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Drunk Texts To Ex (41 Ways To Recover From Them)

Did you send a drunk text to your ex?

Are you mortified?

Would you like to know how to recover from this situation?

This guide will help you do that. It features 41 ideas to help you move on and continue living a great life.

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We all make mistakes in life - and I’m happy to help you recover from this one! Read the following list carefully and apply as many of the tips as you can.

Why You Sent A Drunk Text And What To Do Now

Now that you have sent them, it’s too late. The drunk text is already out there. It can cause relationship problems, which could be on his end or in your very own relationship. However, you already know that. 

If you can’t undo what is done, it’s time to look deeper into that drunk text. Learn why you did it. Then, make sure that you have a graceful recovery from whatever alcohol made you say. These 41 things are going to be your complete guide to both understanding your drunk text and moving past it.

1. Read Your Text Messages

If you sent a drunk text or fifty last night, you have to read them. It can be embarrassing, but you need to know what you said. It doesn’t matter whether it was a booty call, wishing him death, or crying that you want him back, you still need to know. These messages can come up later, and you’ll want to. 

2. Be Quiet

After you read them, let them silently marinade in your mind. Do not text him again. He’s already heard plenty of what your drunk self thought and felt. He doesn’t need a sudden explanation from sober you, especially if you’re still feeling embarrassed. 

3. Delete His Number

You already drunk texted him and embarrassed yourself once, so you need to protect your sober self from the actions of your drunk self in the future. Deleting his number will guarantee that you don’t make the same mistake twice. 

4. Distract Yourself

distract yourself

Granted, you do need to delve into what made you send that drunk text, but recovery comes first in this situation. You won’t think rationally if you are feeling embarrassed or still upset. You need to work through your immediate feelings first. Go out for lunch or to the movies with friends. Call your mom and cry about it. Whatever you need to do. 

5. Apologize If Your Text Messages Warrant An Apology

Did you say something really mean? Say something that you didn’t mean? If you did, it can be okay to offer an explanation and apology. Telling your ex that you want to get back together after you broke his heart or that you wish something bad happens to them are both examples that call for an apology. 

6. You Can Lie To Get Out Of It

If it’s something truly embarrassing you can lie to get out of it. Swear it was your friend. Most people won’t believe you, but it can save you the embarrassment of having to deal with it. 

7. Blame It On The Alcohol

We all do and say stupid things when we’re drunk! (Including the drunk text…)

8. Ask Your Friends For Advice

They know you better than anyone. If this is going to eat you up until you talk to your ex about it, they’ll know better than anyone. 

9. Runaway From It

It’s not the most mature thing to do, but do whatever you want in your situation. Change your number. Block him on social media. And pray he doesn’t tell anyone. 

10. Solve Problems In Your Relationship Before They Start

Drunk texting your ex can make your boyfriend feel like you are still in love with your ex. Own up to what happened and have a serious conversation before he finds out from someone else, which will make relationship issues worse. 

11. Dig Deep To Understand Why You Did It

You miss him. You were horny and he’s great in bed. You hate him. Whether you want to admit it or not, there was a reason behind that drunk text. Find it. 

12. Get Closure

get closure

If you still have feelings for him, that could instantly lead to drunk texting your ex. It’s time to get the closure that you still desperately need. 

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13. What Do You Miss About Them?

Get brutally honest with yourself. If you were missing them, it’s because you miss a certain thing about them. Maybe they made you feel desired, they were amazing in the sack or they simply made you feel beautiful. These are things we usually miss, not the person. 

14. Ignore Comments From Everyone Else

If he shared the text messages, don’t comment on anything another person says. 

15. Blame It On The Recent Breakup

If you just broke up, say that’s the reason they were still in your brain. 

16. Brace Yourself For Backlash From Their Girlfriend

If he’s involved, mentally prepare yourself for that phone call. 

17. Content Is Important

Make sure to pay attention to the content of your text. A simple hey message can mean nothing. It doesn’t matter how your drunk self meant that one-word text, blow it off. 

18. Claim You Left your Phone At The Bar

This actually happens, and whoever finds it can have some fun with it. 

19. Don’t Fear Judgment

We all get worried when we do something risky, and part of that is worrying about what other people will think. Don’t. People judge everyone anyway. 

20. Look At The Positives

look at the positives

You finally said what you have been wanting to!

21. Resume No Contact

If you were doing no contact with your ex, try to get back to it. 

22. Your Happiness Is More Important Than A Text Message

Don’t let this ruin your week, or even your day. Instead, focus on your happiness

23. Don’t Let Your Ex-Boyfriend Get To You

If he wants you back, he’ll try to rationalize that drunk text or open the door to communicating with each other again. Don’t let it happen. 

24. Limit Alcohol In The Future

Limiting how often you get drunk will also make drunk texting less likely. 

25. Give Your Phone To Your Friends

Before you head out for the night, give your phone to your friends to eliminate the possibility of drunk texting. 

26. Read Their Response

If you sent your ex-lover a heartfelt “I miss you” message, maybe they miss you too but didn’t want to say it?

27. Accept That You’re The Ex-Girlfriend

Drunk texting is a signal that you haven’t moved on yet. It’s time to accept that you’re his ex-girlfriend and move on with your life. 

28. Don’t Let It Ruin Your Life

don't let it ruin your life

Even if you sent a raunchy nude and he put you on blast in a group chat. It doesn’t matter. Brush it off by saying “we all do dumb things” and move on. 

29. Don’t Withdraw

When we’re embarrassed we tend to withdraw from friends and family. Don’t. You need them more now to help you through this situation than you did before!

30. Meditate

Practicing mindfulness can help us gain more control over our actions, which can help prevent drunk texting. 

31. Control Your Emotions

When you practice releasing emotions in a healthy way, it can help you control your emotions regularly. This means it’s less likely that they are going to spill out when you’re having fun with your friends. 

32. Address Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean sucking them up so you appear to be in control. It means that you’ll need to address your emotions. Get closure when you need it. Deal with emotions like sadness and anger in a healthy manner. 

33. Make Sure You Don’t Have A Problem With Alcohol

If you find yourself consistently doing things that you regret when you’re intoxicated, this is a sign that you have a problem with alcohol. Take a good look at your history of drinking and self-destructive behaviors to determine if you need help with alcohol addiction. Asking friends or family for their opinion is a wonderful idea. 

34. Give Yourself A Limit, And Stick To It

If you’re planning on hitting up the bar, give yourself a limit on how many drinks you’re going to have. Then, make sure that you stick to it. Assign a sober friend to hold you accountable if you have to. This can help you resist the urge to send a text or two to your ex. 

35. Leave Your Phone At Home

Before you head out for the evening, prevent drunk texting by leaving your phone at home or with a person that you trust. You might have a better time not being glued to your phone all night!

36. Accept Responsibility

accept responsibility

It can be easy to run from the situation, whether it be alcohol or a message to your ex when it comes to other people. Don’t run from it when it comes to yourself though. You need to accept responsibility for your actions, even if you only do it with yourself. 

37. Find The Issue

There are a lot of issues it could be, and most of them are mentioned in this list. It might be that you haven’t accepted that you’re his ex-girlfriend yet. It could be that you are not sexually satisfied with your current love interest. Whatever led you to hit up your ex-lover, figure it out. 

38. Address The Issue

A lot of these tips cover several different issues, whether it be drinking too much, missing your ex-lover, or simply wanting to feel desired. Whatever the issue is, make sure you address it. Once you deal with your own inner feelings, you will quit being the one to send your ex a message every night at the bar. 

39. Find A New Distraction

If you’re still hurt, don’t want to be the ex-girlfriend, or are simply still too infatuated with your ex to move on, find a distraction. Obsess over a new hobby, like making candles. Throw yourself into work for a little bit. 

Sometimes, a distraction can lessen the pain from a person you love enough to help you deal with it, even if it’s a little bit at a time. Love can be painful, and it’s ok to distract yourself for a little bit. Just don’t get stuck there. 

40. Enjoy Being The Ex-Girlfriend

Remember the gross way he picked his nose? You’re not dealing with that anymore. How about the way he never picked up his clothes? You are not the one doing all of the housework for him. Take a moment to enjoy all the great things that come with being his ex-girlfriend. 

41. Laugh At Yourself

laugh at yourself

Even if you’re still hurt over your ex, still love your ex, or are just not in love with your current man, laugh it off. When you learn to laugh at yourself, it makes everything better, even an embarrassing drunken night. 


What does it mean when an ex drunk texts you?

It means that they thought about you while they were drunk. This could be because they miss you all night, or love the way you kiss. It could be because they miss one or two things about you, too. Usually, they have some unspoken feelings. Beware, that feeling could be hate. 

What do you do when your drunk texts your ex?

Ignore it, pretend like it didn’t happen, or laugh it off. Don’t text them unless you said something so horrible to your ex that you would feel bad if you didn’t apologize. Or unless you spent literally all night texting them and feel you need to apologize. 

What do you say when someone drunk texts you?

Nothing. Even if they text you all night, just let it go. If you want to have a conversation about what was said, do it when they are sober. This is especially true if it’s your ex. People say a lot of things when they are drinking, and they can be taken out of context too. 

How do you tell if an ex still loves you?

Ask them. If you can’t bring yourself to, watch their actions. Do they text you all the time? Do they go out of their way to see you or talk to you? He’ll do things to make sure that you know he’s still around to increase your chances of coming back to him. He doesn’t like being your ex. 

Do true feelings come out when drunk?

Sometimes. Being drunk means that we have fewer inhibitions that hold us back, so we might feel more comfortable expressing our emotions. However, if a person is known for getting angry when they are drunk, this doesn’t apply. They’ll just say angry, mean things because they were drinking. 

In Conclusion

Nothing is more embarrassing than realizing that you spent all night texting an ex! Have you ever done this? Why did you do it and how did you deal with it?

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