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How To Treat A Man Like A King: 21 Ways To Make Him Feel Like A King

Men always want to be treated like royalty. Just like you want to feel like a queen, he wants to feel like a king. Not only can this make him feel loved, but it can also fill your marriage with love. Taking care of each other is one of the secrets to a happy marriage that we all need to know at the end of the day. 

Understand What Your Husband Needs, Wants, And Expects

This list of ways to treat your man like royalty is a thorough list, but it’s important to understand that every man is different. While one man will treat you like a queen from the beginning, another will expect to be treated like this before making the extra effort. Every man has different expectations, especially in the beginning. 

Men also have different needs and wants. While one husband will want more physical affection, another would rather sit and talk for hours while stroking your hair. Just like every woman wants and needs different things, so does every man. 

Ask Him What His Expectations Are

One of the easiest ways to understand what your man expects is to simply ask him. Most men will not be comfortable telling you everything that they want, but they might give you a few hints. 

For example, he could say that he doesn’t like to cook, which means that he expects you to do most of that. Make sure that you tell him that you want to know what his expectations are so that you can meet them. He might not open up or be completely honest if he senses that it will cause a conflict. 

Pay Attention To His Words And Actions

pay attention to his words and actions

If he doesn’t directly tell you what he expects during that initial conversation, pay attention to his words and actions. If he says that you don’t have to do something for him or that he doesn’t want you to, it means that he would rather you not do that particular thing. 

When you do something that he wants you to do, you’ll also know by his words and actions. He’ll say thank you with enthusiasm. Your husband will smile to show you that he appreciates what you are doing, or give you a kiss and say thank you. That is his way of telling you that he wants you to do that again. 

How To Treat A Man Like A King

When you’re wondering how to treat a man like a king, it’s important to realize that what works for one husband might not work for another one. Every person is different, which means that every marriage is different. 

For example, one of my ex-boyfriends loved relaxing after a hard day at work. He sat back in his recliner, and I brought his dinner plate to him. Another boyfriend I had did not care for this. He said it felt like I was serving him, and he didn’t like that. Instead, he preferred compliments and support. It’s important to learn what your man prefers. He’s guaranteed to like at least a few of these.

1. Treat yourself like a queen

When you treat yourself like a queen, it’s guaranteed to make your man feel like he’s the best. That means keeping up on your appearance. Perform routine womanly maintenance, such as manicures and pedicures. Dress up for your man on occasion. Your husband will appreciate it, even if he makes fun of you because you spend so much time getting ready. 

2. Make his favorite meal

If you’re wondering how to treat a man like a king, it’s important to realize that it doesn’t mean being his servant. It also doesn’t mean you need to cater to his every want and need. Taking care of him like you’re his mom is also not included. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something special for him! Surprise him with his favorite meal. Simple things like that will instantly make him feel like you were thinking of him, which is how you treat a man like a king. 

3. Respect him

Everyone deserves respect, but we tend to forget how important that is when we’re in a relationship. Sometimes, we’re disrespectful when we’re angry, or are unintentionally disrespectful. Show him that you respect him by: 

  • Not calling him names or belittling him
  • Taking his thoughts and opinion into consideration
  • Look at him when he talks to show that you respect what he is saying
  • Avoid interrupting him when he is speaking
  • Show that you care by asking about his day
  • Don’t be dishonest or hide things from him
  • Let him know you respect him by being kind

When men feel that they have respect, they also tend to give more respect. This can not only make your husband feel like a king, it can work wonders if your marriage is in trouble.

4. Guys like compliments too

Sometimes we forget to tell our guy how amazing he is. Society as a whole expects men to be tough. Unfortunately, this tough guy image results in most of us thinking they don’t care about those compliments. They do, and they need them to feel like a king. Let him know that you love his outfit, hair, eyes, etc. 

5. Don’t get sucked into your phone

We’re all guilty of spending a little bit too much time on our phones. However, this can make your husband feel like you don’t really care. Instead, put it on silent and spend some time with him one on one to make him feel special, and remind him how much you care. 

6. Show him affection

show him affection

I don’t care how tough a guy is, he will still love cuddling, kisses, and holding hands. Men like to feel wanted and loved too. If there has been a bit of distance in your marriage, consider giving him some extra affection to make him smile. 

7. Surprise him

How often do we go shopping and pick up something extra for ourselves? If you’re anything like me, it’s a lot. Men like it when you pick up something for them too. Those little gestures remind him that you love him. 

8. Effectively communicate when there is a problem

I have a very bad habit of holding things in. I justify by saying that I’ll wait to discuss things until later because he’s stressed or had a rough day at work. Then, I blow up before that day comes. 

When this happens, it can instantly make him feel like a peasant instead of a king. If you yell at him or call him names, it instantly emasculates him. It shows that you do not respect him. More than anything, it results in you two creating a gap in the marriage and not being as close. 

Instead, it’s important to use effective communication. It took quite a bit of therapy to help me get there, but you can find plenty of help online, too. This website has a lot of tools that can help you communicate with your partner effectively so that he feels like a king instead of feeling disrespected. 

9. Be his peace

We all deal with a lot of stress in the world. Men deal with stress at work. They have to uphold their manly image or risk getting ridiculed by their friends. This includes middle-aged men. Often, men feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. They do not need more stress when they get home. Instead, focus on peace and harmony in the house. 

10. Focus on him

When in a relationship, it’s easy to accidentally focus on ourselves. Granted, some things are about us. However, it’s important to always consider him. Focus on him. In return, he will focus on you more than himself, which will help the relationship balance out. If you want to treat him like a king, remember to focus on his needs. 

11. Be there for him

Men need someone that they can talk to as much as we do. Society has created the concept that men should deal with all matters on their own, but this doesn’t work out well for them. It results in men having issues like explosive anger, depression, and more. Instead of expecting your husband to live up to this image, be there for him. Listen when he vents. Give him a shoulder when he needs one. 

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12. Support him

When he has a dream, support it. Encourage your husband to be the best that he can be. More than anything, believe in him. When you believe that he can accomplish anything, he will feel like he is on top of the world. 

13. Look him in the eye

look him in the eye

When you look your husband in the eye, it will make your husband feel great in quite a few ways. Looking him in the eye shows that you are paying attention to what he is saying and that you care. This simple action can also show that you would rather spend time with him than on your phone or pursuing your own interests. This really makes men feel loved. 

14. Respect his time

It can be easy to fall into the habit of wanting your man to spend all of his free time with you. However, this can be stressful for your husband. It can add more pressure to his life, and it’s already full of pressure. Instead, try to remember that he is working on things that he wants in life, too. Other times, your husband will need his alone time just like the rest of us do. Instead of taking this personally, show him that you respect his time. 

15. Take care of him when he is sick

I think we’re all a little bit guilty of feeling that our men are overreacting when they have a minor cold. However, this could also be your husband saying that he needs a little bit of extra love and time. Treat your husband as you would like for him to treat you. Would you want him to make you tea and tuck you in when you aren’t feeling well? He wants the same thing.

16. Don’t act like being there for him makes you miserable

Don’t treat him like he’s just something else on your to-do list for the day. Instead, treat your husband as though being there for him is something that you want to do. In order for him to feel like he is a king, he needs to know that his queen is by his side. 

17. Let him lead in the financial department if he wants to

When a man wants to take control of the finances, it’s not always because he’s controlling. Instead, it’s because most men feel the need to be providers. They want to take care of their family, and this is how they do that. 

Keep in mind that this is a bit traditional. Not every man will want to be in charge of the finances. For example, my ex-fiance saw this as a source of stress. Because of that, we discussed things, I listened attentively, and I was the one that handled where the money went. For example, I paid the bills online and told him they were all paid. 

It’s important to remember that every man is different. Treat your husband how he needs to be treated, even if it’s not what every other couple is doing. Use these ways to treat your husband as a rough guideline, not as the only option you have.

18. Appreciate him

How many times have we rolled our eyes at a woman that tells her man thank you for doing the dishes? He should do the dishes, he lives in the house too we say in the back of our minds. However, it’s not about who does the dishes. Those couples that thank each other for mundane chores have the right idea. 

It’s about showing appreciation for the things that he does. When you show him that you appreciate him, it will make him want to do more. He will want to make you happy and earn your praise again. So, make sure that you let him know that you appreciate the things he does. 

If he goes to work every day, remind him that there are plenty of men that are lazy, and tell him that you’re blessed to have a wonderful husband that isn’t. 

19. Smile more

Treat your man like he’s the blessing that he is. When he gets home from work, smile at him. Smile at him in the morning after he gets up. Men do not want to be around someone that is negative at the end of the day. Instead, they want to feel love and joy. Your husband wants to know that you enjoy being with him. Smiling can do just that. 

20. Include him in decisions

We’re so independent today that it can be easy to fall into the habit of not including our husbands in decisions that we don’t think matter to them. However, when we ask their opinion, it shows that we value them and their thoughts on things. It makes them feel more masculine, and more like a king. 

Keep in mind that you might not want to go all the way and ask his opinion on everything. For example, if your heart is set on one particular hairstyle, go for it. If you ask his opinion, and he says he doesn’t care for it, it can cause conflict. 

Instead, ask his opinion and include him in other decisions, especially those that include the household. Decisions regarding the children or the finances should always be made together. 

21. Trust his navigation through life

trust his navigation through life

If your husband wants to be the head of the household, as most do, trust him in that. When he has a business venture, support and encourage him. Let him lead the way. If you do not trust him to lead the way, it is time to work on that. Counseling can help both of you. Remember, him feeling as though he is head of the house leads to him feeling like he is the king of the castle. 


How do you treat your boyfriend like a king?

When you want to treat your boyfriend like royalty, make sure that you focus on him. Pay attention when he talks. Look him in the eye to show that you’re listening. Be respectful, and avoid things like yelling or name-calling. 

What is the best thing to say to a man?

The best thing to say to a man is “I appreciate you.” It shows him that you have seen his hard work and that you appreciate everything that he does for you and the family. Men want to be appreciated and respected. This single phrase makes him feel like that. 

How do I make my man feel special?

Pay attention to him. Put your phone down. Don’t blow off his opinions or thoughts. Instead, always listen to him. Let him know that you care about what he has to say. Take his advice when you ask for it. Give him plenty of affection and attention, and don’t forget to initiate things in the bedroom every so often. 

How do I make him feel masculine?

If he has muscular arms, grab his biceps and smile. Ask him to do things that are considered masculine, such as lifting heavy items or mowing the grass. Being more feminine can instantly make a man feel more masculine. Let him protect you and be a manly man. 

Can I call my husband my king?

Yes, you can. In fact, this is very common for couples. In these relationships, most men are referred to as a king while the woman is referred to as the queen. This shows him that you both admire him and respect him. Keep in mind that it’s your relationship. You can do whatever works for the two of you. 

To Summarize

When you treat your husband like he’s a king, you show him that you love him, respect him and admire him. In return, your marriage will continue to survive and thrive, and be filled with love. How else do you think a wife can treat her husband like a king?

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