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Farting In A Relationship (13 Things To Expect When You’ve Reached The Farting Milestone)

People wait their entire lives for that one person who will make them feel special and irreplaceable. Sometimes, you have to hold on to that hope for a long time even if you doubt that your better half will find you.

When you finally find that significant other, you’ll be surprised at what can make or break the relationship. When you first begin the relationship, you’re all giddy yet cautious because you want this to be the last ride through the dating fast lane. 

However, to get to the personal level of commitment, you need an icebreaker which, if you’re lucky, will be just a small hurdle. 

That icebreaker can happen when you start farting in front of your boyfriend. Farts are a regular part of humans’ daily activities and are perfectly okay. You can’t sooner control your bodily functions such as passing out gas than you would the rising or setting of the sun.

Meaning, these natural activities will take place whether you like them or not. Does that now mean that you should start feeling comfortable with someone you’re just dating that you fart uncontrollably? Of course not.

Rather than politely cut your fart off when you’re with your partner, you can excuse yourself. It is worse for you to put your health in danger because you want to look dignified. However, the moment you decide to fart in front of your boyfriend, you are making a statement that you’ve reached a new level of comfortability with him.

Have you always found it hard to express vulnerability through your farts in your other relationships? Do you like this new guy so much that you want him to know everything about you, including the sound your fart makes? Then, read this article to the end to see what to expect at the farting stage.

13 Things To Expect When You’ve Reached The Farting Milestone 

1. Your relationship will take a new turn

One thing you can be sure of when you start releasing farts around your significant other is that your relationship dynamic will change. You’ll both probably move from the merely dating stage to the committed stage. 

You will no longer deal with certain things the same way. You’ll see him a bit differently because you’ve let him in deeper than before. It is not about you farting, but the significance behind your action. 

If you have been waiting for him to make the first move to break the awkwardness in the relationship and fart your worries might be for nothing. If you already know him to an extent, you might realize that he’d simply make light of the funny situation and take things up from there.

2. You will be more open with each other

you will be more open with each other

When you fart in front of someone you’re dating, you will undoubtedly become more informal and open with them. If you used to be conservative about some topics, the fact that you have let out one or two farts will make it ridiculous to remain formal about some things.

Even if you are still at the talking stage, if both of you know you like each other deeply, the relationship will move up to the commitment level, and you will allow yourself to be free around him. 

Rather than feel terrible about it, you will laugh at each other because the attraction is still there, and one fart won’t take that away.

3. One of you says the magical words

Once you get the courage to fart in front of your significant other, it is a sign that you trust him not to berate you about it. It means the relationship is about to cross the small hurdle of uncertainty into a conviction that you want to be with this person. You or he are most likely to say the 3 magic words, ‘I love you’, at this point. 

Meanwhile, creating a fart barrier in the presence of your boyfriend isn’t a good thing because you’re delaying a natural body activity. The more you create a fart barrier, the more you harm your body and create a negative chain reaction in your system.

Also, you will be prolonging diving into the deep end of the relationship because you’re afraid he will disapprove. If you don’t trust him well enough, don’t politely cut your fart short all the time. Instead, you can excuse yourself and do your business outside or in the toilet.

4. Things might get weird if you’re both not on the same page

While farting is one of the funny natural occurrences every human experiences, you shouldn’t fart in front of a guy you like but are unsure of how he feels about you. If he is somewhat your significant other, but neither of you has put a specific tag on the relationship, you might want to be careful about gassing up the whole place when he is around.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for farting but someone who isn’t crazy about you won’t find it cool to hear or smell your fart. Don’t hold in your fart, but be a bit discreet about it.

5. Your partner starts expecting more from you

Farting in the presence of your significant other can open up the door to more expectations. Your partner can easily assume he now has access to every part of your life. At different points, happy couples agree to move to the next level of the relationship without saying anything.

However, you cannot maintain some level of individuality if you don’t set certain boundaries. So if you were expecting your man to think farting is gross, he might just laugh it off quickly and see that as an opening for other expectations he already had before now.

On the other hand, if he claimed to be grossed out by the act, then both of you are yet to form true intimacy. You can decide to deal with the issue or decide if it’s a deal-breaker for you. After all, if he is grossed out by your fart, how would he react to your sanitary pads or tampons?

6. You stop hiding your other quirks from him

you stop hiding your other quirks from him

In light of the revelation of one of life’s funny natural occurrences, you will most likely reveal your other quirks to the guy you’re dating. After all, what’s left to hide? If your significant other is chill about you farting, he would be interested in the ‘not so natural’ things you have up your sleeves.

You will also allow him to reveal himself more to you. This kind of openness allows both of you to know your level of tolerance for different behaviors and actions. 

Whether or not the relationship lasts, you’ll have the advantage of expression, while it lasts.

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7. He might make the move for a more permanent relationship

From farting openly, to revealing each other’s quirks, your actions might appeal to each other’s sense of delight so much that you move from regular dating to consider a permanent relationship.

To allow this transition to happen, you need to accept that it is normal to let out farts unexpectedly. Your reaction to your first unplanned fart in your partner’s presence can range from funny to humiliating, but he won’t be any less charmed by you.

If he claimed to be offended about it, he’s probably not the one for you. Farting is a human thing to do, and even if he feels embarrassed at the unexpected action, it is more of a funny situation than a humiliating one.

8. Some of the scales might fall from your eyes

When you fart in front of your significant other, it can lead to certain revelations. Such a seemingly insignificant act can make you realize that you’ve been unnecessarily stuck up around him. You might realize that you’ve been pretending to enjoy the sex when you’ve been merely tolerating it. 

Most happy couples agree to be open with each other about everything in the relationship, but that is not always the case. If you have to explain to your partner why you released a fart in the middle of a conversation, something is not right.

As such, you might begin to question other things that aren’t adding up in the relationship. 

9. The farting stage can determine the next step for both of you

the farting stage can determine the next step for both of you

The dating period can be funny because the most irrelevant things can lead to a breakup before a proper relationship can commence. If you fart and claim responsibility for the foul air, he might laugh it off.

If he didn’t consider it funny, he might feel irritated and withdraw from you. Yes, farting can be gross but it’s a normal part of life. 

It doesn’t mean you’re imperfect if he breaks up with you because you allow your body to do what it needs to do. It just means he never liked you enough in the first place. 

10. He might not like it, but he won’t be disgusted either

If you’ve been worried about how your partner will react if you fart in his presence, your past relationships might be having a negative influence on you. Eventually, you’ll realize that there was no need to explain why you had to let your flatulence loose spontaneously.

Any guy who claimed to stop finding you attractive before you farted in his presence is probably the wrong guy.

11. Both of you might get complacent about the relationship

There is nothing wrong with breaking wind around your significant other for the first time, but be mindful of both of your reactions afterward. Do you start acting like an old couple who are so comfortable around each other that there’s no room for improvement in the relationship? 

Passing gas is inevitable and healthy, but don’t let this reflex action put you in a ‘too relaxed’ state that you no longer work on your relationship.

12. You won’t feel the need to impress him all the time

One of the things that farting in front of your significant other does is to connect both of you to each other's sense of humor. Once the iceberg of leftover formality is broken, you can be yourself in the relationship. 

You will no longer feel the need to impress him unnecessarily. However, remember that you shouldn’t get too comfortable that you won’t put in the required effort to continue making your relationship work. 

13. Your relationship will definitely not be boring

your relationship will definitely not be boring

Farting in front of your significant other isn’t the end of the world. Most happy couples are comfortable with doing everything together, including farting in front of each other.

True intimacy starts when both of you relate on a personal level you don’t allow others to see. As such, farting openly around each other means you’re willing to have fun in the relationship. 


Is farting OK in a relationship?

It is very okay to fart in front of your partner and no, it doesn’t make you look less attractive to him. 

Does farting make your relationship stronger?

Farting doesn’t necessarily play a direct role in keeping your relationship going, but it allows the kind of openness that makes relationships stronger.

Why does my boyfriend fart a lot?

Consistent farting can be natural after eating certain foods. However, if you’re in a relationship with someone who farts uncontrollably, it’s okay to begin to think there’s something wrong with his digestive system. Advise him to see a doctor. 

Why does my boyfriend keep farting at me?

If your boyfriend doesn’t only fart in front of you, but also on you, it’s a good sign you’ve both reached a personal level of comfortable understanding in the relationship. Half of the time you’re mad at him, but you might still consider it silly in a comical way. 

Is farting good for your spouse?

Yes, farting is a very necessary bodily function. You should never make your partner stifle his farts just because it grosses you out.

In Conclusion

Most women in a new relationship think farting will make them look less attractive to their boyfriends but that’s not true. The reality is that it’s just a small hurdle which makes you human and allows a guy to know you on a more personal level. This natural body action can surprisingly lead to different changes in a relationship, including whether he felt comfortable with you or whether you want to stay with the person or not. 

To truly know someone on a more personal level, talking and good communication is best.

Did you find this post enjoyable? Please drop a comment below and share the post with someone else. 

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