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If A Guy Knows You Like Him, How Will He Act? (47 Interesting Ways)

If a man knows you like him, how will he act? That’s a good question because the signs are not always clear. Many men are flattered when they find out someone has a crush on them, but just because a guy likes being chased doesn’t mean he’s ready for the whole deal that comes with a relationship. Some guys are scared of commitment; others just like being single.

If you have a crush who doesn’t feel the same way about you, you may not want to pursue him. Watch his body language to see if he’s on the same page as you. You may have to deal with rejection if you chase after a guy who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. 

Do you think your crush will show the signs that he likes you over time? How does a guy act when he already knows you like him? If the guy likes you, also, he will probably show you the signs listed in this article! Just guard your heart and watch out for true love because crazy things can happen when you first enter a relationship! Let’s look at the many signs guys show!

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If The Guy Is Interested In You

1. He may act a little nervous around you

Often, when a guy finds out you have a crush on him, he’ll act weird. It’s because he is very nervous about being around you. He doesn’t know what to think or do. How does a guy act when you are around him, knowing you have a crush on him? He may act terrified because he’s so intimidated by you, your intellect, and your beauty!

2. He may show up where you are

he may show up where you are

Many times, a man will follow you on social media and know where you’ll be. For example, he might show up at a concert you are attending because he wants to share your interests. He wants to have something to talk about with you because he’s interested in more than just friendship. He wants true love for you. 

That’s why he’s hoping the connection is there. Watch his body language if you catch him at the same place you are. Does he show signs that he is uneasy or shy? How does a guy act when he sees his crush? He’s ready to give her a big kiss, but he’s way too shy for that! You may have to make the first move with this man!

3. He will probably follow you on social media

Men often follow women they think are hot on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. - It doesn’t matter which social media network you use; if he’s into you, the guy will show it because he’ll find you. How does a guy act online? If he has a crush on you, he’ll likely comment, like, and share your social media posts to show interest!

4. He will want to really get to know you

When you talk to this guy, he’ll likely show his interest by asking you questions and wanting to absorb everything you say. What’s on your mind? What was your favorite childhood memory? What’s your favorite color and why? Where did you go to school? He’ll likely want your whole life story if he’s got a crush on you!

5. He may be jealous of other guys

If you show interest in other guys, you are likely to get bad vibes from your crush because he wants to be the only object of your affection!

6. He may try to show off in front of you

Remember the movie collection of Jackass? Yeah, those men consider their first priority to do anything stupid and dangerous, but they are hilarious. Plus, they’ll do anything to impress a chick. I used to think Steve was kind of cute; I guess the bad girl in me liked to see him act like an idiot. So, acting dumb in front of girls can work!

7. He may fix himself up all nice for you

Preening is the official name of making oneself look the best for others. You may catch your crush doing things like fixing his hair or checking his skin for pimples. Those are just signs that he likes you and wants to look his best for you. If you feel the same, you could always compliment him on how handsome he looks.

8. He will lean in close when you chat

One sign that someone likes someone else is their body language. When the person leans in to hear what the other person is saying, he is showing open and welcoming body language. It’s also a sign that he wants to pay close attention to what’s going on with you and what you have to say.

9. He may text and call you all the time

he may text and call you all the time

Does your love text you all of the time? Does he say he misses you, or does he ask you out on dates? Does he want to talk about the future of your relationship? What does he text you? Do you text him back? You should freely text him back if he shows interest in you like this. He’s probably head over heels in love with you!

10.He will try to make you laugh

Does your gentleman tell you jokes all the time? Does he make an effort to be funny? Those are signs that he is very fond of you. He wants to make you happy and see you smile. These things are important to him! Those are good signs!

11. He may mirror your actions

Mirroring is when one person mimics the body language of the other. For example, if I were talking to a man, he might touch his chin when I do. These are signs that he is into you, but also, he cannot control this body language, so you’ll have to look for these signs!

12. He will have open body language

Open body language means they have an open posture with relaxed shoulders. Another sign of this kind of body language is touching one’s face as the other person talks. Even just uncrossing your legs can show open body language. You want to show the other person you are paying close attention to every word he is saying. 

Maybe he is sharing something very private with you and wants you to pay close attention. In that case, you should show the signs of someone who is paying attention and is interested in what the other person has to say. You can show this kind of body language by listening closely and letting your body language make all the efforts.

Other signs of open body language include maintaining eye contact, focusing on the other person’s mouth while they talk, having a positive posture, and using open hand gestures. You can not say a word when the other person is talking; just acknowledge that you are listening by nodding your head and looking them in the eyes.

13. He may try to touch you lightly

Men often show signs of interest when they touch women. They want us to know they are interested in moving the relationship forward by lightly, almost accidentally, touching our arms or shoulders. Some men are huggers!

14. He will maintain eye contact

As mentioned, this is a body language sign that must happen to show interest. It’s a great sign if he does this!

15. He will really listen when you talk

he will really listen when you talk

He will truly pay attention to what you have to say if he’s got the hots for you. He may repeat things you say in an effort to understand what you mean better. He may ask follow-up questions or offer feedback once you have finished saying what you want to say. He might also show open body language when you talk.

16. He will probably check you out

Do you know when men do that thing with their eyes where they check us up and down, from head to toe?? Yeah, if he’s doing that, you know he can’t help himself because he likes you. Signs like that show you the truth without having to say a word.

17. He will have trouble not smiling or laughing around you

He just can’t help it because being around you makes him happy! He might tell jokes or just smile at everything you say! He’s nervous, so give him a break!

18. He will want to spend lots of time with you

So, you decided to stay after class to study for an exam. Now, he wants to study even later than agreed upon! It’s because he loves spending every moment with you. Signs like this are pretty obvious if you watch for them!

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19. He will flirt with you

Men flirt in different ways. Some like to text funny jokes, and others illustrate their interest through their body language. You’ll know it when your crush flirts with you because you will feel flattered!

20. He will care about your well-being

If you trip and fall, most likely, he won’t just stand there. He’ll be concerned for your safety and well-being. If he shows signs like this, he may like you as more than a friend! He might be in love with you! Just watch for the right signs that he is ready for more! Pay close attention to those signs of attraction, and you’ll know his true feelings!

21. He will pay you compliments

If he has the hots for you, he won’t be able to resist this one. He may call you “sweetheart” or “honey,” as if the two of you were already in a relationship! If he shows you these signs, take them for what they are - cute little ways for him to show he’s interested. He’s not trying to make fun of you; this is his way of showing affection.

22. He may ask you a lot of questions

Most guys want to know everything they can about the women they are interested in. They want to know about their childhoods, favorites, and work history. They may even want to know more bizarre stuff, too. Just answer the questions you feel comfortable with. You don’t have to feel like you are on a game show or something like that.

23. He will try to make you laugh

he will try to make you laugh

Men often love to see us smile when we do. Some women love to laugh, while others are a little more serious all the time. If you are like that, he may try to break your mold with the funny things he says.

24. He will remember the details of your conversation

You might be surprised at the details another person can remember that you forgot all about! If he knows all the details of your conversations, this is one of the signs he is definitely interested in you!

25. He may talk about the future with you

Watch for the signs that he likes you! If he starts talking about marriage and kids, you know he is serious about you, and he probably is looking forward to being in a relationship with you. When men bring up those topics, they are thinking long-term. They want you to think about the future with them, as well!

26. He will be empathetic

Empathy is not the same as sympathy. Empathy is genuine concern for someone’s well-being, their livelihood. He wants to try to feel what you are feeling. When you empathize with another person, you are putting yourself in their shoes to try to think about how you would feel if you were them. What would you do if sides changed?

27. He may pick on you a little

Remember, in school, when a boy would pull on a girl’s pigtails to show her he was fond of her? This is like one of those signs. He’s trying to show you he’s into you by teasing you a little bit. Just take it gently, and know that he is probably very nervous and doesn’t know how else to act around you. 

28. He will try to find out if you have a boyfriend

This one may ask your friends or family if you have someone special already in your life. He doesn’t want to step on any toes, after all. Also, he wants to make sure you are ready for a new man in your life. Is he showing one of these signs that he likes you? Has he asked your mom if you are single? Has he been grilling your friends??

29. He will ask you out on a date

This is probably the most obvious sign to look out for, but he’ll maybe beat around the bush to get you to take him seriously if you don’t realize what he’s doing. Some men are just too shy to be direct with their requests. Instead, they rely on women to catch the cues that they are giving off. They want to show their interest in the easiest way.

30. He will try to help you with whatever you need

Need help carrying in your groceries? If you know you have a guy for that, you may just have one that is crushing on you hard. He wants to always be around and there for you if you need someone so that you don’t have to rely on anyone else! He wants to be the only guy on your mind when you need help with something!

31. He will try to prolong your time together

He’ll try to make the most of every hour you are together. That may mean making up an excuse as to why he needs to stay later than planned, or it could just mean he says something like, “Oh, you know that movie we were talking about? I just happened to have a copy of it in my Jeep. Let’s watch it right now!!”

32. He may introduce you to his friends and family

He’ll likely want to meet your friends and family but will also make it a point to introduce you to his! He probably already told them all about you if he’s got the hots for you. You can figure out his intentions when you meet them. Do they act like there is an inside joke going on? Are they teasing your friend about you?

If The Guy Is Not Interested In You

1. He may seem distracted

he may seem distracted

You know what I mean. When you are talking to someone, and you can tell their mind is a million miles away! That is never fun! You want to talk to someone who is as engaged in the conversation as you are!

2. He may actually stand you up for a date

This is the worst! You got all dressed up, got a babysitter (maybe), planned all day on going out on a date, and you were stood up! This is pretty bad! I don’t know if I would give this guy another chance if he did something like this to me. This is pretty low, no matter what the excuse is. Throw him back, and find someone else!

3. He doesn’t care about getting to know you better

If he only talks about himself, barely coming up for air, you know that he has zero interest in you and what has happened in your life. Would you really want to spend forever with a guy like that?

4. He ignores what you say

Even worse, when you do talk, does he stare off into space as if you aren’t talking about anything? You want to be with someone who will engage and listen when you speak or find someone who does care about you and what you have to say. You don’t deserve to be ignored!

5. He has trouble maintaining eye contact

This is a sign of deceit. He may be lying if he can’t face you when he’s talking. Watch out for this sign because you deserve better than a guy who stares at the floor.

6. He may act tired

Does he try to cut off your interesting story by “fake” yawning? Yeah, he’s not really tired in the early evening. He just doesn’t care; you should find someone who does!

7. He may be unable to listen to you

You can test this theory really easily! Just ask him a question based on what you just said. See if he is listening or just counting the minutes until he gets to talk again.

8. He might roll his eyes when you talk

If you catch a guy doing this, you should just leave the room or ask him to drive you home. He clearly doesn’t want to be around you or care what you have to say. It doesn’t matter how hot he is; in the long run, he isn’t a keeper!

9. He doesn’t care if he hurts your feelings

He might be a mean jerk! You can do better! Just say, “Next!”

10. He says rude and hurtful things to you

Don’t let anyone treat you poorly. If you feel mistreated, go ahead and forget about this one.

11. He might check out other girls in front of you

This is absolutely unacceptable! Next!

12. He has closed body language

Closed body language is the opposite of open. Just watch for closed or crossed legs and arms. 

13. He makes excuses as to why he cannot hang out

he makes excuses as to why he cannot hang out

If his excuses sound lame, they are probably made up on the spot. You can find someone who enjoys your company. Just keep looking!

14. He is probably always on his phone

This is one of the most annoying habits of the Century. Just get on your phone if you are stuck hanging out with him for any length of time. You don’t have to be subject to this treatment. Just decide you’ll spend this time checking your email or something else productive you could be doing.

15. He talks to other women in front of you

This goes hand and hand with talking about other women with you. Don’t put up with this kind of behavior. You can do better than this jerk. If you can leave the situation, that is what I would recommend. If you have to wait on him, get busy with those emails, or play a game on your phone or something that will completely distract you.


What will a guy do if he knows you like him?

Some ideas that come to mind are to try to make you his girlfriend, to start a relationship with you, and to give you obvious signals that he is also interested in you! He’ll give you hints that he wants you to be a part of his love life!

How do you act around your crush if he knows you like him?

If you want to be his girlfriend and have a real relationship with him, you can look him in the eyes, flirt with him, and show him you want to have a real conversation about your future together. See what signals he gives you to determine if it worked!

Is it OK to tell a guy you like him first?

Many men are shy, so it’s best if you make the first move. You could see what his response is if you ask him to a concert or something like that. His behavior and response should tell you whether he is interested in you or not. Watch for the hints!

How do you make a guy know you like him without telling him?

The best thing you can do is to show flirty behavior; let him see a sign that you want to be in a relationship with him. You could send him signals through flirting by licking your lips, batting your eyelashes, and toying with your hair. Then, look for the signals!

How do you know if a guy likes you but is hiding it?

A boy may act nervous around a girl he likes. He’ll want to get to know her better to see if they are on the same page. He may have all these ideas about how to ask you out but is too shy to act upon them!

In Conclusion

What are your ideas on the subject? What do you think is a good sign a guy likes you? What signs do you look for? What signs tell you that your crush is not interested? List the signs you notice in the comments section and don’t forget to share!

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