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How To Remove Your Clothes In Front Of Your Boyfriend (13 Vital Tips)

A woman’s body is both a masterpiece and a weapon if she knows how to wield it properly. Your body arouses your boyfriend and is a weapon that can bring him to his knees. Removing your clothes before sex is an art that can greatly enhance the sexy mood in the bedroom. 

Many women lack the finesse of strip teasing or cloth removal. They just strip down to the skin and expose their body parts to their partner. Most men expect to be wowed by their women just as much as they try to perform amazingly well. 

Guys don’t expect you to act like a professional porn star. They just want you to put in the effort. When you set the right mood for sex, you’re equally telling your man he can handle you however he likes.

However you decide to expose your body to your man, you need to first boost your confidence. Admit to yourself that you have the best body, even if you’re not completely satisfied with the way you look. How do you want to convince your man that your body is the real deal if you don’t have that belief yourself?

How will he worship your body if you don’t show that you know what your body deserves? Before going into the tips for removing your clothes in a sexy way for your boyfriend, how well do you know your body? Study each body part to know your sensitive spots and which part makes you hot the most. Then, you can dive into the following strip tease steps.

13 Tips For Removing Your Clothes In Front Of Your Boyfriend

1. Prepare yourself ahead

The first thing to do before any seductive attempt on your part is to prepare for the main event. There are three major things you should focus on at this stage: your body, the setting, and your outfit. Is your body in the right state for sex?

You don’t want to toy with your boyfriend when you know your body isn’t ready for sex. For instance, if you’re just concluding your period, you might still be sore or have cramps. If you attempt to have sex in that mood, both of you (especially you) might not enjoy the intimate act.

Also, prep yourself by shaving, exfoliating and moisturizing appropriately. Smooth and succulent skin will leave your man feeling excited to grab and taste you.

The next thing is your outfit. What will you put on? How convenient will it be for the sexy show you want to put on? Pick outfits that can still make you get naked easily, yet will also excite him. You can opt for a dress or dress shirt if you haven’t mastered the easy removal of jeans. 

Wear boots, heels, or go barefoot, as long as you’re comfortable with your choice. Select how you want to style your hair too. Do you want to keep your hair up, down, or braided? Finally, what kind of mood do you want to set? A playful yet sexy atmosphere, or an intensely erotic one? Use the advantage of lighting to the full here. 

Replace bright lights with dim seductive ones. You can use candles instead. Just be careful they aren’t near the drapes. Finally, select the right sexy music that will put both of you in the desired mood.

2. Practice your striptease alone

If it is your first attempt at strip teasing, you may want to practice first. It might get awkward doing it on your own, but that’s better than completely fumbling around during the main event. After you’ve chosen the right outfit, the best hairstyle, and prepped the room, it’s time to practice.

You may put on music too so you’re relaxed and into the practice. Follow each of the steps you’ll be reading here till you’re satisfied with your practice. You’ll know you’ve gotten it right a bit when you can easily imagine your partner’s expression even though he’s absent.

Now that you’re ready to seduce the heck out of your boyfriend, put on your lacy lingerie, your choice of outerwear (shirt, skirt, pants, jeans, stockings, etc.), wait for him to get home, and spring the pleasant surprise on him.

3. Lead your man to sit down comfortably

Once your man has received the memo that sex is on the table at that moment, it’s time to show him what you got. His first instinct will be to lead you to the bed, but grab him by the hand, and lead him to the chair you’ve already set up in the bedroom (or any room in the house). 

The goal is to let him know you’re in control of the situation. He can take over when you’re both naked and too hot to go slow, but you have the floor now. Ensure the chair is comfortable, so he doesn’t get desperate to take you to the more comfortable bed. 

Lead him to the chair, and push him down gently yet firmly till he sits. Use your index finger to indicate you want him to remain seated, no matter how much he pants.

4. Put on layers of outfits

At this point, your boyfriend is salivating, especially if it’s the first time both of you will be having sex. He will try to stay calm even as he pants with excitement. Guys love to be teased, so ensure your choice of clothing is a bit bulky. Bulky as in an easy-to-pull-off trench coat or long negligee over your sexy undergarments. 

The goal is to make him wonder what is underneath the outerwear, without having to struggle with your outfit. Your loose outerwear will increase his imagination of you either buff naked underneath, or have on tight enticing underwear. Don’t disappoint his expectations by wearing mom panties or something that can equally turn him off.

5. Walk teasingly around him before taking off the first item

The next step is to begin stripping, one item at a time. Be as close to your partner without him being able to touch you. This means, you can stand directly in his front with your legs slightly ajar, but you’re far enough that his outstretched arm cannot reach you. Look into his eyes, and lick your lips as you prepare to remove your outerwear. 

For example, if you’re wearing a long robe, play with the belt by wrapping your fingers around the loop while walking around his chair. Then unknot the belt loop after a few seconds.

Afterward, put your hands on your neck, then slowly glide the edge of a side of the robe off one shoulder, then repeat the same for the other side. Slip your tongue in between your lips while still maintaining contact with him.

6. Kiss him slowly but quickly

kiss him slowly but quickly

Now that your sexy undergarments are in view, he can see every curve well accentuated. If you selected the right lingerie, they will compliment your skin tone or reveal more than they hide. This means that your nipples and creamy tone will be on display.

Don’t be hasty to strip completely naked, there’s still more you can do to make your boyfriend unbearably aroused. Ensure you instruct him to stay seated while you display your body to him from different angles. Make good use of the lighting you’ve set up. Move close to the light so he can see the triangle between your legs and your cupped breasts.

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Play with your lingerie by sliding your fingers across your thighs and belly. Push your fingers into your hair and between your legs. Just freestyle and do what comes naturally to you. You can be sure he’ll try to grab you but maintain control. Move close to him and give him a short but passionate kiss to let him know he’ll get more than a kiss if he’s patient.

7. Walk away from him and continue stripping

Next, step away from him again, but seductively. Sway your hips as you walk away to continue stripping. You may now remove your next clothing item. Get yourself a chair in advance too so you can easily remove items such as your boots/heels or stockings/garters.

If your body is flexible, lift your leg as you pull off your footwear. This position will give him a partial view of your vagina, and that will have his erection straining in his boxer briefs. Repeat the same step with the other leg, then stand up again.

8. Give him a full view of your backside

By now, he is itching to take over, but you’re not yet done. You want to raise the heat a bit higher, so it’s time to give him more. Walk towards him, and turn your back on him. Bend backward with your knees apart so that you’re looking at him upside down through your spread legs.

This will give him a clear view of your butts, sexy legs, and vagina. You can be creative with this depending on how flexible you are. You can then move closer to him from that position and kiss him. You can also touch his crotch briefly from between your thighs before standing up again.

9. Give him your front view again while dancing

By now, your confidence level would have increased as you notice his breathing rate rising too. You don’t need to be a dancer before you tease him with some dance moves. Firstly, position yourself on a different chair, part your thighs, and grate your hips in an imitation of sex. Stroke parts of your body he likes, or that arouses you so much.

He will see the desire in your eyes and that will stir up his arousal too. Smile at him teasingly while you get up and move closer to him again. Undulate your hips close to his face and kiss his neck. Put one palm on his chest and continue rotating your hips.

10. Straddle one leg while you remove your bra

It is time to reveal more of your body to him. Strike and maintain a conversation all the while you’re stripping. Ask him if he’s ready to see more or if he still wants you to keep teasing him. If he says he’s ready for more, settle on his lap and start lowering your bra or lingerie straps.

Gently ground your butt on his bulging erection and ask him to assist you with your bra hook or gown straps. Loosen the first few buttons of his shirt, or pull off his t-shirt. Once again, stand up and let your bra/gown fall off.

11. Unzip and shimmy out of your short skirt

If you have on a skirt over your panties, slowly lower the zipper while maintaining eye contact with your partner. Then, glide the skirt slowly down till it pools around your feet. You can also do this while facing away from him so that he’ll get an unrestricted view of your backside and vagina. 

Ensure the body parts that you’ve revealed are also keeping busy. For example, continue swaying and touching your hips and breasts. Now, you have only one more step to go, you want to make it very good.

12. Remove your panties teasingly

remove your panties teasingly

It’s time to remove the last piece of clothing; your panties. After this, it’s game up. If possible, choose to wear a thong or lacy panties as this will drive your man crazy.

Maintain a standing position or move to the bed to pull off your panties. If you’re standing, turn your back on him and pull it down. Then face him just as you’re stepping out of it. If you’re lying down, put your thighs together, then slowly spread them as you glide the panties down. You can expect your man’s resolve to be gone by then and he will pounce.

13. Let your confidence be obvious

The easiest thing is to follow these routine steps, but without confidence, you won’t get the desired results. You can fumble along the way or appear nervous at the beginning. Draw strength from the fact that your boyfriend desires you and you’re desirable.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the techniques, but the mutual desire both of you share.


What does it mean when a guy takes his clothes off in front of you?

When guys do this, it most likely means they want to have sex, except it’s a swimming pool area.

What does it mean when a guy takes off your shirt?

It is either he wants to have sex or just make out with you. Ask him why he did so to know his intention.

Is it OK for your boyfriend to tell you what to wear?

It is not his right to dictate what you put on. You may decide to put on outfits he likes, but not because he commands you to do so.

What does it mean when a guy lifts his shirt in front of you?

Guys do this when they want to show off their flat-board abs and chest while pretending to wipe their faces.

What does it mean when a guy stretches in front of you?

He is either tired or trying to impress you as his ripped chest stretches under his shirt.


Removing your outfit before sex can be a form of foreplay if you know how to do it well. These tips will enhance your sex life and strengthen the bond in your relationship. 

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