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How To Make Your Husband Jealous (9 Genius Ways)

June 29, 2024

Are you looking for ways to make your husband a bit jealous?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that a drop of jealousy helps to keep the spark alive in your relationship?  

So, in this article, we’ll take a look at how to make a guy jealous by examining various different techniques that encourage the green-eyed monster. 

The hope is that by making your husband jealous, you will ignite the passion between you again and make your partner want to make the most of his time with you.

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Anyway, scroll down for my 9 genius ways to make him jealous.

How To Make Your Husband Jealous

Here are a handful of ways that can make your partner jealous and want him to take more notice of you. You don’t need to practice all these methods at once to make him feel out of control and jealous. Just one or two should suffice and the best way will be up to you to decide - you are the one that knows your partner best. 

However, if you don’t see the results that you want from the methods you do choose, don’t give up. Simply come back to this list and try another tack. You’ll get back on track with your husband soon enough once you have selected the best way to make him jealous. 

1. Play hard to get

One of the most common ways to make a guy jealous is to play hard to get. Playing hard to get can be tricky with a husband as you will be living with him, but you can still try not to be too available to him. This means you will need to act aloof and not fit into what he likes to do all the time. 

Start pulling away from him a little at home as well as going out more on your own and doing things that you like. Also if he asks you to do something with him, or to go along with him to an event, play hard to get by either saying no or maybe. Try to do this regularly enough that it shifts the balance in your relationship. 

One of the problems with marriage is that you can sometimes start to take each other for granted and fall into habits. The result can be that your husband is used to you doing things in one way which is why the spark in your relationship has fizzled a little. By not being so available to him all the time, you readdress those bad habits and start to make him feel like he has to work at the relationship a little more. 

2. Talk about other guys

Talk about other guys

In addition to playing hard to get, a common way to make him feel jealous is to talk about other guys or guy friends in front of your husband. This is easy to do if you have lots of guy friends, but if not, you can talk about work colleagues or friends’ husbands. It doesn’t have to be blatant comments that remark upon a crush you may or may not have on another guy - in fact, such musings probably aren’t the healthiest. 

However, just talking about another guy can sometimes be enough to make a guy’s ears prick up and notice that his partner is perfectly capable of starting a relationship elsewhere. Again, if your relationship has fallen into bad habits and you are taking each other for granted, you can easily forget that your partner is desirable to others. Talking about other guys or someone else to your husband is a good way of letting him know that you are still attractive to other people for a romantic or sexual connection

3. Make the most of your looks

Without a doubt, making the most of how you look is a great way to make your husband jealous. Plus it’s easy to do straight away. Always make sure that you are looking your best when you are around him and more importantly make the most of how you look before you go out without him - as long as he is there to see you leave. 

By making the most of your looks, you start sparking that sexual desire for you that may have been lacking for a while if you have been together for a long time. It is easily done and very common in a couple. 

If you don’t know how to make yourself look your best, simply take a look online at easy beauty and style hacks that can be simple tweaks in your appearance but make a huge difference. Also try to play to looks that you know your partner will like, as this can help spark lust between the two of you again. However, if you then are going out and socializing with others or playing hard to get whilst looking great, this is what can make him jealous. 

4. Start having new hobbies and interests

If you do not think that the above options are the right ones for you as ways to make a guy jealous, maybe think about learning a new skill or starting a new hobby. This can be anything that you like, but try to choose something that you know you will enjoy and have a natural affinity for. The reason that this is important is that you are more likely to stick to it and as a result spend more and more time away from your partner. This then makes you less available to him which is a way that you can start to make him jealous. 

Plus take this as a good opportunity to spend more time on yourself. In doing so you will really be helping your relationship in the long run too. If you are doing something that you like or love, you are more likely to be a happier person who does not devote all their time to their partner. You will gain confidence from this as a result that can help address the balance in your partnership.

5. Don’t always tell him where you are

A really easy approach to make him jealous is by being very elusive about where you are or where you have been. By adding an air of mystery to your movements, even if you are on a harmless girls’ night out, you are making yourself a far more alluring prospect again to your partner or husband. It’s an extension of playing hard to get as your husband is most likely used to knowing your every movement. If all of a sudden, he is unsure as to what you have been up to without him, he will start to worry and as a consequence try harder to see you. 

If from that point, you then continue to either play hard to get or not tell him where you are all of the time, this feeling will only be exaggerated within him. He may even think that you are with someone else which is really where feelings of jealousy can start to ensue. This can be good if things in your relationship have not been equal in terms of who loves who the most. 

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6. Flirt with his friends

A key way that helps create feelings of jealousy in a person, is to flirt with their guy friends. While this may not sit well with some, or it may even make others uncomfortable, remember a little harmless flirting does not really mean anything. However, your partner may start to take more notice of you again due to feelings of jealousy that come from seeing your flirtatious behavior with others. 

This can be very helpful to the longevity of your relationship as, if he has been taking you for granted beforehand, he will hopefully remember that he still has to try to make an effort with you. Even if you are both still in love with each other, it’s still important to keep that spark going and if you need to flirt with his guy friends to make him know what he is missing at times, then so be it. 

As a result, take every opportunity you can to really flirt with his mates to make him jealous. While it may not come easily to everyone, it may help your long term happiness in your relationship if things are starting to get a bit stale. 

7. Be vague about the future

You may like to try this method if you want to make your partner jealous. By being vague about the future and any future plans you have with him, he will stop taking it for granted that you will be there all the time. While marriage and serious partnerships are about knowing you will have the support of your loved one at all times, it is still important to feel wanted by your other half. 

This is why a little jealousy can sometimes be so helpful. Being vague about your future together can make your partner think about things in a different way, and approach his attitude towards your partnership in a more proactive way. Often, people want to make their partner jealous when really they want to know that they are still very much wanted in both a physical and emotional way. 

To be vague about the future, simply try to be as elusive as possible when it comes to making plans with your other half. If he asks you out to something directly, remember to tell him that you aren’t sure and that you might be doing something that day. This fits in well with the tack of not always letting him know where you are.

8. Respond to other people’s attention

Respond to other people’s attention

If you are not really comfortable flirting with your partner’s friends at any time, an easier way to make your other half jealous is simply to respond to other people's advances towards you. Therefore, if someone approaches you in a bar or at a party, or in any situation, remember to use it as an opportunity to make your partner know you are still attractive to others. He will most likely become jealous as he will not like seeing his partner flirt with other people - even if they did not instigate it. 

It’s a good time to remind your partner that he still needs to make an effort to keep you and his jealousy that will transpire from seeing you be attractive to other people is a good reaction that will encourage him to keep trying with you. He will hopefully like to change his ways and let you know more often how he feels about you and do a little more to keep the spark alive between the two of you. This may take some time, particularly if you have been together for a long while, but have patience and you’ll soon reap the rewards. 

9. Talk about a past relationship 

A good tactic to make a guy jealous at any time is to talk about a past relationship. If you have been together with a man for a while or you are married, things may have become a little mundane between the two of you as you feel you know each other too well. Referring to a past relationship can be a good method to get your partner to sit up and realize that your relationship still needs some active effort from him. 

You don’t have to refer to specific things or even refer to specific emotions, you can be as vague as you like to ensure that you are comfortable with what you are saying at all times, but the crucial point to remember is that he needs to be reminded that you are attractive to other people. By doing so, you will likely make him jealous of how another guy has managed to make you happy in the past. If you do this enough, you will likely remind him that it is possible for him to lose you if he doesn’t give enough effort to keep the magic alive between you both. 


How do I make my husband jealous?

There are many ways that you can make your husband jealous - many of which we mention above. The method that will succeed best at making him jealous is down to you. Make sure that you use the method that best appeals to what type of guy he is. 

How can I make my husband jealous and love me more?

You can employ a number of different ways to make your husband jealous with the hope of getting him to love you more. However, don’t immediately jump to using jealousy tactics if you want to improve your love connection. Talking to him may help too. 

How do I make him worry about losing me?

Getting a guy to worry about losing you can be done in a variety of ways, and the method that will work best will be down to you to realize. Different guys will react more strongly to different methods. Look at all our suggestions mentioned above and choose the one most suitable for your partner. 

How do you make a guy jealous and want you?

Making a guy jealous with the intention of wanting you physically is down to making the most of your appearance. You also need to ensure that you are not so available to him so that you make him chase you and crave your company as much as possible. 

How can I make my husband crazy about me?

Trying to make your husband crazy about you can be hard to do as it can be difficult to force someone to feel a certain way. However, you can try to make the most of your appearance as well as making sure you are an intriguing person to him. Try to find mutual hobbies and interests. 

The Bottom Line

Relationships will inevitably have their ups and downs over the course of a number of years or throughout a marriage. The happiest relationships are the ones that manage to get through the tough times. How each couple manages to do that is down to them, but some definitely do survive by keeping the spark alive between the two of them. 

Jealousy can be a very strong emotion that helps keep that spark alive and remind a couple of what made them fall in love in the first place. It can feel like you are playing games, trying to encourage feelings of jealousy in a partner, but being jealous can be a way of ensuring that the both of you continue to do your utmost not to lose each other. Bearing that in mind, if you feel that you and your partner are not appreciating each other as you once did, it may be helpful to try out a couple of the tactics we have suggested above.

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