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What To Say During Sex (93 Naughty Things To Say)

A few things in life come close to the pleasure of having sex! The rush of having all the right nerves come alive with each stroke is enough on a purely primal level. However, the no-pants dance is so much more than just fulfilling a biological need. Sex should be exciting, and if your sexual experience is anything but fun, then someone is doing it wrong. 

One way to introduce excitement into the beeswax is by throwing some verbal encouragement (i.e., dirty talk) into the mix. Talking dirty (or just talking period) in bed can take your sex life from barely existent into, well, whatever you aim for in that regard.

And by talking dirty, I don’t just mean coherent vulgar phrases (which there are a lot of on this list, by the way, so heads up). Sweet, safe-for-work phrases/sentences are also sexy things to say during sex, especially when said in the right tone. For the most part, most people just don’t want you to be silent.   

If you love to have sex the adventurous way but sometimes come up empty on dirty talk phrases, I’ve got you as always. With what I have lined up here, your partner won’t know what hit them on your next appointment.

Table of Contents

Sexy Things To Say During Sex

sexy things to say during sex

1. You're so hard/wet

This classic here is simple yet super effective. After all, who doesn’t like being complimented on meeting one of the requirements for a good time in bed? Whether you’re in category dirty talk for beginners or an expert in the field, it rolls right off the tongue. The best part; there’s no need to cram it. All you have to do is feel or see it to remember.

2. Just like that

‘Just. Like. That’. Individually, these are just random words, but together, it is a powerful prompt in bed. Here is a quick one to tell your partner they are doing something right, even if you tend to lose the ability to form long sentences the better the action gets.

3. Right there

Or, you could try a shorter variant like ‘Right there!’ Not every guy you have sex with will get the right spot right away, so in addition to being super convenient, this dirty talk is practical. It’s handy everywhere from casual sex to serious relationship humps. 

4. Omg yesss

Speaking of casual and easy to say, this here is perfect for when a certain body part slides into you. Or when the guy starts to pick up the pace. Also, when the stroke is just right as well as when you are about to finish. So basically, at any point during the sex, lol.

5. Oh-my-fucking-gawwd

This is essentially the same as the above but for a little tweak. It’s that omg you manage to slur as your eyeballs roll all the way back into your head as other parts of you quiver tremulously. Or just when you are about to.

6. Please

This is a personal favorite for when words fail me. Usually during sex with a partner I know will definitely understand what I’m asking for straight away with that single word, like a boyfriend or a returnee. More than just the phrase, though, it’s looking into your guy/partner’s eyes as you beg for them to go deeper or let you come that really amps up the electricity.


Personally, this is my go-to dirty talk whenever I’m pleasantly surprised. Like right when he enters you and it fits just perfectly. Or when he pauses mid-action to switch to another body part like his tongue or fingers. Or when I can’t believe the things I just witnessed him or myself do.

8. Fuck yeah

I’m pretty sure this one speaks for itself. Whether it comes out slowly or forcefully depends on who you are having sex with, of course. Either way, the phrase basically conveys the same meaning it does in everyday interaction—usually something along the lines of pardon my French, but this is good!

9. Please don't stop

You know you’re on the right track in bed when the person you’re having sex with starts begging you to keep going. Why stop and risk them not getting the message when you can get a more guaranteed result by being more specific with your plea?

10. I'm gonna screeaam!

Those sexual relationships where you can let go and just express yourself however when it comes to bed are the very best. For all you screamers in the building, did you know even your regular heads up can be dirty talk enough for your boyfriend/partner(s)?

11. ghgsdjldjadio;diwduwud (incoherent)

In the spirit of freely expressing yourself in bed, I hope you know the good ole’ “uisidwsduibnsmsvsyso” between dirty talk is valid too? Long as you try to make some sense in between so the other party isn’t completely lost.

12. Stooooppp

Your mouth says stop but every other body part says please, continue. In actuality, you really mean ‘Don't you fucking dare stop’. Obviously, this is only a good thing when the sex is consensual. So maybe keep this particular dirty talk for relationships where your partner can really tell when you mean stop.

13. Yeah, you like that?

You know that moment when you climb atop a guy and feel his entire body stiffen like he’s doing all he can to not lose control? A simple ‘you like that?’ from you at that point might just be all he could do to keep from blowing his load right then and there.

14. F**k

Another favorite of mine. Think of this one’s usage like a different variant of ‘damn’. Like when you spot a cute guy and you go ‘damn’, but then a hot one comes along and you go ‘dayummmmn!’ Exactly that, but in bed.

15. Deeper! Harder! Deeper!!!

… and the violent taketh it by force. Pro tip: Mixing this with affirming dirty talk phrases like right there or just like that can help take some of the pressure off your partner. As opposed to repeating harder and faster when they’ve obviously maxed out.

16. It's so big/tight

Never miss an opportunity to make your partner feel good, am I right? Apparently, complimenting the genitalia is as much a turn-on for guys as it is for girls. This shouldn’t come as a surprise at all considering how sensitive a subject the privates can be. It’s the same logic that makes being undermined in that area during sex so destabilizing.

17. How are you doing that?

When you think you’ve seen it all in bed but then meet a master, asking that one question that inevitably dominates your thought can actually be sexy as hell. Like how the hell are you so good at this? It’s a compliment that makes them feel validated, which will likely make them keep doing whatever that is, so win-win!

18. You do that so well

Or, if you prefer, you can rephrase the previous phrase as a direct compliment instead of a question. The survey above also did mention that people tend to love it when their partner enjoys their doings in bed. If you like to hear your boyfriend commend your oral sex skills, you should feel right at home with this as it follows the exact same principles.

19. Gosh, that feels so good

Talking dirty can be so easy that a simple verbal acknowledgment of what’s you are doing or what’s being done to you does it sometimes. It’s not enough to see or even feel you enjoying it. Some people also like to hear you say it.

20. Go slow/slower

Some moments in bed call for slow long/deep strokes instead of fast hard ones. Perfect for instances when you are both loved up, making up after a fight, or just whenever your body calls for taking it slow.

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Dirty Talk Phrases To Say During Sex

dirty talk phrases to say during sex

Here comes what you probably came here to look for in the first place. Just brace yourself, some of the phrases from here on out are nasty.

1. Come get this pussy!

Is it an order or a dare? I leave that to you and your sex partners to figure out. All you need to pull this off is some confidence, a slight drop in your voice pitch, and you’re ready to get it!

2. F**king pound me!

Pull this one out when your boyfriend takes his promise to always treat you like a delicate little flower to the bedroom. “F**k that, bro. Pound me to kingdom come, please and thank you”. 

3. I want all of you inside me

The yoni does tend to get greedy sometimes, doesn’t she? The beauty of having sex with people you can talk dirty with is that it takes the need to be shy away in moments like this. This phrase works whether you’re trying to turn him on/build anticipation, or he’s already going down on a body part but you want more.

4. I could never get enough of this cock/pussy

Ever had sex so good you honestly believe you could take that dick every single day without getting tired? No? Either way, it still works wonders at the moment to hear someone say this to you in bed. No one says dirty talk has to be 100% true. A little embellishment could just be the thing that helps them get you over the edge.

5. Fuck me

Who doesn’t stand a queen who knows what she wants? Definitely not me. It’s funny how a term usually used to express displeasure can also make someone give his/her all into pleasuring you six ways from Sunday in the bedroom.

6. Fuck me like you won't ever get the chance again

But why stop there when you can convey just how badly you want it with a few more words. I used this with a guy once, and let's just say I got exactly what I was looking for. Tried it again in a serious relationship, and it was like I flipped a switch. My guy went from good to downright savage in two seconds flat. 

Long story short, it’s one of my go-to dirty talk phrases now whenever I want it a little rough. 

7. Sit on my face

Why restrict yourselves to only one region when there are perfectly good alternative areas on your body waiting to join in on the fun? If you like to mix it up during sex, consider inviting your boyfriend to sit on your face next time instead of just shoving your tongue right in. (Although that does have its moments.)

8. Wrong hole, but don't stop

Some may consider this talk a little too dirty but to each his own. If you’re not opposed to exploring your holes, and he mistakenly starts to go in the wrong one, you can use this one. Imagine his surprise when he finds out what most people would bounce him for is actually welcome, at the moment no less.

9. I live for this dick/pussy

If you get with people who like their girl a bit extra in bed, talking dirty this way to them during sex will most likely drive them wild. They know you probably don’t actually live to make them cum, but hearing you say it anyway can be an incredible turn-on.

10. I want you in my mouth

He or she probably wants you in their mouth too, but it’s hotter when you ask for it. It makes them drop the usual reservations that come with receiving head and just let your tongue do your thing on their thing.

11. I want your mouth on me

On the flip side, you can also use dirty talk to get your partner to change what they are doing without ruining the flow. The stroking is good, but you’re craving a little tongue action? Say no more.

12. Quit playing with me

When you have sex with someone who won’t stop teasing you, and it’s all you can do not to take their member and shove inside yourself. Or at least that’s what you want them to think. Knowing someone’s anticipating you that bad in bed would be a massive turn-on for anyone.

13. Play with my clit

Telling your partner the specific thing you want them to do to you during sex can be a boon for both of you. Anyone whose turn-on is pleasing you would jump at an invitation to flick the bean, particularly those who prefer to skip the guessing game and go straight for what does it for you.

14. Give it to me hard

How do you like to take your rumpy-pumpy? Hard? Fast? Deep? Slow? Say this to ramp up the tension when he starts to do anything but or even before he starts at all.

15. I want your cock/fingers inside of me

It doesn’t get any more explicit than this. It’s literally at the top of some people’s fantasies to hear someone say this to them. Here’s another one of those dirty talk phrases that work whether you’re trying to turn someone on or the sex is already underway, but the right body part isn’t in yet. 

16. I love you so fucking much

While a significant part of it has to do with the juices coursing through and out of you, it’s not uncommon with good sex to think you’re in love. Although most people tend to just blurt this out at the moment when your partner keeps doing all the right things, you can also use it in a relationship where it’s actually true.

17. I love fucking you so much

Not to be mistaken with the above, this phrase has everything to do with passion also, but a lot less to do with love. It’s the sex that takes center stage here, so you’re a lot less likely to regret it afterward than the former if said outside an established relationship.

18. I love the way your dick/finger feels inside me

Most people like to hear that you are enjoying yourself during sex so it’s a safe bet when talking dirty. If you know enough about the person you’re doing the sex with to know they’d appreciate the specifics, you can work a little compliment about their privates into it. Between all of that and the reference to the treasure within, this single line of dirty talk paints a picture most can’t resist.

19. Don't you ever stick this dick in another girl

Oh, here's one saying that guys particularly tend to remember – when he feels so amazing you beg him not to ever give someone else that good. The type of D that fits so well you don’t even want to imagine it as anything but yours will have you saying this. However, some people might consider such a statement a bit too possessive if you’re not in an exclusive relationship. 

20. God, I love it when you fuck the shit out of me

Preferably said while they are actually fucking your brains out so they know not only are they not hurting you, but you are enjoying every bit of it. A variant of it can be “I love it when you take me just like that.”

21. Tell me what you're gonna do to me

Some of us love a good mental picture of what’s to come in bed before it actually goes down. When you talk dirty to your partner this way, you realize some of the things you’ve come to take for granted during sex are actually hot as f**k. Hearing a man’s voice loaded with desire is enough to undo most straight girls, much less when he’s trying to turn you on.

Dirty Things To Say During Sex (BDSM Version)

dirty things to say during sex (bdsm version)

The following dirty talk phrases were collated with the BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission) themed sex in mind but feel free to adapt them outside the playroom as you see fit.

1. Beat that pussy up, daddy/mistress

One thing I like about BDSM is how everyone already knows their role so you can talk dirty all you want without feeling judged. By the time you get to the point of screaming for daddy to beat your pussy up in the play, the level of profanity welcome has (hopefully) already been addressed. 

And if you say something wrong or out of turn, you get punished, which is still a win in my book.

2. I'd do anything for this dick/pussy

Sounds like something a proper sub would say when her dom asks how far she’d go to get them to go all the way, doesn’t it?

3. Pull my hair!

You like it a little bit rough, but your partner isn’t stepping up to the task yet? Ease them into it by ordering them to pull your hair first and see how things go from there.

4. Say my name

You can use this phrase whether you’re a dom, sub, or somewhere in between. While it typically comes out as an order from the dominant partner, you can also respectfully request for it as a sub or even outside the BDSM setting altogether.

5. Beg for it

How badly does your partner want it do you think? Even if you aren’t in a dom/sub relationship but have noticed some submissive traits in the person you’re seeing, you can experiment with this phrase and make them beg for it.

6. Don't be gentle

Another one for the subs. You can tell your dom this before or during the act, although I advise saying it in the language/tone they prefer so it doesn’t come across as you ordering them around. Although I see no reason why you can’t talk dirty like this to your boyfriend/partner in a less kinky relationship as well.

7. I was made to please you

Ever enjoyed sex so much you thought or said “I was made for this”? Or maybe the aforementioned “I live for this dick/pussy.” Consider this a more specific way to say something along those lines for those with a more peculiar sex taste. I imagine a dom would be particularly proud to hear their sub say it exactly as I put it in the playroom (or bedroom).

8. Thank you for fucking me

A good sub/slut never forgets her manners. It’s only fitting to thank your master for deeming you worthy enough to share a bed and/or their body with, wouldn’t you say? 

9. Yes, daddy

This one pretty much speaks for itself. If anything, it’s too popular to restrict to dominant/submissive relationships alone, even though it was initially used to talk dirty in such dynamics. And no, I don’t think it suggests daddy issues, so don’t let that stop you from moaning your “Yes, daddy” or playing out such fantasies in bed.

10. Let me please you today, daddy/master

Talk dirty like this to your man to take some of the work off of him in the bedroom irrespective of your relationship dynamic. Obviously, you might have to modify the adjectives a bit for the more vanilla ones.

11. Call me your bitch/whore/slut

Dirty talk requires mutual trust and respect for all parties involved to let go as well as they should. If you’re looking to introduce a little extra flavor into your sex life, you can ease your vanilla into it by having them call you names first. As opposed to hitting them with fucktoy/whore out of nowhere. 

As a tamer alternative, you can replace the slurs with girl/babe or just say call me yours.

12. Use me as your personal fuck slut/whore

Ceding control totally to someone you trust not to go outside your hard limit can be a massive turn-on for a submissive. And God is in the details for those with humiliation kinks/fantasies. 

13. I love being your filthy little slut

Same as the above but a little less forward and with more of a gratitude undertone. Perfect for getting your dom going before, during, and even after sex.

14. Claim it. Make me yours!

Another one you can use whether you are testing new waters in the bedroom, roleplaying in a serious relationship, or you are an overeager sub who doesn’t know her place yet.

15. Spank me!

It’s hardly dirty talk when you ask someone who was going to anyway to spank you in the playroom, not to mention it would be out of place for a sub unless asked. But the same phrase can be hot as f**k coming from a usually vanilla babe to her boyfriend or in any other sexual relationship outside the kinky framework.

16. Choke me!

Same as above.

17. Do with me as you please

This is the attitude masters like to see in their sub. Talk dirty this way to your dom during sex, and they are bound to listen. BDSM or nah though, men love it when you give them control in bed, even if they won’t end up exploring the freedom even halfway.

Things To Say During Sex (Big-O Version)

things to say during sex (big-o version)

1. Whatever you do, [please] don't stop

Variety may be the spice of life but not when you are near orgasm. Like a lot of girls, if you also need to work a little harder for your orgasm than the average guy, you can help your beau focus on getting you there faster with this one.

2. I'm gonna... I'm gonna come/I'm cummingggg

Perhaps the one feeling that comes close to getting there itself during sex is anticipating the orgasm. Announcing how close you are to the edge, beyond tipping you over yourself, is the ultimate dirty talk for those who take pleasure in their partner’s satisfaction. Think of it as their go-ahead to finish.

3. I can't. It's too much, I can't

This is similar to the stooopp phrase above. Some people find it extremely flattering to hear that their member/performance is enough to overwhelm a girl, and boosting the driver’s ego is more likely than not to get you to your destination. It’s the same energy as saying you think you’re going to pass out from pleasure.

4. Oh, snap

Like, look what you made do. When your orgasm catches you by surprise or when it comes from an action you initially told them to slow down on but they wouldn’t listen.

5. I want your seed

If this sounds a little too deep for casual sex or even some relationships, that’s because it is. Girls who talk dirty like this outside of roleplay are usually those who want to get creampied by their man, often because they want to carry his child.

6. Don't you fucking cum yet

Again, if your partner digs confidence, feel free to give it to him or her as you feel it. It’s even bound to be hotter when you usually don’t talk like that.

7. I want your load all over my fucking [face]

Direct, specific, bound to appeal to your man’s inner perv, even if he's usually a gentleman. You can also replace the face with any other body part you feel comfortable with, like the torso. What guy can say no to a lady giving him the go-ahead and paint the canvas?

8. Yeah baby, give me every single drop!

Talk dirty to your man by showing just how eager you are to see him climax, then actually take it all when he does. You’ll thank me later.

9. Oh my god, what are you doing to me?

A valid question to ask in my opinion, especially in a situation where you, who hardly ever gets to get there, are on your third or fourth orgasm in a row.

10. Oh god, oh god, oh my god, ohhh godddd...

When it comes to dirty talk, even if a filler like omg can convey what a thousand words might not if you could manage to form them.

11. Come for me

Here’s another personal fav of mine. One that I think the universe is teasing me with on purpose, given how it falls on the number 69. I like to hear it, but if you are usually the one with power in your boudoir, you might enjoy saying it.

Sweet/Other Things To Say During Sex

sweet/other things to say during sex

You are bound to find something that works for you in this category no matter what you are into in the sack.

1. Make love to me

This here can be a very powerful thing to say to someone in bed, but in a different way than the dirty stuff. It can be a great way to take a break from the usual roughness or just when you really, really need to feel the love. I wouldn’t talk like this with someone I’m not in sync with yet though, as it can easily rub them the wrong way.

2. This is going in my diary!

Someone said this to a friend of mine one time and he won’t let us hear the end of it to date. It’s not just the fact that it’s an unusual thing to say that makes it so special to him. As someone who journals himself and only tends to put down the relevant stuff, he assumed the sex had to have been that good. Maybe your partner might too?

3. I wouldn't trade this for anything

Where dirty talk can be a little too tailored to the moment, this intimate statement actually gets to stay with you long after the sex is over. Are you talking about the sex, the pleasure of being there to experience it at the point in time, or both? Does it matter? They’ll love it anyway.

4. You taste so damn good

Back to the compliments because why miss a chance to boost your partner’s confidence by making them feel good about themselves? Also, because they actually taste pretty damn great.

5. You feel at home

This is starting to feel a lot like an ‘intimate things to say during sex’ category, isn’t it? Lol. Can you imagine being told this by someone you actually have feelings for? Same energy as this is/ you are my happy place.

6. How are you still going?

When you’ve been having sex with a lot of mid folks, then finally meet an actual stud and you go, what is this extra-terrestrial stamina? If you thought the “how are you so good at this?” point above was good, I bet you’d like this too.

7. We shouldn't be doing this

Between a desire for control, rebelling, and some other psychological factors you don’t care about right now, I think maybe everyone enjoys a little bit of taboo play in bed. That forbidden sense of hearing you shouldn’t be doing something in the midst of it can cause blood to flow extra hard to certain parts, no matter who you’re in bed with. It is so wrong but feels oh-so-right.

8. I just want to do this forever

That feeling when you wish you didn't ever have to stop because, well, because it's that good.

9. You look like a god from this angle

See a view you think maybe you could get used to? Talk to your partner about exactly why you think so, something along the lines of what they remind you of in that light. A god, maybe?

10. For a second there, I think I saw stars

This talk here can be an excellent incentive for a second round if you play your games right. Instead of the usual “That was amazing” after the first one, telling someone they made you see the constellation can make their head swell in more ways than one.

11. I can't believe you're actually inside me

Looking for something cool but not too explicit to say to your crush when you finally get to go there? Try showing them how incredible it still feels that you are actually having sex with them. Bound to rouse something somewhere in them. Same vibe as I can't believe this is actually happening.

12. I'm so not gonna be able to walk tomorrow

When you are in paradise but know you will probably regret it in the morning and not just because of the dreaded walk of shame. Who cares, though? Certainly not you. Not in that moment.

13. What are you doing Friday?

When the sex is so good, it makes you want to fix the next appointment, with them still inside you. Don’t overthink it, just do it. Blurt it out right there to let them know just how eager you are to do it again.

14. I've been picturing this since I met you

Most girls wouldn’t say this in bed, especially to a guy, so they don’t come across as desperate, and that’s exactly why most guys can’t get enough of those who can. Perhaps, the one thing the lot of them love more than the sex itself is having it with a girl confident enough to admit how much it means to her. 

That said, best to be sure the person you’re with likes the full disclosure before going here, as some people genuinely prefer it when you play coy.

15. I think about this all the time

It’s always nice to know that you are on someone’s mind, even if it’s just a particular part of your body that actually gets to star in those thoughts. 

16. You're the best

For those who like it simple and sweet, here’s a good one. Whisper the words slowly in their ear while they move in and out of you for an even better result. It’s safe, it’s positive, it’s not too much for anyone to handle, and it can be handy when you’re not sure how dirty is dirty enough for your partner.

16. More! That feels amazing

This one basically says keep doing precisely what you are doing, maybe a little harder, faster or deeper, but not because I’m usually this selfish, it just feels so damn good.

17. I love it when you do that/I like it like that

Since this enlightens your partner on what feels good for you, it’s one of those broad-spectrum phrases that work with anyone from a one-night stand to a long-term partner. Statements like this are particularly encouraged in committed relationships as it’s an excellent way to reassure your partner they’ve still got it in bed.

18. You fit me

Speaking of affirming words, here’s a milder way to say my pussy was made for this D without losing innocence points. It can, of course, be modified to make it feel more personal and specific, but if you’re intentionally going for being inexplicit, then “you fit me” does it just fine.

19. Let me see you

I know many of us are all about the feeling when it comes to sex, but actually watching it go down with you as one of the participants is underrated. Don’t like doing it in the dark but don’t know how to put it to someone who may or may not like the light? This works. Can also be used if you enjoy seeing the proof of your ministration on your partner’s face.

20. Look at me

On the flip side, if it’s being watched while having the time of your life that actually turns you on, here’s one for you. If you love to make eye contact during sex, but your partner doesn’t know that yet, or they’re shy, this can be your jam. Some people also prefer to say this when they are about to cum so their partner pays extra attention when they hear the phrase.

21. I love you/I hate you

Remember that one episode in Californication that almost ruined Hank Moody’s life? Besides nearly sending him to prison, why do you think sex with Mia was such an unforgettable event for someone who had so much of it? It’s because something unusual happened he doesn’t get to experience every other day. 

I wouldn’t advise you to hit someone out of BDSM context, but I imagine most people don’t get to hear things like ‘I hate you’ often enough during sex to forget it. So, if being memorable is what you’re going for, I’d say that works. “I love you”, on the other hand, may not have quite as profound an effect if the person gets it a lot, but it can also be striking if they feel the same way.

22. You're so beautiful. I love your body

Honor to whom honor is due, or how does the good book put it? If you get the chance to have sex with someone who just so happens to be built like Eros or Venus, take advantage of that body whenever you come up empty. It shouldn’t be your only go-to sex talk though, because if you can see it, others can too. And the person probably also wants to hear other things. 

23. Your body drives me crazy

If you could be more specific and name the particular body part that drives you wild, that would work too. It doesn't even have to be sexual. Something like their eyes or chest can still have the intended effect. ‘’Alexa, play me Shape of you by Ed Sheeran’’.


What can I say to a man to drive him crazy?

It depends largely on the man in question. Where some men like to hear things that build their anticipation, some need you to get deep into the dirty talk to get them excited. If you don’t have enough to deduce what side of the spectrum he falls on, try complimenting his skills in bed or his member. 

Some also love it when you get vocal about how much you enjoy what they do to you.

What compliments do guys like?

Guys generally enjoy compliments about their body, their looks, personality, as well as their skills. In bed, they may like to hear you say specific things about their member, like how big or hard it is or how perfectly it fits inside you.

What do you say to a man when making love?

Most men just don’t want you to be silent while they are having sex with you. For the most part, moaning your approval is more than enough. However, if you’re looking to make sex a little more exciting for both of you, you can throw some sexy things like dirty talk or encouraging compliments into the mix.

Why do men lose interest?

A person, man or woman, can lose interest in another for several reasons. It could be that they have options that seem beneficial to them more than you. Or that you’ve shown some traits they don’t find sustainable in the long term. One study also found that men particularly tend to lose interest in sex when they are insecure or unhappy.

Do guys like being called cute or handsome?

Guys like being complimented but not all of them like those centered around their looks alone. While many are often just grateful to get a compliment, some don’t see being called cute as much of one, especially coming from a girl, because it makes them feel infantilized. Handsome, on the other hand, is a bit more palatable.

In Conclusion

A good tip on what to say during sex is not to focus on the words/phrases themselves so much as mastering the art of delivery. And what does that delivery entail? Confidence and lots of practice. Work on making it look like you’re sure of whatever you’re saying and how to make it sound sexy, and you’d be a guru at talking dirty in no time.

Now, your turn to make your fantasies come true in bed. Writing this has been an absolute pleasure. If you enjoyed reading it and are feeling quite open yourself, feel free to share your favorite sex/dirty talk phrases in the comments. Also, don’t be stingy, share the article if it was worth your while.

Utilize this tool to verify if he's truly who he claims to be
Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

Do you want to find out if he's texting other women behind your back? Or if he has an active Tinder or dating profile? Or even worse, if he has a criminal record or is cheating on you?

This tool can help by uncovering hidden social media and dating profiles, photos, criminal records, and much more, potentially putting your doubts to rest.


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