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Ignoring A Scorpio Man (The Worst Mistake You Could Ever Make)

May 29, 2024

The guide below reveals why ignoring a Scorpio man is a terrible mistake.

Maybe you’ve decided to play ‘hard to get’. Perhaps you’re upset with him.

This could be effective with some men, but it’s a horrible idea with Scorpios - and you’re about to learn why.

However, before we get into that, it’s important you read the following sentences carefully. 

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Our Scorpio-centered guide will help too.

And keep reading to know why ignoring him is a mistake and what it could possibly lead to. 

It May Be Your Worst Decision  

Generally, ignoring a Scorpio man is not the best choice but the worst decision ever. The water sign Scorpio male is the most intense lover of the Zodiac. Though there are other Zodiacs with similar signs (water sign), the attributes of a Scorpio are very much different. Scorpios are kind of crazy when they like someone.

Whatever the reason for ignoring him may be, you need to tell your Scorpio man what he has done wrong. Nothing appears grey to a Scorpios. It is either black or white. Hence, once you tell him what he has done wrong, he will surely adjust. 

The saying “you reap whatsoever you sow” is what a Scorpio man applies when he makes a decision. Ignore him, he will retaliate. Get him jealous, he will reciprocate. Just do anything to him, he will do the same. So why should you ignore him?

Why Ignoring A Scorpio Man Is A Mistake

He Doesn’t Know What Is Wrong. 

If you ignore a Scorpio man without telling him what he has done wrong to deserve your ignorance, he will be annoyed.  For me, as a Scorpio, I can’t apologize or defend what I really don’t have an idea of. And this applies to all Scorpios. 

Scorpio men are curious about everything and at the same time very analytical. If you think giving him silent treatment is the best way to deal with him, that will irritate him. And once a Scorpio man feels irritated, it’s hard for him to get calm.    

Let a Scorpio man know what he has done or said to upset you. This is the only way to defend himself or apologize. He is an emotional guy so ignoring him would only get him angry. Just tell him what he has done wrong and you don’t want to keep silent with him because of it.

He Is Also A Game Player. 

Scorpio men are also good at playing games, so don’t try to do this with them. What this means is, if you think making a Scorpio man jealous is the best decision you can take just for him to realize his mistake(s) or even come back to you, then you are doomed. He will also retaliate. Though the retaliation might not be immediate but he will do the same thing to you.

There would neither be a winner nor a loser. It's going to be a fair game. Ignoring Scorpios or making them jealous to see if he will come back to you is risky, don't take such risk. Just tell him you need his attention that’s all. 

Honesty is all you need to have a better relationship with a Scorpio man. Don’t try to play pranks with him by not picking his calls or even replying to his texts. You might be lucky if your Scorpio partner cares less about this, but most of them always find a way out just to move on. 

Flirting with other men just to get him jealous because you need his attention is nothing to write home about. You can always do this at his back but mind you once he knows, in no time, he will reciprocate this gesture and you will be hurt. I can guarantee you that. 

He Will Think Otherwise.

Like I’ve said before, Scorpio men are analytical. Their brain is always tossing around an event that has occurred. Ignoring a Scorpio man without reason gives him the opportunity to recall issues than has happened in the past. 

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Once he thinks the reason for ignoring him is because he has found a new partner or if you've found someone else, then forget it. You will never find him again. He will conclude in his mind that you’ve made your decision and he has to do the same so he won’t feel hurt. 

Even if he loves you so much and can never forget you, he won’t come back or wait for you just because he demands an explanation. He will start thinking you are being secretive and being secretive is his way of life.  

What Happens When You Ignore Him

Once your Scorpio man observes and confirms that you are not giving him an audience or even giving him what he wants, he would rather stay back and not want to be around you anymore. And instead of trying to force conversation with you, he would rather let you be. When this happens, just start getting ready for him to end the relationship. 

Note that because of his game playing nature and willingness to always retaliate any gesture, he will take revenge before stepping out of the relationship. He will either ignore you or he finds other means. All he wants is for you to have the same feelings as his. Therefore, don’t ignore a Scorpio man no matter what the issue may be. If you don’t like something about him, tell him. 

And if he hasn’t done anything wrong but you want to be alone, tell him you need a quiet time. That is the only means of letting him understand you are not ignoring him. 

To be sincere with you, there is no one that likes it when someone ignores them but that of a Scorpio man is extraordinary. This man would rather be glad if you let him understand why you’re ignoring him. Ignoring a Scorpio man is the worst decision to ever take.  So don’t ignore him.

Once you take the precautions I talked about above, in no time your relationship with a man of this Zodiac will be the most peaceful and lovely one you’ve ever been.

Now you understand what it feels like when you ignore the Scorpio male.  


Do Scorpios try to make you jealous?

Scorpios are unpredictable individuals. They are very cunning, that is why they are often called 'the game players.' You might be surprised but just take note Scorpios always try to make their partners jealous just to confirm how much you love them.

Do Scorpios like jealous partners? 

Scorpios jealous people. It's their nature to be jealous. Jealousy, coupled with curiosity, is their way of life. They will always find a means to confirm if their partner loves them by making their partner jealous. Therefore, they like jealous partners.  

How do you know if a Scorpio man has feelings for you?

This is an eternal question, which deals with the feelings of someone. To determine if your Scorpio partner has feelings for you, here are some signs you need to watch out for:

1. He will be jealous once he sees you with another guy. 
2. He looks at you intently.
3. He is curious about you.

In Conclusion

To keep up your relationship with a Scorpio man, you must ensure you eliminate ignorance from your attitude because this man hates when they are being ignored. You also have to maintain communication with him because of how they feel. Though Scorpio men don't really talk, continuous contact with their partner means a lot to them. Create time for him.

Did this article help you decide if it is right to ignore him? Share your thoughts!

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