from eye contact being such a fundamental way that people use body language as a form of communication. 

By not making eye contact, a person is almost trying to ignore the fact that they do not want to own up to being in a couple with their boyfriend or girlfriend. It is almost as if, by making eye contact they have to admit to themselves that they are actually in a relationship with a person that they have little to no respect for. If you think this is the case with your partner, talk to them about it as soon as possible. Respect is imperative to have in a relationship.

9. He Never Talks About The Future

Finally, if your partner does not talk about the future with you, but you know he is making plans with his friends, you should perhaps consider whether they are embarrassed to be with you or not. Having some sense of their intentions towards you for the long term is part of that very respect that is so intrinsic to a happy and content partnership. If he doesn’t talk about the future with you, it is a sign that he takes you for granted and perhaps is ashamed to be with you. 


How do you know if your man is ashamed of you?

Take a look through our nine signs above to see if your guy is ashamed of you or not. They don’t all need to be displayed in his behavior for it to be sadly true, just one or two need to be present in his actions to demonstrate his true feelings towards you

What does it mean when someone is ashamed of you?

When someone is ashamed of you it means that they do not want to be linked with you in public or thought to be connected with you in any way. Most likely this means in terms of romantic relationships, but it can also be the case for friendships too. 

Can you love someone and be ashamed of them?

You can definitely love a person and be ashamed of them, but you have to ask yourself why that is. If you are ashamed of them, it can be argued that you do not know them fully and so cannot love them as deeply as you could. 

Why would a man hide his relationship?

There are several reasons why a man would hide his relationship. One is that he is ashamed of his partner, but it can also be because he doesn’t want to be seen as being exclusive with a person. He may still want to date other people. 

How do you know if I'm being used in a relationship?

It can be hard to tell if you are being used in a relationship. If something is off, however, it is a good idea to talk to the person you are in a relationship with directly as anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy is an issue that you need to resolve together

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Ashamed Of You - Key Takeaways

Recognizing the signs that your partner is ashamed of you is just one half of the battle. You need to know why they think that way as well as knowing what you are going to do in the future in terms of your partnership. 

Often, lack of respect is the key reason why a person is ashamed of their partner and this is an issue that you could try to tackle together if you want to stay a couple. Even if you don’t, communication is essential for both of you to move forward in the healthiest manner possible. 

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