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More than Friends With Benefits But Not A Relationship (21 Signs You Are More Than Just Friends With Benefits)

When you’re friends with a guy, the fundamental rule is to keep everything fun and casual, without catching feelings or thinking about taking the association to the next level. On the contrary, more often than none, we always end up breaking this rule.

Do you feel that everything has changed between you and this guy? Or perhaps, you’ve entered the stage where you’re more than friends with benefits but not a relationship? If you’re not particularly sure, then we’re here to help.

This article covers all the clues you need to know when determining whether your relationship with this guy has taken another turn. If you want to find out if a person you’re friends with benefits with, sees you as more than an associate, then continue reading.

21 Signs You Are More Than Friends With Benefits But Not In A Relationship

1. You can sense it

The primary reason why you’re here today is that you felt it in your gut that everything is more than friends with benefits but not a relationship. If you have that feeling, then there’s a high chance that you’re right. 

You’ve noticed some little signs throughout your friendship with them, and you can tell that everything is not the way they used to be. You won’t necessarily be able to explain the feeling, but it justifies most of the mixed-up feelings you’ve been having lately. With this explanation, you can have some closure.

2. There’s a little chemistry

there's a little chemistry

A particular portion of the signs you must have noticed that allowed your mind to conclude that everything has taken another step is the chemistry between you and your friend with benefit. At times, you’re all over one another, and it seems like the two of you are in sync. 

You have a unique type of synergy, and you merely can’t deny the chemistry. This scenario may not happen all the time, but those small moments go a long way to reveal that everything is truly not as they were before.

3. You have moments together

Similar to having chemistry, moments with a person you’re friends with benefits with, is indicative that everything has indeed improved but not to the point of a relationship. If there are awkward moments or silent moments where two of you catch a glance at one another and look away quickly, you can tell that everything is different. 

It’s far less about the benefit of the relationship, but more about how the two of you as individuals feel. Signs like these reveal there’s more to the relationship than you realize.

4. You call each other by your names

Most benefits relationships start with nickname calling, to avoid giving out real information about this guy. However, if things progress to the stage where both of you are not afraid to call each other by your names, then there are positive signs of improvement

Plus, if any of you know advanced details like middle names, then it shows it’s much more than a benefits relationship. Calling someone by their name is personal, and shows they regard you as more than their casual companion.

5. You want to hang out

If you’ve ever sent a text to the person you’re friends with benefits with, asking them to hang out, which is not necessarily a hookup, then it’s another positive sign. Benefits relationships are mostly only about sex. 

Still, when this stage gets to another level, to the point of wanting to spend time with one another without any strings attached, it shows both of you enjoy one another’s presence and are indeed more than friends with benefits. Spending time indicates you mean more to each other.

6. You miss each other when apart

If you can’t deny the fact that you miss this guy when they’re away, then it proves the point that everything has changed. More so, if they’ve ever texted or told you that they missed you, it affirms the fact that the relationship has taken another turn. 

Missing a person that you’re not mainly dating, shows that there’s more chemistry than the both of you are letting on. It shows that you’re not enjoying the physical aspects of being together, but you’re also enjoying the emotional connection you’ve built.

7. You spend your free time together

you spend your free time together

What do you do when you have some extra time on your hands? Do you feel the need to call this guy? Maybe to hang out or something? If they feel the same way too, and would contact you when they’re less busy, it shows there’s a bright side to your relationship with each other.

It also reaffirms that you have a higher degree of connection with them. Spending time with each other, even when you could be doing something else shows that everything has changed.

8. It isn’t always about sex

When you know and feel that it isn’t only about sex for both of you, then it’s a sign that you’re more than friends with benefits with this person. Both of you do almost everything like couples do, and can have casual conversations about random subjects.

These actions show your relationship with them has grown. They might message you before it’s late at night or time to hookup, and might stay around till the next day even after a hookup. These are signs to show that they regard you as more than a casual associate.

9. They check up on you

If this guy is calling or texting you to find out how your day went, or perhaps, how your interview or exam went, you should attest that everything isn’t the same. Knowing personal details about a casual associate shows a level of growth. 

They don’t just consider you as a hookup partner, but you’re something more to this person. It might not be a relationship yet, but you can place it merely as friends with benefits with this person. The level of familiarity you have together further proves this point.

10. You have each other’s backs

Reliability and trust only happen when an association has grown to a certain degree. Having someone’s back means that you’re not just an acquaintance but a friend. If this guy has your back when you need them, then it shows the relationship is more potent than you think. 

Likewise, if you’re always there when they need it, it’s a similar story. Having someone you can rely on is a sign of a brewing friendship, and when this happens with a casual associate, it shows there has been some improvement with this person.

11. You know one another’s dating history

You might know simple details about this guy like their age, name, and if they’re active on social media or not. On the contrary, knowing them to a greater extent, even to details about their love life, tells something more. 

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If you know about the past relationships they’ve been in, or if they’re currently going on new dates, then the association is something more than merely being casual. Letting someone into your private life or love life reveals a magnitude of trust with this person. It also shows you’re more to each other than benefit partners.

12. You’re not intimate with other people

You can tell when you’re more than friends with benefits with a person when you’re not seeing other people. It isn’t a coincidental act that you’re not intimate with anyone else. It’s somewhat intentional that you don’t feel the need to be with them. You’re comfortable with your association with this guy so much that you don’t want to be involved with other people. This phase is what makes the association more than being casual. You’re enjoying yourself, and you can’t deny it.

13. You’re connected on social media

you're connected on social media

In any FWB relationship, casual partners don’t fancy the idea of being connected on social media. They don’t want other people to find out about who they’re hooking up with. Therefore, liking, commenting, or sharing posts on social media will be somewhat impermissible. 

The primary way to know that your association is no longer casual is when the reverse is the case. You share posts with this guy online and are not afraid to like each other’s pictures. Even so, your heart doesn’t skip when you see a comment from them under your post.

14. Dating other people isn’t the same anymore

Have you been online dating since your association with this guy started? Have you gone on a few physical dates too? If none of these events felt the same way, then it means everything has changed since then. 

Dating doesn’t feel the same way because you’re comfortable in your association without even knowing it. There’s no pressing desire to be with someone, even though there’s nothing serious between you and this guy. That’s how you can tell everything isn’t so casual anymore.

15. You take photos together

If you’ve ever taken a picture with this guy, it shows that the association is somewhere in between friends with benefits and a relationship. In most cases, partners in an FWB relationship wouldn’t want to have lasting memories like pictures together. It’s more about living in the moment and having fun. 

On the other hand, when everything has advanced, you no longer consider living in the moment as a priority, which is why taking pictures together becomes easy. You’re enjoying your time together, but you’re also hopeful that he sticks around longer.

16. You get jealous

When you’ve unknowingly marked your territory, it shows that you’re no longer in the casual stage. You can tell you’ve set your domain by how jealous you get when you see this guy with someone else. If you get agitated that things between both of you are about to change, then it’s a sign the association has advanced into something more with this person. 

You’re no longer just there for the physical benefit, but you crave the emotional bond you’ve developed with them. Although nothing is official, you still want things to last longer than expected.

17. You have some clothing at their place

Another way you’ve unknowingly marked your territory is if you’ve left some of your clothes at his apartment. Likewise, if they’ve left some of their items at your place, it shows that everything has advanced beyond the casual stage. 

You’re already familiar with this person and trust them enough to leave your items with them. You also want things to last a while, which is why you don’t mind dropping your stuff at their place. All these might be happening naturally, but it’s a sign of a blossoming association.

18. You know each other’s families

Knowing his family seals the deal that everything is not just casual. You’ve crossed the barrier of being a mere friend with benefits. If you’re acquainted with any of his family members, or they’ve told you about them, it means that they don’t just regard you as their casual partner. 

Likewise, if this guy knows your family members or you’ve mentioned your loved ones to them, it shows that the association is blossoming into something more with this person. Nobody reveals their details except it’s with someone they trust.

19. You know each other’s friends

you know each other's friends

Another sure way to tell that you have more than a casual association with someone is when both of you know each other’s friends. It’s a sign that the association has grown into something more with this person. 

More so, if a friend has either told you about his friends or introduced you to any of them, then everything is no longer casual. Unknowingly, both of you rate your relationship higher than merely being benefit partners.

20. You have conversations without naughty sentiments

Suppose you can have a conversation with him, either through a phone call or by text, without including dirty statements, it’s a sign you have something more than a physical connection with this person. If an emotional bond has developed, it shows that the association is no longer casual. 

Whenever there’s an emotional attachment, you can expect a friendship to blossom into a more advanced association. If you can comfortably talk to your hookup partner like you do with your friends, then everything isn’t the same.

21. They’ve made comments about being together

Whether intentionally or while making jokes, if you or friend with benefits partner have ever brought up the topic of being together, then there’s more to the association than you can admit. It’s no longer about the benefit both of you are getting, but invariably, you’re both enjoying each other’s company enough to think about being together. 

No action has to accompany this statement. But as long as it was a feeling that they expressed, then everything is different.


How long can a friends with benefits relationship last?

An FWB relationship can last for months, but can also extend to years. It depends on the individuals involved and how they’re feeling at each point in time. They can decide to keep it going for as long as they please, but when it doesn’t feel right anymore, they can call it quits.

How do you tell if it’s more than friends with benefits?

There are ways to tell when everything has gone beyond a casual relationship. If you find yourself more emotionally connected to him more than before, and vice versa, then everything has changed. More so, if you’re comfortable revealing details about your life, the association is quite different.

Do guys fall in love with their friends with benefits?

Having sex with people ignites some intimate feelings towards them. Apart from the physical attraction, if an emotional connection further happens, it’s possible for any guy to fall in love with a friend with benefits.

How do you know if your FWB has feelings for you?

If your friend is comfortable opening up about their life to you, there’s a high chance they’re starting to have feelings for you. If they check up on you regularly, make more eye contact, and get a little jealous about your relationship with other people, then they like you.

What does ‘Friends With Benefits’ mean to a guy?

FWB to a guy means having sexual activities without the pressure of dating. Such actions are much different from hooking up because he’ll have an understanding with the person. On the other hand, a hookup might be a one-time event.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article? Remember that it’s common for an FWB association to advance over time because sex intimately connects two individuals. Therefore, it’s up to you and this person to decide how you want the relationship to be. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article, and share it with others.

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