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Is He My Twin Flame? (37 Interesting Ways To Find Out)

A twin flame is an intense bond between individuals, also known as "mirror soul.' Many people refer to it as a situation where a person's soul is split into two bodies and reconnected as a love relationship. Twin flames tend to mirror each other with their differences and similarities. It can be a challenging process but is ultimately satisfying for both parties. 

Many people might confuse this connection for a soulmate bond. On the contrary, this type of relationship isn't based on the similarities the partners share. Instead, it depends on how well they complement each other irrespective of their dissimilarities. 

Having such relationships are blessings in disguise, so you need to be aware when you've encountered one. This article lays down telltale signs to help you know when you've made this special connection with someone. If you're wondering, "Is he my twin flame?" Below are thirty-seven ways to find out. 

37 Ways To Know If He Is Your Twin Flame

1. The connection is deeper than you imagined

Most people expect a twin flame relationship to be similar to others. However, there's something peculiar about it. The deeper type of connection that both parties establish with each other is the distinguishing factor. They aren't just partners or spouses but are separate elements that combine to form one unit.

These attributes make such individuals dependent on one another so much that they can't do without themselves no matter how hard they try. Their lives are so intertwined that it's hard to walk away. If you have this profound connection with your partner, it's one of the signs he might be your twin flame. 

2. He feels like your hero

he feels like your hero

When you've made that special connection with someone and you want to test whether it's a twin flame relationship, you need to observe if your man feels like your hero or not. This factor separates a normal relationship from a twin soul one and is referred to as a hero instinct.

Your partner has a longing desire to help and protect you because you make him feel that way. This notion doesn't suggest that you can't take care of yourself on your own. It merely expresses how masculine your partner feels around you because of how wanted you to make him feel. 

Men naturally crave to play an important role in their women's lives, and if you naturally trigger this quality, you will undoubtedly have a unique bond with your partner.

3. You feel immensely joyful around him

Apart from the sense of completeness twin flames have around each other, they also feel immensely happy when they're together. This feeling stirs up from deep within and is one good reason why such couples spend so much time together. It's an unexplainable emotion that shows how connected such partners are. 

If you tend to experience this emotion when you're with your partner, it's one of the signs you have this unique relationship with him. He doesn't need to actively make you happy because his presence alone brings so much happiness to your soul. You're content with doing even the smallest activities with him, as long as you can have him by your side. 

4. You feel like you've known him for years

The difference between a twin flame relationship and others is how quickly the connection is made. Other relationships might take a while for both parties to get along and know each other well enough. However, a twin flame bond happens spontaneously and feels quite intentional. 

You feel magnetized to this individual so much that you think you've known them all your life. This connection makes it seem easy to build a unique bond because they fit so effortlessly into your life. You don't have to struggle to know or understand them because both of you connect on a deeper level. 

5. Being with him feels like home

Home is more than just a structure. It's the people that make you feel safe and secure. This definition also explains what twin flames experience around each other. There's a deep amount of comfort they get with spending time and truly being themselves together. This feeling is peculiar and shows the special bond such individuals have with each other. 

Meeting your twin flame will come with a sense of familiarity. You can easily get along with this person without struggling to fit into their lives. More so, both of your lives will blend effortlessly, and you will feel at peace being in a relationship with them.

6. You can't stay apart from each other

A twin flame relationship is so intimate that it can be hard for the partners to stay away from each other. The reason is that both parties connect as one person. Since separating from one's self is impossible, physical separation would be challenging for them. 

They feel incomplete without each other, and even when they're miles apart, they find a way to stay connected to one another. 

The difference between normal relationships and a twin flame is the dependency the couple has on each other. The latter can handle things independently but would prefer to share their life experiences with their partners present. 

7. You tell him everything

Twin flames have intimate communication levels in their relationships. They share personal details and have a longing to keep their partners updated about their lives. Keeping secrets in such a relationship is rare and would only prove that a peculiar connection doesn't exist between the couples. 

If you share a special type of bond with your partner where you can't hide anything from him, it proves that you've discovered your twin flame. This process comes naturally, and you don't have to struggle to keep your partner updated. You find yourself connecting with him by sharing little details about your life, no matter how insignificant it may be.

8. He challenges you

Most people would expect twin flames to be continually comfortable with each other. However, this isn't always the case. This type of relationship challenges both parties to be better until they establish a unique balance. 

Your differences as a couple trigger you to cooperate and find harmony in the relationship. More so, it exposes all the hidden parts of your life you may not have dealt with before. 

This type of relationship positively puts you on edge and allows you to see yourself from another perspective. It also causes you to aim for growth by helping you confront certain things you might have been too afraid to face since. 

9. You've learnt to embrace differences

you've learnt to embrace differences

Differences exist in most relationships, but what makes a twin flame relationship different is the acceptance both parties have. They don't crave to change themselves or to make one partner mirror the other. Instead, they understand the essence of needing an opposite party to balance the relationship. 

The differences in such a relationship wouldn't be toxic or contradict the other person's values or beliefs. Instead, the disparities will challenge both parties to be better and to strive towards a greater purpose. If this type of connection exists in your relationship, it shows that you've discovered your twin flame. 

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10. You keep coming back to each other

Twin flames might have a hard time navigating through their relationship, just like any average couple. However, what separates them from the rest is their intense desire to reunite no matter their challenges. 

When you've found your twin flame, both of you will always seek reconciliation irrespective of the disagreements you have. It isn't a toxic process where both parties stay together no matter how bad they may be for each other. 

Rather, it's a burning desire these soul individuals have to work on the relationship's negativity and keep their better half around. They always find a way back to each other, and that's what makes them unique. 

11. Every moment is an adventure with him

The relationship twin flames have with each other is all-encompassing. They are comfortable in each other's presence, and it helps them stay together for long periods. For this reason, every moment is an endless adventure. 

If you rarely ever get tired of hanging out with your significant other, it shows he might be your twin flame. You could spend the whole day with him and still feel like it wasn't enough. 

Being with him comes easy, and you don't have to force yourself to be comfortable in his presence. More so, he's your mirror soul, and spending time with him feels like being around a part of yourself. 

12. You have a positive feeling about being together

Sometimes, your gut can explain things better than your mind can comprehend. If you have a positive feeling in your heart about being with someone, it hints that you may have a special connection with that person.  

In any twin flame relationship, it feels right to be with your partner. You can't imagine being with someone else because you and your better half match perfectly well. There's a harmonious balance in the relationship where both of you complement each other without changing your personalities.

These are some of the signs that you've found your twin flame. You wouldn't feel this way with anyone else. 

13. Years feel like days with him

It's easy for twin flames to have long, productive relationships because of how intertwined their lives are. Nevertheless, one factor that distinguishes this type of relationship is how little time feels when they're together. 

They could have been dating for years, but it feels like they only met yesterday. This type of scenario happens because every moment together is new and refreshing. There's a new level of excitement that comes with being together, which makes time to lose value when they're together. 

If you tend to have this experience in your relationship, it shows that you've found your twin flame. 

14. You can be real around him

Meeting your twin flame ultimately means meeting someone that completes you. You don't have to hide who you are but embrace yourself completely when you're around this person. If you have to hold back certain aspects of yourself, it hints that the both of you aren't twin flames. 

On the contrary, being genuine around this person without fear of judgment shows that the relationship is special. This process creates room for growth because you're able to take criticism correctly. 

You're aware of your strengths and weaknesses and can work towards being a better version of yourself. 

15. You befriend each other's friends

you befriend each other's friend

A twin flame relationship may have several differences, but these disparities ironically come with similarities. They also affect how the relationship blossoms in due time. One factor that proves this scenario right is how individuals in such relationships choose their pool of friends.

A twin flame tends to mirror his partner's soul and unconsciously choose friends that his significant other will get along with. This process makes it easy for such couples to hang around each other's friends comfortably. 

There's a special type of connection built in this scenario because both parties know what they need in their friendships and beautifully mirror their partner.  

16. There's a sense of balance in your life

Twin flames are different from soul mates because of the level of similarities the couples share. In a twin flame relationship, the partner's differences usually create a sense of balance. They are dissimilar in many ways, but their disparities make them complete.

One partner can see a different side of themselves in the other, which allows them to embrace the relationship's fullness. The hidden natures they've been too afraid to express are mirrored in the other party. 

This type of relationship is unique because it allows the partners to see life from two perspectives. They can grow and also work towards growth as a couple.  

17. Both of you support each other

Supporting each other comes easy for twin flames because they are actively immersed in each other's lives. They can relate to their partner's successes and struggles, as well as their vision and desires. Therefore, helping a significant other is an easy process because they always seek their partner's benefit.

Such couples know exactly how to contribute to their significant other's goals due to their deep understanding of them. This process, in turn, helps both parties grow together.

If helping your partner to achieve his goals comes easy to you, no matter how dissimilar it may be, it means you've found your twin flame. Your major priority is to see your partner succeed irrespective of how the relationship goes. 

18. It's easy to change for him

A twin flame relationship comes with many advantages because of how merged the couples are. The harmony of the relationship makes it easy for the two parties to improve to suit one another. Since they exist as two separate parts of one element, making changes to better the relationship is an easy task. 

Both of you are merely putting the pieces together to find what works best for you. If you can relate to this experience in your relationship, it reveals that you might have seen your twin flame. You connect with your partner so much that improving on several parts of your life is relatively easy.

19. The relationship feels predestined

Like meeting a soul mate, when you've met your twin flame, everything will feel predestined. Most of the circumstances surrounding how you and your partner met and fell in love would look divinely arranged, and that's how you'll know it was meant to be. 

You didn't stir up situations in your favor. Rather, they naturally happened until you and your partner's fates were intertwined. Even so, you acknowledge that things would have been different if you decided how the scenarios should have played out. These are some of the hints that you've come in contact with your twin flame. 

20. Both of you were raised differently

In most twin flame relationships, both parties have different upbringings, and this creates differences between them. However, this surprisingly doesn't cause conflict in the relationship; but is the reason for the special connection. 

They can easily understand how different their lifestyles were before they met and easily blend to become one. More so, this helps them accept each other's perspective even when they don't mirror theirs. 

That deep level of understanding is the factor that creates a unique bond in the relationship. It's also one of the signs you've discovered your twin flame. It gives you an idea of what it means to be separate but similar. 

21. Both of you are more similar than you appear

both of you are more similar than you appear

In any twin flame relationship, the differences between the couples are more apparent than the similarities. The similarities are hidden and would take careful observation before anyone can acknowledge them. It's also one reason why partners that seem so different end up complementing one another and having a long-lasting relationship.

For example, an extroverted man might find out he has introverted tendencies when he meets his introverted twin flame. This scenario would also be vice versa and would help the couple grow from their differences.

22. You feel intense emotions for him

The presence of intense emotions can reveal whether you have an exceptional relationship with someone or not. This notion also separates a soul mate relationship from a twin flame one.

Having a deep force that connects you to someone when you're around that person categorizes the latter. In most cases, you can feel the intense physical feeling when you're about to reunite with this person after a long time. 

Whether it's uncontrollable butterflies in your belly or your nerves racking, your body is reacting to the bond you share with this person. It isn't merely an idea of the love you have, but practical proof to show that something is unique. 

23. You can't get enough of him

In twin flame relationships, both parties are hooked on each other in subtle and profound ways. For example, merely seeing each other's picture can take their breath away, or spending time together feels more satisfying every day. Such couples can't get tired of each other's presence because there's something special that keeps them connected. 

If every small detail about your partner captivates you, it shows you may have discovered your twin flame. You can't get enough of this person, and you're always longing to share memories with them. Your relationship with them is satisfying merely because you get to spend your time with this person.

24. Scenarios seem cheesy but are perfect

A twin flame relationship may seem like a scripted movie where you can predict the next move between the hero and the damsel. However, seeing these events come into play in real life makes such a connection exceptional. 

Everything seems too good to be true, but the realness both parties have makes the relationship worthwhile. You can't explain how it's possible to meet someone that completes you or even run into him at the library. 

Nonetheless, the place and time both of you met don't matter when you consider the value he brings into your life. These are some of the hints that you've found that special someone. 

25. You respect each other's need for space

Many would expect a twin flame connection to be clingy since both partners depend on each other greatly. On the contrary, such relationships come with a great amount of love and respect. Both parties understand their partner's need for space and give them time alone whenever they need it. 

From pursuing one's goals to hanging out with friends, they regard their partner's personal life like theirs. This process helps the couple to reflect and gain energy considering how intense their relationship is. The off-time is also beneficial to the relationship because it allows both parties to appreciate one another after reuniting. 

26. Your connection with him was instant

Twin flame relationships come with a certain amount of ease. The connection is spontaneous but isn't too tedious for the parties involved. Every conversation flows naturally, making it easy for the partners to leave a lasting impression on one another. 

Since this type of twin relationship comes with a level of familiarity, it's easy for the two parties to bond easily. Their personalities draw them closer to one another even though they aren't necessarily similar. 

In such relationships, you can find the parties talking for long hours, even till late hours of the night. They can't understand what makes them click, but they just do. 

27. You know each other's thoughts

you know each other's thoughts

A twin flame relationship runs deeper than what the eyes can see. It's a special bond where the emotions of the couples are connected. They can feel the same things and even think the same way. One party will know when something's wrong with the other and can take active steps to handle the situation.

If the communication in your relationship is so profound that you can complete your partner's statements with ease, it's a sign you've met your twin soul. Understanding him is an easy process that comes naturally to you. More so, your feelings are intertwined, and you can perceive more than the eyes can see. 

28. Things might be unstable for a while

A twin flame connection can be rather complicated for the parties involved. If they can't handle their intense relationship, they may end up falling apart for a while. Nonetheless, what makes this relationship unique is how quickly they get back together. 

It can become a cycle where they fall apart for a while, but they understand how to patch things up and strive for a better relationship. 

This process can help you determine if you have a twin relationship with your partner or not. You may have good and bad times, but what ultimately makes your relationship unique is the desire the both of you have to be together. 

29. You rarely get jealous

Twin flames understand how peculiar their union is. They realize how difficult it would be to replace their partner because of the special bond they share. Therefore, they rarely get jealous because they have faith in the exceptional quality of their relationship. 

Both parties feel connected to each other and wouldn't take actions that would pull the other away. They feel like a part of one another and try not to lose themselves for petty reasons. To keep the relationship standing, they try to avoid certain scenarios that would stir up drama between them. 

If you have confidence in the bond you share with your partner so much that it dispels any form of jealousy, you might have found 'the one.

30. You've been to the same places

A twin flame relationship often seems like a fairytale story. Both of you might bump into each other a lot or find out that you crossed paths even before meeting each other. It would seem as though something is pulling both of you into each other's lives without any of you even realizing it. 

These relationships are special because it feels like your partner has been a part of your life longer than both of you have met. Your lives are more intertwined than you acknowledge, and it's seemingly impossible to get away from each other. This sign is a brilliant way to know that you met that special someone for you. 

31. He mirrors your strengths and weaknesses

Twin flame relationships operate in opposite ways, unlike normal relationships. There are obvious differences between the couples, but those disparities bring silent similarities between them. This scenario occurs because the parties mirror themselves in more ways than one. 

One partner would have the opposite attributes of the other, most of which they've been too afraid to experience. Their character will also highlight the other's weaknesses and insecurities and push them towards change. 

It might be uncomfortable in the interim, which is why most people fear this intense bond. However, such differences are a sign of something exceptional and unique.

32. You deeply understand him

Twin flames have a distinctive way of relating with one another. They don't struggle to know themselves; instead, the process comes naturally to them. Their level of understanding of one another isn't superficial but is impressively profound. They can comprehend themselves even without speaking and feel like a part of each other. 

A brilliant way to know you've met your twin flame is when you can understand them without getting an explanation from them. You can perceive their thoughts and actions because you have a deep level of understanding of them. You can even read their facial expressions and know when something is wrong. 

33. You learn from him

The differences in a twin flame relationship don't incite conflict but instigate a learning process. Both parties are seeing life from a different perspective, which inevitably helps them to grow as individuals. Their partner's views challenge them to think differently and take bolder steps to push them to greater heights. 

If you tend to gain insight from your partner's different lifestyle, it's one of the signs you have a special bond with him. The littlest things he does make you see life differently and helps you make better decisions.  

34. You're passionate about his hobbies and dreams

The difference between twin flame relationships are other relationships is how well the parties can blend irrespective of their dissimilarities. Partners in twin relationships tend to have different dreams, passions, and desires, but they have a way of balancing and supporting each other accurately. 

If you can see your partner's visions as yours and support his passions even though it's not an honest reflection of yours, it hints that you might have a special relationship with this person.

It's rare to find partners supporting themselves, especially when their visions don't align with each other. Therefore, this scenario shows a particular type of bond you've established with your significant other. 

35. Both of you aim to achieve together

both of you aim to achieve together

Although twin flames tend to have separate visions, a critical factor to their relationship's success is the desire to achieve their goals together. Nothing makes one party more excited than seeing the other achieve their dreams. This process is vice versa and helps the couple work towards greater success. 

If your partner's happiness means more to you than anything else, it's a sign he might be your twin soul. You're not negligent in supporting him because you genuinely desire to see him succeed.  

36. The bad times don't change how you feel

In normal relationships, it's easy for the parties to fall in and out of love. However, this scenario doesn't occur in twin flame relationships. Irrespective of how bad things may get, both parties have a longing desire to be by each other's side. 

Their feelings for each other don't fluctuate. Instead, they only focus on reconciliation whenever a disagreement occurs. This type of relationship is usually hard to break because of how immersed both parties are with themselves. 

They feel connected in more ways than one, and losing each other is synonymous with losing a significant part of themselves. 

37. Neither of you feels restricted

Twin flames are immersed in their relationships, but it comes with a sense of ease and freedom. Neither of the parties feels choked up or restricted in their relationships because they can live their lives independently while accurately handling a relationship. 

There's an amazing balance in the relationship that allows both parties to live together without sacrificing their desires. This process also helps the partners contribute greatly to the relationship because they can think and function optimally from their separate lives. In the long run, they can efficiently sustain their connection and live happily. 


How do you know if he is your twin flame?

A twin flame connection is rare and exceptional. Both parties will feel a sense of completeness being with each other. They'll learn from their differences, which will help them become better versions of themselves. The relationship will also be deeper than anything they've experienced. 

What does Twin Flame energy feel like?

Many people might confuse the idea of being soul mates with having a twin flame. The former is based on the similarities the partners share. On the contrary, the latter is built on the completeness both parties have irrespective of their differences. The energy from this relationship is peculiar and helps both parties become better with time. 

How do you know if your twin flame misses you?

A twin flame is an intense bond between couples. They can't stay apart from each other, and even when they're physically separated, they always strive to stay connected in many ways. Partners in such relationships constantly miss one another and long to be in each other's presence. 

Can you feel when your twin flame is intimate with someone else?

Most of the twin flame signs deal with emotions. The parties involved can sense when something is wrong with the other, or perhaps if they're romantically involved with someone else. This scenario is possible because they understand each other as much as they understand themselves.  

Is your twin flame your true love?

People most times associate the definition of a twin soul to being soul mates with someone. However, a twin relationship relates more to the truth about yourself than to love itself. Regardless, such a person can be 'the one’ for you, but it’s more critical to focus on the bigger picture. 

In Conclusion

Did this article enlighten you? Remember that meeting your twin soul will come with its ups and downs. Not every experience will be joyful, but if you learn to cherish the growth, you'll have a beautiful relationship in the long run. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article or share it with others.

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