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I Let My Best Friend Have Sex With My Boyfriend (7 Important Tips)

June 1, 2024

Sometimes, letting your boyfriend have sex with your best friend is the best option. Maybe she’s had a dry spell and you’re doing her a favor. Perhaps you’re in an open relationship, and you don’t care if your boyfriend has sex with other people. Sometimes, this can be a great idea. 

Should I Let My Boyfriend Have Sex With My Best Friend?

If you don’t mind the two of them having sex, there’s nothing wrong with giving them the go-ahead. However, there are quite a few tips that you need to keep in mind before going down this road. It has the potential to ruin both your relationship and your friendship. 

Vital Tips To Keep In Mind If You Let Your Best Friend Sleep With Your Boyfriend

If you want to let them have sex but maintain the girlfriend status and happy friendship that you have built, there are quite a few tips to keep in mind. Among these tips are ones you need to follow, and all of the clues to watch out for that let you know you shouldn’t travel down that path at all. 

1. Keep an eye out for a problem

Keep an eye out for a problem

Once you give them the go-ahead to sleep together, keep in mind that it can mess with your feelings. If you don’t mind your man having sex with other females, it might not be a problem for you. However, you still need to keep an eye out for something coming from your best friend too. She might develop a crush on him, which can grow over time. 

Pay attention to how they act

Make sure that you pay attention to the way that they act. If a person starts to show more interest in the other, you need to have a conversation about it. For example, if they post on social media about each other more than they used to. Another example is if they tag them in a post about being in a relationship or a post about being really close. That’s not okay. 

2. Make sure to establish boundaries

It’s important to have a girl on girl talk with your best friend. Tell her you don’t want to hear about the experience or comments about how he is in bed if that’s something that will bother you. 

Before agreeing to this, put yourself in the situation in your mind. Imagine all the stuff that could happen. That means all the positions, intimate acts they could do, and all of the topics that might bother you later. 

Make sure that you speak up about everything that you think might cause trouble later on down the road. This can help you maintain both your relationship and friendship. 

3. Make sure she’s single

If she is in a relationship, the sex can cause problems if she’s cheating. Instead, opt for a three-way or giving your partner the go ahead with a different person. You don’t want to be responsible for the headache that it can cause. Guilt can also be a common reaction and one that you don’t want. If she’s not, make it perfectly clear that you’re not okay with it. 

4. Consider your reasons

If you’re in a committed relationship, consider the reasons behind this. Is it because you don’t want to have sex with your boyfriend or are medically unable to? Trying to spice up the love life? If you’re in a monogamous partnership, this can affect you for quite a while. 

All it takes is one night of sex to make you feel insecure or wonder if he would rather her be his girlfriend. If you’re typically not okay with him sleeping with other people, don’t do it this one night either. Instead, use this as an opportunity to work on communication as a couple. 

5. Establish physical rules

Establish physical rules

Saying you’re okay with this and leaving the rest up to your guy is a bad idea. Instead, establish physical rules if you aren’t comfortable with something. For example, a common rule that people do when they have a three-way is no acts of intimacy. That means no cuddling, kissing on the mouth, or anything that is not sexual. Let him know what you are, and are not, okay with. 

6. If you already did it, move on

If you came across this article because it already happened and you regret it, I’m sorry, but it’s the day to move on from this experience. First, remember “he’s mine.” Second, we cannot go back in life and erase things that we don’t like. 

If a person had a reaction you didn’t like, or you’re experiencing a dip in self-esteem, work through those issues. Then, chalk it up to a lesson learned. What happened in the past isn’t the point anymore. Instead, you need to focus on moving on. 

7. Don’t agree to a threesome after drinks

When we’ve had a few shots, it can be easy to agree to a random thought that gets brought up. That doesn’t mean that a threesome is a great idea at all. In fact, there are people that swear it’s played a huge role in ruining their partnership and their life. Make sure you are clear-headed when making this decision. 


Can you be friends with someone who slept with your boyfriend?

It depends on what happened. If it was a crazy night that happened once and neither person was interested in the other, it can be easy to be friends with them. However, if a person was interested in the other as more than a friend, it can be very hard to maintain that friendship. 

Should I tell my boyfriend I slept with his friend before?

Yes, you should. If you don’t, it can come up later. If his friend tells him first, you’re instantly the bad guy. Instead, just get it out of the way and let him know now. He’ll also respect you more thanks to your honesty.

What does it mean when a guy wants to be friends after a breakup?

This can go two ways. He’s trying to open the door back into your life because he wants you back, or wants some sex. It could also mean he misses a particular part of you. For example, you give amazing advice and he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone else about personal stuff. 

Can you be friends after a fling?

Definitely. As long as neither of you wanted more than just a fling, it won’t be a problem to hang out with each other. This is common if you’ve been friends with benefits for a while. However, if a person desperately wanted more than a fling, it won’t work out as friends. 

What do I do if my friend is cheating on her boyfriend?

Your loyalty is with your friend, not her partner. Instead of telling him what’s going on, tell her that you don’t agree with what she is doing. Encourage her to be honest and faithful. Don’t ruin your friendship over it. 

In Conclusion

Have you ever given your boyfriend the go-ahead to sleep with anyone else? Did it work out okay, or not? 

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