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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Thinks About You? (17 Possible Meanings)

Where does attraction begin? Is it from the first look a guy gives you, the first few gestures he makes, or does his attraction stem from his first thought about you? Since you wouldn’t know how much a guy likes you, do you take him at face value when he says he likes you and he’s thinking about you?

Do you have to return the attention and attraction before you can process his words or do you just plunge into the potential relationship? When a guy says he thinks about you, what does it mean? 

Feeling a rush of emotions and blushing at a few words from a guy you like doesn’t translate to a good sign that he is falling in love with you.

As such, you must juxtapose actions against what a guy says he feels. Before you take the word of a man you hardly know to mind, it is wise to watch out for signs that he is saying the truth

In this article, you will get some answers to the question “what does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you?”, then you can decide if he is sincere or not.

17 Possible Meanings For Why A Guy Says He Thinks About You

1. He looks at you like you hold the world

When a guy says he thinks about you a lot, it most likely means he is so into you that you appear in his thoughts a lot. However, can he reconcile his words with his actions?

When he tells you he thought about you more than once the previous day, do his eyes light up when he says the words, or do they seem like empty words from a man who is only trying to waste your time?

If your mind doesn’t agree with the things the man does after uttering those words, then he probably isn’t worth thinking about either.

2. You are important to him

When a guy says he thinks about you or that you cross his mind a lot, it could mean you are important to him and his happiness. If he also does his best to make you happy it means you are special to him.

One of the signs that will show that he is thinking about you is that he will always want to spend time with you by taking you out on dates or just hanging out in cool places. Even if both of you do not end up in love or a relationship but, you will feel the connection. 

3. He is trying to get over a bad experience

Most men find it easy to get involved with women as a coping mechanism for getting over a bad experience. For example, if a man disagrees with his girl, he can turn his attention to another girl just to avoid thinking about the problem. 

He would rather talk to another willing to comfort him temporarily than to face the issue awaiting him. Sometimes, the problem might not even be related to his love life but because men love to escape their emotions, they’d rather bury themselves in a distraction even if it’s for a short time.

4. You remind him of someone he knows

The popular Usher's song might come to mind where this sign is concerned. If you share a resemblance with someone the guy once knew or might still know, it will be easier to understand why he claims to think of much about you.

As such, there might be no big deal to his words. Your response to a man, in this case, could be thank you or spark up a conversation with him about the other person who looks like you. As such, before you take his fascination with you as one of the signals that he is in love with you, have a doubtless discussion with him.

5. Proximity to you has made him feel closer

proximity to you has made him fell closer

Sometimes, when you are very close to someone, especially the opposite sex, either of the two of you might develop premature feelings for the other and there will be confusion signs about what is going on.

If a guy says he thinks about you a lot, check his proximity. Do you both work together, live next door to each other or engage in actions that throw both of you in the same place most of the time? If there is no other sign that the guy adores you as much as he claims, you might want to distance yourself from him to see if he will say the same thing after you’ve been apart for a few weeks.

6. He has probably spoken about you to his family

If he keeps talking about missing you and thinking about you, there is a high probability that he has told his family and friends about you. If he slips up and informs you that his folks would like to meet you, it is a sign that he hasn’t only thought about you but he has also talked about you to others.

If you share the attraction he has for you and is not freaking out, it should thrill you that he wants you to meet the family so soon after meeting you.

7. He stores up specific information you’ve shared with him

One of the signs that reveal the intention of guys is how much of what you’ve told them they remember. When you just meet guys, you most likely wouldn’t be too focused on what information they store away for important days as much as you will be intent on them liking you back. 

Therefore, women tend to take the words of men who remember something they said seriously more than the ones who don’t. As such, when he says you’re on his mind, you believe him.

8. He is checking up on you via social media

When a guy wants to know you better, they sometimes resort to silly actions such as following your activities on social media. Such men will love all your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and any other platform they find you and if you don’t like such guys in return, you might consider their attention stalking you.

However, a guy who doesn’t want to know you better wouldn’t keep track of you online as though he is jobless. At the same time, his intention for following you online is another thing entirely. So, you still need to be wary of him till he proves he wants to know you, not cause you harm.

9. He is worried about you

Is this man a good friend you’ve hung out with a couple of times or is he even your best friend? If he is someone you confide in a lot and he discovers you’ve been a bit withdrawn in your communication with him, that might worry him a little. 

As such, he will be constantly thinking a lot about why you’ve changed towards him. When such a man tells you he is thinking about you, you need to ask him why that is so before you freak out that your best buddy is falling in love with you. Communication is key in such a relationship to avoid misunderstanding.

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10. He desires to share more of himself with you

he desires to share more of himself with you

When guys repeatedly tell a woman, I am thinking about you, it is a sign that they want to put themselves out there and reveal a little bit more than you already know about them.

Most guys, even the shy ones, don’t usually say what they don’t mean, especially if they like a girl. Therefore, take time to listen to him pour out his mind if you also decide you want to get closer to him. However, if you don’t have any form of affection for him, let him down easy on time so you don’t hurt his feelings because he wants you to know him more.

11. He thinks your opinions carry weight

When you bring something good to the table, a guy would respect you and your beautiful brain. If you’ve shared some advice with him in the past that paid off well for him, he won’t be able to get you out of his mind. While his attraction towards you might take a specific form, you need to be sure it means exactly what you think it means. 

Don’t think he wants to be romantic with you when he hasn’t been explicit about his intentions and don’t insult him by thinking he wants to be a big brother when he is halfway in love with you. Meaning, you have to be very observant about what he does and says.

12. He thinks so much about how you make him laugh easily

Many people think only the guy has to be funny in a relationship but that is not true. Men also find humorous women attractive and fun to be with and so, if you make this guy laugh a lot when you’re together, it’s only reasonable that he will constantly want to spend time with you.

If he is the kind of guy you see yourself falling in love with, you’d probably be giving him a lot of attention too.

13. He misses the physical contact with you

Has your relationship with this man evolved to the stage whereby you touch a lot? Do you exchange flirty touches or even unassuming physical contact such as hugs and kisses on the cheek? Then, he might be telling you he thinks about you because he misses touching you.

Humans crave physical connection, no matter how little or brief and so, if a guy cares for you he will wish to be close to you as much as possible. Even if your relationship with him hasn’t progressed to the extent of having sex, he will still take hugging you over not seeing you at all.

14. He is just trying to flatter you into his bed

A guy saying he thinks about you is not exactly a good sign that he likes you for who you are. His words could be mere flattery to get into bed with you and, if you don’t figure out his intention on time you will fall for his empty words. 

Such a guy will disappear from your life the moment you show signs that you want a committed relationship and so, you may try to test him by using terms relating to a commitment with him. If he doesn’t scramble off when you say the magic words, then he is honest.

15. He sees you as a temporary amusement

he sees you as a temporary amusement

A playboy knows how to play his games well and so, he will wrap you up in a false sense of security and love by saying the things any girl wants you to hear. If you can look beyond his flowery speeches and focus on his acts, you might be able to see through his pretenses.

If you are blind to his disguise he will use you as a temporary amusement before moving on to the next best thing. Therefore, watch out for signs that indicate he doesn’t care about you but is interested in only what he can get out of you.

16. He genuinely likes you and wants to be with you

A guy knows when he meets ‘the one’ and he doesn’t need anybody pointing the fact out to him. As such, even a guy is in love with you, he will be thinking about you so much that he can’t hide the feeling from you.

If you return his feelings, you may consider yourself blessed because the relationship will begin on a mutual level and nobody is left behind.

17. It is a trick to know if you like him back

Sometimes, when a guy likes you and he is unsure how you feel about him, he may try to use some tactics to draw out a response from you. For example, he will use tricky words such as I like you, I miss you, I think about you, or I think I’m in love with you. 

You will feel cornered and want to respond as sincerely as possible so you don’t make him feel horrible for exposing himself in that way. However, don’t respond to such prompts out of pity because you’ll be the one to regret it down the line.


What does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you a lot?

A guy could mean a lot of things by saying he thinks about you; he could be honest and want to pursue something beyond friendship with you or he could be saying that out of the desire to get you in bed.

How do you know if a guy thinks about you a lot?

He will want to be around you a lot, he will send you text messages or call you often. He will make it clear that he can’t forget about you.

How do you respond when a guy says he thinking about you?

If you feel the same way about a guy who says he is thinking a lot about you, be as expressive as possible in return about your feelings. If you can’t tell him face to face, send him text messages to say how you feel.

What does it mean when a man says I want you?

When a guy says he wants you he most likely means he wants to be sexually intimate with you but he could also mean he wants you as his partner.

How do you tell if a guy is fighting his feelings?

He would hold back from having unnecessary body contact with you, he will be careful with the way he words his messages or the way he talks with you. Sometimes, he won’t be able to make eye contact.

In Conclusion 

When a guy says he thinks about you, think about how he acts towards you first, then you can check your feelings towards him next. Your feelings towards him will determine how you respond to him, so be sure his heart is true. 

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