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Is He Stringing Me Along? 5 Signs That He Is

Do you feel like your relationship with your man is in a bit of a limbo? Are you not sure whether the relationship is just a bit of fun or whether it is leading to something in the future? You’re not the only out there. There are plenty of women who are feeling the same and for very good reason.

Back in the day, I remember dating this one guy who didn’t make it very clear what he wanted. I kind of went along for the ride for quite some time until it finally hit home that he was just stringing me along. Once I realized this and come to terms with it, I let him go.​

I believe that if a guy wants to be with you and is serious then he will let you know either with words or with actions. If you’re feeling confused as to the status of your relationship then it may be time to confront the issue and ask him.

Before you do that, make sure that he is in fact stringing you along and isn’t just a generally vague kind of guy. To know that, here are 5 signs that your guy is stringing you along.

He Seems To Always Have To Get Back To You

He Seems To Always Have To Get Back To You

This is one sign that the guy that I was dating kept on doing. Every time I wanted to do something with him like going to the cinema or go for something to eat, he always responded with “let me get back to”. What was that about!?

I kept quiet about how much this bothered me for quite some time but then it got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore and had to tell him. I felt like he was putting me on hold in case something else better came along such as going out with his mates. This wasn’t just something that was in my head though; it was exactly what he was doing.

Being a second choice is never a good sign in a relationship and certainly means that your man is stringing you along.

He Doesn’t Text For Weeks​

He Doesn’t Text For Weeks​

This is actually something that one of my old friends experienced. She always seemed to be on edge because she was waiting for her man to text her. He would sometimes leave it weeks before texting her but when he did, he always sent the most sweetest and flirty texts. This is why my friend struggled to break the relationship because he knew exactly how to butter her up so she forgets about those weeks she never heard from him.

Again, this is a sign that means that you aren’t his first priority which is what you should be. It is a clear sign that he stringing you along. If your guy does this then it is time you step off this terrible merry-go-round. You will honestly be better off without him as him doing this can actually damage your self-confidence.

You can always try speaking to him first and telling how him doing this makes you feel like you’re not important to him. If he promises to change then give him a chance but only ever one chance. If he can’t change then it is time to move on and find a man who will love you and treat you like a princess.

He’ll Text You A Lot About Nothing​

3. He’ll Text You A Lot About Nothing​

The exact opposite to the previous sign is that he texts you a lot but it is never to make plans with you or ask you out. If you find that he is texting you often to talk about himself and what he done at the weekend but never really asks about you or what you done then he is just thinking about himself. If he is venting about his work but doesn’t ask how your day was then again, he is just thinking of himself.

Basically, if he tends to talk a lot about himself and never asks about you or to ask you out then it is likely that he is stringing you along. This is exactly what happened between me and that guy I was telling you about. It was always me who initiated making plans and even then I got an extremely vague response.

If you feel like there is more take than give in the relationship then it is time to either talk it out or walk away.

He Never Has Time To See You​

He Never Has Time To See You​

I have been at both ends of the spectrum where I had a guy who never seemed to have the time to even spend one a week with me and a guy who I have married who would go out of his way to see me. Looking back, it is so clear how unhealthy the relationship was with that guy and even more clear how much he was stringing me along.

If you find that you guy always seems to be too busy to even meet up for lunch in a week then something is wrong. If a guy is truly into you then he will go out of way to see you whether that means he has to stay up later or skip out on meeting with his friends.

You’ve Never Been His Plus One​

You’ve Never Been His Plus One

This is probably the most obvious sign he is stringing you along of them all. If he has been to a number of events where he is able to invite a plus one but has never asked you then something is wrong. If it is very early on in the relationship, as in first couple of dates, then it may be understandable but if you have known each other for a number of months and he still doesn’t invite you then there is a problem.

In this instance, I recommend speaking to him without shouting or getting upset and simply ask why he wouldn’t invite you as his plus one.​

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