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How To Make A Gemini Man Want You Back (13 Fun Ways)

May 30, 2024

Would you like to know how to make a Gemini man want you back? Well, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, the first thing you should do when going through a breakup is to back off. This is great advice for a normal guy; however, it doesn’t work well with a Gemini. 

Ignoring your Gemini ex won’t inch you closer to getting back together. If you want to know how to get a Gemini man to chase you, understand who a Gemini guy really is. Gemini men have short attention spans, so ignoring a Gemini may make him look for something new.

Cosmo does have a point, though. If you have just gone through a bad breakup, you need a little time to heal before trying to get back together. Just don’t fall off the grid altogether. Instead, to get your man back, follow a three-pronged approach to life after your Gemini ex. 

First, don’t totally fall out of the picture; make sure you stay friends, so you can get back together with ease. Second, live your life to the fullest; don’t let your quest to get your Gemini man back rule your life. Finally, get his attention by being his type of woman.

Don’t Totally Ghost Him

Remember, a Gemini loses interest quickly. If he thinks you are playing hard to get or messing with his head, he will just move on. He’s not interested in chasing after someone who is playing games with his head. If you really have hope in restoring the relationship or think he is “the one,” don’t disappear on him. Take time to heal, but don’t ignore him. It’s a delicate balancing act.

1. Be loyal

If you are wanting your lover back, it’s important that you remain a loyal partner. Nothing turns a Gemini off more than unfaithfulness even if you are broken up; he may view this as a betrayal. Normally, I would suggest moving on, and of course, when you are ready to, go ahead, but this action won’t work in getting him back. 

Be loyal

Making a guy jealous can often work in your favor, but if you want to get back with a Gemini, it’s best to remain true to him. Make sure you stay on friendly terms with your ex so that getting back together is an easy task. Just remain true to this man while you work things out.

2. Surprise him

Geminis love big, romantic gestures and spontaneity. They crave excitement, so take a risk and do something special for him. Be flirty with your surprise; maybe show up with tickets to a football game or a gift certificate to go bungee jumping. He will think, “What a thrill,” and he’ll wonder what else you have in mind!

3. Keep him guessing

You don’t want to fall off the face of the Earth completely, but you should still want to make him wonder what in the world you are up to. Geminis thrive on uncertainty and love the unknown, so be a challenge for him to figure out. This will keep your relationship going as he tries to understand what is going on with you.

4. Be inquisitive

Geminis are masters of communication; they love talking and conversing about interesting topics. As you continue to talk during your breakup or time apart, make sure you stimulate his mind with your rich conversations. Ask him plenty of unique questions and/or talk about his favorite topics. Don’t forget to be a good listener, too.

I know it seems silly that you must still entertain your ex-boyfriend, but if you want to retain his interest and stay in his world, you need to indulge his witty nature and talk a lot. Of course, give him the chance to dominate the discussions or debates but contribute during lulls in the convos. 

Live Your Life

It’s crucial that you don’t get down and depressed (too much). A nice carton of ice cream or frozen yogurt and a sappy movie is okay when you first breakup, but at some point, you need to move forward. This will show him what he’s missing out on. Living your life in a passionate manner will show him you aren’t just sitting around wallowing in grief. 

1. Give him space

Again, don’t ignore him or ghost him just because your relationship is going through a rough patch. Those games won’t work well with this one. However, he’s an independent person and needs to have his space to think things over. Don’t make desperate moves like drunk dialing or calling him endlessly. Let him pursue you for the most part.

Give him space

2. Be positive

Geminis are funny, playful creatures. They love to laugh! Show that you are also an upbeat person by smiling and telling funny stories. You may find this hard to do when going through a breakup, but it’s important that you show him you have a real zest for life - just like he does! 

He’ll miss your positive attitude soon enough and be calling you up!

3. Stay busy

This is a great tactic to win him over AND help you be so distracted you forget about the hurt you are going through. Show him that you are the one for him because YOU can keep up with his busy lifestyle. To stay busy, just plan a lot of activities for yourself; always be on the go with somewhere new to be!

4. Try something new

Geminis crave novelty, change, and diversification. Make yourself a more well-rounded individual (and show him you are the right one for him) by taking a new language class, learn a new skill, or take on a new sport by joining a co-ed team. Trying new things is also a great way to keep yourself preoccupied and off the couch!

Get His Attention

An important part of winning back your Gemini is keeping him interested. Geminis hate being bored and have high standards because of their short attention spans! Maintain his interest by intriguing him with your fascinating self. This will help you be more appealing in his eyes (not to mention that you’ll grab the attention of any other guy standing around). 

1. Be your beautiful self

Geminis love exotic beauties. Don’t let yourself go just because things didn’t work out between the two of you. Instead, make yourself as sexy and beautiful as possible. Treat yourself to a day at the spa or hit the gym. Being a unique beauty will help you feel more confident as a person, and nothing is sexier than a confident woman!

2. Be a social butterfly

Work on making new friends if you need to. Hit the nail salon or spa and talk to other female patrons. Geminis are very social creatures. They will want to know that you aren’t holed up alone all the time. Instead, be as popular and charming as he is, and before long, he will forget all the reasons you broke up. 

3. Be unique

If a Gemini is the one for you, you probably understand him rather well. You know that he’s a curious creature that must be entertained. Be a fascinating individual in his world. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or join a co-ed softball team; stand out and do things that other girls just don’t. This will pique his curiosity and send him running back to you.

4. Remain mysterious

You don’t want to ghost him, but you don’t have to tell him everything that’s going on in your world either, even if the two of you get back together. Geminis love to analyze things. Let him wonder what you’re up to; show him there’s never a dull moment when you are around, and he will surely be excited to know everything!

Remain mysterious

5. Show off your intelligence

Geminis are smart and love learning anything new. If you hope to keep up with his witty personality, you may want to take this time apart from him to increase your book or street smarts. Watch something educational or read a few good books. However, don’t be someone you aren’t. If you want to keep up with him, you’ll have to keep it exciting.


How do you make a Gemini Man regret losing you?

If you want to get a Gemini man back, continue to be the unique person he fell in love with. You may want to enhance his favorite traits about you by becoming more well-rounded. Remind him why your relationship was successful when everything was going well. 

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What do you say to a Gemini man to get him back?

Gemini men are curious creatures. If you are working on getting your Gemini man back, ask him questions, and talk about new, exciting topics. Bring up subjects that the two of you have never talked about. Make your relationship full of mystery and excitement. Keep him on his toes!

How do you make a Gemini man obsessed with you?

The best way to build a healthy relationship with a Gemini man is to be spontaneous and interesting. This shouldn’t be an act, though. If you want to maintain his obsession with you, you should be able to remain a mysterious, exciting person in the future.

How do you get a Gemini man to forgive you?

Your Gemini ex will want to get back with you if and when he thinks that the reasons for the breakup no longer exist; another way to get a Gemini man back is to apologize for any wrong-doing on your part. This will make him want to come back together.

Do Geminis go back to their exes?

Some Geminis come back to their exes when they think that the reasons for the breakup are irrelevant. For example, if he didn’t like the way you treated his friends and you show you have changed this, your Gemini guy will have no reason to be apart from you anymore.

In Summary...

Are you trying to get a Gemini man back? What tactics have you found to be successful?

Remember not to be off the grid if you want a Gemini man back. Your relationship will have a slim chance of survival if you disappear! Geminis don’t play hard to get

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