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How To Not Cry While Arguing (13 Fab And Actionable Ways

It is important to know how to not cry while arguing because we don’t always want people to know how we are feeling. Sometimes, that is a private thing that we don’t want to share with someone else. Nevertheless, arguments happen. The best way to not cry is to tell yourself that this feeling will pass and you will be happy in the future. 

In this article, we will talk about the best ways to not cry during an argument. This way, if you don’t enjoy crying when arguing, you can quit doing that. Make sure you allow yourself the opportunity to cry when the time is right, though. You don’t want to withhold your emotions too much, or they will bottle up inside.

Best Ways To Avoid Crying When Arguing

1. Change your thinking

One way to dodge crying is to think about something else. Practice not thinking about the topic that makes you cry; instead, when the tears come, think of something that makes you happy, not angry. If you get into deep thought about something else, you will be telling your body that you are no longer feeling anger.

For example, if someone starts an argument with you about politics and your viewpoint is strong, you may start to have emotional tears on the subject. Think about something else; what is your favorite baseball team? What comedy movie have you watched recently? Who is your favorite musical artist? What song makes you happy?

You are telling your mind that you want to think about things that are not related to the conversation that is upsetting you; this will help you bypass having tears! Women cry easily because we are more emotional creatures; this is normal, but if you don’t want to do it, try not to think about the topic that is upsetting to you.

2. Take a break from the conversation

Sometimes, whether the other person agrees with this idea or not, it’s best to just take some time for yourself. Try to go into another room in your home to gather your thoughts or to cry in private. Showing emotion is not a bad thing, but if you don’t want to start crying in front of the other person, you should take a breather and regroup.

There are times when it’s smart to walk away and allow the other person to think about what he or she has said that may or may not have offended you.

3. Do something fun

Maybe try watching a funny movie or take some time to read your diary. Journal your thoughts and feelings to keep them under control. You may want to try doing one of your favorite hobbies during this time. You can do this during the last step - taking a break. 

This will improve your mindset and attitude because you’re doing something that makes you happy!

4. Ask for a time-out

If things get heated between you and the person you are arguing with, consider asking to have a time-out. Try taking a break from everything and discuss the conversation again when you have regrouped. While this is similar to taking a break, it’s really not the same thing. When you take a time-out, the two of you are doing this together.

A break just means that you are going somewhere in private to cry or take some deep breaths. With a time-out, you are just putting the argument on pause while you both work to resolve the issue at a later date. This way, you can have a happy relationship and come back to this issue later. Meanwhile, you can enjoy each other’s company.

5. Journal your thoughts and feelings

journal your thoughts and feelings

Having a journal or diary is a great way to dodge crying. You will be able to get your feelings and sensations down on paper. Write about what is bothering you the most and allow yourself the opportunity to release any emotion you are trying to bypass. Take a few deep breaths and just ponder over what is upsetting you the most.

6. Understand why you are upset

It’s easy to have tears when we allow things to upset us, but what about when things cause us to have anger? Think about what is upsetting you and perhaps your mindset will change from an emotional one (sensitivity) to a different kind of emotional mindset - one that involves the reason you are angry in the first place. 

For example, if your boyfriend called you fat or indicated that you were fat by something he said, you may want to cry because it hurt your feelings. Don’t allow the tears to take hold of you; let him know how mean that was for him to say! Explain that you have taken that offensively and allow yourself the chance to not be too emotional but mad enough!

7. Recognize your emotions

Let’s talk about what you are feeling. If you have a strong sense of emotional intelligence, you may be able to recognize the things that make you cry. If you don’t want to begin crying, practice emotional intelligence (EQ). That means that you will notice what emotions you are experiencing and pinpoint the times when the tears flow freely!

8. Control your emotions

After you decide how to recognize your emotions, you can think about how you will manage them in the future. You may want to try to say that you know what is bothering you but that you will not allow it to affect you in an emotional way. If you are able to not allow the tears to come, you will be completely in command of your feelings.

9. Identify triggers

If you know certain topics offend you easily, you can try not to talk about those things. What makes you cry? Why does it make you cry? Can you dodge this topic in the future? Is it something that you just don’t want to talk about, or is it something you are avoiding because of the way the other person is talking to you?

10. Avoid difficult people

avoid difficult people

Difficult people are just plain hard to deal with. I’ve had many people in my life who just aggravate the heck out of me! I don’t enjoy talking to them because they are too dramatic, they love to gossip, or they just want to complain and be negative about every subject under the sun. Sometimes, we can’t get around to seeing these people, sadly.

It may be a good idea to limit your exposure to people that you don’t enjoy being around. I know people who just love complaining about everything you can imagine. Negative people can bring you down, and no one enjoys having their entire day to be ruined because of what one person said. 

Tell yourself that you will only spend 30 minutes with a negative person if they are the type of person that you cannot get out of your life. For example, if they are a family member who you must see, you may not have a choice but to spend occasions with them. Just explain that you don’t have enough free moments to talk right now.

11. Learn to self-soothe

One way you can self-soothe is to do mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness comes into play when you don’t worry about the future and don’t dwell on the past; instead, you focus on the present only. You are giving yourself a chance to put aside any feelings of worry or concern to just be happy!

12. Prepare yourself

Before you have to have a heated debate with someone, tell yourself that you will not get upset over the topic of conversation. Instead, you are going to listen intently and show concern without allowing yourself the chance to begin crying. You might try listening to calming music or watching a movie that makes you happy before you meet this person.

13. Tell yourself when it’s okay to cry

There will always be times when we must allow the tears to flow freely. It’s normal to let yourself feel a certain way and to release those feelings because you don’t want them to bottle up inside of you. If you don’t release them in a timely manner, you are likely to explode in a rage sometime in the future, which is something you probably don’t want.

As mentioned, it’s a smart idea to journal or talk to your support system about what’s going on. You can speak with your family and friends about what is bothering you and get their opinion on what to do next. You could allow crying when you talk to your support group; they should understand or empathize with your side of things.

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How do you not get emotional when arguing?

One thing you could do is think of something off the topic, something that makes you happy. You may want to think about something that is funny or that makes you laugh. Your body will immediately stop being so upset and tense, and you’ll relax!

How do I stop myself from crying during a confrontation?

One of the best ways to not cry during a confrontation is to stop your thought process. You will want to start thinking about something that doesn’t make you so upset or say something positive to yourself - “I will not allow this person to make my body and mind get upset!”

How do I stop crying when angry?

Identify what makes you want to cry in the conversation. Did the person insult you or say something mean, or are you just a sensitive person? The answer to that question will depend on which method you use to stop yourself from crying. Identify your triggers before an argument begins.

Why do I cry every time we argue?

It’s hard to control our tears because we have strong emotions. You may be a sensitive person or just enjoy the drama of it all. It varies, depending on the person. Some people enjoy tears and arguments! It may sound crazy but it’s true! Practice controlling your tears during arguments.

Why do guys melt when a girl cries?

Many guys don’t know what to do to get a girl to quit crying. They may just want to end the argument and move on while the girl is still crying about the argument. Guys feel bad when a girl is crying because it means they have hurt their gal.

To Sum Up

How do you avoid tears when arguments occur in your life? Do you think your body can control the tears? What do you do to stop these intense emotions? We’d love to hear your opinion! Please leave a comment, and share this post on social media!

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