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When A Guy Texts You Everyday, What Does That Mean? (11 Possible Meanings)

With the increased use of technology in our lives, we also are all using different means to communicate with our love interests or partners. In particular, text messaging is a huge way that we all either keep in contact with our partners during the day or start flirting with potential love interests too. 

However, not everyone uses texting for the same purpose or in the same magnitude. Some guys text very little, while others text a lot. So what does it mean if a guy texts you every day? Here, we look to answer that question and tell you everything you want to know about a guy you like who texts you a lot. 

What Does It Mean If A Guy Texts You Every day?

Here are our suggestions for what it means when one of the guys you are dating texts you a lot. Knowing what all the reasons are will help you decipher what your specific potential boyfriend is really after.

1. He’s Into You

Sometimes it pays not to overthink things. If a guy is texting you every day and you’ve seen each other a lot, there is a good chance that the guy likes you. It’s a great sign that you are the one that he wants to start a relationship with. In fact, if he texts you a lot, it bodes well that he’s so into you that he can see you spending a lot of his life together with you. 

2. He Wants To Be Friends

he wants to be friends

Sometimes guys just don’t think through their actions. When a guy texts you every day, it could actually be that he’s just being friendly. As a result, he may not want a romantic relationship with you, but he does want a relationship where you are both good friends. 

If you think this is the case with the potential love interest in your life, proceed with caution. If you are the one that wants to take things further, you could stand to be hurt when things do not turn out how you would want them. 

3. He Wants Sex

It is perhaps a crude generalization, but guys like to have a lot of sex. As a result, they often employ many methods to get as much in it in their life as possible. One of the ways that they may do this is to send texts to a person they are dating a lot. In doing so, they are trying to entice that person as much as possible, even when they cannot be with them in person.

4. He’s On The Rebound

Often, men and women act quite keenly towards a potential love interest when they are on the rebound. When people are fresh out of a relationship, they will often try to seek comfort in another relationship as quickly as possible, to convince themselves and others that they have moved on. 

This is another circumstance to be wary of this guy’s intentions - when people are on the rebound, you stand to get hurt more easily when they figure out that they are not actually over their ex. 

5. He’s Playing The Field

In a day and age where we can communicate so quickly by text, email, or any other messaging service, it also makes it easier to be contacting several people at once. It, therefore, makes playing the field that much easier too. 

It could be, therefore, that a man may be texting you every day because he likes you - but is doing the same with a lot of other people he is dating. If you don’t want to be exclusive, then this is totally fine. But make sure you are ok with what he is doing if you want him to be your boyfriend. 

6. He Has Low Confidence

he has low confidence

Messaging a person a lot can sometimes be done to seek reassurance from a potential love interest. If someone you are dating sends you texts everyday, it could be that he wants to confirm that you are into each other. By messaging you a lot, he will be hoping that you are going to message him back and as such must at least like him as a friend. 

7. He Isn’t Sure What He Wants

Unfortunately, a man who texts every day can actually be awkward to read because it can be a sign that he isn’t sure what he wants. He may be messaging you a lot to keep you interested, but in reality, isn’t sure if your romance is going to head anywhere particularly serious. It’s almost like he is hedging his bets. 

8. He Likes Flirting

Texting is a form of flirting and some guys just like to flirt a lot. It could be that he likes to flirt with you in particular, but it could also be that he just likes the adrenaline rush that comes from having interaction with someone you are romantically linked to. 

This scenario can work out for both of you if you both like flirting too and you like to keep things lighthearted with him or anyone else you are dating. 

9. He Likes To Feel Wanted

Some people crave the feeling of being wanted. If someone you are seeing texts you everyday, it could be that this is the feeling they are after during your message exchange. Interacting with you in this way means that he gets that feeling each and every time you message him back. 

By sending him a message, you are taking time out of your day to dedicate to him, which will make him feel like he is important to you. 

10. He’d Like To Be Your Boyfriend

he'd like to be your boyfriend

Much like the man who is into you when he sends you messages every day, it could be that a person you are dating likes you so much that he wants to be exclusive with you if he messages you very often. If you think this is where this is headed, and you want to be exclusive with him, do take confidence in his messages. 

11. He Likes Your Banter

Sometimes a man may text you a lot simply because he likes his conversations with you. If you have a good repartee with this man and you find that you banter a lot with him - so that you laugh a lot and have a good time - he is probably messaging you a lot as he wants that to continue outside of the times he is physical with you. 


What does it mean if a guy texts you every day?

If a guy texts you every day, it can mean several things. However, it can definitely indicate that he likes you and he is into you. It may mean that he wants a relationship, but it may also mean that he just wants to hook up with you for more superficial reasons. 

How often should a guy text if he likes you?

There is no set amount of times a guy should text you if he likes you. If he texts you every day, at least once, you can probably take it as a sign that he is into you and may want to take things further in a relationship with you. But don’t be disheartened if he doesn't text a lot - he may still like you!

How do you know if a guy is serious about you through text?

If a guy asks after you a lot or is curious about what you have been up to during the day, you can take it as a good sign that he likes you, and he may even be serious about you. Another good sign is if he doesn’t only seem to message you for sex or hooking up. 

How do you know if a guy is attracted to you?

If a guy is attracted to you, he will likely send you lots of complimentary messages. They may sometimes be of a sexual nature or at least draw attention to parts of you that he likes. Also, if he instigates messaging you, it can be a strong indicator that this guy likes you and is attracted to you

Why did he stop texting?

There are so many reasons why a guy will stop sending you text messages. Make sure that it isn’t because you forgot to text back. However, if that isn’t the case, it could be that he doesn’t think a relationship with you is something that will last in the long term. 

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What It Means When A Guy Texts You Everyday - Key Takeaways

It can be hard to know what it means exactly when someone you are dating texts you every day. However, there are usually signs within the messages as to what his constant contact can really mean. 

By reading through our suggestions as to what texting every day can mean, relate it to what your potential love interest is saying specifically to try to get to the bottom of what it is he really wants. 

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