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Does Love At First Sight Exist? (9 Ways You Know It’s Love)

Do you think you have experienced love at first sight? Do you want to know how falling in love is different from attraction? Do you believe in first sight real love

I, like many others, also believed that love, at first sight, is real, just like it is shown in movies. However, soon I realized that I could not have been more wrong.

I read many books to find if love, at first sight, was real so that I could also experience love at first sight with an instant connection. I eventually learned that love, at first sight, does not exist and it is only attraction that one experiences the first time they meet someone. I still believe in love, but now I know it is not something that happens at first sight but takes much more time.

In today’s article, we are going to look at things that happen to you when you are falling in love. If these signs are there even after some time has passed then it is real love. 

We will also see how there is nothing like first sight real love.

Does Love At First Sight Exist?

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. We all have seen movies where the lead pair falls in love at first sight. However, in reality, it is difficult to swallow that someone feels something so deep in just one single glance. While no one can judge what the other person is feeling, it is important to understand that love and attraction are two different things.

According to Psychology Today, many people believe that they have experienced love at first sight, however, in reality, it is just a strong pull, which makes the person interested in having a relationship with the other party. Of course, there is no evidence of it as different people feel a different type of love

It cannot be denied that people can experience an infatuation towards a person that they met only through a chance encounter. This encounter can later turn into something serious once the couple gets to know each other. However, it could not have been love at first sight when the couple met.

What Happens When You Are In Love?

1. Increased heart rate

When you are in love with someone, your brain releases some hormones, which increase your heart rate. Not only this, but you also sweat and get a red face when you are attracted to someone. All these appear to be signs of anxiety, but in reality, it happens when you experience initial attraction. 

2. Constant thoughts

When you fall in love, you don't want that special someone to ever get out of your sight. You have constant thoughts in your mind about them and have a desire to spend all your time with them. When with them, you don't even want to blink, or else you will miss a precious moment with them. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but is extremely true; especially in the start!

3. Stress

Yes, not many associate stress with love. However, the reality is that this feeling brings with it a variety of emotions and stress is one of them. There is stress if it is one-sided, as you will be concerned about many things, like, will they accept you, will it work, etc. However, this stress will ease with time as you become much more comfortable and everything works out fine.

4. An adrenaline rush

an adrenaline rush

When you feel an instant attraction for someone, the pupil of your eyes dilate and you feel an emotion, which is very similar to an adrenaline rush. This gives you a feeling that you are prepared and feel like your heart is fluttering while you seem to be on a roller coaster. This is one of the best feelings in the world!

5. You see the beauty in everything

The world around you seems more beautiful and you find beauty in everything. You feel happy from inside and there are constant butterflies in your stomach. You smile when you are alone and you have the desire to tell the whole world that you are in love. The feeling is something that cannot be explained in words.

6. Constant distraction

You might find it difficult to concentrate on your work because your mind would be constantly occupied with thoughts about that special person. However, this is something that will happen only in the initial phase of your relationship so there is nothing much to worry about the missed deadlines. 

7. You care about the way you look

Now that you like someone, you would want to make sure that the other also loves you. So, you will find yourself taking extra care about the way you look. You would find yourself checking out yourself in the mirror occasionally, combing your hair often, applying makeup, etc. All this is enough to tell your friends that you are in love!

It should be noted that although love is not based on looks, looking good does not harm anyone. It gives you new confidence and is important at least in the starting phase when the feelings have not turned into real love.

8. You start taking extra effort

you start taking extra effort

You will find yourself taking an extra effort for the person you love. For you, they will be the center of your universe, and you will find yourself doing things to please them. The happiness of your lover will become your top priority and you will do anything to make sure they are comfortable. You won't feel bad to ditch your friends in order to meet the one you love.

9. You get blind

It is true that love is blind. When you are in love, you won’t look at anyone else but your lover. Whatever they speak will seem magical to your ears and you would easily ignore red flags (if any) in your relationship. You will lose all your understanding and be crazy! 

Some of these things are the same for being in love or it being an infatuation. However, if these don't change with time then it surely is love. Even if it is not initially, it generally does not take much time for the infatuation to turn into something real if you get to know the other person.


Why does love at first sight not exist?

Love at first sight does not exist because it is an emotion, which grows slowly, therefore, it is impossible to experience it at the first sight. Only attraction can happen at first sight and love can happen only when you start accepting the person as they are, irrespective of their physical beauty.

Can a man fall in love at first sight?

A guy can get attracted to a woman at first sight, but that does not mean that it is love at first sight. When a male sees a woman for the first time, he is just looking at her physical appearance. If he sees a connection with her then it is just attraction and not love.

What attracts a man to a woman at first sight?

The face, eyes, and breasts are some of the things that attract a guy to a woman at first sight. However, different men have different tastes and preferences and they might notice different things in a woman at first sight. There are men who notice the body of women at first sight.

How do you know if it's love or attraction?

If it happens, at first sight, it cannot be love, it surely is attraction. If it is short lived and only physical then it is just attraction and you will forget it as soon as it is over. On the other hand, love is a deep emotion, and falling in love takes time as you also accept the negative traits of the person.

How do you know if the love is real?

Love is real if it is unconditional and giving. You will never intentionally hurt the person you are in love with and will always want the best for them. If all these things persist even after you are a couple then the love is real. Something which cannot be determined at love at first sight.

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In Conclusion

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever fallen in love? What did it feel like when you fell in love? Have you fallen in love with strangers, you never thought you had any chance with? We would like to hear from you about your experience with love. Please comment below!


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