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How To Not Be Awkward Around A Guy (7 Ways To Act Cool)

When you are spending time around a guy that you like, you can often get really self-conscious and worried that you look like you are awkward. Here, we look at ways that you can get your confidence up and feel like you know what to do and the best way to behave in guys you like. 

Often, we are all a victim of overthinking things. Then, when we think we are acting awkwardly, we keep acting in the same way making matters worse. Don’t worry though, we’ve got 7 top tips here to get noticed by guys for a good reason and not bad. 

It’s good to remember all the suggestions below, for how to act when you are around guys that you like. However, it can be quite overwhelming at first to try to employ every single method we suggest below. Bearing that in mind, try to just use one or two at first - and then gradually add the others to your toolbox for acting cool in front of a guy. 

How To Act Around Guys

1. Have confidence

This is maybe one of the hardest things to get to grips with, but if you have confidence in yourself, you are actually halfway there to acting cool around guys all the time. So think about your good points and the things that you like about yourself. 

If you take the time to remember them and stay positive that you most definitely have good qualities, then that will shine out of you and people will want to be around you more as a consequence anyway. 

The thing with confidence is that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once you start to believe that you are someone people want to spend time with, you will become more confident so that they want to spend even more time with you. 

2. Remember he’s human

Remember he’s human

When we are back in the company of a person we have a crush on, we cannot imagine that that person would ever get self-conscious or awkward themselves. We cannot imagine that there are things about themselves that they do not like. 

However, we are all human. Keep this in mind when you are near a guy you like and want to talk to more. He is a human who is probably nervous about starting conversations with people he does not know very well. 

Let this fact give you the confidence to relax in his company and give yourself the space to make mistakes. Let it be ok that those mistakes are ok - the likelihood is he probably won’t notice and will be feeling uncomfortable about little things he has done in the past too. 

3. Talk to him with friends

One thing that helps get our confidence back is when we are with people that we know well and we know think of us very highly. Therefore, if you are talking to a guy you like, try doing so when your friends are nearby. It will give you that little bit of extra confidence so that you can show off your best side. 

Try to arrange times that you can all meet up together so that you can feel your most comfortable and relaxed as you are with a big group of people you know well. He will probably relax more too, especially if you have some mutual friends in common that can help diffuse any awkwardness from his side. 

4. Say less

We often all put far too much emphasis on trying to say the right things all the time. In doing so, we actually often talk too much as a way of trying to appear gregarious and confident. Actually, doing the exact opposite can help keep you calm and make you appear more confident than you really are. 

Try to remember that to get to a place where you feel you can make an easy conversation with a guy you have a crush on, it can be a good idea to say less at first. Let him talk to you and as a result, you will hopefully feel less uncomfortable - or at the very least, you will give yourself far less opportunity to say or do something that makes you embarrassed.

5. Be kind

A good method to have confidence is to know that the way you have acted towards people is at least respectful and kind. Along with remembering that the guy you like is a human with flaws just like you, remember that kindness goes a long way

Even if you think that he may lust after a treat then mean to keep them keen approach, being kind is at least one method to get someone to relax when in your company. In doing so, they will go on to enjoy your company more too and when they are relaxed, you will relax even more too. It helps everyone be able to get to know one another better as talking becomes easier and easier. 

6. Ask him about himself

Ask him about himself

People were given one mouth and two ears for a reason. Listening is key to get someone to like being in your company. When they like being in your company, as stated before, you’ll be able to relax more and won’t feel quite so uncomfortable all the time. 

One of the best ways to get someone to open up and talk to you is to ask them about themselves. If you ask them pertinent questions that give them the space to talk about their interests, hobbies, and problems, they will always enjoy any conversation that they have with you. 

As a result, a guy will think very highly of you and this will start to help you feel more comfortable when you are in his company. You will stop feeling so embarrassed or horribly awkward as you will realize that he wants to spend as much time in your company as possible. 

7. Smile

Smiling is one of the key ways that we can put ourselves and others at ease. So remember to smile when you are in the company of the guy you like. Smiling makes you instantly more attractive too so you will find that the guy you have a crush on will talk to you more, putting you more at ease again. 

Of course, smiling can be difficult when we feel self-conscious, but if in doubt, simply try to force it and hope that eventually you will start to relax and your smile’s charm will work its way into your crush’s good books. 


How do I not be awkward around boys?

Not feeling awkward or shy around boys can be difficult, especially if you do not have a lot of confidence. However, take solace in the fact that many people suffer from low self-esteem - even those that you least expect it from. As a result, many people respond well to kindness and sincerity. 

Why do I feel awkward around a guy?

Feeling awkward when you are around guys is very normal. So many people suffer from nerves when talking to members of the opposite sex, especially ones that they have a crush on. It’s just your body’s reaction to the adrenaline of being near someone that you are attracted to. 

How do I not be awkward around people?

Learning not to be awkward near or around people takes time, but it can be done. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. If you feel like you are getting nervous when you are around guys, just take a breath and know that they could be feeling just as nervous talking to you too. 

How do you know if a guy doesn’t like you?

It can be so hard to know if a guy doesn’t like you as different people can have such different reactions. Often, if guys make an effort to see you or smile when you are nearby, they will at least enjoy your company. If you don’t see these positives, he may not see you in the romantic sense. 

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How do guys behave around their crush?

Guys will often make a lot of effort to see a person they have a crush on or at least be much happier when their crush is about. Also, if they appear nervous when they are alone with you, this can be a big indication that they have strong feelings for you. 

How To Make Sure You Are Not Awkward Talking To A Guy

It can be so hard to not feel uncomfortable or self-conscious when you are in the company of a guy that you like. However, the best idea in those situations is to convey a feeling of self-confidence - even if it is the last thing you feel. 

In the long run, it will put others at ease and also start to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you conduct yourself as a confident person, you will become a confident person that naturally does not experience awkwardness near the guys that you like. 

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