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When A Guy Calls You His Partner In Crime (33 Things to Know)

Ah, the fun of committing a crime! You have your best friend by your side, and you are both criminals now! Wait, is that what a partner in crime really is? 

It can mean that, but the typical meaning of partner in crime is someone who is “in it” with you - whatever “IT” might be! Usually, this person regularly helps you in life - no matter what kind of trouble you are in!

So, what are the definitions of a partner in crime, and what does it mean when a guy calls you “his” partner in crime? 

Those are excellent questions, actually! You are likely not robbing a bank together, so understanding the definitions of the phrase “partner in crime” is a warranted thing to want to do! Let’s dive into the subject so we can unearth this term and learn more!

In this article, we’ll uncover the definitions and meaning of the phrase “partner in crime” so that you will understand it if and when a guy calls you his partner in crime! We’ll also take a look at what you can do to be a better “partner in crime” to the people in your relationships!

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What is a Partner In Crime Literally?

If you are literally a guy’s partner in crime, you have committed criminal acts together. You might have been robbing banks, stealing from liquor stores, or hacking someone’s online account. It’s a good thing that most people are not criminals like that! Actually, most criminals don’t use the phrase “partner in crime.” It’s too endearing and symbolizes friendship more than anything!

Let’s look at it this way: If you are someone’s partner, you are essentially on their team. You might be in a marriage with this person or just in a serious relationship. You could even have a solid friendship with them! Whatever the meaning of your relationship is, you have someone that doesn’t judge you by your age or other factors! You are on the same side!

However, if you are literally partners in crime together, you are criminals acting the way criminals do! You perform illegal acts together if you’re involved in a crime! Criminal acts are no joke, too! You could wind up in jail or worse! Let’s look at the meaning most people use when they use the phrase “partner in crime!”

What is a Partner In Crime Figuratively?

What does it look like if you aren’t doing criminal acts with someone and they call you their partner in crime? The phrase is actually quite cute! It means you are in this together! Maybe you and your boyfriend have accidentally committed a crime or have a grand secret together! This is the usual meaning of the phrase “partner in crime” - a best friend for life!

If you are in a marriage, your husband or wife is likely in the marriage for keeps! That means the two of you will be in the union for the rest of your lives! That is definitely your partner in crime, meaning they are on your side all the way to old age! A partner in crime regularly helps you in life with whatever obstacles you may be facing - at any age!

So, when a guy calls you his “partner in crime,” what is he meaning? Is it a sign that he likes you or wants to just spend more time with you? What does the phrase partner in crime mean when we are talking about a guy who is interested in you for more than just getting into trouble? Let’s examine what this one-of-a-kind phrase means when it comes to love!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You His Partner In Crime?

If a guy calls you his partner in crime, it could have one meaning, or it could have many meanings. In other words, he might be thinking or feeling one of these ways, or it could be a sign of something altogether different. If you see a sign that a partner-in-crime relationship is beginning, you should talk to the guy or spend time with him to assess his true intentions!

My meaning here is that you must determine why he is calling you a partner in crime. What sign is he showing you? Is it a sign that he wants to be your boyfriend? Do you think he wants to build on this “partner in crime” relationship, meaning he wants something more serious? You may need to spend more time with him to determine the true meaning of the phrase!

For some guys, the phrase “partner in crime” just means that he thinks you are a great friend and does not expect anything more from you. For others, they may be using the phrase “partner in crime” because they expect it will make you like them more, meaning the two of you have shared something special together in your lives!

1. He is crushing on you

If a guy calls you his partner in crime, he might be trying to flirt with you. Of course, he could be having trouble doing this the right way, and he may need you to take action if the two of you are to progress to a real relationship or date, but he likes you! He’s wanting you to know that he is comfortable around you and likes you!

He’s using the phrase partner in crime because he wants you to know that he has a crush on you. Of course, he cannot come right out and say that he is crushing on you because that would be too forward, but he’s trying to get your attention by using the phrase partner in crime. Consider flirting back to show him you are also interested!

2. He wants to ask you out on a date

He might be using the phrase partner in crime because he wants to ask you out on a date. He wants to have an adventure with his partner in crime - the person he pretends to “commit crime” with or “fight crime” with (if the two of you are superheroes or law enforcement personnel)! Maybe you could joke with him about this!

Let him know that if you are his partner in crime, you’d like to know what crime the two of you are going to be committing. This will put his mind at ease because he’ll know that you think he’s funny, too, by using this phrase. He may have felt unsure of himself before you said something about what he said! Make him feel at ease around you!

If you really like the guy, you could help him out by asking him out on a date. Take action! Ask him if he’d like to “commit that crime” with you - jokingly, of course! You could say it is a crime that no one has visited the new restaurant in town and was wondering if he’d like to commit that crime with you! He’ll likely love the request and jump on it!

3. He likes you

he likes you

Pretty much any time a guy uses the phrase partner in crime, he is indicating he likes you - even if just as a friend. If he frequently calls you his partner in crime, you might need to clarify what he means by that. It regularly helps to determine a guy’s intentions when he uses an endearing phrase like that often, so ask him about it!

4. He wants to be closer to you

He might be using the phrase partner in crime because he wants to be closer to you in a physical, mental, or emotional way. You might find that he wants more than one of those options. If you are unsure of the meaning of his use of the phrase partner in crime, request that he sit closer to you or call him on the phone to chat more!

If you take action, you can easily tell his meaning of the phrase “partner in crime.” Then, you will no longer have to worry if he likes you or what he means by the phrase. Instead, you will have taken part in the activity of your lives. Perhaps, the two of you could sit closer to one another in your class at school or move cubicles at work!

5. He enjoys the mystery

Most guys love a good mystery! They want to know that things are up in the air. They don’t like consistency as much as a good mystery. I know it sounds weird, but if you’ve done much dating, you will probably agree with this assessment. Many guys just want to know that their girl will keep them on their toes. 

If a guy has said you are his partner in crime, he might just want to have a secret with you - a “crime” that only the two of you know about. Often, this means that you were both a couple of seconds late for class, but only the two of you know that - or something similar in nature. It means that you have something together that no one else does!

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6. He wants to have a secret with you

This goes hand in hand with the last point, but a good partner in crime will keep a secret. You can trust them with your life. You know that they have your back through the good times and bad. A guy might want to be your partner in crime because he secretly likes you. He’s using the phrase because it sounds like the two of you have your own thing.

7. He has shared an experience with you

he has shared an experience with you

Maybe the two of you shared an airplane ride together or went to the same college. If you have some experience together, you are, in a sense, partners in crime! It’s not uncommon for college mates to call one another names like this because they have a shared adventure with each other! This is a cool thing to share!

8. He believes you are soulmates

Moving on to a more serious relationship, if you are someone’s partner in crime, you might be called that because the two of you are living your lives together as a team! You could be “meant to be together!” This is a sweet use of the phrase partner in crime! I would be glad that my partner is calling me this over something negative!

9. He wants to share more with you

It’s always possible that the guy wants to truly experience more in life with you. Maybe he is using this term because he is not sure what to say. Maybe he wants you to know that he is with you no matter what happens in life, but he is unsure of the right verbiage to use for this. Guys often have a tough time coming up with the right words!

10. He loves your life together

If we are talking about your life partner, he may be using this term to indicate that he loves the life you share with one another. I know my husband uses terms like this to indicate that he is not going anywhere ever! It makes me feel more secure about our relationship and the time we’ve spent with one another.

Whether the guy is just flirting with you or trying to tell you that he loves your life together, it is a sweet way of saying that “we are in this together!” It could mean something happened in the past, but either way, you know you have a true friend because of this term! 

What Makes a Good Partner In Crime?

11. A partner in crime is loyal

It’s critical that you are able to turn to your partner in crime regardless of what is going on in your life. Maybe you have experienced a death in the family. A true friend is always there for you - through thick and thin. They will make sure your secrets are safe and that you are supported through every event of your life! They are truly loyal.

12. A partner in crime values you

a partner in crime values you

This kind of friend values you and knows your worth. They might let you know how special you are and that you will always be loved - no matter what. When you feel down on yourself or wonder if anyone loves you, they will back you up and give you the boost you need to build your self-esteem back up.

13. A partner in crime keeps your secrets

This is truly someone you can trust. You can tell them anything, and you won’t need to worry about them sharing that information with anyone else. They are loyal with your baggage. If your man just left you, you don’t have to concern yourself with them talking about you behind your back because they have your best interests at heart.

14. A partner in crime is honest

One thing you can count on with a partner in crime is honesty. You are so close to this person that you know when you need an honest opinion, you can turn to them. They will tell you the truth about the ugly dress you were thinking of wearing to your school dance! It may sting a bit, but wouldn’t you rather hear the truth than a big fat lie?

15. A partner in crime listens to your problems

You know this person loves you because they are very intentional when you talk; they listen to what you have to say. Listening is a tricky thing to master, but a good listener will make you feel valued when you talk. They will even take the time to ask thoughtful questions when you are done talking. They want to make sure you feel heard.

16. A partner in crime is always up for an adventure

This is definitely the person you want to invite on your next road trip! They are up for anything! You can count on them to be there no matter what you have up your sleeve. In fact, they might be the ones to initiate the next adventure you go on. It would truly be a “crime” not to include them in the many activities of your life.

17. A partner in crime cares about your well-being

This individual is not just there when things are going well; they are there when things just don’t fit in a neat bow as you’d wish. Rather, they are eager to help you in life. They want you to succeed and have the best outcome possible!

18. A partner in crime loves you for who you are

a partner in crime loves you for who you are

Unless you are truly committing a crime, you don’t need a mask for this type of friend. Instead, you can be yourself because they love you for what’s going on underneath it all. It’s an amazing friendship to have!

19. A partner in crime pays attention to you

You’ll never feel ignored when you are around a partner in crime because they make sure you feel included! They may invite you to activities or events or even plan some with you! You can always count on a good time with this person!

20. A partner in crime gives you great advice

We all need great support in our lives. We need people to advise us on what to do with the big decisions we are forced to face - who to marry, what to do as a career, or where to live one day. A good partner in crime will be happy to give you his or her opinion on any subject! They are eager to give you advice in life.

21. A partner in crime thinks of you as part of their team

With a partner in crime, you are always welcome! You are a member of their team - no matter what your skill level is! They are happy to include you in their adventures in life!

22. A partner in crime always has your back

a partner in crime always has your back

Whether this person is your literal or figurative partner in crime, you know they have your back. You will always know they will be by your side - even if you aren’t really robbing a bank! They’ll make sure you are taken care of because they are “your person.”

23. A partner in crime makes you feel supported

As mentioned, you can count on a partner in crime to make you feel supported. They are so supportive that you will likely turn to them when you have problems. You’ll want their support and care when rough waters come your way!

24. A partner in crime takes your side

Whether it’s a fight with the folks or boyfriend, a partner in crime will take your side. You know they have your back even when you might be in the wrong. They are on your side!

25. A partner in crime doesn’t feel the need to be “right”

There’s no debating or arguing with a partner in crime because they don’t feel the need to be right about every little thing. This can make the friendship much easier to manage because you just get along well!

26. A partner in crime lets you be yourself

Like a best bud, a partner in crime will allow you to be yourself. You can let your guard down when you are around them because you feel at ease! It’s a wonderful and freeing experience to have a friend like that!

27. A partner in crime shares interests with you

Usually, when you have a partner in crime, you have mutual interests. You share things; you have common bonds. Maybe you grew up together or just went to the same school. Maybe you both love knitting or watching Hallmark Christmas movies! You have something that makes the two of you two peas in a pod!

28. A partner in crime makes you laugh

a partner in crime makes you laugh

They might not be a comedian, but they know how to make you smile. Maybe they share an inside joke with you or know that you think it’s funny when they say a certain word!

29. A partner in crime is someone you have a good time with

This is an individual that you can have a blast with, which is probably why you enjoy spending time with one another. You know that when you are around them, you will smile and let your hair down.

30. A partner in crime brings out the best in you

A true partner in crime will bring out the very best in you. Maybe you are a great singer. They will encourage you to sing at karaoke because they know you secretly love singing!

31. A partner in crime reminds you of your strengths

When you feel low or down on yourself, you know you can count on your partner in crime to lift you up. They know the wonderful traits you possess, so they are happy to remind you of your good qualities when you need a boost. This is a great quality to have in a friend - someone that can make you feel better no matter what!

32. A partner in crime will do anything for you

This person will go to the ends of the earth for you because they love you that much. It’s a wonderful feeling to be with someone who will do anything to make you happy - even if it just means going to a fast food joint in the middle of the night to buy you your favorite snack so you won’t feel so blue!

33. A partner in crime makes you a priority

a partner in crime makes you a priority

You don’t go to voicemail with a partner in crime because you are a priority in their life. They make the time needed for you and your problems, concerns, issues, or just life occurrences. You know you can count on them to listen and be upfront about what they think when you have an important decision to make. 


What does it mean when a man calls you his partner?

If a man is calling you his partner, it means you are on his team! You might play the same sport with one another; you might take the same college class together. A partner is someone that is by your side during an event or occasion. 

What is the difference between a partner and a lover?

A partner is your teammate - someone that is by your side in some capacity. A lover is someone you have made love with, meaning the two of you have had some kind of intimate encounter together. Depending on the type of relationship you want, either could be good!

What is a partner-in-crime relationship?

In a partner-in-crime relationship, you have shared something - maybe experiences, events, tragedies, or activities. Usually, a partner in crime is someone you have done something devious with. If your boyfriend stole a library book for you, he’s your partner in crime.

Can soulmates be life partners?

Often, soulmates are life partners. Generally, the two terms are used interchangeably. This is because you want to spend your life with your soulmate. You trust that person with your life and want there to be no secrets between the two of you. Be glad if you’ve found a soulmate or life partner!

Who is a perfect life partner?

Your perfect life partner is someone that you can hang out with day or night. You probably have great communication with this person. They are not robbing you of your innocence or life because you feel lucky and comfortable sharing your life with them.

To Sum It All Up

What is a good partner in crime in your opinion? Do you currently have a partner in crime? What makes a partner in crime someone you can trust with all of your secrets? We’d love to hear your opinion on the subject! Please leave a comment and share this post!

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