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How To Undress Your Man (5 Sexy Ways)

For decades, men have been straddled with the responsibility of initiating sex and taking the lead. Even if they never outwardly complained, it's a lot of pressure on one gender. Thanks to the era of feminism, they can sit back and relax while we take the lead on things for a while. 

However, things don't just stop at taking the lead. Apparently, guys like their women to be slightly aggressive when it's sexy time. A sexually aggressive woman is an instant turn-on for most guys, yet not many women know this. Well, if you're a woman and you're reading this, now you know. 

So, take advantage of this lockdown period and show your man that there’s more than one side to you and he’s got someone new to look forward to every day. If you're the shy type and you haven't met your wild alter ego yet, this is your chance. Here are a few hot tips for undressing your man and having a fun time doing it. 

5 Sexy Ways To Undress Your Man

1. Get him in a position of your choice

get him in a position of your choice

During foreplay, we're used to the idea of the guy either pinning the woman to the wall, throwing her on a bed, or setting her on an elevated surface like the kitchen counter. We hardly ever hear about the woman putting the man in a position of her choice. 

It's no surprise, considering all the sources of romantic material like novels, movies, and blogs often paint a picture of the guy taking the lead. Well, it's time to switch it up a bit. It's your turn to decide where you want your naked man; in the bedroom? in the living room? Or what position do you want him in; sitting? Leaning against a wall or standing? 

It's all in your hands now, take the power and use it. 

Suppose he's sitting on the couch, watching a game, it's time to distract him a little. You could walk up to him and sit on his lap, facing him. If your man is watching the game or on his PlayStation, you know this is a huge deal for them. 

They don't joke with sports, do they? Well, in this case, it doesn't matter. if he tries to convince you to back off, show him that you mean business. You could turn his face so he's looking straight into your eyes then say something like, "put a sock in it, boy toy, bad boys get punished". He'll definitely get the picture and from that point, you've got his attention.

2. Tops before bottoms

There's no hard and fast rule on how to undress a man, but it's always easier to start from the top and work your way down. Start by slowly taking off whatever he’s wearing on top. If he’s just back from work, he’d likely be wearing a shirt and tie. You could start unbuttoning his shirt slowly, there's no rush, this is your time! 

Rub and massage his lower belly, sides, back, and chest as you go. You can stop to kiss him at intervals, kiss his neck, and place a few bites if you're into that. Kiss and suck on his nipples, yes men have sensitive nipples too, and kissing on them is a major turn-on.

You can grind on him while you're unbuttoning his shirt, it will add a little teasy, sexy edge to the whole process. Kiss him on the lips and when he starts to return the kiss, back away and pin him against the chair. Make sure you keep the dirty talk going, it's all part of the process. 

After backing away you could say, 'Freeze Mr. You have the right to remain still and silent, anything you do or say will be used against you in the bedroom courts.' It will turn him on and amuse him at the same time, that's what you're going for. Grab his shirt or t-shirt and pull it all the way up. 

At this point, he'll probably help you take it off too. When it's off, make sure to show your appreciation and compliment him, men love compliments too. You could say, "you're one tasty-looking specimen, sir'.

3. Take a break for a hot steamy make-out session

take a break for a hot steamy make out session

While you undress your boyfriend, don’t forget to engage him or you’ll lose his attention. When his shirt is off, it's time for some more serious action. At this point, it may be better to let him undress you too, but you get to pick what comes off. 

You can have your top and bra off, some skin-to-skin is never a bad idea. If you still want to tease the pants off him, let him pull off your top while you’re kissing him. Tell him not to take your bra off, he can unhook it if he wants to, but that would have to do. Let him struggle a bit to get to the goodies, keep him pinned and say, 'If you want it, come get it'. 

At this point, he may also get a bit aggressive, he may likely pull you in and grab your boobs or suck on them. Let him, but don't relinquish control completely. Keep letting him know what you want, keep the dirty talk going and keep the energy high. Use your hands and lips well too, even if you have just one hand free. 

Things will start to get exciting. Kiss him deeply and work your hands up and down his chest, back and neck. At this point, you can start going lower. Start to feel his crotch through his trousers, jeans, or sweatpants. Lightly pulling on it through his clothes could add to the heat. 

Generally, rub, squeeze and massage that area. Don't forget about his balls, men love it when you tickle them around that region. If he wasn't rock hard before, he'll definitely be at this point. He may even attempt to take off his pants, but don't let him, remember you're still in charge.

4. Bottoms down

If he's practically begging you to undress him fully, either verbally or with his body language, then it's time. Depending on what kind of stopper his pants have, undo them. If he has a belt on, pull that off first. You don’t want his belt getting in the way when you’re trying to take his pants off. 

However, If he has sweatpants with strings on, simply loosen the strings and pull them down below his butt. You can hasten your pace since things are heating up a bit more. You can leave the pants below his butt so his legs aren't so free to move around. 

Keep touching him around his crotch area, and move away from there to his thighs from time to time. You could also kiss and lick your way down and stop just above his penis. 

While you're kissing, licking, and sucking around that region, you could keep rubbing your palms on the tip of his penis but over his briefs. He should be quite turned on at this point, keep going and maintain the teasy vibe.

5. The big reveal

the big reveal

Finally, the moment you've both been waiting for. You may now put him out of his misery and pull both his underpants or briefs all the way down. If he's wearing socks or slides, you could take those off too. Actually, some bloggers and sex experts suggest that when you undress a man, you should pull off the socks and any kind of legwear off his feet first. 

Rub your hands against the back of his calves and knees then work your way up to his bum. If he’s sitting on the couch, he’s probably got his butt inside the couch cushion, you could still reach in and squeeze on them. Take your attention back to his crotch and you can finish off by blowing him or giving him a decent handjob. 

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How do I strip for my man?

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't need a pole in your room to give your man a good striptease. It's quite simple actually, make sure you wear some sexy and comfortable lingerie to boost your confidence. Set the mood with some candles and a nice sexy playlist and you're good to go.

Where do you touch a guy?

If a guy is attracted to you and truly likes you, any skin contact would feel good to him. However, every guy has unique sensitive zones. Some guys love to be touched on their ear lobes, some prefer their neck and some have sensitive zones on their scalp, just ask.

Should I send nude photos to my boyfriend?

Sending nudes to your boyfriend is a big risk. First of all, there's always a probability that he would leak your nudes if something goes wrong between the two of you. You also need to consider the possibility of getting hacked, your nudes could be out there in the open.

What is a dirty question to ask a guy?

I'm naked, how fast can you get here? What's your favorite part of my body? What's your dirtiest fantasy and what was my role in it? What color of underwear would you like me to wear today? What positions would you like us to use tonight? Where should I touch you?

Should I strip for my boyfriend over a webcam?

Doing a striptease over a webcam is just as risky as sending nudes. In fact, taking off your clothes in front of a camera is a no-no for any woman. You don't want photos or videos of your nudes online or on the phone of a creep. If you're going to strip for your boyfriend, do it in person.

The Bottomline

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, your man would appreciate it if you let out ‘Sasha Fierce’ every once in a while. However, the best part is that you’d get to discover a side of you that you never knew you had. Please let me know what you think about this article in the comment section below and be sure to share it with friends. 

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