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Is He Falling For Me? (21 Ways To Know For Sure)

Are you wondering whether a man is falling for you? 

Whether you want this to happen or not, there are signs you can look for to help you discover whether this is what’s going on inside his emotions. 

This article features 21 signs that a man is falling for you. 

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I have another 21 ways for you to find out though. 

Are you ready to look at the other signs that he’s in love with you? Let’s get to it!

Is He Falling For Me?

Are you thinking, “Is he falling for me?” Well, this article will look at the signs he loves you, so you will be able to read the signs that he loves you or not. 

While you may be wondering about his feelings, a good question to ask yourself is, “How do you feel about him?” Are you in love with him? If not, make sure you aren’t leading him on.

Falling in love is actually like a physical illness; that’s why it’s called being “lovesick.” According to the Harvard Gazette, it hasn’t ever been proven that love makes you physically ill, despite the saying. However, love does raise your cortisol levels, which has been shown to suppress your immune system. Crazy, right?

There are health benefits to being in love, though. Love releases dopamine and lowers your serotonin, according to scientists. These changes give you that crazy, urgent feeling that’s full of pleasure; so, love is a good thing! It makes you happy, so are you in love?

Are you ready to look at the signs that he’s in love with you? Let’s get to it!

Signs He’s In Love With You

1. He talks about the future with you in it

Does he talk about the future like you are already going to be there when he hasn’t even asked? That’s an awesome sign that he wants you in his life for a long time, and if he’s made plans in advance for the two of you to do things, he’s prepared to keep you around. This is an excellent sign that he’s already in love with you. 

He talks about the future with you in it

2. He introduces you to his family

Taking you home to meet his family or even just his friends is a very good sign that he wants to keep you in his life for the long-term. If he’s ready to show you off, he’s already thinking in the future. This is one of those signs of falling in love that you can check off your list. 

3. He shows empathy for your feelings

Does he genuinely care about your day and what’s going on in your world? If his mood mirrors yours, you can bet that your man is head over heels for you. He’s building your relationship in a healthy way by showing that he cares about your feelings. 

4. He listens to you

This is one of those signs of falling in love that can be a little tough to read. Listening genuinely is not always the easiest thing for a person to do. If he pays attention to the little details that you share, he is a good listener and values what’s on your mind. Return this behavior, and pay close attention to what he has to say about his day, too.

5. He’s not afraid to show his softer side

Men are often reserved when it comes to sharing the intimate details of their life. This is something that makes them feel vulnerable and exposed. If your man is willing to talk about the sensitive things, he is letting his guard down, meaning he is falling in love with you. Keep the relationship solid by encouraging his sensitive side.

6. He only has eyes for you

Men who want an exclusive relationship usually only have eyes for their special someone. Have you noticed him not looking at other girls? He may not be ready to move the relationship in that direction yet, but he’s definitely thinking about it. If you know you are the only one for him, you have his full attention and have won his heart.

7. He maintains solid eye contact

Where does your man look when he’s talking to you? According to one study done by Psychological Science, a man who gazes at your body is revealing lust, while a man who looks you in the eyes or stares at your face is showing the feelings of true love. So, next time the two of you are talking, make it a point to watch your man’s eyes. 

8. He’s there for both the good times and the bad

It’s easy to be there for someone when things are going great. Equally, for some people (some are natural soothers), it’s easy to be there for someone during a crisis. If your man stays put through the ups and downs, regardless of what is going on, he’s a keeper. He’s also falling for you because he has long-term intentions for your relationship.

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9. He’s become your best friend

If he’s become your best friend, chances are he feels the same way about you. When you reach the level of intimacy that best friends share, you know that love is in the air. Becoming best friends is one of those signs of falling in love that shows both of you that you’re meant to be together.

10. He spends his free time with you

Really, your man could invest his time with his buds, his family, or even with work things, but instead, he has decided to spend his free time with you. You clearly are an important part of his life, and he’s showing you his feelings through his actions. 

11. He puts you as a top priority

Like the last sign, your man is illustrating his feelings through his actions. He puts your wants and needs up high on his to-do list. If your man has you up on a pedestal, enjoy it, and know that he loves you. Why else would he want only the best for you?

12. He shares details of his life with you

Sometimes guys take a while to open up; they are scared of rejection and don’t want just anyone to know the intimate details about them. If your guy has moved past this fear and is sharing you the deets, you know that he’s crazy about you and wants a future.

He shares details of his life with you

13. He makes you happy, and you do the same for him

Wow! This definitely is one of the signs of being in love. In fact, it may mean you have found the relationship you have been searching for your entire life. The two of you may be soulmates if you complement each other in this kind of way. 

14. He says you make him a better person

When I was dating my husband, this is what he said to me when he confessed he loved me. Our relationship quickly turned from a casual relationship to a serious one. Things just moved along nicely after that. He said that I made him want to become a better man and that he was in love with me. 

15. He’s invested in your relationship

Does he make big efforts to maintain your relationship? If he has gone above and beyond, doing things that only someone in love would do, you know he feels it. Little things like buying you flowers or complimenting you on your new dress show that he is invested in you. He wants you to know it, too.

16. He’s made room for you in his home

Did he clean out a drawer for you or let you leave your toothbrush at his place? He’s clearly invested in having a long-term relationship with you. You have stolen his heart, and he’s ready to accept yours. 

17. He uses the word “we” when talking

This way of showing love is pretty self-explanatory. He replaces “you” and “me” or “yours” and “mine” with “we” and “ours.” Doesn’t that just feel the best? I find it very exciting when things progress to this level of intimacy. It means you are officially a “couple!” Plus, you know he wants more with you, too.

18. His body language tells you everything

When someone is interested in another person, there are certain actions they take. For example, a guy who really likes a girl will point his feet toward hers, stare into her eyes, and maybe lightly touch her arm or shoulder as they talk. 

19. He can’t stop smiling

This is definitely an indicator that you make this guy happy! He may not always smile when he’s with you, either. He may be smiling no matter where he is because you make him happy in general. Be excited that you are making him smile! He’s more than into you if he’s full of joy!

20. He’s protective of you

If your guy hates to see you cry or be upset over something, he’s feeling protective. He wants you to be happy and will do anything to make sure that nothing bad happens to you. He cares about your mental health and well-being and only wants the best for you.

21. He enjoys helping you out

A guy who goes out of his way to help you really cares about you. He’s putting you first and wants to ensure that he does everything in his power to help you be the best you that you can be. You know you can count on him; he’s a loyal protector. This is a sign he’s fallen in love with you, too.

Have You Fallen For Him?

He’s become an integral part of your life

When you have fallen hard for a guy, it may seem like he’s become part of your every thought and feeling. You think about him all the time, daydreaming about the next time you’ll see him and wondering what your future with him will be like. You miss him dearly when you are apart. In fact, you may even see something at the store that reminds you of him. 

As you ponder your future together, you realize that you want to be exclusive with him; you don’t need to keep looking for Prince Charming because you have him! You are so excited about your emotions towards him that you talk about him non-stop to whoever will listen! Plus, you are thrilled to introduce him to your mom and your best girlfriend. You want to show him off!

Even on those days where you are completely distracted or are so busy, you forgot to eat, thoughts of him still creep into your brain. You almost feel like the thoughts of him are intruding - in a good way! You just can’t get him out of your head; you may even feel obsessive. When I was single, I was “boy crazy” and couldn’t stop thinking about my flame no matter what!

You feel and act differently

So, he’s in your every thought and conversation, right? What’s the big deal? You may not realize it, but your friends and family probably notice a change in you. They may even point this out to you and ask you why you are so happy all the time. You may also notice changes in yourself as you fall further in love with him. You don’t mind making sacrifices or compromising.

In fact, his happiness is a top priority for you. You also empathize deeply with him. If he’s feeling sad or happy, you can’t help but feel the same way; you may feel as though your souls are connected on a deeper level. You care about him in a real way. You don’t mind the ups and downs that life hands you because you have your soulmate to share them with. 

You feel and act differently

You may find that your body language and feelings have changed, too. You can’t help but stare at him when the two of you are together. You feel as though butterflies have made a home in your tummy as the excitement of the love you feel grows. You’ve become open to trying new things as long as you can do them together. Like him, you feel as though he’s made you better.

He has become your best friend

Have you found that you can tell him anything and he won’t judge you for it? When people become best friends, they share a special bond that helps them complement each other well. Is he the yin to your yang? I’m sure you tell him everything, and you aren’t afraid of letting your guard down. You can freely open up your heart to him without fearing rejection.

Do you make a good team? My husband and I moved into a condo that wasn’t well designed. When the dishwasher opened up, you basically could only put away half the dishes; then, you had to close it, switch sides, and put away the rest. As a team, we could both be on a side of the dishwasher and safely put them away. To me, teamwork like this is what makes a couple strong.

Are you vulnerable to your guy? I bet you don’t even fear the possibility that the two of you would ever be apart. This is because you just know that he will be in your future, wherever it may lead you. Do you find that it doesn’t matter what you do together because you always have fun? Doing “nothing” and still finding a spark is a magical feeling!


How do you know if someone is falling in love with you?

Usually, the person will tell you how he or she feels, but often, they are scared the feeling won’t be reciprocated, so they hesitate to say it. If that’s the case, watch their body language. If their feet point towards you and they can’t stop smiling, they’re in love!

What does it mean when a guy is comfortable with you?

This can mean that he is in love with you. “Being comfortable” means that he can be himself around you without any hidden agenda; instead, he can speak his mind without worrying you will judge or leave him. He’s open about his feelings, too.

What love means, to a man?

Often, love means the same thing to women as it does for men. Men tend to fall in love with women after spending quality time together, where women often associate the physical act of sex with “making love.” To women, being open physically means opening their hearts, too.

What does falling in love feel like?

Some people describe falling in love as having butterflies in your stomach (not literally). It’s a fluttering feeling that makes you excited and happy. You can’t wait to spend more time with the person you have fallen in love with; you just can’t get enough of them!

How do you make someone fall in love with you?

Typically, you can’t make someone fall in love with you. Instead, you should focus on making your man happy. If you see a little something at a store that you know he’ll love, pick it up. Show him that you think about him when the two of you are apart.

In Summary...

Do you feel like your special someone has fallen for you? Which signs have you seen in him? Are you falling in love with someone, too? In your opinion, what does love feel like?

We’d love to hear the details of your love life. Please comment and share this post!

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