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Does My Crush Like Me? 27 Signs That He Does

Are you pondering over whether your crush feels the same way about you? 

Are you confused and constantly worrying about how he feels?

Are you overanalyzing his texts and looking for signs of flirtation?

If so, this article is for you. It reveals 27 signs that your crush likes you back, plus how to react when you spot them. 

However, before we dive into this guide, I have an important story for you. 

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If you’re hoping for a special guy to pay more attention to you, I’d urge you to read more about how I unveiled the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

I have put together this article to tell you the 27 signs that your crush will be showing if they do like you back. Once we have looked at the signs, we will then discuss how you should move forward with the situation if you are confident that they do like you back. So, let’s get straight into it and put a stop to your mind from going a thousand miles an hour.

1. He always talks to you

You will know if your crush likes you because he will want to always be speaking to you. He won’t be able to get enough of you, whether that be in person or over text. Obviously, you will be able to recognize this if you are constantly receiving texts from him. Similarly, you will be able to tell if he always picks you apart from the crowd in a group of friends and wants to speak to you.

A little more subtly, if you are texting him, you will be able to tell he always wants to speak to you if he replies very quickly or double texts you. He’s keen, for sure.

2. He wants to meet up with you

If this guy likes you back, he will always want to meet up with you. Even though we are all busy people, if we like someone, we will make time for them. So, does this man always suggest that you should meet up or does he make up reasons for the two of you to spend time together? He might also always ask when you’re free or when you will next be free to make plans with. He clearly misses being away from you and wants to meet up with you as soon as possible.

3. He is nervous around you

If he likes you, he might be particularly nervous when he’s around you. Many signs would show you that you make him nervous. Even though people show their nerves in different ways there are a few things you can look out for in general. For example, he might shake or sweat a little when he’s in your presence. He might also check himself over profusely before you actually see him. You clearly might not be able to see that fully, because he will try to hide it from you. However, you might be able to notice it last minute. For example, when you are walking towards him you might notice that he brushes down his clothes or pushes back his hair. He might also act a little on edge or mess up his words. These are all signs of nerves because he likes you.

4. He always makes an effort with his appearance when you’re around

If your crush likes you, they will always make an effort with the way they look when they know you are going to be around. You will probably notice they always look a little too polished, or you can tell they have styled their hair perfectly. They could also do more long-term things to make an effort with their appearance for you, like going to the gym or dying their hair. They want to look attractive for you, so you will be able to pick up on the extra effort they have gone to.

5. He makes and holds eye contact with you

People show a lot of emotions through their eyes, and you will definitely be able to tell if your crush likes you by seeing where he focuses his eyes and also by having a good look into them. If he likes you, he will always want to make eye contact with you, wherever you are, even if you are across the room from him. Once he has your eyes locked onto his, he will bravely hold your gaze and stare into your eyes. He might be trying to show you that he likes you through his sultry stare, or he might be trying to work out if you like him.

6. He uses any excuse to touch you

When we like someone, we want to touch them and feel what they’re like, it’s only natural. So, if your crush likes you, he will find any excuse to touch you and feel the connection of your bodies together, even if it is only for a second or two. For example, he might put his hand on your back if he goes to move past you, or he might gently tap your arm if you’re having a conversation with each other. He might also hold onto the hug for just a little bit too long when you are saying goodbye. Although they might be really subtle things that could be easily missed, you can be sure that he is doing them because he wants to feel the spark between you two.

7. He wants to help you

If he likes you, he will want to make you happy and benefit your life. Therefore, he will want to help you. He will probably be the first person to offer to help you out with something, even if he doesn’t quite know what he would be getting himself into. He might also try to help you with more typically masculine tasks, in turn showing you that he is a strong man that can help you with anything that you can’t do yourself. He will be doing the majority of helping you to actually make your life better, and some of it to try and impress you into liking him.

8. He faces his body towards you

If this man likes you, you might notice that he is always facing you. No matter where or how you sit or stand, he will make sure that his body is always facing you. This is a really crucial behavioral sign that someone is falling in love with or is around someone they are sexually attracted to. He is subconsciously providing you with not only a great view of his body straight on, but also showing you that you are the only one he is focusing on.

9. He asks you a lot of questions

If this guy likes you, he is obviously going to want more about you. Therefore, he will ask you questions. He will probably ask about your childhood, which is really endearing. He will also ask about your goals and aspirations in life. He will ask you what your favorite color is or where your favorite destination is. He might ask you what you hate and what you love. He wants to know everything about you because he’s genuinely interested. This is also a clear sign that he likes you more than just a purely sexual attraction. This means that he genuinely wants to get to know you and he cares about your personality and thoughts.

10. He smiles at you

If your crush likes you, they will clearly smile when they are in your presence, because you make them happy and they won’t be able to hide that. Normally everyone smiles at others, occasionally. However, the difference if someone likes you is that the smile won’t leave their face throughout the whole conversation with you. They will be lit up with happiness the whole time they are with you. They will also smile differently towards you. You might notice that it’s a more endearing, genuine and sexy smile than the one they normally flash towards their friends.

11. He laughs or giggles at things you say

If he laughs at the things you say then it’s a sign that he wants to make you feel appreciated for being funny because he likes you and wants to make you feel good. He might also giggle at the things you say, and this is different from a normal laugh. A giggle when it’s used in this sense means that he is laughing either in a quiet, sweet and nervous way or in a cheeky way. Whichever this guy is doing, it’s clearly because you make him so happy.

12. He outright flirts with you

This is one of the most obvious points that someone likes you – they flirt with you. If you aren’t sure if they do like you back yet, their flirting will be very jokey and friendly. They are probably trying to figure out the situation themselves to see if you like them and how you react to their advances. Have you ever had a friend that flirts a lot with you? I’m pretty sure that we all know someone like this, and it’s probably because they actually like us.

13. He focuses on you

If they like you, they will always focus directly on you when you are around. When you are speaking to him, do you notice that he stares intently and really listens to what you’re saying? Is it hard for him to take his eyes off you and be distracted by anything else? This is because he wants to see you and you only. Also, he is probably trying to make you notice that he is only interested in you, by dedicating all of his time and energy towards you.

14. He shows jealous traits if someone else is checking you out

If this man really does like you, he will notice when other men check you out or try to make advances on you. He will feel almost possessive over you, and I don’t mean this in a negative and unhealthy way, but he will want you all to himself. He might seem on edge if he sees you speaking to someone else. Men are really good at noticing when other men are checking a woman out, so he will know if anyone else is trying it on with you. He might try to warn them off by showing a united front with you by holding your hand or simply giving them a look.

You must know that a small bit of jealousy is normal, but if this guy gets controlling or is physically or verbally warning other men away from you, you need to act. This isn’t normal behavior and he needs to know this, especially if the two of you are going to take things further between you in the future.

15. He is always close to you

This is one of the most obvious signs that someone has feelings for you. If he likes you, he will always be as close to you as possible. When you’re talking to them, you might notice that they have positioned their body very close to yours, or they might choose to always sit next to you, even if they could sit opposite you. They are trying to show you that they want to be close to you in other ways. They are probably really sexually attracted to you too, and by sitting or standing close to you, they will be able to probably feel your body brush on theirs, and it also gives them more opportunity to touch you.

16. He remembers the little things you tell them

If someone likes you, they will always pick up on the things you say when you are talking to them, even the small and seemingly unimportant things. They like you, so they think that everything you say is important. They will remember everything you say. For example, if you mentioned the fact that you have an exam next week, he will remember and you will probably receive a good luck text off him, even if you never mentioned it again. He is making sure you realize that he remembers everything you say because you are important to him and he wants you to know that. 

17. He mirrors your behaviors

Naturally, for some reason, when we are attracted to someone, we copy their behavior. So, you should look out for your crush doing this. For example, if you are sat opposite him, does he sit in exactly the same way as you are? Perhaps when you go to take a drink he does too? Or maybe he leans forward when you do? These are all signs that he has feelings for you. However, they are particularly subtle things, so you need to look out for them, or you might just miss them.

18. He is active on your social media

In this day and age, one of the factors we need to take into consideration is if they are active on your social media. Someone that likes you will not only follow you or be your friend, but they will always like your posts and photos. They will also probably comment and compliment you on photos, which subconsciously is their way of telling everyone else to back off and that you are interested.

They will always make an excuse to message you on social media, even if it is just because they forwarded you a funny video. They will be hoping that this will generate a conversation between you both.

19. He parts his lips when he is speaking to you

This one does sound a little strange, but if someone likes you, one of the signs might be that they part their lips. This sign is mainly about sexual attraction and the fact that they are opening their mouth slightly because they are ready to kiss you or put their mouth somewhere else. Another reason that he might do this is because his jaw just drops a little when he is around you because he thinks you are amazing, so that will make his lips looked parted.

20. He tries to impress you

If your crush likes you, he will try to impress you and make you like him. There are so many ways that he could try and impress you, and I have already mentioned one earlier - he makes an effort with his appearance. Other ways that he could impress you would be if he tried to show you his intelligence somehow or showed you his handyman skills. He will be trying to impress you however he can, so don’t be surprised if he starts acting a bit of a show-off, he’s trying to do it so that you start liking him back.

21. His eyes follow you around the room

If this man likes you, his eyes will follow you around the room. Obviously, this might be a difficult one to see, but you can always take a quick glance back to see if he is staring at you, or you might just be able to feel it. He will be taking all of you in while you walk around and hoping that you will come over and speak to him. His eyes will also spend a lot of time lingering on your body if he is sexually attracted to you.

22. He doesn’t get distracted by other things when you are with them

You will know if this man likes you because when you speak it will feel like there is only the two of you on the planet. This man will not give anything else his attention, apart from you. He’s dedicated to you, and distractions just won’t happen when he is with you. He especially won't be looking at other women, because he only wants you. It might make you feel like the only girl in the world.

23. He will try to make you laugh

One of the biggest turn-ons is if we think people are funny, and this guy will know this. So, he will try to make you laugh. I’m not talking about making one-line jokes unless that is what he does and you’re into it. He will try to make you laugh by telling funny stories, showing you funny videos or generally not taking himself too seriously. He will be striving to make you smile and laugh.

24. His feet face yours

For some reason, when we like someone, we face our feet towards them to show that. Even though this is a really subtle sign, if you look for it, you might find that every single time you are together and speaking, his feet are faced towards you. Even if you are not close together, he might point his feet and body towards wherever you are in the room, to show that he is still giving you his full attention even if you are not right with him.

25. He notices the small details

If your crush likes you, he will notice the small things about you, because he focuses that intensely on you. He will notice things like if you have changed your hair color, changed your earrings or bought some new shoes. You might find it surprising how much he picks up on, but it just proves that he likes you. He will also probably always compliment you on your new changes. In addition to this, he will also be able to pick up on even the smallest change in your emotions. He will know when you aren’t feeling the best, and he will probably try and do something about it.

26. He wants to see if you are into anyone else

If your crush likes you, he will want to find out if you are with anyone else. He will probably ask about your relationship status, or he might frequently bring up questions about your love life. He might ask you if you are seeing anyone new quite a lot, to make sure that you are still available. He’s doing this to make sure that he doesn’t ask you out and get rejected. He wants to make sure you aren’t going to reject any of his advances due to other people.

27. You get a gut feeling from him that he likes you

You can look at these signs all day long, and  of course they will help you figure out if your crush does like you or not. However, one of the simplest ways and most reliable ways of figuring out if someone likes you is if you can feel it in your gut. Human instinct is very strong, and we all pick up on different energies well. You will be able to feel it within you if this guy likes you. You will be able to feel the spark between you both when you are together. As long as you can see some of the other signs mentioned above, and you feel it in your gut, you can be sure that this man likes you back.

So, what should you do next?

Have you figured out that your crush does like you? That’s great news. However, you might not know what you should do to move forward.

The first and most important thing you need to know is that you should not assume that he wants to do something about it. Just because he likes you, he might not want to take it to another level. He might, but just don’t assume anything before you speak to him.

One of the things that you could do is wait until he makes the first move on you. 

This is probably the preferred approach for many people if they are not comfortable or confident enough to deal with risking rejection. However, you could try and speed things along by dropping your own hints that you like him. Flirt with him more, touch him or see him more.

One of the things that you could do is seize the opportunity and speak to him.

You do have to have a lot of confidence and bravery to speak to him about the fact that you think he likes you. However, if you are completely comfortable doing this, it will provide the fastest results to move forward and figure out if you are going to try and be together. You do have to be aware that he could reject you, and this can be really painful if you really like him.


Whatever you decide to do moving forward, I really hope that it all works out the way that you wanted it to, and that this article helped you to figure out if he liked you in the first place.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.


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