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How To Be A Classy Lady In A Relationship (31 Ways)

Last updated on July 7, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

As much as many women desire to be classy, they feel it takes a lot to achieve that. But, in reality, it only takes a little effort and creativity to pull it off. Classy women don't struggle to be classy. They only become natural and try to flow with external circumstances in refined ways. 

Many people misconceive the concept of being classy, especially in relationships. It's not just about looking good and sophisticated but having an accommodating heart to accept people's lives. Classy women shouldn't be harsh to others, especially to their partners. 

Being classy also means being good in and out, touching the lives of people, and making your partner proud and comfortable to have you as his lady. 

Your composure also matters, especially when you're in a public place and you want them to see the best of you. To be a woman of class to your partner, society, and people in general, keep reading to know 31 ways to do this.

31 Ways To Be A Classy Woman In A Relationship

1. Love yourself

No matter what the situation may be, always love yourself first. There’s always that urge to place other people and their needs before yours. Try your best to minimize that urge, especially when your happiness is at risk. You can only look classy when you look vibrant and healthy.

Eat good food. Make a weekly to-do list of the fun things you’ll do to make yourself feel comfortable. Have a goodnight's sleep. Don’t forget your skin, face, and general physical appearance has to look good to complete your classy look. Discuss with your partner whenever you feel uncomfortable about a situation in your relationship. 

2. Be independent

Many women tend to forget all about independence. Always have this at the back of your mind. Men love independent women even though most of them may not say it. It’s okay to let your boyfriend or husband buy you things and take care of you. 

But, what makes you more attractive is trying your best to do the little things you can do by yourself. Have business ideas and create strategies to achieve them. Have some personal space and focus on your goals. You could ask your partner for help when necessary. This is how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

3. Maintain good hygiene

Naturally, everyone should maintain good hygiene, whether they’re male or female. So, as a classy lady, try your best to look and smell fresh. If you feel you sweat a lot, get good deodorants and body mists to keep your body smelling good. It could be a turn-off for a lady to walk into a public space or gathering and she’s smelling bad. 

No matter how pretty you are, it won’t tell well of you as a classy lady. This means it’s not just about your appearance or how well you wear makeup, but how well you smell. Brush your hair before leaving your house and brush your teeth so you don't have bad breath.

4. Treat your partner like a king

If you have to be a queen, you should treat your boyfriend as a king, too. No matter how classy you look, if your partner comes out looking bad, it also affects your looks. Give him suggestions whenever he asks and ask him questions to know how he’s doing, as often as you can. 

Subtly tell him when his outfit is not presentable enough for him to wear for an occasion. Correct him when it’s necessary and guide him when you think he’s going in the wrong direction. Romantic relationships that have classy women in them have the best-looking men. Support him and encourage him to accomplish his goals.

5. Have a broad intellectual knowledge of things

As a classy lady, you should have a broad intellectual knowledge about things. You should know a little about sports, science, technology, and general news updates. It would help you to relate with other classy people. It will also develop you as a person.

Read books, short articles, history, and get daily updates from the news as often as possible. It won't only help in the way you relate with people, but improve the way you approach situations, solve situations, and see life as a whole. It could be tiring, but you could do it one day at a time. This is how to be a classy lady in a relationship. 

6. Avoid being a drama queen

It’s normal for a lady to get angry over annoying things, fight, or get insecure about something suspicious. It’s also normal for a classy woman to do these things, but not to get dramatic with them. You, as a classy person could have an issue in your relationship and sort it without having to exaggerate it.

If you want to be classy, you should never make up things just to fight with your partner. Instead, try to solve it with your boyfriend, amicably. Communicate maturely. You could discuss it with him casually, or organize a date to say it. But, it should never be in your books to overreact dramatically. 

7. Don't overthink situations

dont overthink situations

This is a mistake many women make. They see something simple and begin to analyze it in different hurtful ways. If your boyfriend doesn't pick up your call, he may be busy trying to sort something out. It doesn't mean he's with another woman. The same thing applies to your friend and other loved ones. 

They could have done something unconsciously, not knowing it would hurt. It's in your place to discuss and clarify it with them. Let them know how you felt about their actions. Avoid building up unreal scenarios and having unnecessary conflicts with people. That's how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

8. Avoid too much jealousy

It's okay to be jealous, especially when you're a partner you're really in love with. It's also okay to feel uncomfortable when you see him with other women. But, you should minimize your jealousy. Don't let it get out of hand. That's because too much jealousy could push you to control your boyfriend, and a classy lady doesn't do that.

Whenever you feel uneasy seeing your boyfriend relate with other girls, tell him how you feel. This also means you should be flexible when he says he's uncomfortable seeing you with other guys, too. This is one thing you need to be a classy lady in a relationship.

9. Maintain a great posture

One of the first things people notice about you is your posture. A great posture and good body language in public naturally attract other people to you. They will make them want to talk, relate, or be associated with you. However, it's not something that will jump on you from above.

You need to practice it until it becomes a part of you. A classy woman should always think tall, with her tummy tucked in and her shoulders filled with elegance. It's a refreshing look that doesn't look arrogant but brings people closer to you. Additionally, a classy woman never looks clueless or like she's rushing somewhere.

10. Be polite to people

The first thing that would improve your relationship with other people is how polite you are to them. Practice empathy and see how you feel if you were going through the same situation. If someone does something embarrassing to you, subtly tell them.

The same thing applies when you want something from someone, especially your partner. Flirt with him for a bit, get him to calm down and get comfortable with you and ask for your heart's desire. Being polite to a man is one of the ways to get his attention and make him do something without having to stress so much.

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11. Don't be obsessed with materialistic things

The mistake people make is to think that being classy is about material things. But, in reality, it's more than that. It's okay to be in love with materialistic things, but don't be obsessed with them. You could love a particular clothing brand, but it doesn't mean you should stay hungry to get one of their products.

Make do with what you have, be content, and be as simple as you can be. It's okay to build fantasies, but don't overdo yourself to buy things that are too pricey for you to afford. Keep this in mind. It is how to be a classy woman in a relationship.

12. Be confident in all situations

One good pass for people is their confidence. Whether they're wrong or right in a situation, they still keep their heads high. Take a look at some celebrities, no matter the scandal they experience, they still have an online presence. This doesn't mean you should compare yourself to them.

But, you need to be confident. It will help you and your partner grow. Relationships with confident partners seem to be the ones many people look up to. This means that you automatically create boundaries and create an invisible filter to prevent people from talking carelessly to you. That's having high self-esteem and it's how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

13. Set and maintain boundaries in your relationship

As you're trying to maintain a classy look, externally, you should also do that internally. Classy people have and maintain boundaries. It doesn't matter if it's with their partners or not. Let your partner know your boundaries. This doesn't mean you both would be mechanical about it. 

It doesn't also mean you don't love him or you're not romantic. It's a way of avoiding future misunderstandings or conflicts. It also makes both you and your partner respect each other and still have the best relationship you can think of. This is what classy ladies do in their relationships.

14. Be brave, courageous, and fearless

be brave courageous and fearless

A classy person is brave. Don't get this wrong. Being fearless doesn't mean you should go out there and commit a crime or disobey societal laws. It doesn't also mean you should go looking for trouble or bullying other people. Being fearless means believing in yourself and not letting anyone put you down.

Build your courage. Walk up to people you know would add more value to your life and strike a conversation. If you're afraid to do this, always remember that the worst thing that can happen is rejection. You should be afraid of that. If necessary, encourage your partner to do so, too. That's how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

15. Take care of yourself and your needs

Always remember, it's you first before any other person. Your partner can only get the best of you if you're happy. You can only help and give listening ears to other people when your mental health is great. So, go ahead and make a bucket list of your fantasies. 

Create a long list of your needs and feel good about them. It doesn't matter if you achieve them or not. Get some ‘me’ time whenever you need space away from people. If you feel you have some toxic people around, try to cut them off. To be a classy person, you need to take care of your needs.

16. Respect other people and their opinion

Like you would dislike someone else interfering with your decisions, you should also respect other people's opinions. Sometimes, people love to contribute to the success of things. So, if you don't feel good about their opinion, don't make them feel bad about it. Just listen and move on.

If it's their business, try not to bring up suggestions except if they ask you to. And if you do, don't force it on them. Tell them what you think about their situation and let things be. As minor as it may seem, this is how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

17. Don't hold on to the past

Many things happen to people. Some are hard to let go of, while others are not. As a classy person, you need to let go of your sad past. It doesn't matter how little or major it is, it's necessary to heal from it for the benefit of your mental health.

If you wish, you could go for therapy. Do the things you know would take your mind off it. Whether you know it or not, sometimes when your past comes hunting, it affects you as a person. That includes your way of thinking, how you dress, and the general way most people perceive you.

18. Watch your ego

Ego is something people have unconsciously. While some people build it up over time, others don't know they have it. Don't get this wrong. Ego is not bad, but it could be destructive if not managed the right way. So, you could have an ego but control it. Use it only when it's necessary.

When you meet someone you would like to talk to, go ahead and start a conversation with them. Don't wait for them to notice and approach you first. Admit when you're wrong about something and apologize. Men love women that do this, which is even what makes you more classy.

19. Don't feel insecure

There are numerous beautiful women out there. But, you should remember that every lady is unique in her way. Your beauty, skills, and life can never be the same as someone else's. So, you should know your self-worth as a person. Appreciate yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire what you see there. 

Your partner may have many female friends. If you trust him, this shouldn't be any problem at all. Look at them as being beautiful in their way and not a competition against you. When things make you feel this way, appreciate your strengths and move on. This is what will make you classy in your relationship.

20. Be original in everything you do

It could be tempting to follow in the footsteps of many popular celebrities out there. But, what makes you more attractive is coming up with your unique signature. This includes how you talk to people, think and approach situations, and how you relate with people, generally.

It also includes your body language and how you respond to things in public. When you're original, you get to spend fun times with your partner. You become natural in everything you do. As a classy woman, you should be vulnerable with your partner and let him in to know the real you. This is how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

21. Avoid comparing yourself to your partner or other people

avoid comparing yourself to your partner or other people

Classy women don't compare themselves to other people. They remain focused on their successes and strive to become a better version of themselves. Classy ladies take correction from other people's mistakes and good lifestyles to better themselves. 

If you need to compete, do that with yourself and work on your weaknesses. Additionally, they don't compare their partners to other men. Instead, they take time to build their boyfriends to become better, gradually. Classy ladies take it easy on their men. They emphasize their partners’ strengths and encourage them to keep moving without giving up. 

22. Be firm about your opinion

To be classy, you should learn to say something and stand by it. Don't be indecisive. People will always come up with different suggestions on how to live your life or approach certain things. Try to stick to your opinion, especially if you feel right about it. As a classy lady, nobody should intimidate you.

If you think the world should go black because it's too green, stick to it. Everyone has the right to have an opinion as long as it doesn't affect the next person. When your partner says something and it doesn't sound okay to you, let him know you don't agree with him. That's how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

23. Maintain good manners

It's quite easy to forget your etiquette these days. That's because people care less about them. Most people feel you should be carefree about your life as much as you want. But, you should be careful about how you do this. Good manners include the way you behave when talking to people, table manners, and many others.

You should remember to thank people, apologize when you're wrong, and offer to give a helping hand to anyone you can help. You should also be nice to people, whether they're in the same work class as you or not. This is what makes people see you as a well-mannered lady. 

24. Remember to keep your dignity high

Dignity is knowing and understanding that you're not needed in an environment and staying off. It doesn't matter if it's your partner, close friends, or family members. What makes you different is when you don't beg for anybody's love or attention. 

Also, even when you're in a relationship and your partner seems to make you less of his priorities, let it go. Don't start trying to do things that would make you look desperate for his love. Instead, find other alternatives. The same thing applies when people reject. Take it as one of those phases you need to go through in life.

25. Be positive to people

Being positive to people involves a lot. You should try your best to sound subtle and considerate. It's nice to be truthful when correcting people, but try not to be blunt or harsh to them while at it. Always compliment people and make them feel comfortable talking to you. 

Don't use curse words. Use subtle words and watch their expressions when saying something to know if they're okay with it or not. Be welcoming, so they can easily walk up to you and see you as one of the role models. That's how to be a classy lady in a relationship.

26. Keep an open heart and mind

One of the key skills for survival is keeping an open heart and mind. Avoid criticizing other people. See them for who they are and look at every individual as a unique being. Listen to them to see if you can learn anything from them. If they advise you to do something, don't openly reject it, instead, thank them for such amazing care.

Listen to other people's experiences. Be open to different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles. If people tell you about their pasts, don't judge them for making certain decisions. These are the things that will make you a lady of class in your relationship. Don't forget, your opinion is not always right.

27. Be selfless

Selflessness is one virtue many women lack. There's always the urge to do things that satisfy you more, which is not a bad thing. But, you should remember you're not the only person in the whole world. Sometimes, You should try to do things to help other people live a better life. 

You may not directly help people, you could ask others to do it. For instance, you could source funds to help the needy. Or, you could be a voice to people who can't be heard in society. But, you should do this at your own pace. This could sound simple, but you need it if you want to be a lady of class.

28. Be an articulate speaker

be an articulate speaker

As a lady of class, you should have the ability to speak to different people. You should start a conversation on any topic and be bold to keep it going. This means you can talk to anyone you meet or come across in a new environment. You could survive in any situation you find yourself in, whether good or bad.

Additionally, being an articulate speaker means you're fluent, confident in anything you say, and have ways of expressing yourself without hurting someone else. As a lady of class, you have an advanced vocabulary, you're sure of your facts, and would not be intimidated by anyone’s opinion or contrasting facts.

29. Keep a small circle of friends

One of those things that make you special to yourself and others is having a small circle of friends. The smaller the number of people you relate with, the better for your mental health and life as a whole. You'll have more time to reflect on your goals and have a good rest.

When you have too many friends, you begin to have an unstable life. That's because you may want to please them by living a life you're not comfortable with. Instead, have many business partners or people you know would add more value to your life. That's one way to be a lady of class.

30. Have a good sense of humor

A good sense of humor makes everything right. Imagine meeting your woman crush and she's everything elegant and fun to be with. That's a breath of fresh air. Everyone likes humor. Even your partner would love you more because you make him laugh.

At the same time, your humor should come at the right time. It shouldn't be to ridicule someone or make fun of them, openly in public. It should be pure from your experiences, a funny happening, or something you know everyone can relate to. If the inspiration doesn't come for you to be funny, you could just stay quiet and look for something to keep you busy.

31. Dress well

Not every rich lady looks classy, but every classy lady looks rich. You may think you need to be rich to appear classy. But, in reality, you need to keep it as simple and unique as possible. It's easy. Try your best to wear a dress or clothes that fit in an occasion. Watch the color combination. 

Wear a dress you're comfortable in. Don't wear clothes to intimidate people and try your best to stand out, positively. As long as you take care of your skin, keep your makeup minimal, except the occasion demands otherwise. The clearer your natural face, the more beautiful and classy you look.


How does a classy woman behave?

A classy woman is welcoming, friendly, and open-hearted to people. She doesn't transfer aggression to other people no matter how bad her mood may be. As a classy woman, your attitude will show in the way you relate with your partner, and in how well you treat yourself. You'll dress beautifully and be more presentable.

How can you tell if a girl is classy?

A classy girl would speak intelligently to everyone she meets, regardless of age or race. She’ll accept compliments from people without downgrading herself. A classy girl is not a drama queen and won't create issues from a minor thing. She is the queen of her world and a good role model to other people.

How should a lady behave in a relationship?

A lady should be accommodating in a relationship. She should have the heart to compromise enough to make her partner comfortable. She should learn from her mistakes and move forward as fast as she can. A lady should listen to her partner and communicate as often as he can.

What makes a woman elegant?

There are numerous things that make a woman elegant. To mention a few; the way she talks, walks, behaves in public, and treats other people. An elegant woman watches her tone and words when speaking, and she says only facts she’s sure of. She has great etiquette education and applies them accordingly.

How do you behave elegantly?

Don't do the things that would embarrass you or your loved ones. Maintain good manners and respect other people's boundaries. Speak eloquently and minimally. Make sure you wear a dress you're comfortable in and it should speak well of you. These are a few ways how to behave elegantly.

In Conclusion 

Being a classy lady in your relationship is not rocket science. It's a simple and natural thing you can integrate into your daily life. For a good start, you could use the 31 ways I've mentioned. Feel free to drop your comments and share this article with someone if it adds positively to your thoughts. 

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