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How To Have A One Night Stand (11+ Fun And Safe Tips)

We’ve all done it at some point or thought about it. The crazy romp in the sheets with no strings attached is the definition of sexual freedom. If it’s awkward, it doesn’t matter because you won’t see them again so you can throw your inhibitions out the window. 

I’ve had my fair share of one night stands in the past, some of which were planned and some weren’t. If you plan on enjoying your one-night stand, there are things you need to keep in mind. 

When you’re determined to get nasty in between the sheets, the last thing you want is to wake up in the morning feeling crummy about yourself, the other person, or the night before. Instead, take a few extra steps that will guarantee that you have no regrets. 

Having A One-Night Stand Without Regrets

1. Make sure you use protection

make sure you use protection

Any time you are indulging in casual sex, it’s important that you use protection. If someone else is enjoying a good time with you, they could be doing the same with someone else. It might be nothing for them to enjoy a one-night stand one night with one girl and you the next. 

This is a quick way you’ll get uncurable sexually transmitted infections. Protect yourself by insisting on using a condom during sex. If you might have sex without planning it, throw one or two in your purse before going out to make sure that you enjoy safe sex.

2. Say no if you’re drunk

When you’re feeling tipsy, that guy might seem hot, and heading back to his place might seem like a great idea, but it’s usually not. You will more than likely wake up sober and full of regret. Instead, make it a personal rule not to hook up with strangers or other people if you spent the evening drinking. If you think this sounds impossible, get good friends with benefits that you can call if the urge hits. 

3. Pamper yourself

There is nothing that will make you feel sexier and more confident than giving yourself some extra TLC. Do a peel-off face mask. Relax in your bubble bath. Make sure that your nails and makeup look flawless. Then, pick out some sexy lingerie. Take time to pamper yourself.

This will have several benefits. When you feel confident in yourself, you won’t have problems speaking up in the bedroom. This basically guarantees your satisfaction. It’ll make you a better lover, guaranteeing that you both have an unforgettable night. It’s not just about you having fun. Last, you’ll let go of your inhibitions. This means that you can experiment without worry. Try new positions you’ve fantasized about, fulfill your hottest fantasy, or finally role play.

4. Make sure you like them

make sure you like them

If you’re sure you will wake up the next morning full of disgust because you just slept with that person, don’t do it. Instead, make sure that you really like the person. You should feel physically attracted to them. 

If they’re a stranger, flirting can help make you more comfortable. Then, get to know them. Play twenty questions over dinner or talk about their lifelong dreams and goals. Don’t get that confused with a potential relationship though. You’re getting to know them to make the night fun, not for commitment. 

5. Do it because you want

Some women remain under the impression that this will make a guy like them more, or if they pleasure them in bed they will leave them be because they gave in to peer pressure. Giving in to peer pressure or doing something because other people are is never a good idea. This will not make a guy like you more, either. At most, he’ll feel comfortable hitting you up for future one-nighters. 

Instead, do it because you want to. Do it because you have sexual needs that need to be met. Do it because you are attracted to the guy and want to know what he’s like in bed. Do it for yourself so that you won’t have any regrets. 

Don’t Do One-Night Stands At Your Place With New Guys

This cannot be said enough. Don’t invite them back to your place, especially if it’s someone that you just met. 

First, it’ll feel awkward if you want them gone but they want to stay for breakfast. Sometimes, guys simply don’t pick up on hints that it’s time to go. Other times, they flat out ignore them for reasons I don’t know. If you’re at their hotel or place, you can leave whenever you would like. This doesn’t happen when you’re at your own house with someone else. 

Second, it’s important for safety reasons. If you don’t know the other person very well, your fun one-night stand could end in you getting robbed, hurt or stalked. There are people out there that do not have good intentions. They can be extremely manipulative. What you think is just sex could really be part of their plan for stealing your things while you’re sleeping. This is an important safety precaution.

Make Sure You Have A Great Night

You don’t want to have a one-night stand just to feel unsatisfied or cranky the next day. Instead, it should be liberating and fun. There’s no need for holding back, so why should you? Follow these tips for making sure that you have fun-filled nights full of memories you’ll love looking back on. 

6. Get what you want

get what you want

Every woman is different and likes different things. If you’ve never had sex with someone before, there’s no guarantee that they will know what you like. In fact, they more than likely don’t. Instead of being unhappy with the sex, speak up. Tell him if you’d like it faster or slower, harder or softer. Most men want to please the woman they’re having sex with, so he’ll appreciate the feedback. 

7. No judgment

Girls will be taught from very early ages not to have one night stands. Not only is it discouraged, but it’s usually frowned upon. All of that judgment can make it hard for us to not pass judgment on ourselves for enjoying one night of amazing sex. You shouldn’t though. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a one night stand or having an awesome sex life that you would never tell your mother about. Don’t judge yourself. Just have fun. 

8. Have a blast

Instead of feeling nervous or uncomfortable, let yourself go a little bit. Enjoy the moment. Have great sex and unforgettable memories with someone you like. A one-night stand isn’t about all the negative stereotypes that society places on us as women; it’s about having fun. If anything, look at it as taking a stand that women can enjoy getting nasty just like men in society can. 

Don’t Have Feelings Involved

The number one rule is that if you’re going to have a one-night stand you have to make sure that there are no feelings involved. It is passionate sex with someone you like. It’s not the same as the dating scene or getting to know someone. Make sure that you’re up for the task mentally before heading to the hotel. 

9. Do you want a future?

A one-night stand is not for anyone that you see a future with. If you want to get to know them on a deeper level or are hoping that the guy is your future boyfriend, a one-night stand might not be the best idea. These are best saved for hot guys that have a deal-breaker, such as having so many kids that you can’t imagine being in a relationship with them. If he’s down for some fun sex but nothing more yet you’re imagining him as your man, it is a definite sign that you’re not on the same page. 

10. No expectations

no expectations

It cannot be said enough, some girls head to the bedroom hoping that their one-night stand will turn into a relationship. Meanwhile, he’s just there for the amazing sex. This leads to hurt feelings and broken hearts. If you plan to have a one-night stand, make sure that you’re not expecting anything from him other than sex too. 

11. Are you in a relationship mindset?

Even if you don’t see a future with the person you’re having a one-night stand with, it might turn into that if you’re in a relationship mindset. This means that you are actively looking for a relationship. 

Even if it starts out as just sex, your mind and heart can get a bit confused. If you are thinking about two people being together, or are trying to meet more people because you’re hoping for a relationship, stay away from nights just for sex. 

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Birth Control Is A Must

Any time that you have sex, especially if it’s casual, you should be sure that you’re not making a baby. If you’re on the pill or patch, guarantee that you’re taking it as directed. If not, consider other methods of contraception, such as condoms, spermicide, or a diaphragm. These can all help guarantee that sex does not turn into a baby. 

Have An Exit Strategy

If you’re down to do the deed at your house with someone that you’re comfortable with, there is nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind that it can be a little awkward in the morning. In this situation, plan your exit beforehand. 

A great way to do this is by telling them that you have to run errands in the morning, or that you have an appointment at a specific time. This guarantees that they will be out the door instead of hanging out all day. Don’t try and come up with this sporadically. Instead, do it the night before.

What To Do The Next Day

After that amazing hookup, most girls are left wondering what to do the next day. He’s out of your apartment and on his way home. Do you call him? Text him? The answer to everything is NO. It was just a night of great sex, nothing more. That does not call for a phone conversation or texting back forth. Instead, you simply go on with your day and your life. 


How do you have a good one-night stand?

First, be sure it’s with someone you like. Then, have fun, and don’t let your feelings get in the middle of things. Relax, experiment, and make sure that you speak up. If you do that, you’re in for wonderful memories. 

Is it okay to have one night stands?

Yes! Society tells us that it’s against the rules, that we should be looking for marriage instead of sexual satisfaction, and those unspoken rules could not be more wrong. There is nothing bad about having some fun for the night. 

What are the rules for a one night stand?

Don’t have any expectations. There should be no feelings involved, and you both need to understand that it will not turn into something more. Also, make sure that you let loose so that you can really have fun. The next day, make a graceful exit. 

How do you leave a one night stand?

Make excuses so you do not feel awkward. Say you have an appointment, must run errands, have other plans, etc. Try saying something that has to be done during a certain time so you have a reason for leaving early in the morning. 

How can I get laid fast?

Be upfront so you quit wasting time in the friend zone. More girls are looking for some steamy fun, so there’s no shame in stating that’s what you want. If you eliminate the games, you wind up getting what you’re after much sooner. 

In Conclusion

Enjoying raunchy, uninhibited sex for that single evening is the best! Have you ever indulged in one night of no strings attached fun? What are some of the rules that you followed?

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