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When A Man Says You Are His Soulmate (21 Things He Could Mean)

Whether you believe in the concept of soulmates or not, the notion that you are one part of a twin flame is enticing. Some people look forward to life forever with that special person. So, when a man says you are his soulmate, it’s a good sign, right? The thing is, when a man says you are his soulmate, it could mean a number of things.

Does it mean he believes he has finally met his other half? Or, is he playing with your emotions? It makes sense to wonder why he would call you his soulmate. Relationships are not that straightforward. With that in mind, here are some possible meanings behind his sudden outburst.

21 Possible Meanings When A Man Says You Are His Soulmate

1. He’s simply excited about you

So he just blurted out that you are his soulmate. You think you feel the same way, but you’re holding back because you do not know what he truly means. Sure, you are at that point of the relationship where everything feels amazing. Well, that may be the reason why he said the ‘S’ word. 

At that moment when everything is going so well in a relationship, it is easy to feel complete. Especially if it is a new relationship, your boyfriend may simply be excited about meeting someone great. That is not the point to decide that you are ready for someone to be in your life forever. 

Every healthy relationship takes time to build. You need to go through the motions and reach that point where you know this person is ‘it for you. If this is the case, take his words with a pinch of salt, only time will tell if he is your soulmate.

2. He thinks you have a great connection

Let me start by saying that being soulmates does not necessarily mean that you have some sort of romantic connection. So, before you start stringing up the wedding decorations, take some time to breathe. Have you ever met a person that understands you more than anyone? They feel like your best friend and you share this mutual respect for each other.

Sometimes, he does not necessarily look at you as a life partner. He simply connects with you in a way he doesn’t with other people. You are the yin to his yang and the rest of that other stuff. If he has not specifically inferred it, then do not assume that he means he wants a romantic relationship with you.

3. He is living in a fairytale

This one is a common reason especially when the relationship is still new and shiny. At that first point, relationships are so amazing. No one is really paying attention to the annoying aspects of being together. When you leave your things lying around his house, it's still cute. When you keep the toilet seat down, it's cute too. Even more, when you keep tabs on him, he doesn’t mind.

At that point, you make him feel complete and that’s all that matters. It's easy for him to call you his soulmate. Once that initial euphoria wears off and your partner’s individuality seems threatened, he may retract his initial statement.

4. He just wants to sleep with you

I initially thought that there was some sort of line men would not cross when trying to score. But that is a big misconception. Guys recently cracked the code, they know that once women feel secure or safe anything goes. So, the fact that he called you his soulmate is not necessarily a sign that the relationship is thriving. 

Perhaps he knew that was exactly what you needed to hear. This is the main reason why people say ‘talk is cheap.’ Based on this, once a man tells you that you are his soulmate, weigh his actions against his words. Has he been trying to take things to a more physical level? Then that may explain why he’s suddenly saying the right things.

5. He’s obsessed

Here is the thing, some people take things too far and not for the right reasons. Sure, every relationship has its problems. But if he’s obsessed with you, there is a big problem somewhere. Of course, he will say things like ‘you are my soulmate’ and ‘I have never felt this way about anyone before.’ For the most part, that may be true, or he may believe it is true.

Nevertheless, if he harbors some sort of unhealthy obsession, this may be a sign that he is nearing critical levels. Take some time to step out of the situation and gauge it. Are things moving too fast? Do you feel the same? Do you feel pressured into reciprocating his feelings? This should help you figure out whether he’s a bit on the creepy side.

6. He’s flattering you

hes flattering you

Some say that flattery will get you nowhere, but there are others who reckon that it will get you everywhere. If calling you his soulmate is just all part of an elaborate ploy to rain you with flattery, here’s why. For one, he could be a deeply insecure individual. Perhaps he never thought he could land a girl like you.

So, now he’s in a relationship with you, he will say anything to keep it going. Then again, he may love bombing you just so he can easily manipulate you later. The list goes on and on because flattery never comes without accompanying reason. Relationships heavily characterized by flattery seldom last.

7. It could be a compliment

Whether you are in a romantic or platonic relationship, being referred to as a soulmate can be quite endearing. Sometimes, it could just be something sweet that one person whispers to another. Perhaps, he cannot imagine his life without you, and to let you know he calls you his soulmate.

In this case, it might not be a sign of anything sinister or serious. The man simply wants to let you know that you matter to him. If this is the case, then you probably already know that he cares about you. He probably just said it to corroborate the fact that you are an important part of his life. If this sounds familiar, then he probably just paid you a compliment.

8. He is in love with you

In some odd cases, it is what it is, it is a sign that he loves you. You have been in a relationship with a guy for a while. Together, you have gone through some of the best and worst times. Something suddenly clicks between the both of you and he just knows he is ready to say it. Following all that, it feels right that he would readily refer to you as his soulmate. 

Perhaps he has already said that he loves you, saying that you are his soulmate really hits the nail on the head. Altogether, if he knows in his head and his heart that you are the one, he will call you his soulmate.

9. He’s still wearing ‘rose-tinted’ glasses

Every relationship goes through this stage. Here, there is nothing the other person could do that would break the bond shared. Some call them rose-tinted glasses, I like to call them love goggles. Once one or both partners have these goggles on, everything the other partner does is adorable.

With this in mind, having love goggles on is a viable reason why he considers you his soulmate. If this is the case, then give it time. If he still feels the same down the road, then he was telling the truth all along.

10. He believes in a higher purpose

Some people want to believe that there is a higher purpose for everything. Whether it's the work they do or the people they meet, it all points to something greater. In that same vein, they cannot fathom the thought of ending up with someone who is not meant for them. Based on that belief, once he finds someone he feels that deep connection with, she definitely qualifies as ‘the one.’

So, let’s say you have noticed that your man is taken with the idea of having a higher purpose. Then this may be the reason he genuinely believes that you are his soulmate. Who knows? He might be right.

11. He feels like he’s known you all his life

For this example’s sake, let’s assume that you are having a great time together. So far, you cannot imagine your life with anyone else. You both understand each other and disagreements no longer lead to resentment. For once, it all feels as if you have known each other forever. Maybe he senses it too and simply saying the words ‘I love you’ was not going to cut it anymore.

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If this sounds vaguely familiar, then it may be the reason why he suddenly called you his soulmate. As far as I’m concerned, this is not a horrible reason for him to say to his lady love.

12. He is trying to tell you he wants to be more than friends

he is trying to tell you he wants to be more than friends

This is a very scenario-specific reason, but it qualifies as a reason nonetheless. Let’s say you are not in a romantic relationship with this fellow. Then he suddenly calls you his soulmate. It may seem a bit out of the blues or innocently sweet. But maybe that fellow who you’ve shoved so deep in the friendzone is trying to tell you he wants more. 

Women do not have a monopoly on dropping veiled professions of love. Men do it too when they are not sure how their feelings will be received. So, if your close friend calls you his soulmate and then speedily covers it up with something platonic, he may have a crush on you.

13. Nothing...

Sometimes words are as meaningless as they come, they are just words. Maybe it felt right to say at the moment. Or perhaps, he was trying to fill an awkward silence, or say something profound. Unfortunately, people are prone to blurt out things that they do not mean every once in a while.

Chances are that this is the reason he suddenly called you his soulmate. If it is very uncharacteristic of him to say something like that, then maybe he simply said it for no reason. Sure, it sounds insensitive, but these things happen more than we can account for.

14. He feels safe with you

The dating scene these days is brutal. For one, there are damaged people all over the place looking to pass on the pain. Then there are sweet people with an unreal level of trust issues resulting from one too many broken hearts. With that in mind, when a man finds someone who makes him feel safe, everything changes.

So, he may not just stop at admitting that he cares about you immensely. He may garnish this profession with the fact that he considers you his soulmate. If this is the case, then you are one lucky lady. Not many people experience this in their lifetime.

15. He is ready to embrace new experiences

That moment that he realizes how much he has changed since you first met can be thrilling. Let’s say that before he met you, he shut out the notion of stepping out of his comfort zone. This happens often, especially in these modern times where dating is as ruthless as ever. 

So, once he sees himself comfortable doing things he could never imagine, it makes sense to say the words.

If this is the case, then he really does care about you. Saying the words is just one way of letting you know how much you have positively affected his life.

16. He is trying to manipulate you

This is a ploy most narcissistic people use to reel their prey in. You see, narcissists have a certain method of operation. They can take the most confident people and reduce them to an insecure blob of a person. For the most part, they use manipulation as a tool to get exactly what they want.

By bombarding their new target with endearing terms like this, they disarm them. At the end of the day, they aim to get rid of your natural defenses and slowly pluck away at your confidence. Altogether, it is unhealthy when a narcissist is involved. So, if he drops the soulmate bond too early on in the relationship, it is probably because he’s playing you.

17. He is trying to scare you off

Alright, this one seems a little off, but let me explain. Picture this, you meet this amazing guy and everything is going great. You connect on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. He has met your friends and you have met his. Altogether, it all seems to be headed in the right direction. Then just a mere two months into knowing each other, he drops a bomb.

He refers to you as his soulmate, and suddenly you feel stifled, trapped, and pressured. The next logical step is to find a way to slow things down or break up with him. Needless to say, he may have said it that early so you could break up with him. It's the perfect escape plan.

18. He does not want you to leave him

he is trying to tell you he wants to be more than friends

Some relationships reach their expiry dates yet one partner, or both are not ready to let go. If he is the reluctant party, then he would probably say anything to keep you. Saying that you are his soulmate is highly likely to buy him more time with you. It is not the most healthy thing to do, but some people would rather be with the devil they know.

So, examine the state of your relationship. Does it rhyme with the words he just said to you? If not, he was probably just trying to hold on to the remnants of your relationship.

19. He is confident about spending the rest of his life with you

When a man is no longer worried about your relationship ending over something trivial, it shows. He leans into you more trustingly and does not even skip a beat when you have an argument or two. 

If this sounds like your story, then it is not out of the question for him to profess his love. Besides saying he loves you, saying you are his soulmate is one way he expresses how much he cares for you.

20. You have been withholding ‘treats’

Women withhold sex every now and then. It may not be the only leverage they have, but it hits men where it hurts. If it has been a while since you got nasty between the sheets, any red-blooded man would try to remedy the situation. He may call you his soulmate to get in your good books and keep the sexual treats flowing. Sometimes, it's just that simple.

21. Wishful thinking

He may not even believe in soulmates, but you must admit that it is comforting to think that there is someone out there that is perfect for you. Let’s say he does have very strong feelings when you are involved. It would not be out of the question for him to hope or wish that soulmates exist because of how you make him feel.

In other words, the love you share is so strong and profound that you have made him a believer. If this is the case, then you have nothing to fear.


What does it mean when someone calls you their soulmate?

It could be for one of two reasons. On one end, it could be the real thing, he could be letting you in. Then, on the other hand, he could be telling you exactly what you want to hear to get into your pants. It will take a little reading beneath the surface to find out the truth.

How do I know if a man is my soulmate?

Everything feels natural with him. Furthermore, you do not need to go to great lengths to find out if he is interested in you. You both make each other the best version of yourselves. Even more, it feels as if nothing can sever the meaningful connection you share.

How do men feel when they meet their soulmates?

Some describe it as a feeling of completeness. They say that when you are with the right person, you do not always have to be on the same page all the time. Nevertheless, every disagreement or squabble is viewed as an avenue to get to know the other person better. 

What are the signs of being soulmates?

For the most part, you balance each other out. Though there may be times when you will have to tackle problems together, you still feel happy. Altogether, you can be your true self with the other person. Nothing feels forced and there is no sense of impending doom, even when you are apart.

Is a soulmate a lover?

Not exactly; you see, a soulmate is someone you practically share a spiritual connection with. Meanwhile, being a lover is more about expressing feelings of affection, lust, and even romance. You can be a lover and a soulmate at the same time. Likewise, you could exclusively be a lover but not a soulmate and vice versa.

To Summarize

They say that talk is cheap, which is the truth if you think about it. That’s why it is so easy to question what a man means when he says certain things. Is it a sign that he wants to take things to the next level? Or is it a step in the wrong direction? Hopefully, this article answers some of the questions in your head.

While we are speculating, I would love to hear your take on the topic. Is it a good thing? Or does it spell impending doom? Let me know in the comment box below. Even better, do not hesitate to share this article, let’s get more people in on the conversation.

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