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19 Advantages Of Dating A Gamer And How Should You Handle the Relationship

Are you going out with a gamer but are worried about how the relationship will go in the future?

Have you always fantasized about having a gamer partner but are confused about whether it will work?

Believe me; I’ve been there! I had a crush on a gamer but was afraid to take things further as I was of the view that a relationship with a gaming expert would be difficult.

I read tons of self-help books and finally took a leap of faith as it was getting really difficult for me to control my feelings. The good thing is that the feelings were the same on both sides and soon we were dating.  I eventually learned that dating a gamer had its own advantages and a little understanding and support can make things easy.

In today’s article, we are going to look at what it is like to date a gamer. These are the advantages of being in a relationship with someone who is into gaming. Plus, we will look at some things that should be taken into account when in a relationship with a gamer.

What Things Should You Keep In Mind While Dating A Gamer?

Before you start dating someone who is a gamer you need to understand that gaming is not only for kids. Many grown men and women are into gaming and it is their passion, therefore, make sure not to judge your boyfriend because of his hobby. Also, gaming does not only need to be a hobby, it can also be a career for many. So it is better that you give respect to the game.

You do not need to be a gamer to understand your boyfriend’s passion for gaming. You can have your passions and hobbies for which you take out time but at the same time accept gaming as your partner’s hobby. Even if you are not a professional, it would not hurt to show a little interest in gaming in front of your boyfriend.

Ask him questions and take interest in his passion. You can even try playing with your partner and see how it goes. There are various options in games and you can choose the game of your choice. Even after trying, if you don't like the game then also it is perfectly okay but do not forget to celebrate the small wins of your partner. It will motivate them and show that you understand.

The most important thing to remember is that you accept that your boyfriend will spend a huge amount of his time gaming. It does not mean that you do not have any importance in their life, it just means that they have other things in life. So take their gaming seriously and do not make them choose between you and gaming. 

Try not to say something important while they are gaming and try to bring tasty food when you know they have been in front of the screen for a long time. If you feel that they are not balancing between their passion and ‘you’ then be honest and let them know how you feel. Together try to find what works best for your relationship.

How Does It Feel Like When Dating A Gamer?

1. You will get space

you will get space

If you are someone who wants their own space in a relationship then going out with gamers is the best thing that you could do. Gamers have their own passions, which means that you will have a lot of free time away from your partner, which you can spend doing things that you like. 

You will not get nagging phone calls from your boyfriend asking you to spend time with them when you are busy doing something important. Gamers usually have gaming as their top hobby, which means whenever they are bored, instead of clinging to their partners they just play their favorite games and have fun. This space and independence result in a healthy relationship.

2. Playing games has made them a fighter

Video games involve a great deal of fighting and facing challenges. This fighter mentality translates into the relationship making your boyfriend always ready to face the challenges that come with a relationship. It also ensures that your boyfriend won't run away from the fights and conflicts and instead will try to resolve them, which will result in a good relationship. 

3. No fear of them cheating on you

Gamers love gaming so much that instead of hanging out in clubs and partying, their idea of having fun is to sit with their gaming console and play games all night. This means that you do not have to worry about him meeting some hot chick in the club and making out with her.

4. You will find yourself laughing when with them

It will be great fun for you to watch them play their game. While playing they will get over-excited and make silly noises, which will make it difficult for you to control your laughter. Not only your boyfriend, even when you hang out with others from the gaming community you will feel that conversations with them are much more fun and interesting.

When you date a gamer, you will see that your days will be filled with love and laughter. Your boyfriend, with his wit and a good sense of humor, will keep you entertained and make sure that you never get bored when you are with them.

5. They are a kid at heart

Gamers are usually kids at heart and love spending time having fun and joking around. They are pure like children and are down to earth. This nature also means that they usually have a good bonding with kids and love to share with them their gaming experience. This quality also makes gamers excellent parents.

However, just because gamers love to have fun does not mean that they cannot be serious. They can actually change themselves according to the demand of the situation.

6. They know all kinds of tech-savvy things

As gamers spend time in front of the computer they know a lot of tech stuff and can easily solve most of the tech problems. So, the next time your television or computer needs fixing just take it to your gamer boyfriend and he will definitely solve the issue in a jiffy. 

Not only this, as gamers have good knowledge about what is new in technology, you can take their help if you are looking to buy a new computer or any other device. With their advice, you will definitely get the best model that falls within your budget,

7. Playing video games has made your boyfriend patient

Video games require gamers to try and use several strategies before finding the right one and this approach makes gamers patient. Moreover, they are used to waiting for the game updates, which also has a role to play in increasing their patience.

Therefore, while going out with someone who is into gaming you do not have to worry about him losing his patience when you are taking too much time to get ready. They have huge levels of patience which means that they will happily play video games while waiting for you.

8. They are passionate

As playing a game is all about winning while dating gamers one finds out that they are passionate about every aspect of their life and try their best to win in everything. This is an interesting quality as in real life means that gamers are ambitious and they will take efforts to not only win you over but also in their professional life.

There are huge chances that your partner’s passion will also rub on you and you will also become serious about pursuing some hobby. Also, as they are not used to losing, dating a gamer means that you will get all the attention, love, and care, which will keep you feeling like a queen. This will ensure that you are always happy and never think about leaving your boyfriend. 

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9. You get to play video games

you get to play video games

No matter whether your boyfriend is a serious gamer or plays video games just for fun, you can also enjoy playing games with him. This will give you both a hobby that you share and you can also share some quality time while playing. 

Even if you are not one of the professional gamers, he will definitely enjoy introducing you to the new games and appreciate that you both now have an allocated game time.

10. They have a broad imagination

As gamers require a lot of creativity while playing games, they are very creative. This means they can easily think of ways to entertain you and you will never get bored. Also, having a good imagination means that your boyfriend can easily do romantic things for you, which will surely floor you. 

11. They are intelligent

As people playing video games require a sharp mind and problem-solving capabilities, gamers are more intelligent than average people. Games also require good concentration power and great creativity. All these characteristics exercise gamers’ minds and keep them active. As gamers solve problems all day and that too is just for fun, it makes them intelligent. 

12. They are low maintenance

If you are with a gamer, you might have already noticed that your boyfriend is extremely low maintenance. A gaming expert can go on playing nonstop for hours without eating or paying attention to his surroundings. They are hardly interested in expensive stuff, except when it is related to their game.

A video game player can adjust in any kind of situation and does not have many preferences when going on a date. So, no matter where you want to take your gamer date they will be happy to accompany you, without any protest.

13. They have great communication skills

Gamers play games on various devices and no matter what device they use, many games require them to interact with people from all over the world. As a result, they have various friends from various parts of the planet with whom they are in regular touch. Usually, PC gamers are serious gamers and they even travel to different parts of the world for their gaming tournaments.

These tournaments not only help gamers to win rewards by just playing their game but also help gamers in interacting with other people. The relationships among gamers are like any other relationship where people having the same hobby come together.

14. They are good with following instructions

The good thing about being with a gamer is that you can take their help whenever anything in your house needs fixing. As your partner plays games that are all about following instructions to reach a particular goal, there are chances that by now they have become proficient with learning how the controls work. 

So next time you need to assemble the parts for your new desk or want to get something in your house fixed, you can take help from your boyfriend as this is exactly what they do while gaming.

15. They are always learning new things

Gaming requires a gamer to spend hours perfecting a particular game. They need to be smart and active to use different strategies. As a result, they are fast learners and always open to learning new things. A gamer is usually very inquisitive and is very curious to learn about the functioning of things around him/her, which are not necessarily related to gaming.

This nature of your gaming partner can help you as well, as it can help you to learn more. Your gamer partner will always come to you and share their new knowledge with you, which can help you to progress in your life.

16. They are good with kids

Being a kid at heart means that your gamer partner is also good with kids. Handling kids is not easy as it involves various strategies to distract the child. However, the good news is that as gaming involves various strategies, a gamer is experienced in all of that and can distract the child in the best possible way.

Not only this, if the kids are older and interested in gaming then the gamer can play with them to entertain them. This is going to make your boyfriend a hit among the kids!

17. They are good with their hands

Now, gaming for long hours means that the gamer spends a lot of time pressing the buttons and doing hand movements in general. This quick button pressing means that they have enough practice when it comes to exploring your body with their hands. This practice means that your partner can also play well with your body and fulfill your physical needs easily!

18. They are multi-taskers

If you have started dating a gamer you would have noticed that a gamer plays games for long hours. It means they have to take out time for other activities between their favorite games. In this case, they do not have any other option than to multitask. Holding a console in one hand and talking with you on the phone is something that comes naturally to a gaming champion.

This does not mean that they do any activity halfheartedly, but they have such a passion for the game that they cannot leave it. Their cute, little efforts by prioritizing you over their game also show what you are in their life!

19. They are afraid to lose you

they are afraid to lose you

Gamers know that a relationship does not have a reset button like their favorite game, therefore, they are very cautious when it comes to relationships. When dating a gamer, it might seem like that they are always busy with their game, but in reality, you will always be their first priority. 

They will never do anything to hurt you and try their best to keep you happy. 


Is it OK to date a gamer?

While it may seem like dating a gamer can be difficult, in reality dating a gamer can be the best thing to happen to you. As gamers spend a lot of their time gaming, it gives you a lot of space to pursue your own hobbies or spend time with your friends and family. Not only this, but you also get to play some of the best games while spending quality time together.

Why is dating a gamer good?

Dating a gamer has various advantages. As gamers spend most of their time gaming, they have broad imaginations, which means you will never get bored, and every day with them will be new. Also, gamers are good multitaskers who are passionate, ambitious, fast learners, intelligent, and much more, which makes them one of a kind.

What is it like dating a gamer?

Gamers are very serious when it comes to dating and are loyal and honest. As they spend most of their time on a pc, you can be sure that they will never visit a club or bar behind your back. Dating a gamer feels like a breeze because they are not clingy and thus, you get space to do your own thing. 

How do I deal with a gamer boyfriend?

A relationship with a gamer can be extremely easy if you learn how to deal with it. First of all, it is important that you ask him to take some time for your relationship. Once he learns to make a balance between dating and gaming, it is up to you to make sure that you give him enough space. You can bond over a game and solidify your relationship.

Why should you date a gamer guy?

A gamer guy is usually very intelligent and loyal. Gaming must have taught him about patience and taking efforts, which is important in any relationship. A gamer also knows how to multitask and fight for their love. Most of all, the passion and knowledge that they have can rub off on you and you can learn a lot from them. 

To Conclude

Have you ever dated a gamer? If yes, what was the experience like? What according to you are the advantages and disadvantages of dating a gamer? We would love to hear a word from you to help our readers. Please comment below!

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