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Why Do Guys Not Want To Use Condoms (11 Common Reasons)

April 3, 2024

Does the man in your life not want to use condoms when he has sex with you?

Does this surprise you? Is he crazy or just stupid? 

Well, it could actually be neither of these.

There are some more complex reasons why men don't want to use condoms, and I've listed the most common of these below.

But, first let me tell you a story that could prove to be very relevant for your situation. 

I used to have trust issues with a couple of ex-partners and these stopped me from enjoying a fulfilling relationship with either of them.

There was absolutely no way I'd let them not use condoms with me, even if I was using contraception, because I couldn't trust that they weren't catching infections from other women.

Needless to say, this paranoia caused arguments outside the bedroom as well as inside it. 

If so, I have a great online tool that can really help you figure out whether or not to trust the man in your life.

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It's 100% discreet, so there's no chance of this wrecking your relationship - unless, of course, this tool finds something incriminating and you end it yourself.

But back onto the condom issue. Why doesn't he want to use them? Let's find out.

11 Common Reasons Why Guys Don’t Like Using Condoms

1. He thinks it's a prop

You would be surprised to know that some men don't buy the idea of condoms because they've not grasped the need for it. He probably thinks it a prop that only stops the lady from getting pregnant and since he's on his “A-game” everything is under control. There are men who still refer to it as a sex prop designed to make the men uncomfortable during intercourse. 

I wonder where they carve out these ideas to make themselves feel better or convince you to let them dive raw. The argument is completely baseless and it's up to you to take a stand to protect yourself. 

2. He can't find his size

He can't find his size

There are men out there who know everything about sex but know nothing about using a condom. 

Some don’t know that condoms come in different sizes and to this day, a handful of sexually active guys are shocked by that news. He's probably gotten a few that are too tight or too loose, it made him uncomfortable throughout the activity and now he's not open to using them again. 

Half the men in the world use either medium or standard-size condoms. This is also a sign of a lazy guy who won't go out to search for what would fit. 

3. To heighten the pleasure

Well, I have never been a man but they seem to hang on to the slight change in pleasure when they're having raw sex. The thought of having to wrap their willies sounds depressing to them, however, that sensation is not worth this skinny dipping. 

Don't let any man give you excuses to avoid a condom. Durex provides a good latex condom that allows you and your partner to reach the peak of sensitivity. It may be true that latex reduces the pleasure a notch for some men but don't give in to that. It's not worth putting yourself at risk. 

4. He trusts you

Men have discovered that it's easier to rope a woman into something when you make it about her in a good way. He will come at you from the angle of trust as a result of knowing your track record to win your heart; that too is still part of the excuses they use. 

Even married couples wear condoms throughout their marriage to control childbearing. It's okay to trust your partner but after the necessary medical exams have been done. Don't go about giving your trust out to people who do not know you and vice versa. 

5. He's drunk

Yep! He's completely out of his senses and unaware of the terrible decision he's making. You have no idea how many bad decisions men have made in the heat of the moment or how deep in trouble they got just to “hit it.”  

Through the process, they tend to think with their willies, not their brains. It's far worse when he's had a few drinks. It's up to you to put you both on track, which is why I advise you to learn to carry your condoms and know how to put them on in case of an emergency. 

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6. He doesn't have a condom 

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. How do you show up to a game unprepared? It's a turn-off for me. I would throw this man into the lazy man bin, especially if we “planned” this out. Again, carry your condoms. As a lady, you should know which brand of latex brings your pleasure. 

Your health is so important, without it in a good state, you won't even be thinking about humping at all. Don't put your health at risk over a couple of minutes of pleasure. It beats his excuse when your response is “I have condoms you can use”. Don't worry about what society would think of you, make sure you put yourself first because they would think either way. 

7. His size isn't on the market

His size isn't on the market

A huge lie! Unless he is “Thanos” from The Avengers, he's got nothing to say. Only fifteen percent of the men in the world use the magnum size, the rest of them use medium or thereabouts. There are men with large packages no doubt but it's not impossible to find their fit, even if it has to be custom made. 

Many companies like Atlas offer large sizes for men who are indeed huge. A lot of them gloat about it and use it as a weapon of defense to dive in raw, it works but it's only a trick. Don’t fall for this, your health should still be a priority, you both can always try again when his package size gets delivered. 

8. He doesn't want to stop in the heat of the moment

As I said, they’re not thinkers at this point and these men enjoy the numbness. That he has to put on a condom, translates to stopping the foreplay and thinking. He doesn’t want to think at all. It’s at this point that you come in, ensure that he put them on or put them on for him, or else that man is going in. 

Keep in mind, you’re on the edge too. It doesn’t kill the mood to stop and put them on in a couple of seconds, don’t be fooled by that line. After he’s done, things will pick up, believe me. You don’t want something far worse on your hands over a couple of minute's break to stay safe. 

9. He doesn't know the right condom

Alright, there are men and there’s this man. He doesn’t know the right condom for him and he’s unbothered about it because he’s been getting in and out without visible consequences. Well, now we know what the problem is, and good thing we can search for what’s perfect for him on the web. 

Durex is known to be one of the best brands, so that’s a good place to start looking until you find what fits right. It’s not impossible. You may have to put in a little effort if this is sex with your partner and not casual sex with an acquaintance. 

10. He lives off freebies

This type of guy would never buy a condom, probably because he’s too young to afford it or just into freebies. There are guys out there who are so embarrassed by the thought of buying sexual stuff over the counter. Well, the good thing there are apps you can make orders on and have them bring it to your doorstep. 

11. It's all bullshit

Every single one of those reasons above is crap. It’s not solid enough to let a guy get into your inner anatomy without protective measures, especially if there’s no commitment between you two. Avoid sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, be in good health. 


Why do guys like unprotected sex? 

Having sex without a condom is less uncomfortable (so they say). I can't imagine having to put tight latex over a very sensitive part of your skin. There's only a slight difference between having protection on and diving in raw. For me, I think it's about living on the edge. Do you know the thrill of living recklessly and getting away with it? It's what they go for when they have sex without condoms. They're not carrying the burden of falling pregnant, so they're prone to risking all. 

When do you stop using condoms in a relationship? 

You can stop at any point in the relationship. Some couples don't even talk about it, it just happens. I think it's safer to stop when you've both taken a full medical inspection. A medical exam is an important part of the relationship process for me and must be done regularly. It makes your experience safer and increases trust. If you're on any birth control methods, that's a good cue to drop the latex, after a medical exam. 

Why do guys always carry condoms? 

Isn't it obvious? You never know when you would need it if you're going to be leading a promiscuous lifestyle. If they don't carry condoms, they'll not be available when they need them. Plus, some guys only use a particular type of condom and are particular about the size as well. It's smart to buy a lot of something you like and need often. He's got plans to get laid but zero plans for infections or pregnancy. 

Why did he stop using condoms with me? 

Sounds to me like he got comfortable around you and trusts that you are clean. Without a medical report, I don't understand looking at a person in the face and trusting that they are “clean”. These diseases aren't written on the forehead. However, the type of life you lead makes it easier to believe you're clean. This guy stopped using a condom with you because you let him take them off the first few times and it just felt like you were cool with it because he is. 

Do condoms take away the feeling? 

No, not exactly. The sensation is slightly different, you might not even notice it as a woman if you're not paying attention. I've heard a man say, the latex makes it difficult to breathe, I'm not sure how that works and I doubt it's a real thing. It's the difference between using your bare hands and wearing very thin gloves. Plus, wouldn't you forgo a little sensation for safety? You should. 

In Summary

I hope I have been able to give and explain eleven solid reasons why the male species are adamant about protection. Don't let anyone put you in a difficult position, make him use a condom, and carry yours just in case he doesn't. I would love you to read your comments in the box below, it intrigues me. Remember to share this article with your friends, thank you. 

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