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How To Stop Missing Someone (12 Effective Ways)

Missing someone is hard, keep reading to find out how to fill the gap in your life when you find yourself in this situation. Whether you are missing your past lover, your partner, or a dear person who unfortunately passed away - missing someone is heartbreaking and emotionally draining. Once a hole has been torn into our lives by someone it is not easy to replace them. 

The feeling that something is missing can fill your thoughts and make your life appear grey and full of sadness. Sometimes this feeling of missing lasts a long time and your mind and emotional state begin to suffer. This article will help you to relieve the pain of missing that person and help you to take action and fill the emptiness that exists in your days.

Here are some tips on how to stop missing someone in your life. 

How To Stop Missing Someone

Missing something or someone can be hard. Longing for and missing someone can actually become a nice feeling as soon as you remember it is connected to your heart and your love for them. If there is something or someone in your life that fulfills your life and gives you a feeling of love, it is inevitable that you will miss them if they are not there. 

1. Contact Each Other Regularly

contact each other regularly

If you have a long-distance relationship with someone and you can only meet with your partner every few weeks or even every few months, missing them is inevitable and can be heart-wrenching. Missing someone that plays such an important role in your life is especially difficult. Regular contact is essential in this situation. 

It may also be that you are missing a family member if you live in different countries. Here is a tip that can help against longing for them to be near. Write a message to them via WhatsApp or via SMS. Send them a message to start the morning well or to wish them a good night in the evening. Regular contact in this way can reduce the feeling of longing.

Make sure that you always keep up to date with the person that you are missing. Telephone calls can help to keep your partner or family up to date with everything that is going on where you are and enable you to share the things that are happening in your everyday life. This can help you to feel closer to them. With video calls, you can also see them face to face. 

2. Make Plans With Them

If you are wondering what to do when you miss someone, make sure that you always set plans for when you will see them next. Always set a date for when you can see each other again. If you have a date to look forward to, longing for them will become a lot easier. After every visit together, make sure that you plan another date for the next time.

Anticipation and looking forward to seeing your partner can be beautiful, especially if you are long-distance with your partner. It will become a lot easier to be apart when you know when you will next see them and can start planning what you will do together. Longing for your other half will definitely become a lot easier when you have dates set in the calendar. 

You could even plan a holiday together that can fuel anticipation and give you something to look forward to when it becomes hard not to see them. Pick a destination that you both want to go to and plan the trip together. This will also give you something to talk about during your calls when you are apart.

3. Keep Yourself Busy

If you keep yourself busy, you won’t allow your thoughts to constantly dwell on longing for the person. You shouldn't give the feeling of longing too much of a chance to take over your thoughts and your everyday life. Taking active action in this situation will make longing for your partner so much easier and alleviate this painful feeling of longing for people. 

Keep yourself busy, focus on your work, your hobbies, and spending time with the other people that you love. Distract yourself when the feeling overwhelms you. Remind yourself that it is not forever and you will not always be experiencing these feelings. This is one of the best ways to help if you are wondering how to stop missing someone.

Missing does not depend on how long you have not seen each other, but how deep your feelings are for this person, don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day. But don't forget that longing for your partner can also be transformed into a positive experience. Focus on being productive when they are not there and look forward to seeing them next instead of being sad. 

4. Longing For Your Ex

longing for your ex

Missing your partner can also include a longing for your ex-partner or your past lover. If you miss a past relationship or a friendship that has broken down, there are some things that you can do. If you are longing for your ex make sure to keep your distance from them try not to fall into sadness and do not read old SMS or letters after the separation. 

This won’t bring the relationship or your ex back and it will only make you unhappy in the long run. It is also very important to remember to avoid trying to contact your ex, the best thing is to remove him or her completely from your life. Social media can also tempt you to check up on what your ex-partner is up to, whether he has met a new person, or if he is happy.

If you have broken up with your partner, be sure to delete him or her from your friend lists so as not to make the situation even harder for you. Learning to let go of the past is not easy, but it is the best way to deal with separation, loss, and heartache. Let your ex-partner go and remind yourself that this part of your life is over for good now. 

5. Distract Your Thoughts

Distract yourself if you are wondering how to stop missing someone. Distraction is one of the best tips if you miss your partner tries to keep your thoughts occupied and your thoughts distracted. Do something with friends, pursue your hobbies, read a book, or listen to music to avoid thinking about your loss. If you are distracted, your thoughts will focus on what you are doing instead.

It may even help to change your location, especially if you have recently broken up with your partner and you are longing for your ex. Whether this is simply because you live in the same place, moving to another place may help to distract your thoughts. Moving to another city or planning a longer trip can relieve your pain. 

If you are longing for your ex, it is helpful to carry out no contact with each other for a while. If this person used to be a major part of your days, it is difficult to move on if they are still close by. Make sure to keep your thoughts distracted if you are longing for your partner. The worst thing to do is to sit at home doing nothing and think of your ex all of the time. 

6. Remember The Positives Of Long-Distance Relationships

More and more couples live apart from one another, in another city or even in another country. The distances can range from a few hundred kilometers to several thousand kilometers. The feeling of longing also grows with the greater distance. Every hour, every minute without the partner can be painful and emotionally draining

Long-distance relationships are often exhausting, but they can also have advantages. A long-distance relationship doesn't just have to be about longing and missing them, because if you approach love at a distance correctly, you can also be happy and fulfilled in long-distance as much as any other situation.

7. Build Your Trust With Each Other

build your trust with each other

If you are missing someone, it is important to focus on building your trust for each other. Longing for someone if they are away or you are long-distance is very difficult if you don't trust each other. Trust is also important in all normal relationships, but it likely plays an even more important role in a long-distance one.

If you decide to be long-distance or the situation has arisen unintentionally, it is important that you share a foundation of trust with each other or that you focus on building it up. Your partner will not be with you all the time and will likely have a lot of contact with a lot of other people. He'll likely go partying without you, make new friends, and do many things without you.

That can be hard sometimes, but that's the way it is if you are long-distance. You need to know that your partner loves you and that you can trust each other completely. A lack of trust can be one of the main things to cause strain in a long-distance relationship. This is why it is so important that you trust each other. 

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8. Find A Way To Avoid Jealousy

It is important that you can trust your partner but you should also give your partner the feeling that they can trust you too. Unfortunately, jealousy is a very common problem in long-distance relationships. If you or your partner are very jealous by nature, it is important that you try and work on this issue together. 

If you want to know how to stop missing someone, it is important that you work on feeling jealous of each other when you are not together. Being jealous is not a very nice feeling and it can cause issues in all relationships and can even cause it to break up. Many people think that there is healthy jealousy or that you only love our partner when you are jealous. In truth, this is not the case.

Jealousy can ruin a lot of partnerships and can give you many sleepless nights if you are apart from your partner. It can also cause many disputes and arguments between couples if you feel like you cannot trust each other. One of the main things to remember if you want to know how to stop missing someone is to work on your jealousy toward your loved one. 

9. Accept The Situation For What It Is

If you want to know how to stop missing someone, it is important to let go of any feelings of anger and accept the situation for what it is. Feelings of anger and complaining about your situation is no use as it is not going to change things if this person has to go away for whatever reason, whether they had to move to another city because of a new job etc. 

There are many reasons why couples have to be apart and go away from each other for weeks or months at a time but every reason has to be accepted for better or worse. If you're constantly fighting the situation and your refuse to acknowledge it, you're only making your time more difficult and harder for yourself to deal with. 

It can be extremely hard when you're not with your partner, but often you can't change the situation easily or straight away. Remember that this situation is not forever and it is worth it because you love each other. Make the best of the situation together and use it to prove your love for your partner. 

10. Make The Best Of Your Situation

make the best of your situation

If you are apart from your loved one, it is important to remember to make the best of your situation together. Avoid feelings of sadness by trying to make the best out of being apart from each other. Rather than asking when your partner is coming home every hour of the day or telling him that you don’t want him to move even though he has a new job. 

If your relationship is strong enough and your partner loves you as much as he loves you, it is important to remember that he didn’t make this situation lightly. Remember that he made this decision for a reason and the long-distance situation is worth it if you really do love each other. 

Your partner will definitely have a reason why he accepted the new job and certainly didn't do it so that he didn't have to be with you. So if you choose a long-distance relationship, make the best of it and don't resent each other for moving away. Try to be close to each other despite the distance between you. Closeness is probably the most important thing in any relationship.

11. Remain Close Despite The Distance

It is important to try your best to remain close to each other despite the distance that is between you. The feeling of closeness is one of the things that is usually longing in long-distance relationships. You cannot hug each other, kiss each other, hold hands or fall asleep side by side. It sounds difficult and unfortunately, it is.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to make the distance and longing a little more bearable and to feel a little closer despite the distance between you. Fortunately, there is the internet. In the past, you could only write letters and maybe make phone calls from time to time. Nowadays we have the luxury of being in constant contact with friends and partners via the Internet.

Use the possibilities of the internet. Make regular appointments to Skype or communicate with social media apps. Show your partner that you love him by sending him small messages throughout the day. This can be a small thing like a message to say hello or a long declaration of love. 

12. Don't Overdo Communication

Don't overdo communication. Too many texts and too many phone calls can also have negative consequences. Communication via text message has the disadvantage that misunderstandings are easier than if you speak to each other face to face. 

You may begin to have arguments over messages if you are apart. Unfortunately, it might backfire on you. If you have a reason to be upset, try solving the problem over the phone rather than through text, in this way you avoid further misunderstandings.


How do you stop missing someone?

Longing for someone can be hard. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship with a partner, you miss an ex or you miss your family because you live in difficult countries, missing people can be extremely hard and emotionally draining. Plan the next time you will see each other, keep regular contact through texts and calls, and keep yourself busy. 

How do you stop thinking about someone?

If you are apart from your partner and you want to know how to alleviate these feelings, make sure to do the things that make you feel happy. Keep yourself busy with your job, your work, meeting up with your family and friends, and pursuing your hobbies. If you keep your mind busy your thoughts will become distracted from missing someone. 

What do you do when you miss someone so badly?

If you miss a person badly it can be extremely hard. It is important to accept the situation that you are in and try and make the best of it. Try to maintain the feeling of closeness that you have when you are together. Schedule regular video calls, text each other constantly, and send each other surprise gifts every now and again. 

Why can't I stop missing him?

If you can’t stop missing someone until they are coming back, it is likely because you love them a lot. Remember that you are missing someone because you feel strongly for them. You don’t miss someone that you don’t care deeply for. Missing someone can be a positive situation and can reinforce the feelings of love that you share for each other. 

How can I stop thinking of someone?

No one finds it easy to miss people. If you can’t stop thinking of someone it is important to keep your thoughts distracted. Keep yourself busy by focusing on your goals and everything else that is going on in your days. Read a book, listen to music or go for a coffee with your friends if you are having a bad day and you can stop thinking of your partner. 

To Sum Up…

Long-distance can be hard and missing your partner when you are apart can be emotionally draining and heartbreaking, however, there are things that you can do to make this situation easier for you. Keep your thoughts busy and distracted by everything else in your days, schedule regular calls with each other, and plan the next time you will see them. 

Let us know what you thought in the comments and don’t forget to share this article!

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