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He Hasn't Texted Me In Over 3 Days (Should I Text Him?)

Your man hasn’t texted you in over three days and you’re wondering what to do…

Perhaps you’re worried that the romance is over for good... 

Maybe you’re searching for ways to revive the conversation without coming across as desperate and needy…

If so, you’re in the right place. 

The article below explains the reasons why men might delay texting you back for so long, and what you can do in each situation.

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In the meantime, read on to find out how to turn your texting problem around…

Why hasn’t he texted you back?

Like I said above, there are lots of reasons that people don’t text back. Be honest with yourself, how many times have you left a message and not replied for a few days? Probably quite a lot, and it wasn’t because you didn’t like the person that had texted you. So, firstly cut your man some slack. I don’t say this often, but when I do, I mean it.

Unless you have solid evidence to believe he is seeing someone else or doesn’t like you anymore, do not let these be your first assumptions. Towards the end of the article, we will of course touch on the fact that he might not be into you and hence the reason for his tardy replies. However, for the first four points listed below, you have to know that these are all reasonable explanations for him not texting you, and they don’t mean that he doesn’t like you.

1. He is busy.

This is the most obvious explanation, and it could be the right one. Did you ever just stop and think that he might be busy? He might be having a stressful time at work, be away with his friends or be spending time with his family. People get busy, and then the time they spend on their phones takes a hit. Surely, it’s kind of a great thing that he is so busy in his life, it means that he is accomplished, and things are happening for him. Even though it might seem difficult for you to not get a reply from the only person you want to speak to, you kind of have to deal with it if the reason is that he’s run off his feet with something else.

If you know that he likes you, then you don’t have any reason to worry. You simply need to be supportive of him and appreciate that he is having a busier time than you are right now.

It’s also important to add that men are not good at doing two things at once. So, even though you might be great at working to a deadline and sending meaningful and long messages, he would probably only be able to focus on one or the other. Whatever is more urgent at that time for him to do will take precedence over messaging you back.

2. He is dealing with a bigger and more important situation right now.

This might sound similar to the point above, and it will be in the sense that he is simply too busy to speak to you right now. However, he might be dealing with an issue that is much bigger than a work deadline. Do you know of anything that has happened to him recently? He might not have even mentioned anything to you. Maybe he has lost someone he cared about, or he is being a pillar of strength and support for someone he loves going through a hard time? It doesn’t matter what the smaller details are, but if your man is dealing with a more important situation, then he will obviously not be texting you back. He is going to all consumed with whatever is going on in his physical world at that moment.

Similarly, he might not be in a good mind frame right now, and he might just want some space from everyone, including you. He isn’t ignoring you because he doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to speak to you. He will not be texting you back because he might just want to be alone right now, or he might not want to burden you with his problems, especially if you are a new couple.

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3. We all communicate differently. 

Firstly, men and women, in general, communicate very differently. Generally, as women, we want to keep speaking to the person that is on our mind, even if we aren’t speaking about very much. We just want to be in touch with them, know what is going on in their world and how they feel. Men on the other hand, generally, like to talk if they know they are going to gain something out of it. I’m not talking about men being selfish and gaining something from women, I simply mean that men see communication as a tool. They use communication to either tell us something important to them or to organize when to next see each other.

This concept can be really difficult for women to grasp because most of us like to speak a lot. However, once you understand that this is the case, you will have fewer expectations.

As well as the stark differences between genders in the way we communicate, individual people also communicate differently. Maybe your man just communicates differently to the way you do. Some people just don’t like to text, and you won’t be able to change that.

4. He isn’t in a committed relationship with you yet.

Are you and the man you are interested in together? Are you actually in a monogamous relationship with each other? If you are not, then he might just not feel the need to speak to you all day, every day. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, but he might just not realize that you want to speak to him all the time or that you expect him to text you back straight away.

If you’re not officially together, then perhaps your expectations of him are too high. If you are in the early stages with him, you might not want to expect too much from him. If you do, then you might come off as clingy and desperate, which is one-hundred percent a turn off for a man.

When you are in a fully committed relationship with him, that is when you can start to lay down what you think is acceptable, together. You will then probably come to a natural agreement about texting, and how long it should take for the other person to reply.

5. He’s not into you.

This might be one of the first conclusions that you come to when your man hasn’t text you back in a few days, and unfortunately, it could be true. Although there are many other reasons, like the ones mentioned above, for him to not text you back, you need to understand that this could be one of them.

If the man you are interested in has stopped texting you, it might be because he doesn’t feel the same about you anymore. He will be showing you that he is uninterested by not replying and hoping that you will get the message (even though there wasn’t one, huh). However, if he doesn’t like you there will be other signs to look out for too, and you will probably just be able to feel it in your gut. So, do you feel it? Has he stopped asking to meet up with you or canceled your last few dates? If your answer to these two questions is yes, and he hasn’t text you back in days, you can be sure that he isn’t that interested in you anymore. I know it can be heartbreaking, but you might need to accept that this is the truth.

I must say that this is an immature way to try and break things off with someone, and no grown man should do this. If he isn’t into you, then he would have probably texted you to let you know, or even better, told you in person. That’s why you shouldn’t jump to this conclusion straight away if he hasn’t texted you.

What should you do? Text him or not?

After reading some of the possible explanations of why your man hasn’t texted you back, you might have decided on one. If so, that’s great, because we are now going to take a look at how you should respond.

If he is just busy.

If you think that your man is just busy, it could be probable that he has missed your text message and hasn’t thought any further of it. My advice would be that you can text him again if he hasn’t replied within five days of your last text. You should say something along the lines of, “I know you must be so busy, but I’m just checking in to see that you are doing ok.” This shows that you care about him and you’re making sure he is doing good, but you are intruding on his life. He will appreciate the time you have taken to think about him, and you will probably find yourself with a call or text back from him shortly after.

He is dealing with a bigger and more important situation right now.

If you know or suspect that your man is dealing with something important or more serious right now, you can give him some time alone. This might be exactly what he needs. If he still hasn’t got back to you within four or five days, you might want to check that he is dealing with everything as well as he possibly can. If you are worried about him, you can express this to him and just tell him that you are here for him if he needs to talk. He’ll appreciate you being so loving and kind, without getting too involved.

We all communicate differently.

If you suspect that your man just communicates differently to the way that you do or the way you want him to, then you probably shouldn’t text him again. He will probably take a little bit more time getting back to you than you would like him to, but he will reply nonetheless if he likes you. In the future, you might want to try and communicate less with him so that you don’t come off as clingy or desperate and start making more plans together in real life. He might react better to this.

He isn’t in a committed relationship with you yet.

If you suspect that the man you like isn’t replying to you because you aren’t in an official relationship together yet, then you shouldn’t text him. Firstly, if you do want it to blossom into a relationship then you don’t want to scare him away by coming off too strong. Also, you don’t really have any right to expect him to act in a certain way, because you aren’t together yet.


He’s not into you.

After you have had a think about your man’s other behaviors, you might have concluded that he just isn’t that into you. As hard as this might seem, you should not text him and you should just try to let it go. If he was into you, then he would’ve eventually texted you back with an explanation as to why he replied slowly. If not, then he isn’t worth your time. You can see it as a blessing in disguise because you can move forward ready for a better relationship in the future.


I hope this article has helped you figure out why your man hasn’t texted you back, and what your response should be to him.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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