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Do Girls Like Innocent Guys? (19 Reasons Why Innocent Guys are More Attractive)

Growing up, we have become conversant with the ideology that nice guys finish last. The statement stands by the notion that although women want a nice guy with a sweet personality, they still want a bad boy with an aggressive exterior. 

In essence, girls wish for a diamond in the rough, so if a guy doesn’t show signs of being tough, his chances of winning in the dating game are low. This brings us to ask, “do girls like innocent guys”?

People like to think a show of masculinity is the way to a lady's heart. However, some women prefer innocent men, and there are many reasons why. You see, an innocent guy is yet to explore the world, and perhaps, he isn’t even keen about it. He leads a simple life, is focused, pure at heart, and naive in many ways. 

So if you feel like you do not stand a chance in relationships because of your naive nature, this article is for you. In this article, I will share 19 reasons to answer ‘why do girls like innocent guys?’ 

19 Reasons Why Girls Like Innocent Guys

1. They dislike comparisons

Unlike bad boys, an innocent boy does not have a lot of experience to work with. For the most part, the girl he wants to date is his first love or is about to be his first real relationship. You do not have any shady past heartbreak or girlfriend that they have to worry about coming back. 

The thing is, no one likes to be compared. No lady wants to hear words like, ‘You remind me of my ex-girlfriend’ or ‘My ex-girlfriend used to do it this way’. The chances of hearing statements that compare her to past relationships are slimmer with a nice guy than with a bad boy.

2. Innocent men are loyal

Ask any bad boy to take a moment and think of the first time they were in love. Chances are, they will tell you they were head over heels with the lady, were willing to do anything for her, and it didn’t matter what anyone had to say; they were confident of their feelings for this girl. That’s pretty much how an innocent boy can be when in love - they are loyal to a fault. 

When an innocent man loves a girl, it’s almost like puppy love. He wants to be perfect for her, and he will stand by his girlfriend through thick and thin. It is the first time he is experiencing love and happiness with a lady, so he will want to protect it at all costs. Girls know this, and that’s why they will prefer an innocent boy.

3. Girls like the mystery of an innocent man

Bad guys tend to be loud and talkative, and even when they aren’t, they are popular, so the whole town knows a story or two about them. People know who they have been with, how they like their girls, and every other juicy detail of their past. 

This widespread knowledge of a guy can sometimes make girls cringe, especially reserved ladies who do not like unnecessary attention from the public. Such a girl knows that being with an innocent guy will save her all that public drama. So if you ask her, ‘do you girls like innocent guys’? You can be sure of a definite yes. 

Furthermore, because the innocent man is not popular and is not much talkative, people do not know a lot about him. A lady can be drawn to this type of man because she finds him mysterious and wants to learn more.

4. Innocent men are honest

After being dealt a couple of bad hands, bad guys usually turn out to be masters of mind games. You don’t need to ask a lady who likes to be straightforward the question ‘Do girls like innocent guys?’ twice to get an opinion. Her answer will be yes because innocent guys are honest to the bone. 

An innocent man is not afraid to share his feelings and thoughts. He does not play mind games, probably because he sees no need for it or doesn’t know how to do so, unlike a man who has been around. These men are the kings of mind games, and they know how to gaslight ladies to a point where they do their bidding.

5. An innocent man is a good listener

an innocent man is a good listener

When a person is naive, they are like a dry sponge, ready to absorb whatever they hear or see. That’s why it’s easy for them to live out a girl’s romantic fantasy and be the man of her dreams. A boy like this makes a good listener, and you know, the ladies love to talk. 

An innocent man who likes a lady will want to know all about her. From her likes to her dislikes and her fears and you can trust him not to forget them. He pays good attention to his lady because he knows that the secret to pleasing and treating her right lies in her words and the things she tells him.

6. Innocent men are focused

There is no denying that we are in an age and time where information falls on our laps. You could be scrolling through your Twitter feed on a Saturday morning, and out of nowhere, you find yourself on a ‘boob’ thread. 

This has become pretty normal in our world today but what stands out is how despite all this easy access to raunchy photos and videos, some men manage to stay innocent and naive. 

I will like to say that what keeps an innocent man’s mind pure is his ability to focus solely on the things that matter most to him. This could be work or his family; either way, he knows how to narrow his attention to one thing and is not always on the lookout for the next new thrill. 

Women want a guy like this in her corner because it means she does not have to worry about controlling his wandering eyes as she would with an exposed man.

7. Some women want someone they can control

A lady seeking out someone to control is not exactly the best reason to find anyone attractive. However, it is one reason why a lady will say yes to the question, ‘do girls like innocent guys’? 

An innocent man is naive in many ways, especially when it comes to women, making them an easy target for women who like to be in control. 

Some women want someone easy to bend, and loyal. This reason is common with women who like younger guys. They do not want to deal with the baggage of an older guy. They are scared that, unlike an innocent guy, older guys are less likely to do their bidding without questions.

8. Innocent men are less promiscuous

No one likes to be cheated on, which is less likely to happen with an innocent guy. Depending on his age, he likely already knows what he wants. It could be why he has kept himself all along. Girls assume an innocent man isn’t out to chase after hot girls in leather skirts, and neither are they going to entertain any lady who throws herself at them. 

These men keep to themselves, and some of them are nerds. It is their introverted nature that makes ladies find them attractive. Relationships with someone promiscuous are stressful and come with trust issues. Many girls do not want to go through this, so they will rather be with a naive man.

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9. The women want serious relationships

As an adult, you should know by now that on the first date, both parties - man and woman are analyzing each other. They typically group their dates into these 3 categories; the bad ones, which they can’t take seriously, the maybes, and lastly, the take-home to mama. 

Many guys think they are the only ones who create these analyses in their heads, but little do they know that ladies go through this. 

Ladies who are ready to settle down and be in serious relationships will prefer to be in with an innocent guy. Someone she can trust and mold to fit her ideas of the perfect guy. 

You see, a lady like this does not have the time or desire for mind games and all other forms of manipulations that come with dating an experienced guy. She wants someone who will be straightforward with her.

10. Corrupting good is fun

corrupting good is fun

Sure, bad boys are fun, but not half as fun as making someone do bad. The perception of an innocent guy is someone good, all buttoned up and put together. Now imagine wrecking that; it’s about the same level of satisfaction as observing stacked domino cards fall. 

Some women enjoy the thrill of introducing a good guy to the sweet but guilty pleasures of life. This is why they find the buttoned-up guy in a suit and tie sexy, and taking apart the military man in his uniform is a fantasy. You do not even want to bother asking them, ‘do girls like innocent guys’ because the answer will always be yes to these naughty ladies.

11. Innocent men make devoted husbands

Whatever romantic idea an innocent boy comes up with can be attributed to the books he’s read or the type of movies he watches. That’s because he does not have a lot of experience to work with when it comes to maintaining relationships. 

This is not entirely a bad thing, and for once, we can say that romantic movies and books can make positive impacts because they can make any boy want to be the perfect husband. 

Girls searching for the ideal romantic partner fancy innocent men because they are more likely to make the perfect husbands who are devoted, trustworthy, and send the sweetest messages.

12. Strong moral sense

It’s not every day you come across an innocent man, and that’s because it takes someone disciplined to be one. A man who isn’t exposed to the guilty pleasures of life most likely has a robust value system and set of principles that he abides by. 

Any lady who wants to have a stable relationship knows that she should be aiming to be with a man who shares similar values or at least possesses the ones she lacks and will like to rub off on her. 

Beyond looks and a sense of humor, a couple’s values and principles will determine their relationship’s longevity. Ladies sense that a promiscuous guy lacks the values they seek, and as such, they give preference to innocent guys.

13. They want to be his first

People typically remember their first experiences with anything, irrespective of if it was a good or bad experience. The first time you took a girl on a date, your first kiss, your first ‘time’, and all sorts. 

These memories are usually etched in your brain either as a good source of humor or simply because they were special. Some women want to be unforgettable memories for men, and as such, they focus on innocent guys who do not have a lot of experience. 

The idea is to be the first lady who blows your mind and introduces you to a world you never knew existed. Trust me, it’s not always easy for an innocent guy to forget such a girl even after many years, and some ladies like it that way.

14. Innocent men are calm and sweet

Men can be cruel when angry and sometimes for no reason other than trying to prove their masculinity. On the contrary, innocent guys are some of the sweetest and calmest men a girl can have. Even when they are upset with something their partner did, they are not quick to react. 

Instead, they love her back to her senses by speaking calmly, trying to reach a compromise, and talking things out. These men will love and stand by a girl so hard that she feels guilty for being annoying in the first place. 

Girls know that a relationship with an innocent man is smooth sailing because they are generally sweet, calm, and forgiving.

15. They are scared of competition

they are scared of competition

Let’s face it, not all ladies are confident and feel beautiful enough to challenge other women in a beauty contest. Some of them have low self-esteem and do not think the world considers them worthy of love.

The minute a lady with low self-confidence finds love, she worries about competition from other women. She wants to be her boyfriend’s one and only, even though we know there is no way of assuring her that. 

Women like this will prefer to be with an innocent man who adores them. They do not have to worry about an innocent man flirting with other women because he is committed to only her.

16. Bad boys are intimidating

Even though women want a guy with a hard exterior but a sweet personality, that hard exterior can sometimes be too much to handle. A man who is aggressive, controlling, and dominating can be intimidating, and many women do not want to deal with all that. 

Furthermore, because bad guys like to ride on their masculinity, they tend to be condescending and stubborn. It’s usually either their way or no way without any possibility of getting a compromise. They like to hear the sound of their voices, and their partner’s thoughts or opinions take second place. Women can’t endure this for too long, so they prefer an innocent man.

17. Innocent men are rare 

Girls know exactly where to go if they look for a bad guy to give them a good time. I mean, they are everywhere - the clubs, basketball games, and around the corner. A good and innocent guy is not easy to come by, and we all know how scarcity improves demand. 

Women want a good guy, and because they are so hard to find, they will want to keep him forever when they meet one. Moreover, bad guys are only excellent for the thrill, and even that gets tiring eventually.

18. They want to be in charge

Some ladies are dominating and always want to be in charge. They like the idea of a guy submitting to them, and who better to have than an innocent boy. Bad guys are alpha males in their world, and submitting to a lady does not come easy to them. 

Because an innocent guy is sweet, he sees no problem with doing whatever his woman wants so long as it makes her happy, and this makes him an ideal candidate for a woman who wants to be in charge.

19. Innocent boys are a positive influence

Some call it the bad girl phase, others call it a rite of passage most extroverted girls pass through before she is ready to settle down. Many girls are all about having a good time and partying with popular guys in high school and college.

This lifestyle can hurt their future if excessive. So they eventually turn to an innocent guy to calm the storm. Suppose you’re still wondering if girls like innocent guys; the answer is yes. They want an innocent guy who will redeem them and make them a better person. 


Do girls like sensitive guys?

Toxic masculinity keeps a boy from showing his emotions. However, the modern man knows that to get the ladies, he needs to find a balance. Girls will like a sensitive boy because then, they are thoughtful and empathetic. Being overly manly can make you a jerk, but you must also try not to be too emotional. 

What type of girl do guys find most attractive?

Men want a wholesome woman. A sophisticated, gentle woman who also knows how to cook up a storm in the bedroom. A bad girl won’t go far with a guy who wants to commit because he will worry about her devotion and other guys hitting on her. On the other hand, an innocent girl with a crazy and humorous side is exciting to be around, and she will have the attention of men. 

What type of guys do girls like?

The first thing that attracts a girl to a guy is his self-confidence. A guy who is confident in himself can fit into a room and get the girl he likes. However, besides confidence, women want a good sense of humor and a sensitive side because an overly confident guy can get cocky, and that’s a turn-off. 

What makes a girl unattractive?

While a girl may be doing everything in her power to keep the attention of men, there are a couple of personality traits that unknowingly make them unattractive. Actions such as using too much makeup, being a party girl out every other weekend, being pessimistic, and being overly dramatic. 

Guys want an easy-going girl and not someone who increases their stress level. 

Do men like short girls?

Magazines and the media, in general, tend to show off tall women as the ideal woman any man would like. But on the contrary, men like short girls. They make them feel confident and adequate. Guys want to feel manly, and a short girl gives them that feeling

In Conclusion 

Contrary to the popular belief that nice men finish last, innocent men are quite a catch to women who know what they want. I hope you enjoyed reading this list, and it answered your question ‘do girls like innocent guys’? If yes, I look forward to reading from you in the comment section, and don’t forget to share. 

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