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Moving Out But Staying Together (5 Things To Consider)

So, you’ve decided to stop living together but want to continue to be in a relationship with one another? This is probably a very tough time for you right now. If your husband has decided that he needs space and time away from you, you may find that living separately is the best route for you as a couple right now. That doesn’t make the decision to move out any easier, though!

I’ve had plenty of boyfriends I lived with and moved out after a big fight, but we broke up. We didn’t decide to stay in a relationship with one another. Just the decision to move out was a tough one! I can’t imagine trying to make it work at the same time. My best suggestion is to try to work on your problems while the two of you are living apart.

Relationships can survive many things. Although the statistics of couples making it in the world aren’t great, it is possible to make a relationship work after leaving the house you shared. Couples have been through worse and made their relationships work! Let’s explore this topic more!

5 Things To Consider When Moving Out

1. What will other people think about your relationship? 

Moving out after living together may give other people mixed signals. Are you together, or did you break up? They might be curious what the status of your relationship is. Gossip may spread about what really happened between you two. People may ask you a million questions about why you left - questions you are probably not in the mood to answer.

This is understandable as you have just gone through a tough situation! You probably need some time and space on your own to work through any concerns you have about your girlfriend or boyfriend. You might just tell people that what’s going on between you and your guy or gal is none of their business or that you are working things out.

Keep in mind that your love for your partner can conquer all the negativity you are getting from other people. Just remember to stay strong and change the subject if people become too nosy with what you two have going on. It’s really none of their business, anyway. This is a personal situation between you and your mate.

2. How do you pack up and move out?

how do you pack up and move out

This is a tough one because you probably had grown comfortable being around your partner and making decisions together as a team. Now, you will be on your own once again as if the two of you were single adults rather than a couple. I recommend having a friend or family member help you pack up your stuff and move out - someone you trust.

Be sure to get all of your stuff because you don’t want to feel as if you have to rely on your boyfriend or girlfriend to get you your belongings once you’ve moved out. For example, you’d hate to be running late for work and realize you left your blow dryer at your man or woman’s house, making them have to come to your rescue.

Make arrangements for pet care as well. You may need to split the time you spend with your pet so that he or she doesn’t forget the love he or she got from you. If you plan to still see your boyfriend or girlfriend a lot, you may not have to worry about this because you will see your beloved pet on a regular basis. 

3. How can you resolve your issues if you move out?

One way to resolve your relationship concerns after moving out is to talk to a trained counselor. Find someone who specializes in relationship counseling. If you find the right therapist, you may find that you will get the tools and techniques to work things out. 

Another option is to read relationship blogs, articles or subscribe to forums. I am part of a spiritual intimacy for couples group online; it’s an email marketing thing, but it gives you a daily lesson with tips for things you can do with your spouse to resolve any fights you may be having and to help you grow closer to one another.

4. What can you do on your own?

One of the most important things you should do on your own is to spend quality time with yourself and keep busy. That way, you won’t get too sad about the space that you now have from your partner. Think about what you need to do to grow on your own and become a better person. Start reading about self-improvement topics online.

This will help you stay distracted and not think so much about the separation you are going through. Remember that this will pass, and you will eventually feel better - regardless of whether you stay together or decide to end things for good. Either way, God has your back, so keep your faith in Him strong!

5. Will your relationship make it?

will your relationship make it

I cannot tell you whether you will make it or not; that is between you and your partner. What might be a smart idea is to keep a journal or list of the pros and cons of your relationship. If you see that there are serious concerns on the list that won’t go away, you may need to reevaluate whether you should be with one another at all.

If you discover there are things on the list that are your fault, things you need to improve upon, you should make a list of what to work on. Talk to a therapist about your faults and ask for suggestions for improvements, so you can be a better person - not just for your partner but for any future partner you may have. You want to be the best YOU possible.

Working on yourself and becoming a stronger person will only improve your life. You will feel more confident about your skills and abilities and know that you can survive anything that life throws in your path. Maybe you need to learn how to be a better listener or a less selfish person. Think it over with your partner’s interests in mind.


Can you live apart after living together?

Yes! You can stay together after moving out. There may be some complications in your relationship now because you will no longer be living in the same house. This could cause stress and strain in your relationship. Consider finding a couples counselor to help you resolve your problems!

Can you move out without breaking up?

Often, a guy or girl just needs some space and time, so moving out is the best decision for your romantic relationship. Couples who separate can still achieve success! Consider involving a therapist in your new reality. He or she may be able to help you resolve any issues you have.

Can moving in together ruin a relationship?

It can be tough living together for the first time. A couple has to be willing to accept the flaws of the other person in order to maintain a happy living arrangement. You’ll need to discuss money - who will pay the bills, how you will split them, and if you will save together.

Is it normal to have doubts about moving in together?

Yes! Living together is a big step in relationships everywhere. The truth is that when you live with someone, you learn a whole plethora of new things about them - from how they brush their teeth to how they treat their pets. Your living arrangement will be very different!

Why moving in together can be a bad idea?

Some people say that if you make a choice to live together before marriage, you are allowing the guy to have the milk for free without buying the cow. Instead, they believe that you should make him buy you that engagement ring and make a long-term commitment with you.

In Conclusion

Are you in a similar situation to that discussed in this article? How do you plan to overcome the concerns you may have about leaving one another but staying together? Do you think your relationship will go the distance? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment and share!

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