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When Should You Block Someone And How Do Guys Feel When You Block Them

Are you a woman who easily feels overwhelmed by the amount of men messaging you? 

Do you use the block button more than you would care to? 

Does it pang at your conscience how it makes men feel when you block them?

If so, keep reading because you’re about to consume a full guide on how men feel when you block them.

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Only interested in how blocking makes men feel? Then, scroll down. I’ve listed the most common emotions they feel below.

Is It Right To Block People?

There is nothing wrong with blocking people and you should be able to block anyone without any hesitation or guilt. Taking care of your mental health is in your hands and if getting involved with someone in any way is costing you your peace of mind then you should simply block them. 

Ignoring them is not always going to get you the same reasons so you should not think twice before blocking someone. However, things are different if you are looking to block someone close, like someone from your family or your boyfriend. You must have shared a good bond with them in the future, therefore, it is not suggested that you block them without any communication.

Depending on the situation, you should try to make things work between you two, and if the relationship is costing you your peace or is becoming toxic then you must go ahead with blocking the person. Just make sure to let the person know the reason why you are blocking them, to make sure they get closure and probably learn from their mistakes.

When To Block Someone On Whatsapp Or Other Social Media?

As a general rule, you should not think twice before blocking someone abusive, toxic, or otherwise inappropriate on social media. You can also block your colleagues and boss from your social media if you are already connected with them on any professional platform. In short, when it comes to people who are not very close, you can block them without much thought.

However, it is a different story when it comes to blocking someone you once loved. It is never a good idea to just block them one day out of the blue unless you have had a break-up and are now trying to move on. 

How Does A Guy Feel When You Block Him

1. He would be hurt

he would be hurt

After getting blocked a guy will experience a series of emotions at the same time. He will be shocked, unhappy, hurt and definitely feel bad about the whole situation. If he is emotionally attached to the girl who blocks him then he will get a feeling of huge loss and will be afraid that he has lost the girl forever. No matter how strong the guy is, the action will affect him terribly.

2. It will be the only thing he thinks about

Even if the guy is not too much attached to the girl, he will keep thinking about the reasons why he might have been blocked. He would overthink this situation and continuously replay the sequence of events in his head that led to him getting blocked.

He would occasionally wonder what happened between you two and might want to clear things with you so that he can at least get some relief.

3. He might get angry

If the guy feels that he has not done anything wrong and you blocked him without giving any reason then he might get aggressive. He might feel that your behavior is irrational and if he is a stubborn person then he would just refuse to accept that he made a mistake at any point and would keep blaming you for everything. He might even feel like taking revenge on you.

4. He might feel guilty

If you are right in blocking the guy and he has feelings for you, then there are huge chances that he will feel guilty for his mistakes. He might not want to lose the relationship with you and would be willing to do whatever it takes to get you back in his life. 

There are chances that even if he is not clear about how he has hurt you, he might still want to take efforts as he would not want to end things with you.

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5. He feels it is the end of the relationship

Blocking your partner might be an impulsive decision, which you might have taken in the heat of the moment but he can see it as the end of the relationship. So, if you are angry with him and want some time alone then it is better to convey this to him instead of blocking directly. If you do not wish to end things then it is better to communicate on the issue rather than blocking them. 

6. He feels left out

Blocking the guy on social media means that he no longer can see your pictures and other updates. This often leaves him wondering what you are doing in your life. 

If you are his ex-girlfriend, he would definitely want to know that if you have moved on and if you are dating someone new, is this person better than him. As he cannot see your updates now, he will feel cut-off from your life.

7. He might feel that he can still get you back

If the reason for blocking the guy was that he had started taking you for granted, which meant few calls and less attention then blocking him might show you the exact opposite of his earlier attitude. After getting blocked, he will try to make hundreds of phone calls to you and would not even hesitate to contact your female friends in an attempt to connect with you.

It would seem like he suddenly realized your importance and cannot now live without you. If you have not completely blocked him from everywhere, it would not be unusual to find a trail of text messages from him, all pleading you to come back in his life. 

8. He might start hating you

It might feel impossible, but it would not take much time for the guy who once was ready to fight the entire world for you to hate you from the core of his heart. A relationship is complicated and getting blocked brings different emotions in different men. Your blocking the guy may trigger various emotions in him, which might result in him not ever wanting to see your face. 

9. He might still love you

he might still love you

Even after your actions have made it clear that you do not want to get back in the relationship with them, the guy might still be in love with you and ready to wait. If he is a considerate man, he would understand what you are going through and understand the reason behind you blocking them. 

He might have hope that you would want to get back together somewhere in the future.

10. They might not be able to forget you

There are chances that you had some really happy memories with the guy and now he is finding it difficult to forget you. Even if one has completely lost feelings for someone, it is not easy to move on from past relationships, especially if you were serious about them. This might make the guy feel stuck up and unable to move on.

Even if he is no more in love with you or understands that the relationship has no future, sometimes a person can be so used to your presence that it might be difficult for them to move on.

11. He might lose interest

The proverb “absence makes the heart grow fonder” does not always hold true and even if you have blocked the guy temporarily, he might lose his feelings for you in this time gap and might never want to get back. Therefore, it should be understood that blocking a guy comes with its own risks and does not always guarantee that he will plead with you to take him back.

12. He might feel unimportant

Even if you have blocked the guy because you wanted to move on and did not want to see his pictures popping up now and then, which might make you weak on your knees, he might feel that you blocked him because he is not important in your life. 

Men are not good with emotions and feelings and there are chances that they will misjudge your intentions and feel that the reason for the block is that they hold no importance in your life. 

13. He might be understanding

If the guy is really understanding and you both share a good bond, there are slight chances that you need some time and space. If he truly loves you, he might not mind waiting for you till you are ready. However, still, it is never a good idea to test the patience of such a great man.

If you want some space, then it is better to communicate the same to the guy rather than straight away blocking them. If you will be honest and transparent with them, they will surely understand where you are coming from and will respect your decision. 

14. He might feel you cheated on them

Even if the reason behind you blocking them was different, guys get jealous easily and are possessive, therefore, it is not unusual for them to believe that you are blocking them because of some new man in your life. Unfortunately, if the guy doesn't trust you, there is nothing much that you can do to change their thinking. 

Sometime’s the ego of a man is so big that they do not want to accept their mistake and thus blame you, thus playing the victim card.

15. He might get negative emotions towards you

Even if you believed that the man loved you, blocking them in many cases will bring a totally different side to them. There are chances that instead of trying to understand the reason behind your actions, he would abuse you and call you names, even in front of your mutual friends. He might present a different story in front of your friends and put all the blame on you. 

As you are the one who has blocked him, unfortunately, most of your friends will pity him and make you feel like a culprit. If the guy in question is a manipulative person, he might use your friends against you, which can even take a toll on your mental health.


How does blocking someone make them feel?

Blocking someone makes them go through a series of emotions. Different people react in different ways after getting blocked. While some people might be calm and try to find out the reason behind your actions, some other people might get upset and start hating you. For others, not knowing the reason can take a toll on mental health.

Is blocking someone a sign of weakness?

No, blocking someone is not a sign of weakness but it is an action that you can take to maintain your peace of mind. This is the least that you can do for yourself. Blocking someone ensures that you no longer interact with them, which ensures that things do not get uglier than they were already between you two.

Is blocking someone immature?

If you are blocking someone for a small disagreement, instead of discussing the matter with them, then of course it is immature. Blocking someone only because you are bored with them, without giving them a reason is also a sign of immaturity. However, blocking someone who was harassing you or to move on is completely okay.

Will he come back after blocking me?

If he is a player then it is highly doubtful that he will come back after blocking you. However, if he is a genuine person who blocked you for some valid reason then he might come back. In such a situation, where he comes back, you should depend on your gut feeling to decide if you want him back or not. 

Is it better to block or ignore?

It depends on the situation. If you are seriously done with the person and want to move on then it is better to block them. However, if you still want them to try to get you back then you can just ignore their message. In the end, you should do whatever you feel is right for you as you do not have any obligation for anyone.


How has this content spoken to you? Have you ever blocked someone close? Did it make them stop calling or texting you? Were you happy after blocking this person? We would love to hear a word from you in order to help our readers. Please comment below!

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