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What Happens When Two Old Souls Meet (19 Things that Happen when Two Old Souls Start Dating) 

July 6, 2024

When two old souls meet, it may seem like a burning fire that can’t be controlled. However, there’s more to this soul connection that most people don’t realize. Many old souls don’t just unite in their physical forms but are said to have witnessed many lifetimes before. This extreme connection causes many to ask, “What happens when two old lovers meet?”

We can refer to this relationship between old souls as twin flames uniting, or when soul mates finally meet. Even though you and your twin flame might have a past life together, there are some ups and downs that should be recognized along the way. 

Here are nineteen things that will happen when a person and their soul mate start a relationship.

19 Things that Happen when Two Old Souls Start Dating

1. You spend hours together, alone

This behavior is the most distinguishing feature of a bond between two ancient souls. You're both lost in your thoughts that you don’t recognize you're spending a lot of time together. More so, you can be handling several matters and still be in tune with one another. This act is a sign that you and your partner are completely at ease with each other.

Old souls tend to connect on a severe level after they start dating. This process helps them to acknowledge their presence even without vividly giving ample attention to the act. For example, they could be connected, even while one of them is working on an office project and another on personal issues. 

2. There will be a major personal awareness

When twin flames connect at a soul level, they’re bound to feel something extraordinary. However, your partner wouldn’t only offer love and passion. In an old soul connection, they will also assist you in identifying the aspects of your life that aren't palatable. This form of personal awareness might seem like a meltdown, but it’s all for the better.

You may finally let yourself deal with unresolved feelings. This process is possible because you're with someone who actually supports you. On the surface, it may appear to be uncomfortable, but it is an ultimately momentary act that needs to happen.

3. You are inseparable and independent at the same time

Although you never want to be separated from your partner, old souls are nevertheless capable of living a life apart from each other. Rather than being independent of your soul mate, you still choose to spend a huge amount of time with them. Nevertheless, you don't struggle to be self-reliant when you find the need to.

You treasure the portions of your life which are still uniquely yours, but you don't mind blending your days with your partner as much as possible. This example is a common occurrence when two ancient partners reunite. There’s no unhealthy interference with the way the both of you choose to spend your time. 

4. Unsettled relationship problems start to rise again

People with older souls tend to have countless life experiences that have caused them to evolve. When such people enter relationships that need them to be vulnerable once again, previous issues that were never truly resolved are certain to resurface. It might seem like a challenge in the beginning, but it works out for the benefit of the association.

This process occurs because such associations demand the partners to be their true selves. It isn’t just our physical forms that unite in such associations, but also our past lives. Therefore, you should expect to deal with such occurrences when you meet your soul mate. Being more vulnerable helps to resolve such issues. 

5. You have to balance out each other’s personalities

Even though you’re both optimists, you'll have to come to terms with what your partner has to say. It’s not about who’s right, but about seeking truth and attaining mutual authenticity. Ancient souls struggle because they’re used to the single life more than being a pair.

Old souls are picky about their preferences and are accustomed to being regarded as the brightest or wisest person in the room. When they're with anyone as valued as themselves, this becomes a difficulty. Nevertheless, it's all for the best. Accepting that you may have to defer to your partner, sometimes, helps to lower your ego.

6. You feel like you've known each other for a long time

One of the guarantees that old souls have met in a past life is the instant mutual connection they feel. Oftentimes, it’s associated with the perception that you’ve known each other for an extended period. 

In prior romantic associations, it’s possible to have experienced some uneasiness or the need to attract your partner. In some extreme cases, people tend to feel like their partners aren’t on their sides. Nevertheless, with kindred connections like these, you're so familiar with this person that you feel as passionately and sincerely for them as you do for your family members.

7. You don't feel obligated to earn each other 's affection

Regular romantic associations tend to have complexities. Even while dating, partners often feel the need to attract their significant other or to prove their love to them. However, this is somewhat different from ancient partnerships. The major difference is that you feel noticed and appreciated for who you are now, whereas, in previous relationships, you thought you had to persuade your partner to stick with you. 

Even with complex personalities, your spirit partner adores your appearance as it is, likes hanging in with you on the weekend, laughs at all of your terrible jokes, and finds your eccentricities appealing. You don't feel compelled to alter who you are to be deserving of them.

8. You get along well, even like family

you get along well even like family

Apart from the fact that twin flames feel like they’ve known themselves for ages, they also relate well like family members. It's a natural response to meeting someone you’ve known in your past life. A twin flame might not necessarily have the same interests as you, but they love unconditionally and have a striking inner maturity. This behavior is similar to loved ones. 

If it’s almost remarkable how quickly you and your partner connect, there’s a likelihood you have an ancient partnership. There’s something deep about your connection that you can’t simply explain to others. 

9. You are ironically opposites

If you and your partner seem like the same character, but don't have anything in common, it means you’ve met another old soul. But on the bright side, they were made just for you. You find great ways to complement each other without stirring up conflict.

You may have very different hobbies and come from quite different upbringings, yet you understand and feel like extensions of one another. You have similar views and points of view, and you can appreciate the other person's viewpoints, even when you disagree. This process shows how to love authentically even when you’re a young soul. 

10. The way you met was synchronic

When you think back on how you met your twin flame, it's hard to believe that two people who are so perfect for each other just happened to meet one day. There’s a self-awareness that ancient partners feel when they connect with each other. They know the circumstances surrounding their reunion are more than ordinary.

The circumstances that brought you two together appear to be coincidental but have hidden meanings. You feel a sense of peace when you think about seeing them for the first time. More so, you’re reassured that things were meant to be.

11. You realize how much you can learn from one another

Most relationships with younger souls tend to dwell on superficial things like being the perfect couple. However, with ancient partnerships, it’s much more about spiritual growth and learning to become better versions of who they used to be. 

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The fascinating thing about a relationship between two ancient souls is that as similar as you are, you contribute opposing life experiences and viewpoints to the table. This is so that you may acquire from one another and share knowledge that will assist you to grow into more mature persons.

12. Your contradictory characteristics become more apparent.

An ironic occurrence that happens when people meet their soul mates is that they’re nothing alike. In some cases, it could be different, but as time goes on, their differences come to light. The disparity between young souls that are in love, and meeting an old soul, is the effort love ensures to keep them together.

Many ancient souls battle with uncertainty in which they can see both aspects of a subject and can't decide which is the better option. When you're with another ancient soul who can speak out on your flaws, qualities like these become more apparent. Nevertheless, both of you will work together to compliment yourselves.

13. You feel unusually comforted

One of the major signs that twin flames have united is the peace they feel around themselves. More so, they begin to realize how insignificant the material world is. You begin to lose sight of superficial factors and focus more on soul love. 

In a regular romantic relationship, you might have aspired to be more prosperous or gorgeous to establish your lovability. However, with your new lover, you understand how those previous ambitions are mismatched. You finally understand what it feels like to be with someone who desires to date you for the major purpose of being with you and making you happy.

14. They both trigger their inner children

Although you're both adults, you help one another recover your youthful bliss. There’s no pretense around each other, and you feel an urge to be your genuine selves. You can mess around with each other without the fear of being judged or the need to maintain a superficial appearance. It’s a healthy environment for you to express yourself. 

The irony is that the longer you stay together, the more careless and silly you will become. It's as if you've reached the pinnacle of adulthood only to realize that you need to let yourself go to find happiness with each other every day.

15. You will become conscious of keeping your uniqueness

Even though soul mates have complex identities, it’s easy for them to blend well together. An old soul meeting with another easily becomes one individual pair that can function together. However, during the process, it’s possible to get confused about one’s temperaments. 

Therefore, personal development is something soul connections tend to prioritize in their associations. It's easy to become lost in the ease and beauty of merging with a kindred ancient soul. But, you'll have to start the process of rediscovering yourself. Even though this process might make you feel uneasy and like you’re pulling away, it’s quite normal. 

16. You are truly best friends and partners

you are truly best friends and partners

Twin flames focus on finding their inner light even before finding the perfect person for them. They prioritize experiencing things for themselves and not depending on another for their happiness. This step is crucial to the success of their future associations. 

Since they’ve worked so hard on themselves previously, they are capable of having a positive impact on their lovers. Meeting a fellow old soul comes with an immense purpose that they can function in several categories despite being a significant other. They become their partner’s confidante, lover, family member, and companion, which is what their soul seeks.

17. They both become future-minded

A soul partnership is much more than achieving present satisfaction. It’s driven by making the future more palatable. Therefore, when ancient partners reunite, there’s a zest to focus more on how the future will turn out, rather than only living in the present, the dynamics of such romantic relationships make the partners both growth-oriented people.

You're always seeking ways to better yourselves, your life, and your relationship. This guarantees that none of you becomes complacent. It also helps to prevent partners from becoming unduly judgmental or disrespectful and to safeguard what the future holds. There’s no sense of entitlement, but a desperate urge to work things out.

18. The love is genuine

A common way an older soul can attract people is with their authenticity. They display a certain form of prudence that captures people’s attention. Nevertheless, they want the same for their romantic associations. They want to be in a relationship where mutual genuineness is encouraged and celebrated. 

Therefore, soul mates strive to achieve this belief. They wouldn’t hide, pretend, repress, or modify who they are. This behavior stems from the conviction that they don't want to meet someone who puts up with them. Rather, they want someone who pushes them to bring out their most genuine and honest selves and fully accepts them.

19. They experience vulnerable love

Soul partners believe that it's not enough to be compatible on a personality level. They resonate with the idea that true love is freely exposing one's heart and soul, even if it aches, rather than pretending to like someone. An old soul will ironically experience courage as they open up their bruises, and allow themselves to heal.

Therefore, a soul contract often comprises an old soul loving another on a deeper level, and allowing themselves to be vulnerable around each other. They feel a sense of bravery with this act, and the ability to empathize wholeheartedly when they become susceptible around one another.


Do old souls find each other?

Most people believe that kindred ancient spirits find a way to themselves, even after spending an ample amount of time away from each other. This reconnection is due to the 

What happens when two souls meet?

There’s an unusual sense of comfort these individuals face when with each other, even though they’re inseparable, they can function independently without needing too much support from themselves. More so, the scenarios surrounding their meeting often seem too coincidental.

How does it feel when two souls connect?

Ancient partners are comforted by each other’s presence, even beyond what words can explain they might have different personalities, but there’s a sense of completeness they feel when they’re together. Nevertheless, these individuals can still function adequately when apart. 

Do old souls find love?

Kindred ancient partners have high expectations of their romantic associations, and therefore, tend to experience a fair amount of the single life. Nevertheless, when fate comes to play, these individuals tend to find love in the most unusual places, and when they aren’t looking for it. More so, the association comes with an intense purpose. 

What happens when 2 souls fall in love?

When old lovers reunite, there’s an urge to become better versions of themselves. Therefore, some unresolved problems from previous romantic associations tend to come to light. However, such partners work together to fix their past issues and focus on the future.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article? Remember that meeting another soul that compliments you might seem like the biggest dream of anyone’s life. Nevertheless, no matter how good soul recognition is, remember to give yourself innate freedom and try not to lose your individuality during the process. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article or share it with others.

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