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21 Tinder Date Tips To Make Sure You Have A Great Time

May 1, 2024

Meeting someone that you’ve only ever spoken to online can seem like a daunting thing to do. You might be nervous about an array of things, from what you’ll talk about and how you should sit to where you should meet and what you should wear. But, don’t panic.

With the right mindset and with the knowledge of all the best tips, going to have a Tinder date can be incredibly fun and genuinely enjoyable.

In this article, we’re going to pass on 21 of the best tips to ensure you have a great date, and who knows, you might even meet the love of your life! So, let’s dive right in and get started, so you can start to prepare for your real-life date with your online man!

Tinder Dating Tips

1. Pep Talk Yourself In The Mirror

Whether you think you’re nervous about meeting your online mystery man in person or not, one of the best things you can do to get your self-esteem raring to go is to pep talk yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself how beautiful, interesting, and confident you are.

2. Put On Great Music Whilst You Get Ready

Time to put yourself in a great mood and have an awesome time before you’ve even left the house. Put on your favorite playlist full of feel-good music and have your own party at home whilst you get ready, just make sure to keep an eye on the time.

3. Put Effort Into Your Appearance

put effort into your appearance

You need to dress for success, and it really shows when someone has tried to make an effort with their appearance. So, do your hair, apply your makeup, put on your favorite outfit, and head out the door feeling a million dollars.

4. Avoid Drinking Too Much Before Meeting

Some people recommend drinking before going to meet your date, to reduce nerves and increase confidence, and although it’s nice to treat yourself to a G&T whilst getting ready, keep it to the minimum. You want to meet this guy being able to actually stand straight - being drunk is never a good look.

5. Pick Somewhere Safe, But Also Exciting

When you’re heading to meet a stranger for the first time, you need to choose somewhere safe, as well as nice and exciting. It would be wise to choose a place you know well, like a quirky bar or restaurant in your town.

6. Avoid The Movies

Although society likes to think so, going to the movies on a first date is a terrible idea - you can’t talk at all and you’ll leave not knowing anything about the other person. Avoid the movies at all costs. Going to a bar or heading for dinner is a better idea.

7. Travel Separately

Always travel to the location by yourself, and make sure you have figured out a way to get home by yourself. You need to think of safety, and if you travel with this guy, you might get stuck with him or have to rely on him if you need to leave.

8. Let Your Friends Or Family Know Where You Are Going

Never go to meet someone you’ve got to know online unless you’ve let some people know where you’re going. You should let your friends or family know, giving them the location and the name of the person you’re going to meet.

9. Look Back At Your Conversation

It’s no secret that people use dating apps and social media to speak to an array of people, and you don’t want to confuse this guy with someone else you’re speaking to, so look back at the conversation you two had and try and remember some important details he told you.

10. Think Of New Conversation Topics For The Date

It’s always a good idea to have some conversation topics prepared before arriving at the location, just in case the conversation dries up and you go stiff. You might want to think of thought-provoking topics or ask him things that will show you his personality. Avoid heavy topics though.

11. Decide How You Want The Date To Go Beforehand

One thing you should figure out what you’re aiming to get from this date. Are you looking for a one night stand or are you hoping this will be the love of your life?

Your approach on the date will be very different depending on what you’re hoping the outcome will be, so make sure you’re set on what you want first.

12. Choose How You’ll Greet Your Date

How awkward is it when you’re unsure how to meet someone so you kind of go in for a hug/handshake/kiss on both cheeks? Incredibly awkward. Make sure you know how you’ll greet the guy you’re dating before meeting him, and go in confidently with your greeting.

13. Aim To Ask More Questions And Talk About Yourself Less

A lot of people get caught up on first dates and start rambling on about themselves, and although the guy you’re with might want to know about you, they will also want to be able to get a word in. Make an effort to ask more questions and talk less about yourself.

14. Smile More

Smiling makes everyone look more attractive, as well as more endearing. You want to be sure that this guy knows you’re having a good time, so be sure to have a smile on your face, especially when initially meeting.

15. Discuss Bad Or Funny Tinder Dates

The two of you are both on Tinder, so why not make that a topic of conversation? It’s definitely one way to connect over common ground. Share your worst and funniest dates on Tinder with each other and have a giggle about it. It’ll also hopefully put into perspective how great this date is going.

16. Stay Away From Ex-partner Chatter

Although it’s fun to share funny dating stories about strangers, you shouldn’t discuss anything about your ex-partners. Speaking about an ex or your previous love life is never a good idea because it makes you look hung up on them and damaged.

17. Sit Close To Each Other

sit close to each other

A big mistake people usually make on dates is sitting across the table from each other, whereas it’s actually more romantic to sit close to each other, on the same side of the table if necessary. If you’re sitting close together, you’ll be able to see if there’s that electric spark between you when you brush up on each other.

18. Share Personal Information, But Not Too Much

You need to let this person really get to know you, and therefore you should share personal information. However, keep it light and don’t go into too much depth about anything that’s sensitive information or traumatic.

For example, share your favorite food or high school memories, but do not share your address or information about childhood trauma - that’s way overboard!

19. Show Interested Body Language

To subconsciously show this guy that you’re interested and to get him to feel comfortable, use your body language. Face your body towards his, mirror his actions, make an effort to hold eye contact, and touch him gently on his arm or leg when speaking to him.

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20. Don’t Put Pressure On Your Date

You shouldn’t put any pressure on this guy you’re with, and definitely don’t mention topics of marriage or kids or anything that would make him run a mile. You might want these things, but this isn’t the time to discuss them. Remember, this could be the one for you, but it also might not be, so don’t put pressure on it or set the bar too high.

21. Have Fun

Finally, one of the most important things to do is let your hair down and enjoy the experience of getting to know someone that’s attracted to you, as you are to them. Just be yourself and have fun!


What Should You Do On Your First Tinder Date?

Hopefully, these 21 tips have helped you to understand what you should do on your first date. Overall, you just need to try and relax, have fun, and go with the flow. Don’t put any pressure on the first date, instead just try to get to know this person and see where it goes.

How Do I Make My Tinder Date Go Well?

If you follow the tips in this article your date should go really well. Essentially, all you need to do to make sure a date goes smoothly is choose somewhere great, be yourself, listen and learn about the person you’re on the date with, find common ground and avoid talks of ex’s and too much personal information.

Should You Hug Your Tinder Date?

It’s completely up to you whether you want to hug your date or not. Most people like to hug as a greeting, just to set off a connection, but it’s up to you. Take a look at tip number 12 - choose how to greet your date! You can hug them if you’re a huggy person, but if not, you might want to wait until you know them a little better before pulling them in.

What Should I Say On A Tinder Date?

It can be nerve-wracking knowing that you’re going out with a stranger but don’t panic, you are an interesting person and have lots to talk about! You can prepare conversation ideas and topics beforehand so that you know what to say if you find a dry patch in chatter. Say whatever you want, but try and stick away from heavy topics.

Should You Kiss On The First Date Tinder?

If you feel compelled to kiss your date, then go for it. There are so many different views on kissing on a first date, but if the two of you are on the same page and you find each other attractive and want to go for it, do it. However, if you don’t feel comfortable to kiss on a first date, don’t.

In Brief,

Following the dating advice in this article, you should be able to go out and have the best date of your life! Remember, be yourself, be safe, and ultimately just have fun, you never know where things might go and that’s the excitement of online dating.

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