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What To Do When A Gemini Man Ignores You (7 Crucial Things)

June 1, 2024

Are you being ignored by a Gemini man?

Are you wondering what to do to win back his attention?

The truth is: this sign is known for giving someone the silent treatment if they’re upset, instead of actually talking things through with that person.

Thankfully, there are plenty of effective ways to break through this barrier and regain a stranglehold of this relationship.

Below, I have listed 7 recommended steps to take if a Gemini man is ignoring you.

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In most cases, you’ll develop a clear understanding of what’s occupying his time and why he’s ignoring you. From there, you can implement the best strategy to turn things around.

Below, you’ll find my comprehensive list of things to try to win back a Gemini man’s attention.

What To Do When A Gemini Man Ignores You

1. Ignore him back

The problem with when a Gemini ignores you is that it gives him a lot of power and control in the relationship you have. As a result, the balance between you is off and so you need to do something to regain control yourself. 

You are not and should not be subjected to behavior that is immature or unacceptable in your eyes. Ignoring you is a lack of respect, so go ahead and simply ignore your Gemini man right back. Hopefully, your Gemini guy will start to see the error of his ways soon enough. 

2. Ask him what the problem is

Ask him what the problem is

One of the issues of ignoring him is that, while it can be very effective, it can also take a long time for the method to bear any fruit. Bearing that in mind, asking him directly what his issue is and why he is ignoring you can be a far quicker method of getting to the bottom of what his problem is. 

Plus, when a Gemini man ignores you and you ignore him back, you are actually behaving as badly as he is. Always try to take the moral high ground - you will find that you feel a lot better about yourself as a result. 

3. Go out with friends

Just because your Gemini man ignores you and doesn’t want to spend time with you, doesn’t mean your friends don’t. You may find it very helpful to get out and meet up with friends at a time when your Gemini man ignores you. If you’ve got time on your hands, you should use it productively and in the most fun way possible. Friends make you remember that you are good to be around so take the opportunity to to make plans with them. 

4. Talk to others

If you are struggling with your relationship because your Gemini Guy ignores you every once in a while, you may find that you want to talk to other people. This is very important and a healthy attitude to have in all aspects of your life. 

A problem shared is a problem halved. It can be very helpful to know that people are there in your life to support you and the issues you are going through. It will give you the confidence to tackle the times your Gemini man ignores you straight on. 

5. Concentrate on your happiness

Concentrate on your happiness

A Gemini man may have a recurring bad habit of ignoring the person he is in a relationship with down to his character traits. If that is the case with your Gemini man, you always need to feel you can at least concentrate on your life and your happiness in those instances. Take the quiet times in your relationship as a time to focus on yourself. Do things that you want to do and when. Focus on your mental and physical health. Anything you can do to keep happy is a great idea. 

6. Start dating other people

One way to get the attention of Gemini men who are ignoring you is to start seeing other people. If you are in a relationship where you are not exclusive, you may find this a fantastic method to get your Gemini man to come running back to you. 

You may find it hard at first, knowing that your true feelings are still strong for your Gemini man. However, you never know what may happen when you start dating others. You may get back with your Gemini, or you may fall for someone else. 

7. Suggest breaking up

Another way to get what you want and bring a bit more control back to your side of things, is to suggest breaking up when your Gemini man ignores you. If he doesn’t want to be with you, he may well agree which is a risk you have to take with this tactic. However, it may also shock him out of his attitude and realize that he is taking you for granted. 


How does a Gemini man take being ignored?

Gemini men struggle with being ignored because they are naturally sociable people who like to be with others. They also hate to feel like they have done something wrong that could have hurt a person they love. 

What do you do when a Gemini Man Pulls Away?

If you are finding that your Gemini man is pulling away, it can be a good opportunity to either ask him about it or to focus on yourself. They get quickly bored so it is not uncommon for them to do this, but it doesn’t make it right. Talking to them and concentrating on you will give you peace of mind. 

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How do you know if a Gemini man is not interested in you anymore?

A Gemini man who does not make an effort to make you happy or even see you is most likely losing interest in a relationship with you. However, their behavior will vary from Gemini to Gemini, depending on which Gemini traits are strongest within them. If in doubt, ask. 

When a Gemini man is silent?

When a Gemini man is silent, he is having some difficulty with his internal emotions. He will most likely welcome a person asking how they are feeling and if anything is wrong. They tend to think too much and so often need an outlet for their internal monologue. 

Do Geminis go back to their exes?

Gemini men do go back to their exes. They are often a star sign that gets bored too easily and walks away from relationships without really thinking it through. They subsequently realize the error of their ways and will often be open to trying a relationship again. 

Why Would A Gemini Man Ignore You?

It can be very hurtful when someone you are dating or are in a relationship with starts to ignore you. It can be even more upsetting if you don’t know what they are acting in this way. If you don’t want to talk to them directly about it - or they don’t tell you what the issue is themselves - you have a few options at your disposal to try to stop them shutting you out.

Use any of the methods above that you think would be most effective with your own Gemini. Depending on what their strongest qualities are will have a big impact on which snaps them out of ignoring you.

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