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Why Not To Send Nudes (19 Reasons Why Not To Send Nude Photos)

When talking about sending nude pictures, there are two scenarios involved in it. The first is with your boyfriend or partner, who you’re used to relating with under any circumstance. The second is with a guy you just met; you like, have fun spending time with, and are still in the talking stage. 

If it’s your boyfriend, it may sound sexy for him to ask for your nudes, especially if you’re both sexting. But have you thought about what would happen to those photos if you break up? Being happy at the moment is not guaranteed that the happiness or good times would continue that way in the long term.

If it’s a random guy you just met, and you’re both into each other. You know nothing about him, so you’re not sure which probability is higher; being in a relationship with you or suddenly losing interest and walking out on you. 

You may be wondering why you shouldn’t send nudes to a man, no matter the depth of love you both have for each other. This is because of how unpleasant the outcome could be. Keep reading to learn 19 reasons why you should not send nudes to a man.

19 Reasons Why Not To Send Nude Photos

1. That’s not a good way to handle a relationship

Relationships are not just romantic; they could be platonic, friendships, or sex partners. It depends on the two individuals involved with each other. When you meet a guy, and you both start talking, at some point, you already know what you want from each other.

Whatever it is, you could start it off by doing what you know you won’t regret in the future. It’s not best to start any relationship by sending nudes. Even when you’re already in a relationship, that’s not the best way to keep a man. It reduces a guy’s curiosity, and if he’s not that into you, he may lose interest fast.

2. Other people may mistakenly see the photos on his phone

Mobile phones are personal belongings, but sometimes, other people could ask to borrow them to make calls, take photos, or do some other thing. Imagine sending nudes to a careless guy, he lends his phone to another person, and accidentally, they stumble on your naked photos.

Most people are curious. It could be someone who knows or a person who doesn’t know. But, it could be quite embarrassing for two or more random people to see your naked pictures when you didn’t plan for that. And if possible, they could spread the word or go looking for you in person. This is one reason you should avoid sending nudes to a man.

3. You’re disrespecting your body

There’s a reason some parts of your body are tagged as private. It’s for dignity and your own way of upholding your pride for the unique features you have. Sending photos of your body to a man is like carelessly exposing a beautiful secret to him without minding the consequences.

Your naked body is precious, and if anyone requests to see it, they should work for it. You shouldn’t send it to them for documentation. It’s different if you’re dating a guy and you both have sex. It means you’re safe, and if he kisses and tells, it’s not like your nudes going out to the public without your consent.

4. He may request more

There’s something about seeing or doing something for the first. If it brings a good or intriguing feeling, you’ll always want more. It‘s the same thing that applies to any guy that requests nudes. He’ll always want more, except you both have a mutual understanding of it.

If you fulfill the first one, are you ready to keep sending more if he asks? Think about it. If it’s something you know you can keep up with, then you can do it. If not, you may want to avoid doing it. But, if a guy asks for your naked photos, there’s a big probability he’ll ask for more.

5. You could accidentally send pictures to the wrong person

Social media is a place where people constantly make mistakes. You may want to send someone a message and accidentally send it to someone else. Of course, there are ways to delete or retract messages in some apps. But, the truth is, you can’t really control these mistakes.

If there’s a case where two guys have the same name on your contact list, or you’re messaging many people simultaneously, you could mistakenly send it to any of them, thinking you’re sending your nudes to the guy who asked for them. This is one reason you should avoid sending nudes to a guy.

6. The internet is never safe for nude photos

the internet is never safe for nude photos

Social media platforms like WhatsApp may say your private messages to people are safe. But, sometimes, they may not be. Things get exposed faster on the internet than anywhere else. Also, some phone hackers can get through to people’s phones. The guy could also want to send an image to someone and mistakenly send one of your nudes.

Since the internet is a dangerous place, your photo may somehow find its way out there for people to see. It doesn’t matter if you both have a huge deal or it’s totally cool with you sharing nudes with a guy; it’s not safe sending it through the internet.

7. He could willingly show his friends

Most girls who send nudes to a guy don’t know exactly what their pictures are used for. A guy may show your nude picture to his friends just for fun. That’s what most of them do. Some of them could distribute among other people or use to make money.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or not; your nude picture shouldn’t be for public display. Besides, it could be very embarrassing to see what you tag as an intimate thing with people you don’t know, trust, or never expected to have. This is another reason you shouldn’t send your nude picture to a guy.

8. He may start disrespecting you

Guys love girls which make them curious. When they meet you at first, they get so eager to learn her personality to see what they can gain from her. They respect girls that have high self-esteem. So, if you’re a girl like that, you’re most likely to get a guy’s attention.

But, if you send him nudes because you want him to notice you, or you would like to be in a relationship with him, he may lose respect for you. Try to consider this and your self-worth; then, you’ll understand why you shouldn’t send your naked picture to a guy.

9. It’s not something you’ll be proud of if people see it

There are certain things you won’t be proud to let other people know or see about you. Remember the things you do or certain habits you have that you try as much as possible to hide. The same thing applies when you send your nude picture.

If you’re not prepared to see your picture on a billboard, a particular web page, or anywhere unusual, try not to send out your nudes to a guy. He may not necessarily be the cause, but mistakes happen, and you could be a victim of one. Don’t forget that everywhere is a potentially dangerous place, which is why you should protect your body.

10. He doesn’t want any stable relationship with you

Not every guy who talks to you wants to be in a relationship with you. Some of them just want to have a partner for intimacy, which could be sex or any other thing. But, a guy who wants to be with you in the long term would not ask for nudes immediately after you start talking or dating.

A guy who’s interested in you would prefer to meet you physically whenever he misses you. Except, he’s far away from you, you trust each other, and he just wants to have fun requesting your nudes. But most guys who respect you would try not to ask for your naked picture.

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11. It doesn’t make you more attractive

Showing pictures of your body to a guy doesn’t make you more attractive to him. No matter how sexy you are, he’s seen more women’s bodies than you can imagine. He may not say it, but say things to encourage you to send more pictures to him.

So, sending yours to him may not really make a difference in the long term. On the other hand, it won’t add any more beauty to you as a woman. It will only reduce your dignity as a person and force you to expect more from the guy. This is why you shouldn’t trust people enough to send your nudes.

12. You begin to feel insecure

you begin to feel insecure

When you let out a part of you to someone, you may begin to feel insecure or too loyal to him, depending on your relationship with the person. You begin to be restless if he stops responding to your messages or accepting your calls. 

At this point, you may respond to him not because you want to, but you’ll feel like if you don’t, he could body-shame you, threaten you with your pictures, or you could blame him for any comment anybody he knows makes about your body. This is why you should try as much as possible not to send nudes to anybody.

13. He could blackmail you with it

A few relationships now happen as a result of blackmail. A guy could use your nudes to make you date him unwillingly. Apart from this, there are many ways people could use your nudes to blackmail you. It could be something as simple as using your pictures to ask for money whenever they want, ask for sex, or anything you’re unable to give unwillingly. 

It doesn’t have a good effect on anybody’s life, so yours may not be different. This is something you should be careful of if you’re thinking of sending your nudes to anybody. It’s not nice to be a victim of blackmail.

14. It spoils the mystery

When you meet a guy, he sees this mystery in you, which attracts them to you as a woman. That’s why they keep coming. They relate with you until they get to the stage they want with you, which doesn’t have to be a relationship. 

Sending him nudes would only kill the mystery. You’ll make him feel like he can see anything he requests from you. This is not a bad thing; it only reduces your worth in front of the guy, depending on his personality. So, control yourself from sending your nudes to anyone, no matter how tempting it could be.

15. It could affect your future

One mistake could ruin your future and possibly any career you plan to fulfill. This is something that sending nudes to a guy or any gender could do to you. It doesn't matter if you want to go in for a political role or any other leadership position; it will have the same effect on you.

So think about this to know if you're ready for the consequences or not. It doesn't have to be the same person you sent it to; it could be any other rival who may not want to see you succeed. This is one reason you shouldn't send your nudes to a guy.

16. Sending nudes won't make you more special to a man

You often find guys who say they feel nothing or have no feelings for you, but they ask for things like they're entitled to them. If you meet a guy you like, but he doesn't seem to be on the same page with you, and he asks for nudes, don't send them. 

If you do, that act won't make you any special to him. Your nudes can't change any man's mind about how he sees or rates you. It will only complicate things on your side. So, try not to fall victim to this, even if you have feelings for him.

17. You may be a bet with his friends

Sometimes guys could see a lady, have an argument about her, how hard it will be to make her fall for any of them, and challenge each other to see who can get to her first. So, a guy could ask for your nudes, not because he likes you, sees you as a special woman, or wants to be in a relationship but to win a bet.

It's not something you can perceive when it starts, but you can prevent it from happening by taking the necessary steps. To avoid any heartbreak, unnecessary publicity, or embarrassment, try your best not to send any nude pictures to a guy.

18. What if he loses his phone?

what if he loses his phone

Before you feel comfortable sending a guy some explicit photos that are nudes, think about the worst-case scenario of what may happen to his phone that would affect you. He could lose it, and if it doesn't have a password, your photos are out.

On the contrary, maybe he doesn't lose his phone, he could take it for repairs. At the repair shop, anyone could browse through his phone in a search to find out the technical issue or see if the solution they tried worked out. In that situation, take some time to think about what would happen to your photos or reputation.

19. There's nothing for you to gain from it

Apart from the part where you don't feel comfortable sending a guy your nudes, there's really nothing for you to gain from sending your naked pictures to a guy. It won't add to your physical, mental, psychological, or financial growth. 

Instead, you're giving out a part of yourself for someone else to see. If you face any consequence after that, you have nothing to gain from it. Imagine going through the trauma of facing the aftereffect of something you don't see bringing anything positive to you. If you don't take any other reason, this is why you should keep your nudes as private as possible if you have them.


Is it OK to send nude pictures to your boyfriend?

Don't forget that he's just your boyfriend, and there's a high probability you could break up. Even if you have a mutual understanding with each other, it's not a signed agreement, and things could go wrong. You could send your boyfriend nude pictures, but you should also be ready for the consequences.

Can you go to jail for sending nude pictures?

Sending nude pictures has criminal consequences. It doesn't matter if they're private or not. They're tagged as a form of harassment if seen by people without permission and have jail time consequences, too. This is why it's advisable to delete such photos and avoid sending them to people.

Why do guys ask for pics?

Most times, guys ask for photos as an indirect way to tell you they like you and would love to take things further. It's their way of starting to express their feelings, especially if they're uncomfortable doing it with words. This happens most times when they've been friend-zoned for a long period.

Why do guys ask for a selfie?

Guys have a habit of researching a girl on different social media platforms. Sometimes they request selfies of you in your worst form to be sure you're as pretty or look the same as the photos they may have seen online. This is one out of many reasons.

Is sexting a crime?

It's not considered a crime to sext your partner or any adult who agrees to it. Sexting is a crime if done with a teenager under 18. It doesn't matter if the teenager agrees to sext with you; it's a violation of laws and has penalties assigned to it.

To Sum Up

If you're still wondering why you shouldn't send nudes to a guy, think about the pros and cons from your perspective. There’s also the risk of sending it to the wrong person. 

To crown it all, read the 19 reasons I have mentioned for a better guide, and if you liked this article, feel free to drop a comment and share it with others.

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