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Why Did He Block Me? (21 Possible Reasons Why)

Let me just start by saying, nobody likes to get blocked. No matter how sore things get, it really hurts when someone you liked or somewhat trusted decides to block you. It’s one of the rudest, most condescending, and most painful ways for someone to end a relationship. However, what’s even worse than getting blocked is not knowing why in the first place.

Were things between you and this guy going well? Did you get into an argument? Or are you as clueless as many other ladies wondering why they got blocked? Yes, I know it’s not really comforting hearing that other women have been blocked by the men in their lives at some point. 

Especially when you’re yet to figure out why. It probably makes you want to join the ‘men are scum’ crew. However, before placing this guy in your black book of complete losers, it’s important to figure out why he made that move in the first place. 

Was it you, is it him? Or did the universe not want you guys together? Regardless of who is at fault, it’s crucial to figure out why you got blocked and get closure. So, if you woke up one morning and figured you couldn’t text, call or message him, here are some possible reasons why. 

21 Reasons Why He Blocked You

1. He needs some space

Positive people love to protect their space. You won’t see such people spending time with people who negatively influence or affect their vibe. This may be one of the reasons a man blocks a lady. Maybe he needs time and space to clear his head and seeing your posts or messages won’t help in any way. 

Such a guy may feel bad telling you he needs space in person, so he’d rather tow the somewhat easier road and press that block button. Plus, if this is the reason, he’ll unblock you once he feels ready to let you in again. 

2. He felt you were bothering him

A lot of men do not like stress, nor do they handle it well. This is one major reason a guy blocks a lady he seemed interested in. so, if you’re wondering, “why did he block me?” this may be it. Is this guy more quiet, reserved, and private? Then maybe your bubbly or chatty persona is a bit too much for him. 

His model lady is an agreeable woman who knows when to give him space, when to let peace reign, and when to apply pressure. However, if you are on his case every time asking why he didn’t call, message, or check on you, these actions probably contributed to the reason you got blocked. 

3. His girlfriend told him to

This may come as a shocker, but some men who lurk around the internet are already in relationships. Okay, so if you live in the 21st century then it’s not news. We hear funny stories about these kinds of things every day. As sad and disappointing as this may be, this guy may have blocked you because he was caught texting inappropriately by his girlfriend. 

At this point, the ruse is over, and without explaining himself, he’ll have to cut all ties with you both on social media and in real life. Your best bet of getting an explanation out of such a guy is if you ever meet him in public. Plus, his girlfriend would have to be absent for him to open up about what really happened. 

4. His friends encouraged him

Sometimes, the reason why a guy will block you is external. Some people value their friends' opinions more than anything. Plus, if his friends perceive that you are ‘not good enough’ or will end up hurting their friend, they’ll certainly discourage him. Unfortunately, sometimes, his friends may not be telling him the truth about you. 

They’ll sell him lies just to turn him against you. Or maybe they saw you with someone else and thought you were blindsiding this guy. There are so many reasons why a friend or two would encourage him to block you. However, they would have to have some damning evidence to convince him to stop communicating with you. 

5. He has commitment issues

This can be a real bummer for so many ladies. Let’s say that you started talking to this really cute and interesting guy. You bonded over favorite movies, hobbies, and even your preferred flavors of ice cream. You finally think you’ve met the one, but he happens to have trust or commitment issues. 

In this case, it’s not about you and more about his problems. Maybe he has had a bad experience in the past and is careful not to make the same mistake again. Some men are so afraid of feeling hurt, that they will go as far as blocking a girl they are interested in and self-sabotaging in every potential relationship

6. He wanted something more

he wanted something more

Some men can act immaturely when they don’t get what they want. Maybe they expected things to progress much faster, or made certain demands you didn’t meet. For example, a guy asks you to send nudes but you respond sarcastically with a GIF or a funny emoji. To you, it’s all fun and games, and he was probably just being silly. 

However, what you thought was mere banter escalated into something bigger. Maybe he felt humiliated, or simply felt like you were proving hard to get. He won’t hesitate to block you even though you both already have a connection. 

7. He’s angry at you

When some men get angry, they behave erratically. Anger is one of the major reasons why someone would block you. Maybe you both argued, and he took things too personally. He’ll probably want to teach you a lesson by blocking you. In this case, it’s important not to dig into the matter. 

Let him handle his emotions and reach out to you on his own. I know how tempting it is to check out his page by using a mutual friend. If you can, avoid doing that so you don’t get overly anxious over the matter. It’s better to reach out in other ways if he doesn’t contact you soon. 

8. He is trying to break things off

So, some men are very funny and that’s the truth. They are afraid of confrontations, so they avoid them at all costs. This means that if he thinks things aren’t working out, he won’t hesitate to block you just to avoid rejecting you in person. If he doesn’t like stress and wants to avoid awkwardness at all costs, this is certainly a major reason why he would block you. 

9. Things are moving too fast

Has this guy given you any negative vibes of late? He may not sound angry or act abusive, no. But if he has exhibited any signs of reluctance or disinterest, then maybe he doesn’t like the pace the relationship is moving at. 

Some men just want to flirt and enjoy all the benefits of dating. However, immediately things start getting serious too fast, they press the brakes immediately. 

10. He’s an attention seeker

Have you ever stopped chatting with someone just to get their attention? Maybe this person is used to the normal early morning and late-night calls/texts. This has made him a bit lazy; he doesn’t call or text first and makes it look like you’re a bit desperate for his attention. 

Blocking him would certainly get your attention right? It’s the perfect wake-up call for someone who isn’t putting as much energy into the relationship. 

11. He’s trying to make you miss him

It’s very easy to take people for granted, especially when they are always available. It makes some couples lazy or makes the other person feel indispensable. So, maybe this guy decided to block you just so you could miss him. 

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He’s trying to reignite that initial mystery, charm, and excitement that was there at the beginning. If this is the reason, then he’ll certainly unblock you after some time. 

12. He thinks you rejected him

he thinks you rejected him

Some men are very afraid of rejection, they feel embarrassed and their egos take a big hit. Maybe this is the case here. A man would rather block you and avoid any embarrassment than wait around for things to sink in. If he feels you are no longer interested in the relationship, cutting ties with you first may even the score (in his opinion). 

13. He’s tired of making futile advances

Have you ever liked someone so much, but they don’t feel the same way? Well, this may be exactly how this guy feels. He has probably been on your case for a while, asking you on dates and sending you sweet messages. At some point, if you aren’t reciprocating his affections, he may soon grow tired of ‘wooing’ you. 

If he feels there’s no hope for any relationship, he may not see the point in continuing any conversation with you. Such men will rather stay in contact with ladies who are more receptive to their advances than while away time with someone who is proving hard to get. 

14. He’s jealous

Men respond differently when they are jealous. Some people are very verbal, others are passive-aggressive, while some respond quite erratically. Maybe this guy is the type who handles his feelings differently. Whenever he is feeling miserable about the attention other guys are giving you online, that may prompt him to block you. 

This may be a good sign that he likes you, however, it also shows that he may not be so good at handling his feelings. For him, it’s easier to block you so he doesn’t see anything that will make him even more jealous.

15. He’s irritated

Have you ever read what someone sent to you and just immediately felt disgusted? Well, of course, it’s not nice to be on the other side of the conversation. However, you shouldn’t take offense either. As human beings, we have differing views, which means your views on sensitive topics may seem appalling to this guy. 

So, if you said something that made him feel irritated or disappointed, that may be the reason he decided to block you. Some people are highly sensitive about things like religion, sexuality, race, politics, family, or even their favorite anime. Such topics are like deal-breakers for them in any relationship. 

So if you mistakenly crossed the line on something this guy held dear, that’s the reason he probably doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. 

16. He’s trying to forget you

Did you guys just break up? Or have you been apart for a while? Maybe this guy hasn’t even broken up with you yet. However, you tried accessing his page and found you couldn’t gain access. You may feel hurt about the fact that he blocked you. However, trying to see what he is up to by using a mutual friends’ page will only make things worse. 

If he is trying to move on and finds it hard to do so when he’s still following you, then respect that. Not everyone has enough courage to express their feelings of hurt, regret, or emotional turmoil. So just let him be and hope that you guys will be able to work things out in the near future. 

17. He’s a coward

Here’s the truth; some men can act like real sissies when they want to. Rather than facing the issue and trying to work things out, they'd rather give the silent treatment. You may be good friends with this guy, or even be in a romantic relationship. That won’t stop him from pressing that block button when things offend him. 

Even worse, he may have done something bad, and rather than face the music with you, he cowardly escaped. This way, he doesn’t have to talk to you about it, apologize, or worry about your reaction. 

18. You hurt him

you hurt him

When people are hurt, they may resort to anything just to protect themselves and get back at you. Did you do or say anything that may have hurt this guy? Tham may be the reason he decided to block you. Doing or saying certain things could drive people into dark places. They won’t consider talking things out or hearing you out. 

The shock of what you did will cloud any rational judgment on his side. So even if you want to talk, he’ll ensure he closes all lines of communication. In cases like this, try writing him a long letter explaining yourself. However, wait about two days before doing this, that will give him enough time to calm down and see reason

19. He’s avoiding you

Sometimes, it goes beyond being hurt. A guy may block you simply because he is avoiding you. Of course, no one likes to be avoided, plus, it doesn’t mean you have a bad personality. It just means that he doesn’t have the energy to deal with you at that moment. Men who meet really strong women usually react this way. 

A lady who has her own opinions, views on life, and philosophies may soon become a threat for some men. So, rather than dealing with your conflicting views on life, he may decide to block you for a while and avoid you for as long as he can. 

20. He likes you

This probably sounds contradictory, but yes, sometimes a guy may block you because he likes you. You both have probably been talking for a while, and bam! It hits him, he actually likes you. However, you don’t know how much this truth affects his life dynamics. Maybe he is already in a relationship or vowed not to date until a certain time. 

Some men have even taken chastity oaths because of a bad experience or previous addiction. All these reasons and more can explain why he does like you but has to block you to protect himself from falling any further. 

21. He’s ghosting you

When a guy blocks you, that could be a bad sign that your relationship has ended. Rather than talking to you directly, a man would block you as an indirect way of passing across his message. He has probably lost interest in the relationship, and the only way he deems fit to convey that message is by blocking you. 

Such a guy doesn’t really care about your own emotions. He just wants to be done with everything and move on like nothing ever happened. 


Why would a guy block you if he likes you?

There are a lot of reasons why a guy would decide to block you even when he likes you. First of all, some people have relationship issues. When things are getting too serious, some people take the easy way out. This simply means that such a guy is not ready for a relationship and thinks the best solution is to block you. 

Additionally, he may have changed his mind about dating you. It’s possible he still likes you but feels things won’t work out between you two for obvious reasons.

Why does a guy keep blocking me?

A lot of people struggle with their feelings. Today they want you in their lives and then change their minds the next day. This happens a lot in toxic relationships where both partners don’t know how to properly communicate their feelings. 

So, when one party feels overwhelmed, it may seem wise for them to block the person causing them emotional turmoil. Also, if you keep hurting this person with your words or actions, that may be a reason for the constant blocking. 

How do you react when someone blocks you?

When someone suddenly blocks you, it’s more about what you don’t do than what you do. It’s important not to stalk their social media accounts. That will make you look desperate. Also, don’t try using other people's accounts or numbers to contact the person. 

It’s also important not to freak out, the more you talk about it, the more people will know how much it bothers you. What you can do is try and focus on yourself. Get busy and engaged in both work and leisure activities to take your mind off the fact that you’ve been blocked. 

Is it immature to block someone?

It all depends on the situation; some people deserve to be blocked. If someone is toxic, too demanding, rude, entitled, or disrespectful, it won’t be healthy to keep them in your space. However, if you are suddenly blocked over a trivial situation or argument, that may be considered immature. 

However, when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s hard to rule on what’s immature, well-deserved, or acceptable. Some people block others over things they consider serious, but the other party considers insignificant.

Why does he keep blocking and unblocking me?

The mind can be a rollercoaster of emotions. This means that a guy could easily block you out of anger, and then unblock you two days after when he wants to talk. The initial reason he caught you off was probably because of how heated he felt at the moment. 

But when guilt and reason set in, it’s normal to reconsider decisions that were made hastily. However, some guys do this for the fun of it. They love the back and forth of being with you one day and then being unavailable the next. 

The Bottomline

It can be very frustrating to sit and wonder about the vague reasons for which you got blocked. Now, with the possible reasons listed above you’ll be able to tailor your search to the one that suits your situation best. 

Remember, there’s no point trying to stalk or contact anyone after they have blocked you. Just wait it out and better still, focus more on being a better version of yourself. 

Did you enjoy reading this list? Then I would love to hear your thoughts/feedback on the matter. Leave your comments in the section below and kindly remember to share this with others. Cheers! 

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