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Do Men Prefer Blondes or Brunettes? (9 Things Guys Weigh In On)

The thought that men prefer a blonde woman has plagued those with brunette locks for centuries. It was encouraged in popular culture in the 1950s through icon Marilyn Monroe. Hit movies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes did little to sway people otherwise. 

Today, blondes are often portrayed the same way as they were back then. Blonde locks make a woman sexier. Blondes have more fun. They’re flirty and wonderful. When you think of it like that, and then compare the stereotypes of the serious brunette, it makes sense that people would believe men prefer blondes over brunette or red-haired women. 

Women with blonde hair will notice that they get more attention than their brunette counterparts. There are quite a few things behind that, though. It’s not all about the color on top of their head. It could have more to do with the stereotypes associated with it. 

How Men Really Feel About Blondes vs. Brunettes

1. This color is associated with beauty

Unfortunately for brunettes, people tend to associate blonde with beauty more than any other color. This could date back to when women with light hair, light skin, and blue eyes were the picture-perfect image of beauty. (You know when Hitler was in charge.) While we’ve come a long way, some people still hold those images of beauty. Blue eyes are also thought to be more beautiful than brown eyes. 

2. More attention equals more confidence

more attention equals more confidence

When women get more male attention, this slowly boosts their confidence. Instead of merely walking into the gas station, these women walk like they are sexy, they know it, and they own the gas station. Not only do women with blonde hair hear that they are superior from media, social groups, and more, they get more attention on top of that. Their self-esteem tends to skyrocket. Men find confidence sexy. 

3. Blondes are more aggressive

According to some sources, blondes are more aggressive. They tend to go after things with more passion, more aggression, and more determination than women of another hair color. This could be because they feel they are entitled to it, or it could be because they are not accustomed to getting what they want. 

Whatever the reason, men tend to like a little bit of aggression at times. According to this article, there is something about crazy or emotional that simply attracts them. It could be, as stated in the article, that women are able to emote when men are encouraged to suppress. Men prefer blondes because they have the confidence and aggression to clearly state that they want some Valium when other women simply don’t. 

4. They’re great for some fun

Another small experiment explains that men might approach blondes more because they want to have sex with them. This could be because men find blondes more attractive, or it could be because of the belief that blonde hair seems to represent youth. Men want to go to bed with a woman that they find attractive, and that might simply be blonde women. 

5. Brunettes are perceived to have higher earning potential

brunettes are perceived to have higher earning potential

Blonde women are thought to be less intelligent, instantly making them less likely to be corporate bosses or lawyers. Men notice that, and given how much men tend to feed into the stereotypes associated with hair color, it makes sense why they would think a brunette would be one of the women he could see himself building a fortune with. 

This study compared how each hair color was perceived in the workplace and dating scene. The results of the study are unfortunate, but not surprising when we consider the stereotypes in play. Hair colors played an important role in a blonde being perceived as immature. (Don’t forget the bubbly personality stereotype.) The study also revealed that brown hair indicates a better work ethic. Study results found that the success rate for women with blonde hair color is also significantly less. 

6. Blonde hair stereotypes still exist

The blonde stereotype began years ago. I grew up hearing dumb blonde jokes. Blondes are perceived to always need help. The guy at the local Auto Zone always volunteers to put my oil in my car but assumed my brunette sister was more than capable. Growing up, I saw it time and time again. The focus was on looks, not intelligence. If I needed help, I should ask my intelligent, brunette, sister. 

Stereotypes are further enforced by beliefs that began back when Marilyn Monroe was the biggest hit. Women believed that men didn’t like intelligent women. The fact is, the smarter a woman is, the harder it is for her to find a partner. This tends to make things a bit easier for blondes in the dating world, but only to an extent

While dumb blonde women stereotypes do exist, some men prefer blondes that are intelligent. If they still believe those stereotypes, they might only prefer blondes if they are in the mood for a good time. 

7. Intelligent men are more likely to go after brunettes for a serious partner

intelligent men are more likely to go after brunettes for serious partner

Over 80% of men still view brunettes as being more intelligent. That equates to successful men that value intelligence, good conversation, and more in a relationship seeking out those with a darker hair color when they are searching for a relationship partner. 

They might enjoy that blonde hair color if they’re in the mood for a romp in between the sheets, but don’t usually consider blonde women as a wife or business partner material. (That one stings a bit, and makes us realize that those stereotypes are harder to overcome than we thought.)

8. Blondness is associated with cheapness

Thanks again to those movies that portray blonde women as wearing trashy leopard print, never finding love, having one-night stands, and more. However, it’s not all the media’s fault. They have done study after study to determine how many real blondes exist in the world. Apparently, only 2% of the population can claim they are a true blonde. That means that most people with that hair color are bottle blondes, which is associated with being fake. 

9. Blondes are considered more approachable than brunettes

Over 60% of men agree that a woman with fair colored hair is easier to approach than a woman with darker hair. This could be because brunette women are perceived as being untouchable in a way. Blonde hair is also associated with a fun, easy-going personality, so men are as concerned that the light hair colored women will be as harsh if they reject them. 


What hair color do guys find most attractive?

Men tend to think that lighter hair colors are more beautiful, but like the traits, that brunette women are thought to have when considering whether someone has relationship potential. Physically, they might prefer blonde hair. Mentally, emotionally or based on the success it’s typically brunette hair. 

Do guys like brunettes or blondes more?

The difference in stereotypes and what a man is looking for determines his preference. When searching for a relationship partner, the preference is darker hair. If they want someone to talk to, have fun with or enjoy a one-night stand with, light hair color is their preference. 

What is the most attractive scent to a man?

Men prefer subtle yet sexy and floral scents. Lavender is one of the most popular scents among men. Vanilla is a close second. To make sure you’re not wearing too much, don’t spray it directly on your skin. Instead, spray it in the air and walk through for a hint of irresistible sexiness. 

Do blondes get more attention?

Yes, they do. Most find them more approachable. Men also think they are going to be nicer if they reject them. One study after another study indicates that those in the fair hair section of the world get treated better, get more attention and as a result have higher levels of self-confidence. 

Are brunettes sexier than blondes?

It depends. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Over half of men enjoy women with dark hair, but the study also included those with black hair in the selection. Lighter hair was next in line, with redheads finishing last in the study. This could be because brunettes are thought to be better for relationships

To Sum Up

It’s hard to believe that blonde stereotypes still exist, but they do. This has led to men wanting those with fair hair for one thing, and brunettes for another thing. It is important to note that picking up hair color from the blonde selection can make you take on those same traits, just like bottle brunette from the hair dye selection can too. What are your experiences as a blonde or brunette?

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