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What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Lady (23 Possible Meanings)

Many people, especially men, have different and unique ways to talk to people. They could be nice, rude, or use the umbrella of nice words to be mean to you. Whatever the case may be, this is the same thing that happens when a guy calls you a lady.

When a guy calls you a lady, it could mean different things. Some could have different meanings, while a few others may be their way of being polite, out of courtesy, respect, or nurture. 

This means it's one of those statements you shouldn't overthink.

It’s not only about calling you lady, it's also about a guy’s tone and body language when he's doing so. You know what to think when he refers to you as a lady while opening a door for you. You also understand what he means if he does that with a wink and a smirk.

The same thing applies to every gesture he makes when calling you lady. These and many more are some of the possible meanings I'll mention here. So, if you're wondering what it means when a man calls you lady, keep reading to learn 23 possible meanings of why he would do it, and under what circumstances.

23 Possible Meanings Why A guy Calls You Lady

1. He may like you

Men have many behaviors when they like a woman. Sometimes, they can't openly express themselves if they're attracted to a woman, especially if they feel the lady would be offended by their actions. Instead, they would drop many clues and say things that would get your attention in a split second.

This same thing applies when a man calls you a lady. He may be in love with you, but cannot express himself. Or, it could be that he has tried his best many times to tell you how much he likes you, but you haven't given him the space to say it.

2. It could be his way of trying to be polite

If a guy asks a question, and he doesn't want to be rude to you, he could use a lady to address you. That's because most women find many general names offensive. Those names include, dear, sweetheart, or hey. To avoid being embarrassed for a slight mistake, a man would prefer to use a lady to be safe.

Additionally, sometimes, a man could perceive your face as being unwelcoming or not receptive. It may not be your doing, but the physical appearance of your face could look mean. This could make a guy call you lady. That's because a lady is perceived as a kind word to address women.

3. He may be teasing

If he's just your friend, he could use the word to tease you because of your dressing, speech, or preference towards many things. He could call you this, after seeing you act a particular way many times. 

Even if it’s in a relationship, your boyfriend could call you a lady to tease you after a fight. Don't get this wrong, he won't do it to annoy you. He would only do it to make you feel special and if possible, make you laugh.

4. It may be how he was nurtured to talk to a woman

There are many stories of mothers who teach their sons to respect women. They follow their kids until they grow up to become gentlemen. Most men who are nurtured in homes like this, make it a way of life, to respect every woman they meet. 

It doesn't matter if the lady is old, young, or from a different race, they treat her like a queen. This explains more about any guy who's been nurtured to live this way. So, if a man falls into this category, it could be his reason to call you a lady.

5. He could be sarcastic

Some men have very high sarcasm tendencies. Not all of them smile when they are not serious. They could be sarcastic and still keep a normal face. But, if you're skilled enough, you could read deep into their body language as they're doing this.

So, you may want to pay more attention to how a guy sounds when he calls you lady. You could see it in his facial expression, his eyes, or listening to how he talks to other people. So, if you're wondering why a guy you just met called you a lady, he could be sarcastic.

6. It could be a form of respect

You may be familiar with ‘ladies and gentlemen.’ It's used on many occasions to address the audience, which means it's a nice and polite way to talk to people. For now, nobody has tagged it as rude, meaning that it's acceptable by everyone.

A guy could call you a lady because he respects you. It doesn't matter how rude or accommodating you are, there are many guys out there who derive joy in respecting and treating women right. Some of them practice it until they get accustomed to it. He could be one of those guys.

7. He may be trying to start a conversation

he may be trying to start a conversation

Most women are so smart these days that it's a bit hard to start a conversation with them. A lady could perceive your intelligent and well-composed punchline as being cliche. That is what many guys don't like. They could get embarrassed if they talk to a girl and her reaction seems like she's looking down on them.

This could be a guy’s thought before he decides to call you lady. That's because he knows that immediately after he does that, you would be curious to understand his reasons for addressing you that way. It works most times for them even though, sometimes, the discussion may not last.

8. A guy who calls you a lady may be trying to get your attention

Normal things don't get people's attention. Extraordinary things do. If you're always the busy woman or you rarely have time to relate with people, a guy’s daily ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ may not get through to you as something important. But, if he calls you lady, especially when you both are near each other, he'll get your attention faster.

It could be his way of saying “hello, I've been here the whole time and you haven't even noticed me.” It could also be a power play. This means if your presence is intimidating to him, his friends, or other people in the environment, he could call you a lady.

9. He may be trying to drop clues about something

Most men avoid going straight to the point when talking to women. A guy could think you look sophisticated in your dressing or general physical appearance but could be quiet about it. He may think you're too proud because of the way you relate with other people.

With all these, he may not tell you how bad or sophisticated you look and sound, but he could say a word to sum it up. If he calls you lady, he may be trying to emphasize the way you talk, walk, dress, act, relate with other people, or say he wants to be more than just a friendship with you.

10. It could just be to have fun at the moment

Some people say certain things when they're excited and in a good mood. If it's in an environment where everyone is happy, dancing, drinking, and relating with one another, a man could easily call you ‘my lady’ out of a joyful mood.

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So, if he calls you lady in a fun-filled place, he may be carried away by the happy and free atmosphere. Don't overthink it or let it get to you. It sounds crazy but looks at it as an exciting moment that everyone is taking advantage of. Use that opportunity to bask in the joy. His tone will also tell you so.

11. He’s attracted to you as a person

Men are attracted to women who command respect when they enter a place. If you're a classy lady and you take care of your skin, clothing, and have good manners outside, that could be a good sign for him and a reason why he’s attracted to you. 

You may be his kind of woman or someone he'd love to relate to within the long term. Of course, he can't expect you to accept him immediately, so he would have to start somewhere. And it could surprise you that he may not know the right words to use. That is where his use of the ancient word will be important.

12. He could be old-fashioned

It's already a thing that the word lady was used back in the days for women who were outspoken, polite, bold, and elegant. Employees also used it for their boss’s wife as a sign of respect or kindness. It's something some men still hold on to as a way of life.

So, if you notice any man who addresses you this way, he may have grown up with people of that century. He could also pick interest in how things were done and decide to use them, including the word lady for women.

13. You could be reminding him of someone

Sometimes, you could remind a guy of someone. It could be a girl, his mother, an ex, his sister, or any of his loved ones. Things like this happen once in a while. But, it doesn't stop women from thinking that some men want to use this excuse to talk to them.

It could be that seeing you brings back memories of lost or far away from loved ones. So, use that opportunity to build a relationship with him. It doesn't need to be a romantic relationship. You could both talk about a few things, at least for the moment.

14. He could be fond of you

he could be fond of you

Maybe he sees you around often and loves your way of life. You can never tell. So, he may want to get closer to you and say a joke or two. If possible, you could both build a lasting relationship with that lovely opportunity.

You would hear it from his tone, his use of words, and his enthusiasm while talking to you. Accepting his gesture when he does this will make you happier and more open-minded. It would make him more attracted to you.

15. You’re beautiful

It would surprise you how much your beauty can attract a man. He may not necessarily want to be in a relationship with you, but just sit out and talk to you. He may want to be good friends with you with no strings attached. 

So, addressing you as a lady could be his way of introducing himself and starting a good relationship with you. It doesn't mean he wants you to be his girlfriend. He wants to relate to you because of how pretty you are.

16. He may be complimenting you

The man could meet you in a random place and fall in love with your composure, how you speak, and how you relate with him. Your fluency and vocabulary could also add to this. Additionally, your politeness and how you respond to questions could catch his attention. 

These little positive things could make him shower you with compliments. If this is the case, it's quite easy. Be grateful for the compliments and appreciate them wholeheartedly. It means it's his little way of admiring you as a person in words. You should be happy about this, too.

17. It could be his approach to improve your friendship

Many women are not open to being friends with a guy. They have reasons for this. It could be because they’re reserved, they want a few friends, or they'll prefer to have business partners and acquaintances. If you fall into this category, it could be the reason for your experience. 

If you've both spoken before, but you've not been open enough to accept his request of hanging out, he could call you lady. That way, he will naturally open your heart to consider hanging out with him, hence, talking to him more and improving your friendship.

18. Maybe he has heard about you from someone else

You know how it feels when you hear about some celebrities and you finally meet them? That's the same scenario here. It could be the same way a guy feels when he sees you after he has heard about you. So, it could be a blind date or something similar. 

Whatever it is, it's more lovely when what he heard about you syncs with what he sees, or exceeds his expectations. He could have also seen you after hearing about you from a random person. This is another reason a guy could address you that way.

19. He may want something intimate

Yes, you read that right. No matter how decent, respectful, or polite a guy could be, he may still make intimate advances, openly. It doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not, they'll always try their luck. They'll use words, actions, and body language to send the message across.

When this happens, you will know. That's because his gestures will make it clear. Furthermore, his facial expressions and tone would let you know he wants something more and deeper. He could offer to buy you a drink or give you a ride home.

20. You may have been a good person to him

Sometimes, you may not remember the people you're nice to, but they'll remember you. They could come out of nowhere and remember the good deed you did for them. Some of them may remind you about it, while some may not. This may be the same case as a guy who calls you a lady. 

If you don't know him from somewhere, take some time to ask him his reasons for calling you, lady. You may be surprised at what he comes up with. It could also be that you're nice to him in the same environment. So, a guy may call you a lady because you've shown kindness to him in the past or present.

21. It could be an unconscious thing

it could be an unconscious thing

Some people are unconsciously nice to people. They feel everyone should be respected irrespective of their age, race, or physical appearance. A guy may not call you last for any reason. It could just be an unconscious thing when talking to you or offering to help.

So, don't be offended when you hear this. If it's a guy you've never met, he may not know your name. He may not also know if you're married or not, or highly placed in society. In that case, the best and most polite word he can call you is a lady.

22. He may be flirting with you

When a guy flirts with you, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to have sex, a relationship, or wants you for a late-night booty call. He may be doing it to catch fun. Some guys know how offensive it is to flirt with a lady, so they prefer to do it in a way that would make her laugh.

So, even if lady as a word is polite, some men still use it to flirt. The funny thing is that you may not know what they're trying to do until moments later when you playback. A guy could be trying to flirt with you when he calls you lady.

23. It may be his way of saying hi

There have been stories of people who like saying hi to others whether they know them or not. They derive joy in making people smile and feel happy at the moment. People like that would walk past you with a smile and ‘hello lady’ just to make you feel good about yourself.

If you go to a supermarket, hospital, park, or any commercial area and you see a guy doing this to you, it could be his way of saying hi. So, take it easy, smile back at him, and give compliments to make his day, too.


What does it mean if a guy calls you a lady?

A guy calling you lady could mean many things. He could be doing it out of courtesy, being polite, or because he's attracted to you as a person. It could also be because he likes you and would love to be your boyfriend. He may want to have a good relationship with you.

What does it mean when a guy calls you a pretty lady?

When a guy or anybody calls you pretty, it means you're beautiful. It also means you look attractive and he wants to tell you how much he appreciates your appearance. This means he's admiring you. On the other hand, a guy could call you pretty because he likes you and wants to know you more.

What does it mean if a guy calls you every day?

If you don't have any plans with a guy and he calls you every day, he may have feelings for you. It's even more obvious he likes you if you have long, funny, and worthwhile conversations. This may be his way of expressing his feelings if he can't say them, directly. 

Why do guys say old lady?

It depends on the context he says it. For some guys, ‘old lady’ simply means wife or girlfriend. That's more common with American men. They use it when talking to other people about their wives. In a few cases, some men use it as a rude way to communicate with a lady.

Will a guy text you every day if he's interested?

When a guy texts you every day or responds to your messages as often as he can, it's a sign he's interested in you. It doesn't matter if he has a busy schedule, is playing games, or just having fun. If he doesn't like texting and he likes you, he could text you requesting a call.

To Sum Up

You don't need to overthink it when a guy calls you lady. That's because there are many positive meanings attached to it. If you're still confused, it's important you read the 23 possible meanings I mentioned earlier. If this article was useful, don't forget to drop a comment and share it with your loved ones.


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