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Does The Libra Man Cheat? 4 Signs He May Be

May 28, 2024

Is the behavior of your Libra partner making you suspicious?

Are you beginning to worry whether he’s remaining faithful to you?  

And are these fears having an impact on your relationship? 

If so, it might be in your best interests to dig deeper into what’s making you feel this way. 

Libras tend to easily become emotionally detached, which can make them prime candidates to cheat on partners, or at least to make partners suspect this. 

Sadly, these suspicions are unlikely to die down until you discover the truth for yourself.

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Below, we have listed four of the most common behavioral cues that Libras will display when they are cheating on their partner.

Signs that a Libra man is cheating on you

1. He is flirting and doesn't care what you think

The bad news is that yes, a Libra man can be a cheat. After all, he gets in front of plenty of women. He can charm anyone and enjoys doing so, which makes him hard to catch and sometimes, hard to hold onto.

If your Libra man is suddenly flirting with women again in the way that he did when he was after you at the start,  this is one way to see a sign that the Libra man might be cheating on you. It might not be with the woman in front of him that is the object he desires or has even been with already – after all, he is a known flirt – but if he has been told by you that he should tone down his flirting and he has, but is now doing it again, this is a really key sign that the Libra man is really forgetting your instructions and is trying to show you that he is not ‘yours'. This isn't a great way to do this it feels pretty awful, but it is classic Libra.  Whilst we can't be sure it's not just flirting,  it might be an indicator that you might want to pay a little more attention to this area. Perhaps he also expresses no signs of not flirting or says he doesn't have to do what you say. These are all bad signs for your relationship. However, don't panic. Just to reiterate one more time that the Libra is a real flirt, so just making eyes at a waitress isn't a bad sign, but the real sign is if this behavior is new or has changed in any way and he doesn't seem to want to correct this in order to make you feel more comfortable about it.

2. He is letting himself go physically

Libras are one of the hardest signs to read, especially in areas of cheating and relationships. These people are very guarded even compared to some of the most fixed signs within the zodiac! However one sign around them that shines out like a beacon for all the world to see is that they like to portray a certain image of themselves to the outside world, and this includes their look. He tends to wear nice clothes, has a nice car and takes care to smell good and feel good. If he is feeling a bit; lackluster around you, he will stop making an effort in how he looks. He might stop wearing nice jeans, wear any old thing and stop shaving. This is tricky because when we are at home, all of us love to slob out a bit – but bear in mind that even a comfy Libra manages to maintain their hygiene and comfort levels whilst looking good as well. They don't let it all go, especially at the early stages of a relationship if they are still feeling that spark.  If they have almost given up when they are around you this is a sign that your Libra man really isn't bothered and is not in love with you. Be especially aware if he spruces up magically for nights out or other normal events – such as a day at work. This interest could indicate that he has seen someone and is looking to catch their eye as much as possible.

3. He is staying away from you and has no time for you

Libras are the sign who tend to be in love with the idea of love and if they are done with a relationship, they tend to be done, with no comebacks. Saying that, it is important to know that they are indecisive around big decisions, and so they might see potential in you and a long term future These are the men who will keep you around for future benefit, and it might take lots of confusing messages from him before you know he hasn't cheated – he has actually already moved on, just you are the last to know! He hates drama in general so he would rather avoid all this messiness. He might try and bring in some space to the relationship, and all of a sudden you will see that he has no time to spend with you. If he is cheating, he will find lots of reasons to be wherever the new person is. If they are too busy to be with you and they are with someone else a lot, or at new engagements or a club – something that he doesn't invite you to – watch out as where they spend their time is where they want to be. It is not only a potential sign of cheating but also a bad sign in general, after all, who wants to be second fiddle in a relationship? If wants you to end it – do him the favor already!

4. He is passive-aggressive an picking arguments

Libras love a clean woman and a nice home. They are quite particular and they like things just so so and usually done their way. Some would even call them stubborn and opinionated… If he is starting to nag in areas of the home or is commenting on how you look, then this isn't a great sign. Libras aren't rude people, but he will be passive and will only tend to comment on things only if they are really wanting to save the relationship or if they really want to pick a fight! It could be the smallest things that he is nagging you about, but they are all steered from him, and it could be that he also wants you to feel this is over – especially if he has already been with someone else.

They might start to be passive-aggressive in creating arguments in order to make you feel crazy and look it too -  and he will be secretly thrilled if you start to pick back because it justifies his decisions ‘see – she isn't right for me'. This is not great of him, but it is a way for him to get away with the act of cheating without feeling guilty – in short when it comes to Libras, if they are cheating, they want to feel justified in breaking up with you. He may start to indulge in this behavior more and more often and won't let up until the fight is had -  so watch out.

Is the Libra man really cheating?

That Libra man can be tough to understand cant he! We know that he is a tricky one and that this situation is making you feel like trash. That's not acceptable though from anyone in any zodiac sign, so be sure to speak to him and ensure that you are not being taken for granted and that you haven't been replaced by someone eels without a respectful agreement first. Everyone deserves that. Also, don't forget for a minute that if this feels familiar ad it's time for. Change that there are so many amazing men who would love to spend their time with you by their side, so don't waste too much time if he looks like he is already cheating on a good thing!

Please do leave a comment with your experience of being with a Libra man, especially one who may have cheated in the past and if you find this helpful as someone who is in the situation at the moment then please also share this article across social media so we can help other women out who are looking out for those signs that the Libra in their life is up to no good!

Thanks for reading.

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